The Guardian

Pairing: Harry and Fleur

Genre: Romance, Hurt/Comfort, Humor, Drama

Summary: Before his fifth year at Hogwarts, Harry gets a guardian/mentor in the form of Fleur Delacour; Follow Harry and Fleur as they try to destroy Voldemort and navigate their love for each other.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything from the Harry Potter Universe.

Chapter 1: Rescue

2 August 1995

In a small room of No. 4 Privet Drive in Little Whinging, a 15-year old Harry Potter lays in his bed trying to figure out how he got expelled from Hogwarts a few hours ago. He had just rescued his cousin Dudley and himself from Dementors by using the Patronus charm, but now, he was being punished for protecting himself.

Harry turned on his side to face the door and tried to fall asleep thinking that this was some messed up dream and everything would go back to normal in the morning.


Harry's eyes shot open at the creaking noise that sounded outside his door in the hallway. The key to the door started to turn as Harry jumped from his bed and grasped his wand in his hand ready to hex anyone or anything. The door slowly pushed open to reveal dark shadows of several people.


The spell lit up the people in the hallway and made Harry blink twice to make sure that he was not seeing things.


Harry asked as the haggard and limping old man came into view along with a young woman with bubble-gum colored spiked hair that Harry did not recognized and a mass of silvery long blonde hair that belonged to one of the four champions of the previous year's Tri-Wizard Tournament.

"'Arry!" screamed Fleur as she launched herself at Harry wrapping him in a hug that would put Mrs. Weasley's to shame.

Harry was in total shock as he was brought into a hug by the beautiful Veela and still trying to register what was going on. His brain finally kicked in and found his head in between Fleur's breasts.

"Um... Fleur, could you let go of me please?" Harry asked in a higher and muffled voice as he was trying to escape her cleavage and not pass out from embarrassment as he hoped that she would not think of him as a pervert.

"Oh! Sorry 'Arry, I'm just happy to see that you are ok." Fleur said as she released harry from her hug and saw that his face was beet red. 'Is he coming down with something?' she thought.

"Alright! Enough of the chit-chat, we can do that after we get you out of here and to Headquarters." Moody growled out as he made his way down the stairs to the first floor.

The woman with the odd hair style smiled at harry and outstretched her hand for a handshake.

"Wotcher Harry, I am Nymphadora Tonks, but you can call me Tonks as I do not like my given first name" The woman named Tonks introduced herself as Harry shook her hand.

"Come 'Arry, we are here to take you to Headquarters." said Fleur as she looked around the room at the bed that was close to collapsing and the general filthy state that the room was in. Harry looked up at her face and turned away quickly blushing. His eyes caught Tonks' and he saw her smirking at him.

Harry, Tonks, and Fleur walked down the stairs to find Moody and a few other people that he did not know standing guard in the living room. Moody gestured to them to follow him outside and line up at the end of the driveway.

"Listen up, we are tasked with getting Potter to safety for him to attend his trial. You all know the plan, so stick to it and don't forget CONSTANT VIGILANCE!" roared Alastor as he faced the line of wizards.

Harry, who was standing next to Fleur, was confused and asked, "Professor, what do you mean by trial? The letter stated that I was expelled from school and no mention of a trial anywhere in there."

"Potter, I was never your professor, that imposter was so you do not have to call me that. To answer your question, Dumbledore has requested a "proper" trial for you to get some justice. Alright! Enough questions, you all know the drill."

Brooms shot out and everyone grasped their own and mounted it.

"'Arry, can I ride with you as I do not have my broom with me?" Fleur asked him. Harry nodded, and he felt Fleur wrap her slender arms around his waist and lean her chest against his back.

The group lifted off into the night and above the cities and towns across London. As Harry flew, he could fully feel Fleur's assets that were pressed into his back. Harry swallowed thickly trying to keep his blood from flowing down and not picture Fleur in her one-piece swimsuit from the second task last year.

