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Chapter 1: Whispers of War (Part 3)

The three figures marched out of the tent where the meeting was being held. The guards who remained outside gave them a curious look as they moved away. With a gesture Keeno stopped the members of Blue Rose that were coming toward them.

The small group finally stopped when they were far enough so no one could hear their conversation; the three looked at each other intensely.

"You were far too bold to pronounce those sacred words in such a casual manner and place."

Fluder broke the silence.

"I know that; I wouldn't have done so if I didn't think it was necessary. If this moronic dragon could have just remained silent, I would have not done this so publicly."

Draudillon sent a hateful glance at Keeno but didn't reply to her insult.

"So… what now? There are going to be questions… many questions. And we all know the answers will not be easy to give; the only question we still have is… how much we are going to say?"

Draudillon finally decided to speak her mind, the other two grimaced.

"The bare minimum of course… the Players would be a good point to begin with, this would bring peace to their minds… or at least arise different questions."

Fluder stated as Keeno nodded in agreement, even if a bit reluctantly.

"What about Master?"

Asked Draudillon in a concerned tone.

"Let him out of it, our oath to him was to maintain the balance of the world, if we can't even do that without asking for his help… what kind of students would we be?"

Asked Fluder.

"You know that they will question where the information about the Players come from right? Even more they will want to know about our… unexpected familiarity with each other."

Keeno said, the dragon and human sighed refraining from grunting, after all she had a point even if they didn't want to admit it.

"Is bad enough we will have to explain the Players' existence, Master will only be mentioned as our teacher, nothing else. Any further information about him shall be denied, and with what we are going to bring on the table, I don't think they will insist on that point."

Fluder finally decided, his fellow students nodded.

"Well then, let's go back."

Said Keeno as they began to walk back to the tent. As soon as they reached the entrance, they already could hear the emperor's voice.

"I already told you! I have no idea what this all is abou-"

Jircniv stopped as soon as they entered in the tent; no one spoke for a few seconds before the emperor decided to say what was on everyone's mind.

"So, care to explain what this all is about Fluder?"

He said, just the use of his first name indicated that the emperor was annoyed 'knowledge can both be the greatest blessing and the worst curse… you are still so young Jir' thought the old man.

"We had to discuss certain matters… and how to properly explain them to you all."

Answered calmly Fluder.

"Well then do so please."

Said Calca who seemed very uncomfortable in that situation.

"To begin we must go back to the origin of the problem, the so called 'Six Great Gods'."

Said Draudillon as she sat once more on her chair next to her prime minister.

"What about them? Weren't we speaking about the Theocracy's power?"

Asked Rampossa.

"The fact is, the greatest strength of the Theocracy is its Godkins, the descendants of their gods."

Draudillon explained; until that moment the Godkins were only a rumor, something that could be used to boast about the Theocracy's power; the confirmation of their existence wasn't something to claim lightly, even less in such a situation.

"How do you know they really exist?"

Asked Calca.

"The answer is very simple, those six weren't gods to begin with, or at least not in the common definition of the word."

The one who spoke this time was the masked magic caster of Blue Rose, all the attention shifted on her as she continued.

"They were neither omnipotent nor omniscient. They were just beings of great power and they died as any other mortal."

She concluded.

"This is all very interesting but what does it matter now?"

Asked Jircniv impatiently.

"It matters because they weren't the only ones, the so called Eight Greed Kings, some of the Twelve Heroes and probably even the Evil Deities. They were all beings coming from somewhere else, they were not born in this world. They were summoned in it willingly or unwillingly it's not clear. The only thing we are sure of is that they all came from the same place. They call themselves 'Players'."

Fluder explained, he could almost see the engines in the emperor's head starting to connect the dots.

"So… if the six came 600 years ago, the eight 400 years ago and the heroes 200 years ago… then…"

The emperor muttered.

"Exactly young Jir, soon another bunch of powerful beings will come to this world. This means that a great shift is about to happen, the previous arrivals always brought some sort of destruction to this world. It is highly probable that the same will happen this time."

Confirmed Fluder as Draudillon and Keeno nodded. Now all the present in the room except for the three students had a shocked or fearful expression on their faces.

"How do you know this to be true?! How can you be so sure of your words?! To compare the Six Great Gods to those evil scum is blasphemous!"

Roared the captain of the paladin order of the Holy Kingdom.

"We learned this and far more under the tutorage of our common teacher."

Said Draudillon.

"And who are they to say such things about the Gods?! Some mad demon! I tell you!"

The paladin roared again as her sister tried to calm her down. Draudillon growled, Fluder's gaze sharpened and Keeno's fists clenched as the woman spoke.

"Watch your tongue paladin, if you speak another ill word about our teacher we will see if your so called gods will be enough to protect you from my claws."

Said the dragon queen while showing her fangs.

"Please calm down all of you!"

Calca said firmly, trying to avoid a physical confrontation.

"Tsk… fucking retarded fanatics…"

Muttered Keeno but only Lakyus heard her.

