2017 Birthday Bash: Day 1 Underappreciated Character



For those of you familiar with YC's oneshots, you'll probably have seen her fantastic oneshots for the 2018 TCR Birthday Bash event - basically, a week with a prompt for every day - and the first official Birthday Bash was in 2017, with the Day 1 prompt: Underappreciated Character. So take this very, very short oneshot with Lune & Yuki. (Extra short because I was hoping to do more with this one day.)


Yuki nearly dropped the invitation. Instead, she settled for firmly lowering it back onto the desk, which hid the slight tremor running through her limbs.

"Your mother's alive?"

There was a gentle, if bemused, chuckle from her fiancé, who carefully reclaimed the half-written invite.

"Very much so, my dear."

"And you never thought to mention this to me?"

"Somehow it never came up in conversion."

Yuki groaned and sank down into the chair beside Lune. "Maybe it never came up because everyone treated it like some sort of taboo subject. I thought she had died or been killed or something. And now we're inviting her to our wedding."

"It would be rude not to."

"That's not my point, Lune." Yuki stared down at the unfamiliar name adorning the embossed paper. Persephone. A name for a queen, certainly. She must have been born into nobility, at the very least, possibly even named with a royal marriage in mind. "What happened to her?"

For the first time since the conversation started, Lune looked almost uneasy. "According to the stories, she… eloped with a beautiful stranger."

And the truth?"

"She… eloped with a beautiful stranger."

"And that's different from the rumours how?"

"They make it sound more scandalous than it is."

Yuki wasn't about to pass judgement, but she wasn't sure how the truth could be any less scandalous than it already was. Still, she had met her father-in-law, so who could blame the previous queen?

"In any case," she said in her most official, competent voice, "if you wish for your mother to attend our wedding, then of course she must be invited. What address shall I give?"


Yuki recognised that particular tone of sigh, and her heart sank. "Is it somewhere distant? Are you worried that it won't reach her in time? We can always push back the wedding to give her time to join us-"

"Knowing her, it probably is somewhere distant," Lune said. "And dangerous. And possibly illegal."

"Lune, where is your mother?"

"I'm… not entirely sure?"

Yuki looked back to the offending invitation. Sometimes - mostly in moments like these - it was easy to forget that her fiancé was the ruler of a thriving, if somewhat absent-minded, kingdom. "You've mislaid your mother?" she asked eventually.

"To call it mislaid indicates a passiveness on the misleadee's part," Lune replied, "which my mother certainly is not. She travels a lot with her wife."

"Her wife?" Yuki gave Lune a hard stare. "So, until ten minutes ago, I didn't know you had even one mother, and now I discover you have two? Do you have any other forgotten parental figures we should be inviting to this wedding or is that it?"

Lune chuckled. "No, that's it. Unfortunately, that might be enough to pose a challenge. My mother and Aunt Louise are… elusive. They won't be easy to find."

"In that case, we don't have a moment to lose." Yuki rose to her feet and swept out into the corridor

"Yuki? What are you-?"

"If we're going to track down your mother, we need two things. Information. And help. The archive records should provide a footing for the former."

"And as for the latter?"

Yuki smiled. "Well, we have some friends who like to stick their noses in other people's business, don't we?"