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Chapter VI: Continued Terror


"They must all be fools." Tokoyami rumbled as Dark Shadow picked up a Villain with one massive hand and chucked him into a disabled light pole. The fixture bent and warped from the impact, collapsing and damn near braining another of his enemies when it crashed into his head. "Either that or supremely arrogant. Why else would they send someone who revels in the dark into the darkest and gloomiest of the zones?"

"Wahahaha!" Dark Shadow cackled as it punched again and again at a Villain who had a Quirk that was remarkably similar to Kirishima's own. Although it was much weaker than the redhead's Quirk, since rather than hardening his body, he produced large shields of extremely tough material over his skin. "Come on! Is defending all you can do?!" Its fists started chipping away at his defenses.

"These kids are crazy! This was supposed to be easy!" The Villain wailed, deactivating his Quirk and trying to run away, "Why the hell did I agree to this!? I didn't even get ten points in the entrance exam!"

Dark Shadow grabbed him, "Your attitude is what cost you, Villain. If you've turned to Villainy after a setback, you never had it in you to become a Hero in the first place." Tokoyami growled out, "With such weak resolve, your destiny was failure. You may have turned to the dark in your despair, but I was born in it. Dark Shadow."

"ORAORAORA!" Dark Shadow roared out as it pounded the Villain into the pavement multiple times, throwing up a plume of grit into the air each time as the asphalt cracked and shattered.

"Ho?" Tokoyami turned at the sound of another's voice and laid eyes on another student, who was rising out of the darkness as if he were a shadow himself. His skin was pitch black and his slasher smile and mad-looking eyes would have looked decidedly unsettling were Tokoyami someone else, "Another who communes with the abyss."

Tokoyami merely eyed him in comradery, "I see… you are like me. A fellow resident of perpetual darkness… I go by Fumikage Tokoyami."

"Shihai Kuroiro." The living shadow replied, brushing his gray hair from his eyes, "Tell me, did you happen to see which of our fellows were sucked up by the shadow?"

"Not many of the others escaped. I know Midoriya managed to save a couple of them." Tokoyami replied with a sigh, "You are the first of our companions that I've seen. As we were stood together, relatively, it stands to reason that those closest to us may be in the vicinity as well."

"E-Eh? Th-that means Komori-chan is here as well!" The living shadow raised his voice, and Tokoyami raised an eyebrow in disappointment as his speech pattern changed to something more normal. "We have to find her! She won't be able to go all out without first inoculating us to her Quirk, and her solo combat ability is rather low. She'll be in danger."

"Very well, we will-" Both of them were nearly blinded as a dazzlingly bright light damn near seared their pupils. They both threw their arms over their faces, "ARGH!" Howling in pain from the light, "Wh-what is this?!"

"WAHHHH!" Dark Shadow shrank to a small shadow of its former self. It wasn't even big enough to cover his partner anymore, "Fumiiii! It hurts Fumi!" It raced back and hid inside Tokoyami's cape.

"Damn it!" Tokoyami cursed, knowing his capability had at least halved with Dark Shadow out of commission.

"AHAHAHA! What were the rest of these guys afraid of?" Their enemy shone like a miniature star, erasing most of the darkness in the area. The only shadows left were those the light itself was casting on the objects in its path, "A little bit of light and you turn into whiny little bitches! Looks like I'm getting the payday!" The blonde gripped the wakizashi he had strapped into his belt and drew it, "Now which one of you wants to get cut up first?"

Several of the guys that had previously been running away or pretending to be downed got up, chuckling evilly.

"What a shitake mess I've gotten into." Kinoko held back a grimace as she spoke to herself. She had appeared in the sky, and it was only some quick thinking that had created a large mushroom beneath her for a safe landing. "Ugh!" She moaned as she felt her dress become heavy and matted to her by the rain. Her hat also drooped, so she had to move it so it wouldn't block her vision. She may like it humid, but that didn't mean she enjoyed getting hit by heavy, cold rain. Normally this would have been a piece of cake for her. The downpour combined with the howling winds would normally be a perfect situation for her. Her Quirk was literally perfect for fighting Villains in the area. Her mushrooms would sprout and grow at ludicrous speeds in this kind of environment, which honestly was the only reason she hadn't splattered on the ground, pending her own transformation into mushrooms down the line. But she knew that several of her classmates had been sucked up by that shadow jerk along with her and they were probably in the zone. She could not go crazy because she could seriously hurt them too, if she did. "I musht meet up with all of the-"

"Hooo, what a sexy outfit! The Hero Course really is the best, huh?" Several Villains sprang out of the woodwork, "Hooo, look at it cling! Damn girl, were you ready for us?" His face was all pimply and she really didn't like the look in his bloodshot eyes. At least this one was a teenager and not an ugly old man.

Several of the others chuckled darkly, one of them spinning a chain in his hands lazily, "Ooh, I wonder what you're going to look like all tied up? You'll be such a snack!"

She stuck her tongue out playfully, "Guess I don't have mush choice, big boy." She teasingly started lifting up her skirt as if she was going to give them what they wanted, making their eyes light up in dark glee at her seeming surrender, "Just kidding!" She dropped the mushroom-looking cloth and gave them two peace signs, "How about some nice Shrooms to chew on instead?"


Her enemy went cross-eyes as he looked at the mushroom that had just grown on his squished nose. "What the-"




"WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?!" The Villains started screaming in fear as all along their bodies, shrooms of different types and flavors popped up. They burst from their skin, opening up small little wounds that wept small amounts of blood.

"How do you like my shroomerific attack?" She raised her head slightly, her brown bangs parting and revealing an eye with cross-shaped pupils. She wagged her tongue again, "Oh you don't? You don't like it very mush? That's really sad you know. I grew them just for you!"

One of them fell, looking much skinnier than he had a moment ago. His bones were showing more prominently, and he was starting to look a little desiccated. The other Villains near him were looking much the same, "Get it off! Get it off!" He rasped, trying to rip them off and howling when his wounds just aggravated. They were buried within him.

"Awww, do you not like it when people stick things in you without your consent? That's so weird." Vindictive? No, of course not. But she didn't want to kill the morons, just incapacitate them. Luckily, she could control the mushrooms to stop growing and leeching their life forces, which she did. "Now, I musht go find my friends! Toodles!" She turned around after cheekily waving to the downed morons, and then let out a terrified little squeak.