"Returning to the main point, even if this is all true, what do they want to accomplish with the arrival of these new 'Players'?"

Asked Jircniv.

"I have no idea; we don't even know what this new bunch will bring to this world. They could be the primary enemies of all humanity for all we know… that is if the Theocracy doesn't have a way of knowing who will be summoned… but even then, I have no idea how they could do such a thing."

Said Fluder with a thoughtful expression.

"So, you three have known each other for sometime right? You spoke about a common teacher."

Asked Calca; the dragon, vampire and human nodded.

"Yes, that is right, I was the first to meet teacher more than 200 years ago, few decades later we came across Draudillon and she joined us in our journey around the continent, only 2 years later we met Fluder. The Evil Deities were defeated in the meantime and we remained under our teacher tutelage for around 100 more years before finally taking different paths."

Explained Keeno, she smiled behind her mask as those beautiful memories came back to her mind.

"You always had strange tastes regarding company gramps, but I would have never imagined you went that far."

Joked Jircniv, Fluder just coughed as if he didn't hear the emperor.

"And just who was your teacher? He must have been someone of great power to be able to bring you on the level you are now. He may become a winning card in the war to come."

Said Rampossa but Draudilllon shook her head in response.

"His name we will not say; names of such beings bring with them a lot of power and it should not be used lightly. He also doesn't wish to interfere with the story of the world, preferring to watch from afar and leave destiny have its way."

Draudillon explained.

"A demon and a coward."

Muttered Remedios before receiving a slap on the back of her head, curtesy of her sister.

"Is there nothing you can do to convince him otherwise?"

Asked Jircniv, Fluder shook his head.

"No, and we wish not to do so. We only saw him battle seriously once… young Jir believe me when I say you wouldn't wish such a fate to the worst of your enemies. When facing him death is a blessing few received."

Jircniv acknowledged Fluder's words and sighed.

"Very well then, now… shall we discuss the tactic we are going to use against the Theocracy?"


Two blades clashed in the middle of the training grounds on the sixth floor; one blade was made out of a green metal and plants grew on it giving it an ancient aura, the other was a sword made out of ice with spikes all over the blade, it emanated a freezing aura.

The two wielders of those blades looked in each other's eyes trying to detect what the next move of their opponent would be.

The blades clashed a few more times before the two wielders jumped away, creating a certain distance between each other; both of them were panting.

"You got better… brother."

Said the wielder of the ice blade, he was a male looking humanoid lizard, he wore some pieces of armor here and there to protect his most exposed areas and leaving the rest of the protection to his scales, this way he covered his weak spots while still being able to move quickly enough.

"Don't flatter yourself Zaryusu, I'm not done yet!"

Roared the other lizard before slamming the point of his blade on the ground.

"[Widen magic: Wild Jungle]!"

He intoned as various plants erupted from the ground and tried to grab Zaryusu; the lizard evaded various vines and roots as he tried to get away but some vines managed to grab his left leg and arm. Zaryusu immediately rose his sword above his head.

"[Great Frost]!"

He roared as the blade shined and a second later the whole zone was covered in ice, freezing both the plants and the ground; an icy mist had covered the training grounds. The green blade wielding lizard was on guard, this wasn't the first time his brother used that tactic for a sneak attack.

As he expected, a moment later he felt a presence on his right side and moved just fast enough to block the blue blade descending on him; but even after stopping it the strength behind the blow was so much that forced him on his knees.

"I give up, you win."

Said the kneeling lizard as the pressure of the blade clash was removed.

"That was good Shasuryu."

Complimented Zaryusu while offering a hand to his brother, Shasuryu grabbed the hand and stood up.

"No wonder no one can take the title of Lizard Captain from you, I can feel my bones still trembling from that last blow. If I didn't block you, you could have hurt me very badly."

Said Shasuryu in a mocking tone.

"Ahahahahah… I knew you could block it and you already know how bad Crusch would scold me if I hurt you again."

Said Zaryusu, his brother chuckled.

"The greatest warrior of our tribe scared of his wife; she must really be something else to be able to tame you. Speaking of her, is she at home?"

The older brother asked, Zaryusu nodded.

"Yes, she is taking care of Varyusu and Lisch; you know they wanted to come and watch our match but their mother vehemently disagreed. She is too protective of them sometimes."

The younger brother grumbled.

"Sometimes I think about what would have happened if we remained around that lake 30 years ago. What if the Master never showed up during the Great Famine? Would our race have become extinct?"

Asked aloud Shasuryu, the younger brother shook his head.

"I have no idea, I don't exactly remember the world on the surface, when we left, I was still a hatchling. But I'm quite sure it wouldn't be a place I would like to see my children in."

Said Zaryusu more seriously, his older brother gazed at the sun in the sky above them.

"Sometimes it's hard to believe we are underground, the sky seems so real here, I can even feel the heat of the fake sun. Even after living here almost all my life, it is still hard to imagine that it is just an illusion. What kind of power can create a fake world?"

Shasuryu asked himself, Zaryusu placed a hand on his brother's shoulder.