The flight took about ten minutes before they descended into a wooded area right across the street from an apartment building. Harry and Fleur dismounted his Firebolt as the rest of the rescue team started to walk towards the building and stop in front of it. Harry saw the building numbers eleven and thirteen, but no twelve which was completely confusing.

"Where is number twelve?"

Instead of answering Harry, Moody knocked his walking stick against the concrete and the building started to expand. Harry stepped back a little when the building started to expand and the number twelve along with a door and windows that look exactly like the others. After everything settled down, Mad-Eye walked up to the door and motioned to the others to follow him. Fleur took Harry's hand and pulled him along with her towards the door and into a very dimly lit hallway. Moody pushed by everyone and continued to walk down the very narrow hallway. Tonks walked behind Mad-Eye but did not see the bucket of umbrellas.


Tonks tripped over the bucket and landed face first into the ground. The thud was followed an ear-piercing shriek that echoed throughout the entire house. It was so loud that Harry had to cover his ears with his hands as hard as he possibly could to try and block out the noise.


Harry could hear people's voices calling out to cover up the shrieking. As he walked up to the end of the hallway, the door swung up and there stood Sirius Black, Harry's Godfather. Sirius smiled as he saw Harry and wrapped him up in a warm hug.

"Hey pup, how are you doing?" Sirius asked as the hug broke up and Harry smiled back.

"I'm doing better now that I'm here with you and out of the Dursley's. What is this place?" asked Harry as he looked around the room that was covered in black, silver, and emerald green wallpaper. It reminder him of the Slytherin Common Room.

"This has been my family's home for centuries, but I have converted it into the Headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix." Sirius explained as he gestured to the surrounding area.

"The meeting is about to wrap up but for now, Fleur, can you show him upstairs as there are a few people waiting to see him?" asked Sirius as he turned toward Fleur who nodded and grabbed Harry's hand. As Fleur and Harry walked up the winding stair case, Harry noticed that there was what looked like elf heads on stakes that were hanging from the wall. He shivered a bit at the sit of those heads and tried to focus on something else, however, his mind settled on admiring Fleur's very shapely behind as she was ahead of him and the slight sway of her hips. 'Bad thoughts, this is no time to be a perv.' Harry scolded himself.

Fleur seem to notice the silence, "'Arry, are you ok? You seem very quiet and your face is a little red." As she turned to look at him, she saw his eyes advert her and look to his left. 'Was he checking me out?' she thought humorously.

"Uh… yeah I'm fine. It's really creepy and I feel like I'm in a snake's pit with the colors." responded Harry still avoiding Fleur's eyes. They continued to climb the stairs until they got to the fourth floor. Fleur lead Harry to the room at the end of the hallway. When Harry opened the door, a silver mass slammed into Harry and if it wasn't for Fleur being behind him to steady him, he would have fallen to the floor.

"Harry! Ça va? Le journal a dit de mauvaises choses à votre sujet, disant que vous êtes un lier et un meurtrier!"

The question or the jumbled mess of French, depending on who heard it came from Gabrielle, Fleur's younger 12-year old sister who attached herself to Harry. Harry looked at the mass of silvery-blonde hair then at Fleur who was trying to hold in her laughter. Harry looked around the room to find his two best friends, Hermione and Ron, who were silently laughing at Harry who had a 12-year admirer attached to his waist.

Fleur took pity on Harry who looked absolutely lost, "Gabrielle, Harry does not know French, so you just asked him a jumble of French." Fleur said to Gabrielle as she tried to pry her off Harry. He nodded his thanks to Fleur, while taking Ron in a one-armed bro hug, and then giving Hermione a hug as well. Harry and Fleur sat down on the bed that was opposite of where Ron and Hermione were with Gabrielle claiming Harry's lap as her seat.

"So, how have you been mate? Those muggles treating you alright?" Ron asked as he opened The Daily Prophet.

"Yeah, they left me alone for the most part." responded Harry as he looked at the front of the paper that Ron was reading.