There was a Villain there who was covered in her mushrooms and not down on the ground, moaning in agony. And he was definitely invoking some primal fear in her, right about now. He was large. And she meant large. Not just fat either but muscled as hell. He looked – in a word – rather disgusting or corpulent. His skin was definitely leathery and oily and covered in tattoos, and it was to the point she realized her shrooms were straight up not penetrating his skin deep enough to matter. But there was one last thing about the man that terrified her.

"DELICIOUS!" He ripped dozens of shrooms off his arm in one swipe of his meaty hand and shoved them between the tusks protruding from his mouth.

His Quirk must have been some sort of hog Quirk, and hogs loved mushrooms. "I-I-I musht have taken a wrong turn! Byeee!" She squeaked before turning tail and running away.

"Get back here!" The huge man uncoiled a chain with a hook on it and flung it at the girl. She screamed and dove behind a car. The impact of the hook completely crumpled the door of the vehicle and hooked onto the frame, "I JUST WANT TO TASTE YOUR SHROOMS SOME MORE!" He jerked his arm back and the entire car flew, passing over his head and crashing into a building a hundred meters behind him.

"GET AWAY FROM ME!" Komori wailed, releasing more spores that rapidly formed into a wall of fungus behind her as she ran away and tried to hide.

"SO TASTY! I'M GOING TO MAKE YOU MY WIFE! I'M SURE YOU'LL BE EVEN TASTIER!" The man plowed through her wall of shrooms teeth-first, chewing them all in seconds.

"I DON'T WANT TO GET EATEN BY YOU, YOU PERVERT!" Komori screamed back at him before she moaned to herself, "Why me?"

Shōji didn't panic when he appeared in the sky far above even the buildings. Thankfully, his Quirk allowed him to fashion a sort of wingsuit from his flesh that allowed him to slow his fall, despite the winds violently whipping at him. He slammed rather roughly between the windowsills of a building and mentally thanked his luck for not having crashed into a window. Without much of a grunt, he proved easily why he had placed highly in the grip tests by climbing back up the building nimbly and flipping himself onto the roof. He finally allowed himself a sigh of relief before he immediately started taking stock of the situation down below. His appendages grew more and more eyes as he searched for his comrades.

He furrowed his brows when he immediately took note of Tokoyami and Kuroiro down below, neither of them having much success with utilizing their Quirks because of the blinding light being emitted by one of the Villains. They had been forced to grab bits of debris to fight with and were proving themselves adept at it. But the sheer number of enemies would likely overwhelm them. The next he noticed was a faint cry in one of his ears. He took one last glance at the two fighting below but did not engage. He needed to make sure none of his fellows were in a worse situation right now, and the girl's cry sounded pretty scared. He laid eyes on Komori, who was cutting a swath through the streets with her shrooms but being chased by a giant of a man who was ignoring her Quirk entirely. His fists clenched, easily seeing how scared she looked even from this distance and the perverse glee in the pig's eyes. He recognized that Villain: Boarus. A man who had racked up quite a bounty for whichever Hero caught him. He'd robbed several banks before and killed over a dozen people.

Before he could decide to engage or not, he forced his body to move as he sensed danger. He rolled out of the way by the faintest of margins, his heart rate picking up as he took in his enemy. She was disgusting. Truly a face not even a mother could love; multiple red eyes spanning most of her forehead, a vertically opened maw filled with fangs, no nose, and a sickly-looking gray-and-red spider body that her human half was sticking out of. She hissed at him, her voice sounding distorted, "Such strong looking arms. How about you come give me a hug?"

"I would rather not get eaten, thank you." He grew a mouth on one of his arms so he could speak to her.

"I'm not a cannibal, you bastard! No one ever gives me a chance. No one ever gave me a chance ever since this fucking curse awakened!" She hissed furiously, her legs creeping him out a little as she slowly scurried her way towards him, "I thought maybe you would understand!"

Shōji frowned and narrowed his eyes, "You don't want to be thought of as a cannibal… and you ask a stranger who you're a part of attacking for a hug?"

She ignored him, "Fine, if you want to reject me as well, then I'll just kill you too!" Her mouth opened wide and she spat a web at him.

He rolled out of the way as fast as he could before diving off the building. His amazing memory meant that he knew there was a shorter building he could dive to. After a few seconds in flight, he landed on it and rolled easily, but the Drider expy followed him, scurrying quickly down the wall of the other building before leaping the rest of the way. Shōji clenched a fist, knowing he would need to fight her if he wanted to help his comrades.

But how? She was extremely agile from what he had seen, far more so than he was. He was more of a power fighter and her lower body would no-doubt be hard and tough. He was unsure if he was strong enough to break one of those legs. He wasn't confident in his ability to land blows against her torso without her taking some chunks out of him with her teeth, and he wasn't sure if she was venomous.

He didn't have enough data. And unfortunately, her webs were just too strong for him to rip apart. It turned into a running battle, with him diving around and leaping from building to building trying to avoid getting caught. He would have preferred simply finishing the fight, but he couldn't get close. The webs were just too dangerous, and she could spew them at point blank range if he tried to get close. He only got one hit in before she wised up that letting him get close was a bad idea.

Shōji slipped up. He had been careful not to traverse through areas she had already coated with her silk but had run out of room. He needed to defeat her now, otherwise he wasn't sure what would happen. They had already hopped buildings another two times and he was sure the skyline was looking like a giant web at the moment. Her bruised torso was proof enough that he could hurt her if he could hit her. He charged, looking to extend his fist out and nail her good in the same spot he had hit last time.

Her strange face made it so he couldn't read her smirk in the slightest. She zipped upwards on nearly invisible strands that even his eyesight hadn't caught, and he landed smack into the web she had prepared for him. She chuckled nastily above him, slowly making her way around him to taunt him, "I may hate my Quirk, but I think this once, I'll make an exception, little fly." She raised her hands, displaying her sharpened nails.

"Ah!" Aoyama let out a…strange…sounding moan as he thrust his hips forward, his belt lighting up and blasting away a Villain that had been charging at him. His beam petered out quickly as he redirected, "Amph!" He moaned again as he blasted away another. "Magnifique!" He had been scared out of his mind when he landed. The Villain that had sent them all away had been beyond intimidating, and his first instinct had been to hide. He never got a chance, and yet much to his relief the Villains that had thrown themselves at him had been laughably weak. He always put up a strong, proud front, but he knew that his Quirk wasn't actually the greatest. How could it be when it hurt him every time he tried to use it? Beating all of these Villains down was such a shot of confidence for himself. It meant he truly did have the potential to be a Hero! A glamourous, shining star for others to look to! "Stay down, s'il vous plait. I do not want to hurt you all more than nécessaire!"

