A Bad Day for Some a Good Day for Others

Albus Dumbledore appeared before the well-appointed gates of Potter manor as he stepped forward the gates opened for him. As he strode up the drive to the house as he walked, he considered the news Severus had given him

Hearing the knock on his door "Enter!" Dumbledore said distractedly

"Headmaster I bring news. The Dark lord intends to wipe out the Patils" Severus began abruptly "The Dark lord is letting the Lestranges lead the attack."

"When?" the headmaster asked the dismay. The Patil twins were very bright young women good breeding stock

"10:00 at night Friday" Severus said "Will you warn them?" he asked hoping for an affirmative he was tired of his students dying but was stuck between a rock and the hard place

"No, we have to maintain your cover." Albus said sagely which caused Severus to lose it

"My cover be damned. Ms. Padma Patil is pregnant." Severus raged and you will not believe who the father is!"

"Not that it matters to me as I consider your cover more important in the long run." Albus admitted but to satisfy his curiosity "Which one of your Slytherins sullied the girl"

"Not one of my Slytherins but a fellow Ravenclaw, Lily's Boy Harry." Severus commented "They came to me when they found out to see if we could adjust their schedules for brewing. Albus, I urge you to reconsider."

"No, my judgement is final in this" Albus declared letting his aura go the walls began to groan. With the force of his pulsing aura. A sight which had cowed many an opponent in his time. Severus was not impressed

"Reign it is albus, I am Tired of my students dying and I refuse to lose three because you feel my cover is more important." Severus spat "For years you have preached doing what is right over what is easy Mr Potter stepped up after learning the cost of their youthful indiscretion."

"Do James and Lily know?" Albus asked hoping beyond hope that they did not

"No, they do not. With young Jacob being the boy who lived…" Severus drifted off for a moment still not believing the audacity of the man "They have forgotten him entirely. As you know I have little use for Black and Lupin but they have been there for the boy. Albus I am begging save Lily's first grandchild."

The headmaster looked thoughtful "No Severus my decision stands" the old man said dismissively "You will not bring this up to anyone. If I find you have. You will be in Azkaban withering under the dementors special care "

Both men were surprised when Fawkes screech and flew into headmasters face raking a talon across his cheek leaving a deep cut breaking the bond with old man the backlash rendered him unconscious"

Albus Shuddered in the aftermath of Fawkes breaking his bond he had woken three hours later Severus was nowhere in the castle to be found with dread he now made his way to their front door which opened soundlessly giving him access to house. He knew the order was would be waiting and every step felt like agony knowing that this meeting may very well be the last. He stepped into the meeting hall and was surprised to see the it was the James, Lilly, Jacob, Sirius, Remus and Severus al speaking animatedly. It was Severus who addressed albus "They know Albus."

"I Don't know what Severus has told you" Albus said glibly "Sadly I have reason to distrust his loyalty. I believe he has betrayed the order to Voldemort."

Severus Smirked as the adults and motioned to lily who threw a bag of coins at Severus "Just like you said Severus" She said her smirk turning hard "Did you think we would not find out."

"Find out what exactly Lily" Albus asked "If I am going to be tried and sentenced in absentia, I would like to at least know what."

"Sentencing my Wife and unborn child to death" A Growl Came from behind him Catching him by surprise "We also found the bindings and the compulsions you placed on Jacob and I"

"You took my son from me for 15 years Albus." Lily screamed at him "You made decisions that were not yours to make."

"Headmaster I want to know why you wanted my parents to focus on me" Jacob Potter asked "Why am I worth more to you than him?"

Albus had been irritated since the meeting with Snape unleashing his aura he thundered because his scar" pointing at Harry "contains a piece of Voldemort. I had hoped he died of natural causes but when he showed up at school, I had led him down the correct path, so that he would sacrifice himself allowing Voldemort to be mortal. Don't you see I was trying to minimize your pain?"

