Having The Talk is one of the hardest part of being a parent. If done right, the talk lasts for many years and is formed in many chapters. From personal experience, the hardest chapter of this very important conversation, is the final chapter.


Molly shifted nervously on the sofa, waiting. She had sent Arthur off with all the boys in order to give them some privacy. Soon, she heard Ginny move around upstairs.

"Ginny. Could you come down please?"

"Sure, Mom. Gimme a minute." Came a reply as the bathroom door closed.

It's not like she and Ginny didn't talk much about personal things. They had a close relationship. She and Ginny talked all the time. 'The talk' was an on-going subject between them. But this time, Molly was afraid that Ginny just might want to run. This was the chapter of 'the talk that she didn't look forward to. But it's a very important chapter. A chapter she had put off for far too long.

In moments, she heard sleepy steps thump down the stairs.

"Hey, where's everyone?" Ginny said, rubbing her eyes.

"They're out this morning. It'll give us a chance to talk." Molly saw her daughter stand straighter and turn a deep red.

"Nothing happened, really…" Ginny stressed as she sank deep into the sofa.

"I know Dear. It's ok." Molly stressed

There was a wary nod. "I've been having bad nightmares, What with the funeral and all. He only comes in to talk. And then last night, he fell asleep and…" Ginny persisted.

"Yes, I know. It's happened nearly every night these past two weeks." Molly smiled, and she reached for her only daughter's hand. "Just so you know, there's nothing happening in this house that I don't know about. And that's what we need to talk about."

Ginny sighed, knowing that her Mom wouldn't stop until she wanted to. "Really Mom. Nothing happened. We're not ready for that."

"I know, I know. I'm glad you told me, but someday you might be. We've talked about this for several years now. But I want you to be…well…better informed." Molly let go of Ginny's hand and reached behind her to grab a small booklet. "This is something I wish my own mother could have talked to me about when I was your age. But things were different back then. I found this and I thought it would be good for you."

Ginny took the pamphlet and read the discreet title.

Family Planning Charms for Witches

She looked back at her mother, a little confused. "But we're not…"

Molly nodded. "Maybe someday. Maybe sooner, maybe later. It's between you two. But you're still young. You have so much to do. I want you to, well, have the choices made before you need to make them. And that's important, Dear. Make your choices before you HAVE to make them."

Big breath in…big breath out. You can do this Molly. She kept the mantra going.

"Sweetheart, I'm not saying I expect you to, or want you to, or that I approve or disapprove. This summer, you will be a full adult. You get to make your own life. I don't get to have a say anymore. I raised you right. You have your own mind, your own values. And you have a young man that we all love. We just want you to be informed. Read it through. Then come to me and we can talk if you want." Molly stood and moved as if to leave the room.

"Wait, why does this cover only witches? Shouldn't the men have some responsibilities too?" Ginny had lost all her blush and looked nearly angry.

Molly chuckled. "Oh, they do. In fact, that's what your father and all your brothers are talking to Harry about, right now."