"Damn, this sparkly little bitch isn't going to get the better of me!" One of the Villains yelled, forming a little ball of electricity in his hand and firing it at Aoyama.

The boy in question merely fired his Quirk once more, it slammed into the ball and dispersed it harmlessly, continuing on and slamming into his enemy's chest. The man was blown off his feet and thrown into a car, slumping down with a pained groan.

"He can only fire in one direction damn it! Surround his sparkly ass! He can't get all of us!" One of them yelled, holding a club ready to try to parry his laser.

Aoyama smiled, "Assumptions are une erreur." He ground his teeth before moaning as he ran his Quirk for longer than a second, before bursts of light erupted from every inch of his armor that had a focuser installed. Every single Villain was blasted away as they leapt to try to hurt him. Aoyama almost sank to his knees as he stopped his barrage, clutching his stomach in pain. There was an audible gurgle coming from him, though he kept his smile plastered on. He straightened after a moment, "Now, I must find and help mon ami!" He pranced off towards where he had heard more loud noises, but he didn't get far.

When he passed by a Villain – one who had thrown himself to the ground to avoid any pain was only pretending to be downed to avoid his laser's wrath – the man grabbed his leg, and Aoyama felt his gut clench as his Quirk discharged.

"Quel?!" Aoyama squeaked as his Quirk seemingly turned against him. He groaned in pain and fell to his knees, "What is happening?"

"Ahahaha! What's wrong kid, you were acting so mighty!" The Villain – a boy who looked like an escaped NEET – taunted him, "What do you know? This fucking useless Quirk finally did something!"

"What did you do to moi?" Aoyama shakily stood once his Quirk stopped discharging, his face pale and clammy.

"Ohh, you let me touch you." The boy smirked at him, "My shitty ass Quirk lets me control the muscle contractions of anyone who I touch for five minutes, and I can refresh it at any time! Shit ass Quirk amounts to being able to cause cramps. Fat lot of good that did me when I tried to apply for the Hero Course!" Aoyama's eyes widened in fear, "You never blasted anyone for more than a second! I wonder why?"

"Non! Non, non, non! Please!" Aoyama never got to finish his plea before he felt his Quirk discharge for a second. Two seconds. Three. Each second the beam became more and more powerful, but also more and more painful to use. Aoyama started to scream as he fell to the floor, howling in agony. Light shined beneath him from the discharge. After five seconds, his Quirk stopped, and he sobbed onto the ground, moving his hands to his stomach futilely. He had already punched a small hole straight down through the pavement and the earth. "Please!"

"Ahaha! You were acting so high and mighty, little boy! Is this what hero trainees are made of?" The Villain pulsed his Quirk again, renewing Aoyama's howls of agony. He started to writhe on the ground, his fingers clenching and his gauntlets grinding against the tarmac. "You were acting so high a-WHOA!"

Aoyama managed to roll and almost took his head off with the laser. The light show continued, hitting the top of the zone and slicing out a segment as Aoyama continued to scream in agony. He rolled this way and that, trying everything he could to stop the pain.

"Holy shit, that fucking Quirk!" The Villain cursed as he stopped using it. Aoyama immediately rolled around onto his side and spewed the contents of his stomach all over, slightly dyed red from internal bleeding. When the vomit ceased, he continued moaning and sobbing as he panted on the floor. "You little bastard!" The Villain kicked Aoyama, and immediately started to swear and hop on one foot as he clutched his own (now broken) toes. He turned bloodshot eyes to the student, whose eyes widened in terror, "I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU!"

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Aoyama screamed as his traitorous Quirk activated again against his will, crying not only in supreme agony as the bright beam sliced through a building in his tossing and turning, but also in utter dismay. His own Quirk was going to kill him. Betrayed by his own body. 'Why did I have to be born with this accursed Quirk!' He wailed in his own head.

Shōji's eyes widened as he heard Aoyama's screams beginning down below. His classmate was in terrible pain and danger and he was stuck in a web! He strained, growing more and more mass attempting to rip himself from the web.

"Yes, yes! Struggle all you like! Tire yourself out!" She hissed elatedly, "Struggle more for me!"

No matter how he struggled, he couldn't break free. The strands were far too tough. They weren't even straining. And the villainess sat in her web and watched, amusing herself with his struggles.

And then Aoyama's beams ripped the building in half. The beams lit the strands on fire while also cutting them, freeing Shōji while also nailing the villainess in her carapace. She howled in agony as her flesh heated up inside her shell, leaping away with all the haste she could muster, "What in the world was that!?" She screamed in panic. She whirled around as a shadow appeared in front of her but was far too late.

Shōji had created a multitude of arms and joined them together, turning them into one giant arm and fist bigger than even All Might's mighty arm. And every single bit of power he could muster was aimed directly at her. She threw up the best block she could, but his fist plowed her arms aside and crashed straight into her jaw, which instantly shattered and knocked her clean out. She flew away from the boy and crashed into one of her webs, before slumping down on the roof.

Shōji didn't spare her a second glance as his limbs unraveled and returned to normal. He shot towards the sounds of agony emanating from his blonde classmate and without even taking a moment to assess, he leapt from the building and glided down. His eyes took in the situation and his blood boiled at seeing his classmate's torture. He hit the ground with a grunt as his knees quaked, but he ran toward his enemy with every bit of speed his large frame could handle.

The Villain saw him far too late. With an uncharacteristic roar of rage, Shōji threw his fist square into the evil boy's face. He felt bone and cartilage crunch beneath his fist, and the boy flew back like he'd been shot from a cannon. He crashed into a car and nearly upturned it from the impact. It rose up on two wheels before crashing back down. The boy crashed to the pavement and did not move again.

Despite having cheered during Thirteen's speech, after seeing the boy torture his friend, he couldn't even bring himself to care if he had survived. A mouth grew on one of his tentacles, "Aoyama-kun! Aoyama-kun!"

"Sh-sh-Shōji?" Aoyama stared at him rather blankly, not looking well at all.

"I'm here, Aoyama-kun. I have you! He won't hurt you anymore!" Shōji cursed inwardly, wondering if it was okay to move him.

