Book 3: Pointillist 2


Chapter 33: Harold looks for answers to the clues left by the mystery man. Is it a trap? Or is some new player on the scene? Reese must go to investigate. He's plunged into his own mystery, too. What happened to Gelila?

Meanwhile, Greer and Kara Stanton may have met their match.

June 11, 2021

Author's preface:

Just a bit of orientation for those who might want it. This is the third book of a series that began with Saving the Saviors. Think of that one as bookends around Pointillist and this new one, Pointillist 2 (P2).

It jumped back and forth in time between the years 2014 and late 2016. That first book was a way to save the characters from the ending in the TV series, because we loved them too much to let them go like that.

Book 1 imagined a different ending and it showed, instead, what it would take to bring them back from all the losses they'd suffered. Book 1 didn't let them sacrifice themselves in the end. The characters and the show's themes have far more life left in them; there's so much more story we can explore with them. Toward that end, it introduced a few new characters, and brought back some familiar ones from the show – but bent them a bit to the needs of the story.

And then if we backtrack to the beginning of Book 2, we recall that Harold's Team had just returned from Washington D.C. after a foiled attempt to capture Greer. But they returned with a prize for their hard work: they had found and rescued Grace. She'd been a prisoner, held by Greer and his Team in Washington for months. At the start of Pointillist, Harold had brought her back to safety, in New York.

But as the Team began to debrief her, they realized that she had been systematically re-programmed by Greer – to turn her away from Harold.

Greer had made her believe that Harold was the enemy, the one psychologically torturing her each day during her captivity, the one taking her memories away from her.

In Pointillist, Grace was lost to Harold all over again. So much loss in Harold's life. For a man trying to help save others, he had ended up sacrificing the safety of those closest to him.

Greer began a campaign to crush Harold's Team, one by one. He had recruited a person who knew Reese better than anyone else; his ex-partner from the CIA, Kara Stanton. With her knowledge of Reese, and all of her black ops skills, she was the perfect one to pursue him. Finding Reese would lead Greer to the rest of the Team, and ultimately, to Harold and his Machine.

Greer recruited the Zheng, too, members of a violent Chinese street gang who willingly switched their allegiance to him. And Greer had secretly imported a skilled assassin through his contacts in China, a threat that Harold's Machine didn't see coming. In fact, the Machine had certain blind-spots that put the Team at risk again and again, until Harold relented and gave the Machine new powers.

Meanwhile, the Machine had assigned Shaw a new POI, Marco Bruzzese, a researcher in the energy field. He was an American living abroad in Italy when he learned of the chance discovery of a clean, cheap energy source that would quickly replace oil, coal, and nuclear energy all over the world. By publishing the theory of how its chemistry worked, he had stunned scientists everywhere – and made himself a target for those whose wealth and power were threatened by this new discovery. Shaw saved Marco from two attempts on his life in Pointillist. And, of course, there were consequences for Shaw – and for Root.

Reese and his Team had succeeded in planting a spy, Leon Tao, into Greer's organization. But Leon was perhaps just a coin-operated opportunist at best. Which side would have his loyalty? Or none? How far could they really trust him?

And Reese was struggling with his own demons, too, in Book 2. Still reeling from the loss of Joss Carter, and suffering flashbacks from the time he'd spent in Afghanistan and in black ops for the CIA, Reese was not at his best. His life was beginning to unravel.

He and his mayhem twin, Shaw, were captured by the Zheng in Book 2, and this experience would change the relationships among all of the members of the Team. For Reese, though, even in the midst of all the trauma, he found an unexpected moment of relief, of peace. Was there hope for something more?

Finch had finally launched his counter-attack at Samaritan. Using secret information shared with him by his dying friend, Arthur Claypool, creator of Samaritan, Harold had attacked the machine with a sophisticated computer game. It had brought Samaritan to its knees, and crippled Greer's Team.

The street-fight that ensued at the end of Book 2 left both Teams wounded and hurting. Greer and his Team barely escaped; Harold's Team held its ground in the surprise attack but paid a price.

As in the first two books, familiar characters from the show have been brought back in their new roles. New characters introduced in Books 1 and 2 re-appear in Book 3 – as this new story erupts from the confines of Manhattan, to go globe-trotting.

The Machine's true power has been unleashed a little more by Harold – and now Greer won't be able to hide from it, anywhere in the world, for very long. Samaritan is gravely wounded, but not dead. And Greer, the master villain, always seems to have another card up his sleeve to play...

In continuing deep love and appreciation for the ground-breaking work of the original show, and all of those who made it so unique. Let's keep going.

July, 2018

Table of Contents

Part 1:

Chapter 1: Introduction, Table of Contents and Works cited

Chapter 2: "What do you want me to do?" (rated T); this is what he'd signed up for (rated T); 9-1-1 (rated T)

Chapter 3: "we've done this dance before." (rated T)

Chapter 4: an army of followers (rated T); never so many on one person (rated T)

Chapter 5: missions; favorite place on earth

Chapter 6: find Finch; "Get used to it"

Chapter 7: find Reese; To her shore

Chapter 8: But not Grace

Chapter 9: didn't fix it (rated T for adult themes)

Chapter 10: high places; I Know I Dream

Chapter 11: They needed this (rated T); poverty

Part 2:

Chapter 12: Four-eyes

Chapter 13: "I have to go."

