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"Stardate, Mr. Spock?" Asked the yellow shirted captain sitting in his chair at the center of a banged up Enterprise bridge.

"Inconclusive, Captain," came the chief science officer's answer.

"Damn it, Spock; where the hell are we?" Demanded Dr. McCoy. On deck assessing the bridge crew for injuries.

"Captain, none of these constellations are recognized by our central database," spoke up a shaken Sulu. Fingers flitting over a navigation station that was giving off intermittent puffs of white smoke.

"How is that possible?" Kirk asked with a shake of his frazzled head. A hand rubbing across his eyes as he tried to stave off an oncoming time travel headache. "Spock," he directed toward his first officer's station, "what does the chrono reader say?"

"There is a single message. Scrolling from the bottom of the readout to the top in a continuous loop. It reads:" Spock paused before looking across to his captain's expectant face, "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away."

The entire bridge went quiet. Even Scotty and Uhura, moments ago a flurry of movement as they worked together to try and patch up the communication station's fried relays, were given pause by the ominous statement.

They had no idea when, nor where they were. That was never a good place to end an accidental time jump.

"Captain," Spock started, in a tone which had Kirk sitting suddenly ramrod straight in his chair. "Scanners indicate that the planet nearest our current standing is caught in the process of what appears to be a world ending event. Shall we investigate?"

With barely a moment's pause, Kirk nodded. "Maximum thrusters, Sulu. Let's get this thing in our sights."

"On it. Captain," Sulu said. Distracted for a moment by a particularly opaque belch of smoke from his station.

"Uhura, Scotty, how's the-"

"We're goin' fast as we can, Captain. There are a lot of fried relays over here!" Scotty said, ending in a curse as a little zapping noise sounded through the bridge.
Uhura stepping in when the head of engineering paused to shake the tingling out of his poor hand.

"Alright. But as soon as communications are back up-"

"Back on line, Captain," Uhura snapped off with a hand to her earpiece. Concentrating on something far removed from the singed electronics she'd just been helping with.

"At least incoming is," amended Scotty, flipping a few switches which appeared to do absolutely nothing.

"There are people down there! Calling for help. But I'm not intercepting any responses. It sounds as if no one's coming for them."

"Lieutenant Uhura is correct, Captain. There is evidence of a craft of some sort having left here from a stable orbit only a short while ago," Spock spoke up. Eyes glued to his readout as data came through faster than most humans could hope to process it.
"I have readings of dozens, potentially over one hundred, humanoid life forms concentrated around one large complex. Very near the cataclysm's epicenter," he ended. Face twitching in his captain's direction for only the split second it took him to confirm Kirk had indeed heard.

"They were just fired upon. The test for a new super weapon that destroys planets with the push of a button," Uhura reported, her look of concentration speckled with dread.

"Is it a singularity? Spock?" Kirk asked of the science station. Knowing if the answer was yes, that it might be prudent, perhaps even advisable, for him to assign a different officer to the post. No matter the Vulcan's cool, collected outer image.

"Negative, Captain. The planetoid appears to have been hit with a destructive force so powerful that the entire surface will soon be disrupted. Followed closely by the extinction of all life, then, with nothing stable to contain it, of the planet's core itself."

Kirk nodded. At once aware that many a crew member would think it a mercy for someone who'd lived through a similar event to not have to watch such a fate befall yet another inhabited world, and yet somehow knowing that if he benched his first officer, he wasn't going to get thanked for it.
Planetary destruction be damned, Spock was a student of science just as he was a child of Vulcan, and put together, that made him one of the most impassive bastards to ever walk the halls of a Startleet vessel.
"Sulu, bring us within range."

Only a tense dozen or so seconds and the little planet was on their view screen. The cataclysm's epicenter an unmistakable mark of death on the otherwise pristine ball of life, so massive as to be visible to the naked eye.

Every head turned as the sudden, jarring sound of voices pleading for help filtered through the bridge speakers of a barely operational communication array.

With a snap to the movement, Uhura sent her hands flitting across her station to right the malfunction, a tight set to her jaw as the hysterical voices cut off.
"These people are begging for their lives, Captain," Uhura whispered. Perhaps to fill the following, resounding silence.

The bridge crew all looked to their captain. Bodies tense as they waited for orders.

"Let's get those people on board. Mr. Scott, Chekhov, make it happen."

"Aye aye, Captain."

"Yes, Sir. Right away, Sir," came the twin replies as the two began coordinating with the transport departments through the once again functional ship wide communication relay.

"Alright. Bones, get triage to all transport pads on the double and have all medbays on standby to handle an influx of wounded and-,"

"Already on it." At the surprised raise of captainly eyebrows, the doctor put his hands on his hips. "You think I don't know my job?" Then with a scoff, McCoy was off. Turbo lift whirring as it sped him into the bowels of their ship.

"Okay," Kirk said, tearing his perplexed gaze from the lift doors. Hoping things went smoothly for his head of medical. "Any update on the status of the planet?"

"It has only a finite time left before it's core will be effected. After which, we must execute a hasty retreat if we are to avoid our ship sustaining incalculable-"

"Noted, Mr. Spock. Mr. Scott?" Kirk asked, looking from science to find the red shirted Scotsman.

"Uh, it's gonna take a moment to lock on to all those targets, Captain," Scotty informed, bent over a console near the navigation station.

"We already have a number of signatures ready for beam up, Keptain," informed Chekov. "Only because they're not moving. Probably injured in the initial-"

"Beam them up. Get the rest as we establish locks," Kirk said. "And let's pray Bones has his triage in place."

"He does," confirmed Uhura. "Standby just confirmed."

"In that case, let's get this party started and on the road ASAP."

To the chorus of a resounding, "Aye aye, Captain," Kirk rubbed at his eyes once more and began wondering what they were going to do with their new influx of refugees.
And how in God's name they were going to get themselves home this time.

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