"I-it hurts." Aoyama cried, despite his relief when he recognized his classmate. "He-he made me-"

"It's okay." Shōji told him, "We're getting you out of here. Please bear with it, Aoyama-kun. I know it'll be painful, but we have to regroup with the others so that we can get you to Recovery Girl." He grew more limbs and put Aoyama on his back, securing him as best he could with his extra appendages. He took off, mentally apologizing to his friend for the jostling. Things hadn't looked grim for the two when he had been eying them earlier, but that didn't mean things couldn't change at the drop of a hat. Aoyama being taken out by a single Villain himself – after clearly performing excellently if the number of Villains he counted on the floor was any indication – was a testament to how fast things could go wrong.

He picked up the pace, heading towards where he heard more fighting with his many ears. True enough, things looked dire. Tokoyami was panting and Dark Shadow was a mere mite compared to even his usual small size. The bird-headed boy sported a small number of cuts and bruises and though no bruises could be seen, there were plenty of cuts on Kuroiro too. Their arms were shaking as they held up their weapons, and neither of them could hit hard enough to permanently lay out most of the Villains attacking them. Kuroiro was jumping into any small shadow he could, but he was clearly the more exhausted of the two.

The main problem was that shining flood lamp of a Villain who was turning this dark and dreary zone into a brightly lit one. And to make matters worse, the other smirking Villains had realized that he was their meal ticket and were ready and waiting to defend him. Shōji thought he could break through, but the realization that he would be putting Aoyama-kun in danger was a sour one. He clenched his fists futilely; either he put Aoyama down and rush forward to lighten his classmate's loads – and leave Aoyama defenseless due to his forced overuse of his own dangerous Quirk – or he could charge with him on his back and risk someone getting past his limbs or even through them and hurting his friend anyway.

With a growling voice, he spoke through one of his arm-mouths, "I'm going to have to put you down, Aoyama-kun. I need to go help them! I promise I'll come back for you!"

"No!" Aoyama's voice was rough. Weak. Raspy. He was quite clearly in a lot of pain. So, what came out of his mouth shocked Shōji to his core. "A-a-aim moi at him."

"What?!" Shōji gasped in shock, turning his physical head to stare at him in what would have been open-mouthed shock on most other people. "Aoyama-kun, you drastically overus-"

"I know that!" Aoyama was in tears, "B-b-but I came here to be un héro too! I can still help!" He grinned grimly, "B-Besides… after all that d-d-douleur… what's just a tiny bit more?"

"Aoyama-kun…" Shōji said softly, before nodding resolutely. He wouldn't tarnish his friend's bravery by second-guessing him. He gently maneuvered him using his limbs as carefully and gently as he could.

"A little up, d-down, left, hold me there…" Aoyama said, before preparing himself for pain. He cringed as he clenched his muscles, "Un!" A short – very short – blast erupted from his belt, and then he slumped over, unconscious.

The beam travelled so fast that no one had any chance to react. The wall of Villains that was protecting the flood lamp guy may as well not have been there. It blazed past them faster than any of them could even see and then smashed right into the nose of the Villain, who was knocked flat on his back and knocked clean out in a single hit. Shōji smiled as the area dimmed back into darkness.

Everything was silent but for the winds created by the zone. The Villains spit-taking between their downed comrade and the two boys they had been playing with for the last ten minutes. The two were dropping their weapons, eyes lit up with malevolent light as they cracked their knuckles. And then the silence was broken by the sound of Komori's voice, "Stay AWAY, you creep!" She ran around the corner with tears streaming down past her bangs. Her top was slightly torn, showing off her polka-dotted bra, and there was another large tear running down her skirt and exposing a lot of thigh. She had small scrapes all over her and was clearly done with today.

"GET BACK HERE SO I CAN PUT YOU IN YOUR PLACE, WENCH!" Boarus – Tokoyami and Kuroiro also recognized the large, corpulent man chasing their classmate – came around the corner, blood literally in his eyes from where Komori had hit him as hard as she could when he had managed to catch her a few minutes earlier. She had not been able to hide from him because his sense of smell was so amazing. No matter where she tried to escape to or hide in, the giant man had been able to find her. And eventually, she had messed up and he had caught her. He had been licking his chops as he had started to tear her shirt off when she distracted him with more of the tastiest shrooms she could create, and then drove her heel straight into his eye socket when he had taken his attention off of her.

Another small beat of silence.

Dark Shadow rose out from Tokoyami. And it was pissed. "GET AWAY FROM OUR CLASSMATE!" The titanic beast and Tokoyami were of one mind despite the darkness making it far more unruly than usual. It raced forward and snatched Boarus right off his feet. This 500-pound wall of muscle and fat was lifted clean off the ground as if he weighed nothing at all. The great beast of a man struggled to free himself futilely as Dark Shadow roared out his rage, before pounding Boarus into the pavement. The man groaned in shock as the ground crumpled and broke beneath him, tiny chunks of asphalt lifting into the air and peppering the other Villains like little pellets. "Ora ora ora ora ora!" Dark Shadow yanked his huge body up once more and pounded him again and again right into the ground until Boarus resembled a bleeding sack of meat more than an actual human. "OOOOORRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAA!" He threw Boarus clean through one of the buildings.

"Shit, they even beat Boarus! Quick! Take her hostage!" One of the Villains whirled around and dove for Komori.

A hand rose out of the ground and grabbed him by his entire face, "I'm sorry." Kuroiro looked positively deranged as he glared at the man, "Who were you going to take hostage again?"

"Mommy?" The Villain whimpered, before Kuroiro merged with the floor again so quickly that he dragged the man into a faceplant that shattered multiple facial bones. And he threw out his back from the jerk downward for good measure.

Dark Shadow swiped a massive arm through the crowd of Villains, sending them spinning cartoonishly into the air with a cackle of dark glee. Kuroiro turned to Komori, "H-Hey, are you o-o-okay, Komori-san?"

Komori had a look on her face. Kuroiro flinched, wondering if maybe, just maybe, he wasn't the darkest in his class. "I've had ENOUGH of this place!" She hissed out as she pulled out a spray bottle and started squirting him.

'Uh oh, she's not even making shroom puns.' Kuroiro thought to himself nervously as he rubbed the antifungals on himself.

"Kuroiro, a little help?" Tokoyami sounded a little strangled as he struggled to get his Quirk under control. Dark Shadow was starting to rampage more and more as he got bigger and bigger from the darkness. Tokoyami was sweating as he tried to keep it corralled. Kuroiro moved immediately without a word. He merged with Dark Shadow and with Tokoyami's help, was able to get Dark Shadow back under Tokoyami's cloak. "Thank you, my friend."