"What are those headlines saying?" he asked as he pointed to the front page. Hermione, Fleur, and Ron looked at each other, then Ron folded up the paper and handed to Harry with the front page facing him.

The Boy-Who-Lies

By Rita Skeeter

Harry Potter, the one who vanquished He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named as a baby, is now claiming that The Dark Lord has returned during the third task of the Tri-Wizard Tournament last year. Mr. Potter also has claimed that The Dark Lord killed Cedric Diggory, who was the Real Hogwarts Champion, that night in a graveyard where the supposedly return of the most feared wizard in centuries had come back to life. However, my ever-loyal readers, none of these claims are true as there is no evidence that any resurrection took place at that graveyard. Minister Fudge has publicly denied any allegations that He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is back and has said that Potter is delusion from the third task and that Cedric's death was a tragic accident.

I was able to talk to one to the students in Mr. Potter's year, one Draco Malfoy, who had some interesting claims about the Boy-Who-Lived. I asked him about the claims that Harry has said about The Dark Lord and this is what he had to say, "What Potter said is false. To be honest, I have a theory that it was Potter who killed Diggory that night and tried to cover it up by saying that The Dark Lord had returned. Did you know that he is a Parseltounge? He can talk to snakes, which is very strange as the last known person to have that ability is the same person that Potter is claiming is back."

With that, I have a feeling that Mr. Potter is hiding something very important from the public and that he could be very deranged and dangerous. I call upon the Ministry to investigate Mr. Potter and hopefully can help him with his mental instability.

Harry finished reading the article that Skeeter had written about him as he a scowl growing on his face after every passing second. He looks up at Ron and Hermione to see their faces reflect his own feelings: Anger and Disappointment. Harry then turns to the two Delacour sisters to see their faces contorted into one of concern which made Harry feel a little better in the fact that he has his friends by his side no matter what.


"Yes Fleur?"

Harry looked at her and found that her face now resembled a look of regret and sadness, which confused him greatly; but motioned for her to continue.

"Is it true that you can speak to snakes, a Parselmouth as they say?" Fleur asked with a tone of confusion and what Harry deduced to be a hint of fear. 'Does the thought of me being able to talk to snakes scare her?' he thought to himself. He nodded, "Yes, I can. I have been able to do that knowing I had that ability since my second year, but I guess I was able to talk to snakes when I was younger and did not know about magic. I can show you if you would like to see, can you conjure up a snake please?"

Fleur turned to face Harry a little surprised at his asking but nodded all the same. She took out her wand of her sleeve and wordlessly conjured up a two-foot long Black Mamba. The snake looked confused and then started to hiss at all of them to ward them off. Harry looked at the snake and right into its eyes.

$Hello, my friend.$ hissed Harry, although everyone else looked at Harry with mild shocked expressions. The snake then stopped hissing and looked at him with those small but unsettling beetle black eyes.

$You sspeak the language of sssnakes, how can you undersstand us?$

$I have been able to understand snake's language for a couple of years now and for how I got this ability, I would not have a clue.$ Harry hissed in response to the snake's question. And that was true, Harry could not remember how or why he had this power to talk to snakes. The mamba looked at him as if it was thinking about something then locked eyes with him and hissed, $Ssince you have the power to sssspeak and understand my language, I would like to become your familiar and sserve and protect you.$ Harry was surprised by this statement as he was a little worried about how Ron, Hermione, Fleur, and Gabrielle would react to the news that he had a snake as a familiar, especially Ron as he had a streak of hating anything that even remotely associated with Slytherin. $I already have a familiar in my owl Hedwig, but if you would like I could have you both as my familiars if that is ok with you?$ hissed Harry as he tried to compromise with the snake. It was looking directly into Harry's eyes for seemed like an hour before the snake nodded its head. The next thing that the snake did was slither to Harry's leg, up the leg, and then his chest to finally rest across his shoulders.