Chapter 14: For Reese instead; Greer in the middle

Chapter 15: Conflicted?; designated driver; no more

Chapter 16: better sleep; for a price; Location confirmed

Chapter 17: "Mercenaries, mostly" (rated T)

Chapter 18: move on (rated T for adult themes); forty-four; Inside.

Chapter 19: and your enemies closer; Olawale

Chapter 20: Like her (rated T for adult themes); another who could; fire-breathing (rated T for adult themes)

Chapter 21: she still slept (rated T for adult themes)

Chapter 22: hellcat (rated T); legend (rated T); Asset intercepted

Chapter 23: bait (rated T); "take a look at this" (rated T)

Part 3:

Chapter 24: in the middle of it all; "I have something to tell you."

Chapter 25: shock-and-awe; Open!; marked man;

Chapter 26: Root shivered (rated T); Gotta have a knife (rated T); out of her seat (rated T)

Chapter 27: Untraceable; misery (rated T for adult themes);

Chapter 28: "Can we play something else?"(rated T); bend to his will; "On my way."; Time ceased to matter;

Chapter 29: "I can handle this, Finch."; Couldn't sleep; "Shots fired,"; mystery guest;

Chapter 30: some wounds you couldn't fix (rated T);

Chapter 31: "We know how to make bodies disappear"; "We need a place to work"; Blue blue;

Chapter 32: She wasn't.

Chapter 33: "Rechts"; "Working on it"; one step ahead; "Stay"

Works Cited

Music and other works important in this story will be cited here, for your own journey. Enjoy.

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Chapter 9: in didn't fix it: Root tries to make her stand with Sameen. Listen to this incredible voice, singing the song of Root's heart. If you can listen to this rendition, I think you'll be blown away, too, by the emotion in Gardot's voice. Nobody does it like her.

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Chapter 11: in poverty: Harold must face the consequences of decisions made. This beautiful, haunting piece captures the feeling of that moment.

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Chapter 15: in no more: Greer and Kara Stanton head East from Senegal to a meeting in Nigeria. Listen to the sounds of Senegal in this heartfelt song from Youssou N'Dour.

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Chapter 20: in Like her: Root is lost and struggling, and this piece from Sarah McLachlan reaches that place:

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And, in fire-breathing: Root meets an exotic woman, and finds her own moment of peace. Listen to this beautiful song, also from Sarah McLachlan:

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Chapter 21: in she still slept: Root doesn't realize that she's in trouble.

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Chapter 27: in untraceable, Olawale returns to Zuma Rock now that his world has tipped again. He knows Samaritan is coming for him and he thinks about what he must do to avoid its global gaze. I love the work of Sona Jobarteh, the first woman allowed to play the Kora for public consumption like this. Watch her play on YouTube and you will see her beautiful soul shining through. Hope you become a fan, too. This short piece is a treat and captures the feeling Olawale has in this moment. Wait for the line across the page to queue it:

Jobarteh, Sona. "Reflections." Putumayo Presents: World Yoga, Putumayo World Music, 2012.

and, in misery, Root is suffering - there on the floor, cold, wet, alone. It may be too late for her. She thinks of how she came to be there this night, how her choices have brought her here. Wait until you see the line across the page to play this gorgeous piece by alternative singer/songwriter:

Joan as Police Woman. "Kiss," Cover Two, Sweet Police, 2020.

Chapter 28: in bend to his will, Olawale is resisting the efforts by foreigners to take away everything he believes in. How perfect is this song, then, one of the most popular played on the Kora, which sings of love of country, and strength in the face of destruction. Virtuoso Sona Jobarteh plays the Kora and sings here:

Jobarteh, Sona. "Jarabi," Fasiya, African Guild Records, 2011.

and, in Time ceased to matter, Root is shutting down, from her cold exposure. As she begins to drift away, she thinks of loss. I think this is my all-time favorite rendition of this song. Give it a try:

Joan as Police Woman. "I Keep Forgettin'," Cover Two, Sweet Police, 2020.

Chapter 29: in "Shots fired," the Team figures out where the Zheng are holding Root, and go in for a rescue. Root appears unresponsive and lifeless when they find her. Wait until the line across the page in this section to queue this incredible song as the backdrop for the scene. Listen to this one with headphones - you don't want to miss any of the intensity and subtlety of this haunting sound:

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and in mystery guest, Greer and Kara find their man. Listen to the sweet sadness in this song that sings of loss and endings. You don't need to speak the language to hear it in her voice. On acoustic guitar and vocals this time:

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Chapter 33: in "Stay" Reese sits in a quiet place, waiting to leave for overseas again. His thoughts turn to Gelila. This is a beautiful piece that catches the mood so well. I hope you enjoy:

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