"Of course. I know too well the danger that can rise when the abyss stares back." And he was back to his dark speech, now that he was sure Komori was okay (and not addressing her directly).

"Come over here guys! I need to spray you too!" Komori called out to Shōji and the unconscious Aoyama. Tokoyami quickly intercepted a Villain going for her with a kick that nearly knocked the guy's block off, and Shōji grew an arm out to the side that bent another over in pain. Komori finished spraying all of her classmates, and then dropped the bottle, "Finally!"

The Villains still surrounding them – cautiously now that Dark Shadow was put away – backed away in fear when she raised her head and her bangs parted, allowing them to see her shitake-shaped eyes. She had a slightly deranged look of mixed fury and hate in her eyes as she ripped her hat off her head and threw it onto the ground. Her slasher-smile completed the look for a legendary rapeface. Rainbow-like sparkles started to lift off her skin as if she were powering up like a Dragon Ball character. A flame-like rainbow aura surrounded her body like a heat haze and flew off into the air, carried by the hellish winds of the zone. The tiny sparkles landed everywhere. And then the POPPING started.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?!" One of the Villains screamed, and all of the Heroes in training who hadn't seen Komori's Quirk in action yet – meaning all but one of them not including the still-unconscious Aoyama – started feeling a cold sweat drip down their spines. All around them, pavement, metal, flesh, everything was turning into a mushroom. The buildings started getting covered and started looking like fungal towers. The roads weren't paved anymore, they were shrooms. The light posts, the cars, everything was turning into a mushroom.

Finally, Kinoko relaxed, letting out a happy sigh of relief even as the Villains all writhed around them as her mushrooms sucked out their nutrients until they were a few hairs short of being in danger of death. "I feel so much better now."

"I thought I knew what the abyss looked like." Tokoyami whispered, "Either I was wrong, or we have a new Dark Queen…" Shōji nodded dumbly.


"Oh SHIIIIIIITTTTT!" Kaminari screamed in fright as he appeared high up in the air of the worst fucking possible zone in the Unforeseen Simulation Joint that the gassy bastard could have sent him to: the Flood Zone. Skydiving into a large body of water had definitely not been on his bucket list. He immediately started to panic, because he was fairly certain if he hit the water, not only was he going to die but he was going to kill everyone who fell in with him. He had nothing in his arsenal that could prevent this. Even his Static Thrusters – which he wasn't panicking enough to not use – was limited to just slowing his fall. "Shit!" He screamed, overloading his left side to jerk out of the way of a water lance thrown by one of the waiting Villains. The discharge accelerated the rate at which his hands began to sting. He wouldn't be able to keep this up forever! "Fuck!" He screamed again as one of the Villain's threw a goddamn trident at him. He decided to try being a badass and grabbed it out of the air to throw it back at the Villain, but apparently it worked like Thor's hammer as it started dragging him back towards her and his mortal enemy. "Shitfuck!"

"Kaminari-chan!" Tsu – blessed, beautiful Tsu – leapt out of the water and used her powerful legs to springboard off one of the swimming Villain's faces. She spat her tongue at him, and it coiled around his waist. It was the wrong time to be turned on but seeing as he had been about to fucking die, he hoped it wouldn't be too bad a look. She whipped her head and threw him, surprising the hell out of him. As he spun around, his eyes lit up as he saw Kōsei Tsuburaba creating a platform of air.

Kaminari held his hand out and his new comrade in perversion grabbed his hand, pulling him onto the platform. Tsuyu smiled as she fell back into the water and speedily started to swim away from the Villains. "Thanks for the save, dude!"

"No problem." Kōsei smirked at him, "Good thing you let us know of your super drowning abilities on the bus."

"Fuck off." Kaminari grumbled good-naturedly, "The fuck is that?!" He pointed a little bit further out than the main Villains – apparently the ones taking this seriously – where some other Villains were laughing their heads off at another Villain.

"FUCK YOU ALL! HELP ME GOD DAMN IT!" The man was inflated. Like a balloon. And simply floating on the surface of the water, while slowly letting out that 'air escaping a balloon' squeak. The other Villains apparently didn't give a damn about their job or were treating this as such a game that they didn't even bother to come harass them and instead were mocking their 'teammate.' "I CAN'T SWIM YOU FUCKERS! FUCK YOU TOO, KUROGIRI!"

"AHAHAHA!" Another of the Villains was pointing and laughing at the human raft as if it was the funniest thing he'd ever seen.

Kaminari and Kōsei looked at one another, a little deadpan. Kaminari casually formed a Storm Grenade and lobbed it over there. It burst into a dazzlingly bright blast of blue lightning, streaks of electricity shocking and nearly cooking several of the assholes. Even the life raft got hit, though Kaminari's eyes widened when he realized that he didn't get hurt at all, "AHAHA! WHO'S LAUGHING NOW, YOU STUPID DEEP-FRIED CALAMARI!"

"Is he made of rubber or something?" Kōsei asked curiously.

"Dude if they wasted rubber on some throwaway Villain I'm going to be pissed." Kaminari groaned out.

Meanwhile, Kojirō Bondo had fallen into the water itself. The boy was big and burly with straw-yellow skin and his head was shaped somewhat like a glue dispenser with a lappet on top, along with seven 'eye-holes' on his face. He immediately started to drown, quite literally incapable of keeping the water from entering him through the holes on his face. He flailed, and a shark-like Villain grinned as he watched him struggle, "Nothing personal kid!" He opened his absolutely gigantic mouth wide, "But it's time to die!"

Again, Tsu came to the rescue. She speedily swam and kicked out, creating a cavitation effect around her from her sheer speed. She slammed both of her feet into the Villain, nailing his head near his eyes as well as his neck near the gills. The Villain let out an agonized hack as he was flung far away and deeper into the lake. "Sorry, don't know your name." She shot her tongue forward and wrapped it around Bondo, before speedily making her way over the waterline and shooting out of the water with her classmate in tow. She easily cleared the distance to land on the deck of the yacht and let Bondo down gently.

Bondo turned over and immediately started leaking what seemed like liters of lake water out of his orifices, coughing roughly, "Th-thanks!" He managed to croak out. "I'm Kojirō Bondo."