While Harry and the snake were talking and figuring things out, there were two reactions to this: admiration and stunned silence. Ron thought that it was a little weird that Harry could speak to snakes but decided that he would do the right thing with this gift. Hermione was thinking around the same logic as Ron while also thinking about how much Harry had grown up in the past year or so. On the other side of thoughts, Fleur and Gabrielle were stunned by the fact that the boy that was right next to them could command snakes, which was a very rare ability for anyone to have, even for descends of Salazar Slytherin themselves. This was not the leetle boy that Fleur first thought of Harry when he was selected as the fourth champion. This boy… no, young man has a lot of potential in his future.

Hermione looked at Harry and said, "Harry, I think that snake is a Black Mamba, one of the most venomous snakes in the world and it looks like it had taking a liking to you." Harry nodded, "Yeah, I think I will name it Serpico, how does that sound to you?" The snake turned its head to look at Harry and nodded once again, but also hissed, $I like the name Serpico, I would be honored to have that name master$ Harry turned to face Fleur as she watched the interaction of him and the snake with a stunned expression with a hint of fear, so Harry took her hand in his while turning to Serpico and nonverbally communicated with her. Serpico then slithered from her place on Harry's shoulders, across his and Fleurs joined hands, and then coiled around her chest with her head just above Fleur's cleavage. Fleur watched as the snake slithered onto her and wrap itself around her chest, she turned to Harry with a sly smile and asked, "'Arry, did you tell your friend to wrap itself around my breasts?"

Harry turned a very bright red with what Fleur just said, but that was nothing compared to what Serpico had to say, $Master, her chest is a very good size and firmness, she would make a very great mother one day, wouldn't you agree?$ With that said, Harry turned even more red from embarrassment to the point where his face started to heat up. Ron and Hermione were laughing so hard that they had tears coming from their eyes as Fleur was smirking at Harry while Gabrielle was giggling behind her hand. Harry stammered to answer her but could not find an answer, so he just turned his attention to his snake and hissed, $Alright, you can uncoil yourself from her now Serpico.$ She nodded in agreement and uncoiled herself from Fleur who was still smirking at Harry and wrapped her body around his stomach, closing her eyes seeming to be falling asleep.

"Sorry Fleur, I did not know that she would do that, I saw that you were scarred of her, so I wanted to show you that she was harmless as long as I command her to be, again sorry." Apologized Harry as he turned to Fleur who's smirk then turned into a soft smile, though it still held some mischievous to it.

"It's ok 'Arry, I know you did not tell the snake to do that, but what did she say to you after I asked my question?"

Harry turned beet red again, even after somewhat gaining control of his blush, at her question and did not want to respond; So, what he decided to do instead is turn to a still amused Ron and Hermione to ask them about their summer. Hermione said that her summer was fine, nothing new or exciting, same thing with Ron as well. The door opened and in came Fred and George, the pranking twins who could always get a laugh out of anyone, no matter the situation.

"We heard laughter -"

"and decided to investigate -"

"to see if one of our devices that -"

"Ronniekins got his hands on." They finished together. Harry shook his head with a smile on his face at the twin's way of speaking.

"Anyway, we were told to -"

"come get you lot as it's time -"

"for dinner and mum does not -"

"any of you to skip."

"Alright." Harry responded, "We will be down there in a second." Fred and George smiled in response and left the room as the five of them got up to go downstairs for dinner. Harry remembered that Serpico was still around his shoulders and he got a wide smirk on his face. He turned to everyone in the room and said, "I want to pull a prank on Sirius, so what I am going to do is get the snake go and have it 'attack' him." Hermione looked at Harry with a disapproving look but could not hide the smile that was threating to come across her face. Ron, Fleur, and Gabrielle looked at him with curiosity on their face. Harry motioned them to follow him down the stairs and right next to the door that lead into the dinning room. $Serpico, do you want to scare some people that are in the room right next to us?$ Harry asked in Parseltounge at his familiar as she slithered down his leg and into the room.

