To state it bluntly, Hikaru was bored. Like REALLY bored. After Sai left and he finally returned to the Go world, life was good. Hikaru shuffled around into a more comfortable position in his little tight dark box. His butt was killing him! You'd think that being a disembodied spirit would come with perks! All he wanted at the end of his life was to see Sai again and play more Go for all eternity. Ko had passed away a few years ago, so maybe another match or a hundred with him too…. Akira, well, Akira had managed to outlast him in the land of the living. That would be fine (he honestly couldn't last much longer! Hikaru was sure! Give him two or three more years, he'd grab all the titles and then finally kick the bucket.)

'Now that I think about it, I should make a Go league up here!'

But it just wasn't to be! Gosh Dang Stupid Go Board of DOOOM! It had trapped him inside instead of letting him move on! And there was no one to play the stupid thing with! His mom and grandpa had passed on a long time ago, but he'd really been looking forward to seeing them again too.

Suddenly, his board moved. The feel of callused big hands gripping the wood woke him up out of his stupor. Hikaru sat up and paid attention, poking his head out from the center of the board. Yup! There was a dude with pineapple hair and a lazy but focused stare looking right through him.

"Hey! What's up!? Can you see me pineapple dude?" Hikaru waved his see-through hands in-front of his face. No response. 'Crap!' "Dude! Now seriously! Pay attention!" The guy with the weird hair glanced down briefly at him and flicked him on the forehead. Hikaru jolted back at the touch. The swaying motion of his board settled down as the guy sat it down on a low table and took a seat.

"Troublesome, yeah, I can hear you…" the guy trailed off looking to space somewhere above Hikaru's head and to the left. "Names' Shikaku," he ruffled his hair.

Hikaru perked up! "YEEEEEEEESS! Finally! It's been so freaking long, you've no idea how bored I've been! Wanna play a game!? PLEASE!?" Hikaru rambled bouncing in place. He'd pried himself from the board and hovered across the table from the guy on a cushion that was conveniently there.

"Sure," Shikaku droned out. "You got a name?"

"Hikaru!" Hikaru chirped. Grin growing steadily bigger by the minute. "You'll have to play my moves for me, I'll just tell you where to put the stone. Nigiri!"

'Nigiri? Hm…,' "Hikaru, what exactly are the rules for this game in the first place?" Shikaku asked.

Sweat dropping, Hikaru banged his head through the table several times…'gosh dang, this guy better not be a total flake…I can already feel the headache coming…' "Well you see," Hikaru started.

Five hours later, Hikaru had lost for the first time in his un-life to a total noob. A genius, but still a noob. A sneaky grin climbed up his face, 'Finally! A challenge.' He settled down and got serious.