"Kero, no problem. My name is Tsuyu." She said, before glancing out. 'His voice doesn't match at all!' It seemed that they all had been slightly delayed in being sent here. She had dropped in first and closest to the water, with Kōsei and Kaminari coming later. One more was arriving, and it was a boy who looked like he had a speech bubble for a head.

"Crap, that's Manga! If his face gets wet he won't be able to use his Quirk!" Bondo yelled out.

Tsu readied herself to leap back into the water to save him, but instead tilted her head in confusion when a giant floating ドカン started appearing in front of his face, "Dokan?" The characters hit the water and caused a colossal explosion, flinging all the Villains that had been grouping up underneath Manga flying away. "Oh." Tsu said a little flatly, "Dokan." But the spray from his explosion erupted upwards as well, and immediately wet his face.

"Damn it Manga!" Bondo held back from facepalming, but it was a close thing. "We have to help him. He won't be able to use his Quirk!"

"On it! Watch my back! Kero!" With a cute croak, she shot off back into the water in a picture-perfect dive and kicked off from the boat's underside to speed away towards the other boy.

Beforehand, the Villains had been there to entertain themselves while also sating their bloodlust. They clearly hadn't been taking any of the kids seriously. Now, after being flung and battered by an explosion? Now they were pissed, "Kill them and make em die slowly!" The shark Villain Tsu had kicked roared furiously as he finally surfaced.

One of the Villains screamed furiously and created a large water hammer essentially which she fired off at the floating air platform Kaminari and Kōsei were standing on. It ripped right through the middle of the platform, getting roars of shock from both of the boys as they threw themselves out of the way to avoid it, "Shit! Kaminari!" Kōsei yelled out after he formed another platform for himself.

Kaminari again used his Static Thrusters to slow his fall, the electricity and pulses of charged air leaving his hands in waves. "Damn it! I can't attack back like this!"

"Looks like that little staticky bitch doesn't like water!" one of the Villains yelled gleefully as she again threw a water lance at him. "Let's see what happens, shall we!"

"Let's not!" Kōsei leapt in front and created a thicker air wall in front of himself, with the water lance harmlessly dispersing into a splash that rained on them. Kaminari twitched a little in irritation but nothing more than that. The air wall cracked and Kōsei wasted no time in forming another platform for them to land on.

Kaminari looked pissed, his face a little shadowed and his left eye twitching as they ducked under another water lance, "She's mine!" He flung his arm out and a bolt of lighting shot out like a plasma sniper shot. It sped through the air and nailed a perfect headshot on the woman who had been hounding them all this time. She screeched in agony, all her muscles locking up as the water around her crackled with electricity. She sank and bubbles were the only sign that she had been there.

One of the Villains – perhaps the voice of reason in the group or maybe just the only one with a working brain cell – couldn't help but comment nervously, "You know, maybe dropping the kid with the obvious electric Quirk who also happens to apparently be afraid of water into a lake isn't the best idea."

"Fuck off, pussy! He's probably just afraid of shorting out! We just have to drop him where none of us are!" Another of them spat at him before flinging her trident upwards at the floating kids.

Kaminari threw a hand forward and his electromagnetic shield sprang to life in front of him. The trident clanged off of it, its tips melted off from the intense heat. "Lightning Rockets!" The three charges of ball lightning started crawling down his arm before coalescing in his palm and rocketing forward, spinning around one another and throwing off crackles of lightning as they raced towards his enemy.

The woman had a deer-in-headlights expression on her face before she dove down, speeding herself up with her Quirk and getting the hell out of dodge. The Villains who hadn't been paying attention screamed in shock as the rockets impacted the water and exploded, throwing electrified water every which way in a massive geyser. At least two of them were picked up and flung into the air, paralyzed and almost smoking from the shocks. She raced along in the water, even ignoring Tsuyu (who was swimming close-by with Manga trailing behind her wrapped by her tongue) in her single-minded focus of killing Kaminari before he could ruin everything. The other pests would go down easily once their biggest threat was down. She scooped up her trident, snarling in fury when she saw the melted tips, and erupted from the water with a roar of anger. She flew into the air and aimed her trident, looking to skewer Kaminari like a pig.

He had a wide-eyed look of shock, having totally not expected to see her leap from the water like that. But he wasn't so shocked that he was frozen up. He dodged the weapon handily and grabbed it, pulsing his lightning through it. The electricity arced along the length of the shaft and she let out a scream as she was electrocuted, unable to let go of her weapon as her muscles locked up. Finally, Kaminari cut the flow and she was able to release the shaft, falling back towards the water and hitting it with a sickening splat, twitching all the while. "Man, she was so hot. What a damn waste."

"She had a pretty good Quirk too! Why couldn't she have been a Hero?" Kōsei snorted, thinking of how the water had clung to her skin for a moment.

"That's IT! SEPARATE THOSE TWO FUCKS! IF THE LIGHTNING ONE LANDS IN THE WATER HE'S DONE!" The Villains all started firing their Quirks at the two on the transparent platform, earning screams of shock. The two of them leapt in the same direction, which was unfortunately away from the yacht.

Tsu had finally managed to get back up onto the yacht, Manga in tow. "Kero, this is getting dangerous. I don't understand what their plan was, kero." She put a finger to her chin, "Sending me here suggests that they had no idea about our Quirks but sending Kaminari-chan here suggests that they did."

Bondo had managed to calm down since he wasn't drowning anymore. He was helping Manga dry his face off with a towel he had raced into the yacht to find, "I think they have no idea. It was the luck of the draw. While sending Kaminari-san here was dangerous, if they had flung you into the Conflagration Zone they probably would have had a guaranteed kill, right?"

Tsu shuddered, "Kero." She said softly, "While I don't 'dry out' like most amphibians do, I definitely would have been at a severe disadvantage. The most dangerous zone for me would actually be an Avalanche Zone if we had one, since if I get too cold I can't stay awake." She shook her head, "No, focus! We have to help Kaminari-chan and Tsuburaba-chan. I already saw Manga-chan's Quirk, but what is yours, Bondo-chan?"

"My Quirk is Cemedine. I can spew a very sticky glue from my head. Its water insoluble and lasts for quite a long ti-" Bondo's explanation was cut off as a pack of Villains broke off from trying to take out Kaminari and Kōsei and one of them had created a water blade that sliced a hole into the hull of the yacht. "I got this!" He leaned over the side of the ship and – with a rather nasty sound – started spewing a blob of pale grey goo down the side of the ship. Kojirō could control the speed with which his Quirk dried up, and it immediately acted as a sealant that plugged most of the hole.

