Letters from Ron

Chapter One: What you leave behind

For Ron Weasely the last 10 months were not easy and if he were to voice it to anyone the time had stirred something in him he thought as he lay by hermione holding the woman he loved . 'I am not worthy of her and she deserves better than I can offer' many ideas went through his head from the acolades they would receive and the doors those would open, returning home and to school, which brought thoughts of funerals and how his mother would be and he was not sure he could help his family right now and finally he thought of his two friends one a brother in all but blood the other was a girl who had somehow become his life without even realizing. 'I need to grow as a wizard and as human being.' Witht hat thought in his mind he rolled out of bed and immediately kissed hermione on the forhead and set about writing a note to his friends and family before packing his bag and turning to leave

Harry opened his eyes. Slowly reaching for his wand as he heard shuffling in the dorm room where He, Hermione, and Ron had slept in after the battled that had rocked the castle only hours before. From his vantage point he could see Ron wrestling with something and finally roll out of bed tucking Hermione in and kissing her forehead, then watched him check his bag and write a note fpld it and set it beside hermione and the move toward the door where he turned back to look in on his best friends "I love you both but I need to grow sand that will not happen here. I need to find out who I am without you so I can truly appreciate who I am and what I can be with you" Harry's eyes widenend but before he could do anything Ron was gone with a pop

Harry rose out of bed shaking in the wake of his best friends departure he stumbled over to the note and gently woke Hermione from her sleep 'Mione wake up we need to talk"

Hermione woke from the best dream ever she was married to Ron Weasely and they had to wonderful children Rose and Hugo. Harry and Ginny had three James, Albus and Lily and they were all at King's Cross waiting for the Hogwarts Express to leave. When harry gently woke him up. "What is it Harry?" she asked noting His concerned words

"Ron left this for us." He said gravely.

Everyone who matters.

I know this is probably the last thing any of you would expect from me. Given that most of the time I am lazy, opinionated git. The last year has weighed heavily upon me and I have come to the conclusion that I must grow and that if I am going to make my mark on the world I must stand on my own two feet. I can not do that here or anywhere in England I understand now the price My brother in all but blood has paid.

Harry take care of Hermione she will need you now more than ever. I am sorry to do this to you but you and I both know I will not grow as I should if I stay.

To my family look after Harry and Hermione they will need the help. Ginny there is more to harry than the boy who lived if you can not recognize that there will be heartache and pain. Bill, Charlie,and Percy look after George we may all have lost a brother but George lost his twin and I have no earthly idea how to help him. Dad I promise I will be okay take care of mum because what I am going to say is likely going to hurt and anger her in equal parts. Mum Know that I love you and will always be your little boy but you really have no clue about what we really went through at school if we would have waited for an adult in first year Hermione would have been dead, the same for Ginny in second year. Third and forth year the adults were morons dementors and that god-awful tournament. Fifth year was more of the same only this time an adult systematically tortured someone we consider family.. after fifth year we were not children anymore we fought the opening battle of a war that nearly burned our workd to ground. I know you love and miss your brothers but it is time to let us go. I love you mom but really we do not need coddling anymore. George there are no words I can say that will make this any better but know that I love you and mourn Fred.

Hermione this will be the hardest thing I ever write, say or whatever. I love you I realized it at the yule ball in fourth year. I ruined your night and I am sorry for that I hope that one day I can make it up to you. I hope one day I will grow into the man I need to be to win your heart but I will not ask you to wait for me as that would be unfair to you if you find love embrace it never let it go. And look out for that git of a mate he will need you to keep him straight.

With love