The adults were speechless, Padma started to sob Jacob looked from his parents to his brother and his crying wife "Get out!" Jacob muttered his breathing ragged he was a hair away from drawing down on Dumbledore "Get out now or I will have the wards shred you" an ominous moan swept through the house causing Albus to jump "Now, leave now and never return you are no longer welcome in our home. So I say it so it shall be"

Albus had never experienced free fall before he was sure he was not a fan the vertigo it caused him prevented him from casting Arresto momentum. He landed face first on the outside of the gates and slid ten feet he could fill various bones breaking before he blacked out.

Harry held Padma who could not stop sobbing "I have got you honey I got you!"

Lily rose form the table crossed the room and engulfed the two teens "I got you both we will get through this. I Swear it."

"House potter would like to offer aid in your families time of need Padma contact your parents and we will plan for this."

"yeah, about that, I have sent them to the house in Nice" harry said slowly looking at each adult "I will be there to face him."

"Absolutely not" James Potter declare d

"Why he said" Remus replied pointing at James

"Yeah" Sirius said pointing at Remus

Jacob face palmed "You guys have a lot to learn about Harry" he said to his parents "You two know what he got up to at school the last six years." Turning to his brother "Okay Lay it on me big brother. I can tell by your stance you have a plan So let's hear it."

"my plan is three-fold. First, I am going to leak I am staying with the Patil. Secondly am going to make the house look like there are people there. They will even look like the Patil family and myself. Third I am going to make the wards just convincing enough that they will enter the house after which I will activate the hidden ward scheme, I have hidden which will make the house a death-trap that will first strip their magic then they are going to die in a fire." He finished looking at his parents "Trust me this will work Snake face wants me more than Jacob."

"You never told me why that is, Love" Padma stepped up to her husband "What did you do?" she asked basking in his embrace.

"There is a bit of story behind that." Harry began "Do you remember the battle in the department of mysteries last year?"

Everyone shook their heads no

"Well, that's because officially it never happened!" Harry smiled "However, that did not stop me from cutting his wand hand off" he finished pulling out the most feared man in the world's wand "He really wants me so making it seem like I am in the house will definitely not impede my plans success. I just need you all to trust me. Now if it is alright with you, I need to get Padma settled in my room."

"About that Harry your old room is ill suited as a room for a pregnant woman you and Padma are on the second floor of the west wing there is a nursery attached to your room." Harry looked surprised "Never again my son. We lost too much time due to that old man's interference"

"Thank you, Mum," Harry choked out while giving his mom a hug and leading Padma out of the room to the west wing of the house. Padma also embraced Lily

"Thank you, mum," she said softly as she followed her son

"Jacob?" Lilly asked

"Yes Mum" he answered what was going on now "You and Ginny are using the charm right?"

"Mum Ginny and I broke up; we were both unhappy she is dating Dean and Seamus now." Jacob said like it was the most normal thing "I am dating Luna Lovegood and we are barely into the snogging phase. I am planning on joining her and her father when the go to Madagascar to find the crumple horned Snorkack. You only have to deal with one of us having children right now. Maybe in a few years…"

James sat down and deflated "I am not sure they even need us anymore they have their lives well in hand." James surmised Sirius clipped his blood brother across the back of his head "Oi! What was that for"

"They are going to need all of us for quite a while prongs just wait you will see" Remus said seriously "Jacob, I knew Luna's Parents, are you sure you know what you are getting into with Luna?"

"No" Jacob replied with a Smile "but, I know like Harry my love life will never be boring. I am Going over to the rookery I will be back later." He said as he left to go to the floo

Remus looked at Sirius "Well I don't know about you prongs and lily flower but we have dates with two really hot Aurors. You want to join us we could all go out to dinner.

Lily shook her head "No tonight I want to be there for both my boys." James being a smart man nodded

"Don't do anything we would not do" James said with a smile "Twice!"

"Challenge accepted" Both marauders said at the same time laughing as they went to the apparition point.

James looked around furtively and in a fake French accent "At last, we are alone!"

"I have a few ideas about that" Lily said grabbing James belt and dragged him to their room

Today was a good day for the Ancient and noble house of Potter.

Authors notes: I have read a few Harry/Padma Fics where Padma is pregnant with Harry's child is killed along with her family and Harry comes unglued I wanted to offer another view and for the first time in a long time I did an uncaring dumbledore