"Kero, kero! Good job, Bondo-chan!" Tsuyu praised him with a smile, "Manga-chan, we could really use another explosion. We have to save Kaminari-chan and Tsuburaba-chan."

"My face still isn't dry enough." Manga sounded incredibly frustrated relaying that fact to her.

Tsu bit her lip, "Okay, I'm going back in, kero. Bondo-chan, please start spewing your glue into the water. As long as I can get back within 50 meters of the ship, I'll be able to make it back without an issue. I can probably do more but that would be pushing close to my record."

"You got it!" Kojirō replied, taking a breath and then bellowing out as he spewed a great mass of glue from every hole in his head. The gray goop flew over twenty feet and splashed on the water, hitting half a dozen Villains in one go!

"What the fuck is this shit?!" One of them screamed furiously, "Fuck man, get it off!" He tried to pull it off of his body but only succeeded in sticking to himself as Kojirō rapidly sped up the curing process, "Shit! I'm stuck!"

"Just wash it off!" Another Villain yelled before diving, and resurfacing a minute later with a gasp, "What the shit? It's not coming off!" She started to struggle to free herself as well, but like the other one didn't have any success. She even got stuck to another of her partners as he started trying to claw the stuff off. "You idiot!"

Tsu leapt into the water away from where Kojirō had started spewing his Cemedine and dove deep, avoiding the mass of idiots on the surface. She sped towards the group that was still taking potshots at Kaminari and Kōsei, spitting her tongue out and grabbing one of their ankles. The muscled Villain didn't have a chance to scream before being dragged underwater with a shocked gurgle. She bashed him onto the rocks down below, before speeding back up and leaping dozens of meters out of the water. She flung her improvised weapon at the group, who scattered to avoid being hit by the flying body. One of them wasn't fast enough to stop firing his Quirk at the two above and was smashed with it, sinking with a giant splash.

"Stop fooling around!" The shark villain roared, "We are NOT going to get shown up by fucking school kids! They're not even second years! Emitters, focus above and at the glue kid! Anyone fast, take care of the frog bitch!" He dove, swimming after Tsuyu with a hateful look of rage on his face.

"Kero!" Tsu ribbited in fear, bubbles flying from her lips as she sped away. The villains were fast, though not as fast as her. But they were many, and were now trying to corral her. She sped around the lake with them hot on her tail, paying attention to her surroundings and realizing another group was in front of her. She dove deeper and they followed from both sides. Her eyes widened when she saw the lady with the trident waking up - how she hadn't drowned, Tsu didn't know - and readying her broken weapon. Tsu turned left to avoid getting speared through her stomach, and drove her way up. She erupted from the surface of the lake and landed on Kōsei's platform, panting tiredly, "Kero..."

"You okay?" Kaminari patted her shoulder before jerking forward and summoning another EM barrier to block a jet of water.

"We can't keep doing this, kero." She finally got out after catching her breath, "They have as many mistakes as they need. Each of us only has one." She said grimly, "We need to end this as soon as possible, kero kero."

"Damn, if only I had more power!" Kaminari cursed, "Or even if Momo was here! If she could make me one of those batteries to recharge!"

"The ship!" Kōsei had a light bulb appear over his head.

Tsuyu cottoned on immediately, "That's right! It has a generator! If we hook you up to it-"

"I can light em up!" Kaminari's first slasher smile of the school year appeared on his face. It was promptly erased when another water jet cut their platform nearly in twain, "Shit!"

"Kaminari-chan!" Tsuyu yelped as they were separated, and Kaminari had to leap away and land on another one of Kōsei's air barriers away from them. And then AGAIN and land on another, "Those platforms will last, right?"

"I'm straining already." Kōsei mumbled, "They disappear on their own unless I focus on them. And if they shatter I can't remake them."

"Sorry Tsuburaba-chan." Tsuyu ribitted again, and before he could ask about what, her tongue was wrapped around his waist. "Buy him time!"

He blushed a solid red before she yoinked him off the platform and into the drink, with him taking a deep breath as his last act. They sped underwater before Tsuyu surfaced again, under Kaminari. Kōsei exhaled, forming three different platforms for Kaminari to land on, going closer to the ship but not close enough. They splashed down again and Tsuyu rocketed towards the ship at max speed, breaching and flying to it from nearly fifty-five feet away. They landed on the deck, gasping for breath.

"FUCK IT!" The shark villain was furious, "KILL THAT BLONDE FUCKER!" The villains all focus-fired on the air platforms, using every weapon at their disposal. First one platform broke, then Kaminari jumped to the other, desperately blocking with one arm as he veered a sharp right and landed on another. He tumbled and nearly fell off of it, just barely managing to jump off it before more fire from the villains shattered it. He was on his last lifeline, and the villains cheered because they knew it.

"Kaminari-chan!" Tsuyu yelled in fear, the normally taciturn girl having it written all over her face.

Kaminari grit his teeth, "FINE!" He roared, "YOU WANT IT, YOU'LL GET IT!" He grit his teeth and jumped at the villains, abandoning his final perch. Even if he sacrificed himself, at least the others would be able to escape!

"BOOOOIIIIINNNNNGGGGGG!" Blessedly, a new voice called out, and a massive float shaped like the word impacted the water. The villains were all blown apart, and Kaminari landed on it.

He laughed in sheer, elated relief, "HOLY SHIT! WHAT A SAVE!" He blanched when he noticed it starting to fade. He scrambled to his feet and raced up the word, bouncing a dozen feet with every hop. He finally leapt from the vanishing word and landed on the deck of the ship, tumbling head over heels and crashing into the cabin wall. "DUDE I LOVE YOU!" He laughed in elation that he wasn't going to die today.

And as he saw Kōsei running over holding electrical cables, he scrambled to his feet with a mad grin on his face, "You guys thought you were hot shit, HUH?!" He grabbed the cables and instantly started draining the boat - which Tsuyu had managed to turn on - of all of its power. His entire body started to spark as he attached the cables to metallic elements they'd added to his costume after the battle trials. The villains started to panic as they saw the outright EVIL look in his glowing eyes. Finally reaching the threshold he needed, Kaminari yelled one word, "STORM."

The lake lit up.