Sirius looked around the room that just held the Order meeting to see Molly Weasley bringing out food for dinner, her husband Arthur was helping her as in setting the table while the rest of the Order members talked amongst themselves. Just then, Sirius heard some hissing noise and looked down to see a two-foot long Black Mamba snake coming towards him looking at him menacingly. He screamed bloody murder as he fell back in his seat; Sirius heard laughing as he craned his neck to see Harry holding his sides, laughing so hard that he had tears coming out of his eyes, Ron was joining Harry in laughing, Fleur and Gabrielle were giggling behind their hands, and Hermine was trying to keep the smirk that was slowing forming on her face as everyone else was chuckling at Sirius.

"Oh hardy har har Pup, you think you're soooooooo funny, but I will get you back." Sirius said as he stood and picked up his chair. Harry finally got his laughter under control but still had a big grin on his face as a man with medium length brunette hair, a goatee, and stood about six feet tall came up to him and smiled. "So, you must be Monsieur Harry Potter, my name is Jean Delacour, and this is my wife, Appoline." Jean said, as he pointed to the woman standing next to him who looked like she could pass off as Fleur's older sister. Appoline stepped in front of Harry and pulled him into a hug that could only be explained as soft and warm. Unfortunately, she also pulled his head into her chest because of the height difference. 'Why is this happening to me?' Harry thought as he was released from the hug by Fleur's mother. Everyone found a seat at the table with Fleur sitting on Harry's right while Hermione took his left, Ron sitting next to her, and Gabrielle taking Fleur's right.

Jean and Appoline sat right in front of Harry and Fleur, Jean looked at Harry and said, "I have heard a lot about you from Fleur and your friends, while I did get some information from the paper, nothing that they've claimed seem to be true."

Harry scratched the back of his neck in embarrassment, "Yeah, you really cannot believe everything that Prophet prints, most of it is rubbish." Jean nodded his head with a small smile on his face. Appoline took up the conversation, "The paper is saying that you claim that The Dark Lord has returned and is the one that murdered the other Hogwarts Champion, is this true?"

Harry scowled a little at the question, "Why would I lie about a mass murderer who not only killed my parents but killed so many other innocent people that came back to life? He was never killed 100%as only his body was destroyed." He said with a little heat in his voice.

Jean held up his hands in surrender, "I don't mean to offend you or call you a liar, it's just very hard to believe that He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named has returned and…." Harry interrupted, "Sir, his name is Voldemort, using that stupid phrase because people are too scared to say his name, actually his real name is Tom Marvolo Riddle."

Appoline shuddered at Voldemort's name and Jean had a frown on his lips, "Monsieur Potter, how do you know his real name?"

"I found out in my second year." Harry shrugged, "That was the same year that I found out I am a Parselmouth. I can prove it to all of you." With that, Harry stood up, took out his wand and wrote Tom Marvolo Riddle in the air, then waved his hand over it as the words then mixed to read: I am Lord Voldemort. He turned to everyone who had shocked expressions on their faces. "See, he is not even a Pureblood like he wants the world to be. Voldemort is a Half-Blood like me and even if this does not make you see the truth then this will." Harry then held his wand in front of his chest while saying, "I, Harry James Potter, herby swear on my life and magic that everything about Lord Voldemort and his return is true." He then raised his wand at an angle towards the ceiling.

"Expecto Patronum!"

The Stag appeared from the tip of Harry's wand and circled around the room searching for danger, but when it found nothing wrong, it walked up to Harry, nodded its head and slowly disappeared. If the shocked expressions of everybody and the silence was any indicator, then the whole room was in complete disbelief except for a select few. Jean and Appoline looked at the young boy in front of them who not only cast a spell that most adult wizards cannot master, but he swore on a magical oath that he meant everything that he said about The Dark Lord. The two of them looked at him in a new light and thought the he could be a very powerful wizard one day.

"Wow pup" Sirius whistled "So that was the stag that save my arse from the Dementors, it looks like Prongs doesn't it Moony?" Remus could only nod at the question as he was stunned by the intensity of the charm as it was stronger now than it was three years ago. Jean and Appoline shook themselves from their shocked state and smiled at Harry and Jean said, "Harry, that was a very powerful Patronus charm, you must be very skilled wizard if you can master it at such a young age." Harry scratched the back of his head sheepishly, "I'm mostly lucky when it comes to stuff like that and facing Voldemort four times now."

As harry sat back down, everyone started to dig in to dinner while talking about different topics ranging from very silly stuff to political. Harry found himself talking to Fleur, Gabrielle, Ron, and Hermione about random stuff like how their summer was. After dinner, everyone was still talking when Professor Dumbledore arrived through the floo and smiled with that slight twinkle in his eyes.

"Ah Mr. Potter how was your summer?" asked Dumbledore as he walked up to the table.

"It was alright Sir, what are you doing here?" Harry asked.

"Well, I came here to tell you a few things, first off, your trial will be tomorrow at 2pm in Courtroom 10. Mr. Delacour afford to take you to the courtroom. I am sorry about this situation, I tried to talk to Cornelius and persuade him not to put you on trial, but I was unsuccessful."

Harry nodded at this, but a thought came to mind "Professor, I understand the main reason why they are putting me on trial, even if it seems very bloody stupid, but I have this feeling that this is about something much more than a simple spell being used in front of a muggle." Dumbledore smiled a bit "Very preceptive, to answer, yes Cornelius is putting you on trial for that, but also for the murder and Mr. Diggory, the Tri-Wizard earnings, and your claims about Voldemort being back."

Hermione looked very confused but the mention of the money and asked, "Professor, why would they question Harry about the earnings? That does not make any sense."

"When they wrote out the court forms for the trial, the reasoning behind the earnings was because if you are found guilty, The Ministry could demand you pay the money plus more back as in their eyes, you stole from The Ministry."

"What?!" shouted Harry, Fleur, and Hermione in unison

Fleur shook her head "This is ridiculous, your Ministry is trying to say that 'Arry is a murderer that stole money from the Tournament."

Harry leaned back in his chair heavily, the death of Cedric playing in his mind over and over, the sickening green light that struck him down within seconds. He turned to the Headmaster and asked, "Is there any way that I could prove that I'm innocent and that Voldemort did come back? What about that Truth Serum that I read about in my potion textbook? Or I could swear an oath." Dumbledore shook his head with a little sad smile "Veritaserum is what is you are referring to Harry and that could work, but that would also back them into a corner and lash out to charge you with more charges. An oath may also work; however, again that might back the minister into a corner that we cannot afford to put him in at this moment. I'm truly sorry about this outcome Harry, I wish I could change it, but my hands are tied."

Harry nodded his head in understanding, but that did not mean he thought that what was going on was even remotely fair. Dumbledore looked at Harry and said, "Oh, there is another reason why I'm here and that is to give you this Harry." Dumbledore dug his hand into a bottomless bag and pulled out a sword in its sheath, walked over to Harry and held it out towards him. "This is The Sword of Gryffindor, as you were the one to pull it out of the hat during your second year, it is rightfully yours."

"W-What? I cannot take this. It's a one of a kind artifact that resided in your office as it should be, not with someone like me." A shocked Harry said as he tried to tell the Headmaster that he did not deserve something like The Sword of Gryffindor.

"Harry, as you were the one to pull the sword from the hat, which I may add can only happen when someone is a true Gryffindor, so you are the proper person to wield this sword." Dumbledore said as he handed Harry the sword. "I would like to tell you that Sirius will be teaching you how to handle it properly." Harry looked at Fleur who was silent this entire time and she smiled and nodded her head as to say that he should accept the gift. He leaned it up against the table, but not everyone was keen on the idea and that took form in Molly Weasley.