Izuku clenched his fist as Kurogiri's dark laughter after his claim seemed to sap his friends and classmates of their resolve. Phoenix Force surged and his fist lit up as he walked forward. Mina's eyes widened as she took half a step back. WHAM

Kurogiri's laughter cut out as Izuku's fist – wait, no, it was the aura around his fist – crashed into his bracer. His entire physical body drove itself into the concrete, and the gaseous mass seemed to visibly go unconscious. "Awase-kun…" Izuku spoke up. Awase snapped to attention, "Weld him to the floor please. Mina, make sure he doesn't pull any funny business if he wakes up."

"You got it boss." The words slipped easily from his lips, despite Setsuna being there too. She was their class's vice but Izuku was the actual president, so he probably had authority in this situation.

Izuku turned and looked down the giant set of steps. Aizawa and Vlad King were stomping the Villains that they were facing. Aizawa's Quirk allowed him to erase any villainous Quirks, and Vlad King's enhanced strength was capable of laying any of them out. Once they were done, it was easy for Vlad to use his Blood to capture them.

"Man, Pro Heroes are something else." The guy leading the whole thing covered in several hands said, "You really can't expect much from small time crooks can you?" He shot forward, "But you're looking a bit tired, Eraserhead."

Aizawa threw his scarf at him, but his reflexes were fast enough to grab it out of the air. Aizawa's eyes were glowing red as he stared at his opponent, hair rising. "And if I take you down, this ends."

"Oh, you think so?" The man laughed, "I'm not the final boss though."

"What?!" Aizawa Quirk faded as the time limit on it ran out. Despite that, he leapt forward to bury his elbow into his opponent's gut. Instead, it was grabbed by the man's hand, and a searing pain ripped through his arm. His black sleeve disintegrated, along with the rest of his elbow. He could see skin and muscle alike turning to dust. His Quirk turned itself back on, stopping the damage as he leapt back. Dimly, he realized he heard a crash behind him, but couldn't focus on it.

"You have a time limit on that Quirk of yours." The madman started laughing, "Each time, you're able to use it less and less. And even if you could keep it up indefinitely…" He pointed behind Aizawa, who took a step and turned, ready to react should he be attacked but still able to look, "Wouldn't do much to him."

Aizawa felt his stomach fall. Vlad was buried into the pavement. The black beast with the exposed brain had his entire arm surrounded by a hardened blood shield his fellow teacher had created. He'd punched through it as easily as paper. As Vlad wheezed, the blood turned back to liquid, splashing down around them.

"Nōmu." The Villain audibly was ecstatic, "Crush him."

It was as if it happened in slow motion. Aizawa's Quirk flared, but the beast moved so fast he couldn't even see it move. One moment Nōmu was standing over Vlad, and the next it was in front of him, fist reared back. Aizawa almost literally saw his life flash before his eyes.

And then he was fifty feet away, almost sitting as his student kept him from falling. Time sped up again, "Midoriya!" He roared in shock, "WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE?!"

"Yell at me later!" Izuku was fully in battle mode and his stutter was totally gone. The air warped and pulsed around his right arm.

"Ehh, what's this?" The Villain asked, "Where's Kurogiri?" He looked up, his eyes narrowing as he didn't see the shadowy man, but for some wisps of smoke still flickering high above. "Taken out by some brats? Kurogiri you useless…" he shook his head, "Doesn't matter. You want to play Hero, kid? Sure. Let's play. Nōmu!"

Nōmu vanished, appearing in front of the Hero and his student. "Not this time!" Izuku roared, throwing his hand forward. A titanic blast of force caught Nōmu square in the chest, its flesh outright distending and rippling. Izuku had a GOOD amount of time to charge that one up, so it was practically one of the strongest psychic blasts he thought he was capable of.

Nōmu was forced back five feet.

Izuku stared in dumbfounded shock.

"Hoo, that was dangerous. Even you kiddies love some state-sponsored violence, huh?" The head Villain laughed, "How do you like our Bioengineered Anti Symbol of Peace, brat?" He took a few steps towards them, "We designed him to kill All Might. You look like a fan of his. That was almost like a 'smash,' so it was a nice test for its Shock Absorption. Maybe All Might will be especially distraught over you."

Izuku didn't think. His sash flew into his hand and hardened into his Psyblade. Nōmu flew at them as Aizawa's Quirk erased its Shock Absorption. He swung, passing Nōmu as its arm separated from its body in a shower of blood. He landed on the ground, looking green as he heard the splashing, but whirled around when he heard a crunch.

Aizawa was on the ground, one arm bent in ways an arm simply shouldn't be. Nōmu stood over it, no pain at all in its vacant gaze, its jaw hanging just as it had been all day. And then, even as Izuku gazed in shocked horror, its stump started bubbling with red flesh, white bone, musculature, and then black, leathery skin growing back, "Wh-wha?" he took a step back in terror.

"Ahaha!" The man laughed, "There's the fear I wanted to see!" He crowed loudly, insanely, "I told you he was bioengineered, didn't I? Who ever said it only had one Quirk?" Izuku started to tremble as he realized just what kind of monster was in front of them, "But aren't you something, kid? Cutting off an opponent's arm? Violence in the name of others is fine, huh? Heroes and Villains both utilize violence, but you're the good guys, so it's fine right?" The Villain was trying to get into his head. Make him doubt himself.

But his words had the opposite effect, strangely enough. It calmed Izuku right down, as he narrowed his eyes against Nōmu, "You're a bad actor, hand guy. That grin on your face says it all!"

"Heh, guess so!" He dropped his arms, "Would have been fun though. Nōmu." His grin widened, "Don't kill him. Leave that for me."

Nōmu charged, and Izuku put up his strongest barrier, forcing himself to his utter limit. He screamed in pain as his emerald barrier shattered as easily as glass before Nōmu's mighty and terrifying fist, the feedback going right to his brain like a stake driving itself into his skull. His nose immediately began to bleed, but Nōmu didn't care. It grabbed his arm, crushing his bones into powder as it whipped him above its head like a flail.

Izuku screamed before having all air forced from his lungs as Nōmu slammed him into the concrete with an explosive slam. Izuku could feel bones shattered as he lay there, not even hearing the Villain's mad laughter. Nōmu stood behind his shattered body, before the Villain cried out, "Do it!" Nōmu raised its leg and brought it down on Izuku's left knee. There was silence for a moment, with no other noises except for a disgusting sounding 'squirting' sound piercing the eerie hush.

And then a piercing cry of agony rose into the air.


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