"Albus, how could you give him a sword?! This is absurd! He could hurt someone or himself." Molly protested as she stood up, walked towards Harry and tried to take the sword away from him; however, Dumbledore stopped her from taking it from Harry by saying, "Molly, I understand that you are upset, but war is upon us and we must be sure that we are as prepared as we can in this time of deception and lies." She stopped, huffed, and walked back to her seat. Dumbledore then turned back to Harry, "I have also employed Miss Delacour as your personal trainer and bodyguard, which I have already discussed with her and her parents and I will make sure that accommodations are met for your situation."

Harry was surprised at what the Headmaster was telling him, and he looked at Fleur who had a hopeful look in her eyes. Harry nodded at her with a smile, but did have a question for her, "Fleur, are you sure about taking this position? What I have been through is not pretty." She had a determined look on her face as she nodded her head in agreement. Dumbledore clapped his hands together and said, "Alright, since we have been fed and sorted this out, I think that we should head to bed as we have still got a trial to go to, I bid everyone a Goodnight." With that said, the headmaster left the dinning room while everyone else got up and started to go to their separate rooms or floo to their homes.

"'Arry, you are rooming with me if that is alright you, is it?" Fleur asked as she stood up.

Harry blushed red with images of Fleur in a two-piece bikini from last year flashing in his head again. Sirius snickered at Harry as he had a goofy smile on his face as Fleur dragged him up the stairs to their room. Harry snapped out of his daze when Fleur stopped in front of the room to open the door and walked in with him following her. The room was average size with a queen size bed in the middle of the room backed up against the wall, a window that looked upon the street bellow, a bathroom, and a large armoire on the opposite side of the bed. Now, Harry was nervous as there was only one bed, so that would mean that they would be sharing it which made a certain body party start to grow a little as Fleur was a very beautiful older woman. Serpico unraveled herself from Harry, slithered up one of the bed legs and rested at the foot of the bed.

"Um, Fleur are you sure that you are ok with sharing a bed with me?" Harry nervously asked as Fleur rummaged around in one of the drawers of the armoire for what he guessed was some night clothes.

"Ha yes 'Arry, I don't mind sleeping with you, I'll go change in the bathroom. I think you have a change of nightwear in the bottom drawer." With that, she disappeared in the bathroom leaving a very nervous Harry to find his sleepwear in the bottom of the armoire which consisted of flannel bottoms and a lose fitting shirt. Harry went to the bed and laid out his clothes, then took off his shirt looking at the many scars that adorned his chest, stomach, and back, curtesy of the Dursleys and their beatings. He sighed as this was the biggest thing that he wanted no one to see, not even Ron and Hermione have seen the scars. After he changed into night clothes, Harry climbed into the bed on the left side when Fleur's voice came out from the bathroom.

"Are you dressed 'Arry?"

"Yes Fleur." He responded when the door opened and out stepped Fleur in a lose shirt that came down to mid-thigh and what he saw was a hint of white underwear. She gave him a soft smile while she walked over to the right side of the bed and climbed in. Harry laid near the edge of the bed as he possibly could, almost falling off. Fleur silently laughed at the fact that Harry was so scared to be in the same bad as her that he was almost falling off.

"Am I that scary to you 'Arry?" Fleur asked with mirth in her voice. Harry turned over to face her "Y-you are not scary, I'm just want to give you as much room as I can." Fleur was touched by his way of trying to make her more comfortable, but, she did want to be near him. "I'm fine 'Arry, thank you, but how about this?" Fleur slide over to his side and laid her head on his shoulder while draping her arm over his chest and leg over his legs.

"This better 'Arry?" Asked Fleur. Harry nodded has he tried to control his hormones as he could feel her breasts pressing up into his side.

"Goodnight Fleur."

"Goodnight 'Arry."

With that, Harry fell into a deep sleep with dreams about a blonde goddess that was laying right next to him.

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