"I don't know, but it is reassuring that such an entity has a benevolent nature. The only thing we can do now is continue to train and improve… also we need to find you a wife so you will stop having all these weird thoughts all of a sudden."

The younger brother joked. The other lizard grunted in annoyance.

"Shut up and return home, your wife is going to scold you if you come back late again."

Shasuryu retorted and a shiver ran down Zaryusu's spine at the thought of an angry wife waiting at home.

{Kami Miyako, Slane Theocracy, Hall of the Six}

At the centre of a decorated room there were six figures who sat at a table, various reports were all over said table and the only source of light in the room were the magical lamp on the celling.

"Is it done then?"

One asked.

"Yes, the Thousand Leagues Astrologer confirmed that the rulers of the countries we contacted met in the Katze Plains. Unfortunately, Fluder Paradyne was there and every possibility of spying on them was lost."

Answered another earning a nod of approval from all the other figures.

"Very well, all the pieces are falling into place, soon we will be able to begin the greatest operation in our history; to achieve what the Great Six couldn't before their departure from this world."

Another said.

"Peace friend, this is only the first phase, the most difficult part is yet to come."

Said the first one.

"Speaking of which… are you sure we can trust him? I know we have a common enemy but… I'm very unsure about this."

Said a female voice.

"I understand your hesitation but his hate for our enemy is far stronger than the hate for us. We will still be on our guard around him nonetheless."

Assured her the second.

"The Black Scripture and the Holocaust Scripture are ready to be deployed. We will have the Extra Seat stay back until the right time comes."

Said the third.

"The Extra Seat? Are you sure? We know she isn't exactly fond of our plan to say the least."

Said the woman in a dubious tone.

"Yes, we know that she wouldn't approve, she still has a certain degree of gratitude for the occasion of ending her abomination of a father. This is why I didn't tell her all the details of the mission."

Explained the third.

"Wouldn't this bring problems in the future?"

Asked the first.

"Probably but we all know how dissociated from the world she is. And even if she rages about it, it will still be a little price compared to the great gain if the plan succeeds."

Answered the second.

"What will happened to the Holy Kingdom, Re-Estize and Empire after this?"

Asked the fourth, speaking for the first time since the meeting began.

"With a little bit of luck, we can take back the Holy Kingdom, maybe even a piece of the Draconic Kingdom if we manage to kill that half-breed, but she is only a secondary target. As for Re-Estize and the Empire… let the tiny mosquitos fight for one dish while we take the whole banquet."

Said the second.

"Well then, now we have only to wait for their first move, from there we will lure the beast out of their hiding place."

Concluded the third.


In a room devoid of light a being sat unmoving on an old throne. The darkness didn't allow their form to be seen clearly and the only thing that shined in the darkness were the red dots where their eyes should be.

The complete silence in the room served only to amplify that sense of sacrality the Being's form inspired. For too many years they searched for their lost treasure. Too many failings followed, too many lives were lost. It took countless years for the Being to finally accept their loss.

From there on the Being decided to live for something else, to find meaning once more; for every being needed meaning, no matter if they were living or not.

The Being waited and waited, trying to understand the unknown world around them. They saw the mighty fall and the weak rise. Wars came and went away. Time itself became meaningless but the Being continued to exist nonetheless. They had many names during those years. With time they forgot what was true and what was false.

They still thought about a certain world sometimes. A different world, a world of smoke and steel. Sometimes they doubted that that world even existed outside of their imagination. They were sure that with time even that world would be lost forever. Forgotten as many other things. Faces and names entered and were lost into their memory, like raindrops in an ocean.

But there was still a banner, a name they refused to forget. They weren't sure why it was important, but they just knew it was. A symbol of a dream they shared with many others.

And so, they continued existing, they saw the prideful gods descend, who cared about them? Surely not the Being. Oh no, the Being wanted to be left alone. They crossed paths a few times but the Being didn't care for the prideful gods. It didn't take much before they were gone too.

The memory of them still lived in their followers, but the Being was sure that it was just a matter of time before the prideful gods were forgotten too.

Then came the greedy gods, they aspired to more than their predecessors, war engulfed the world as scales rotted on the ground. But like their predecessors even the greedy gods disappeared as their greed consumed them.

And so, the Being continued to exist despite the many attempts that were made against them. The world was once more reborn and the cycle started once more.

The Being was tired of walking without a goal and so they decided to build something that would give them meaning. A safe haven for all those who sought meaning in their existence.

They visited the home of the greedy gods and took what they needed. The creation of such a place took many years, not that the Being cared anymore about time.

Once the haven was ready the Being used the remaining resources to create something else. A daughter. Even the Being was unsure about where that desire came from. Loneliness? Boredom? They weren't sure.

In the following years the Being began to fill their haven with many beings who sought meaning in their existence.

That forced the Being to visit the world once more and interact with it like they did the first time they arrived.

It was during one of their explorations that they found a very special being. A lone child in a dead kingdom. In that moment the Being felt something for the first time in countless years. They felt at peace with themselves when they were in that child's company.

The Being and the child travelled around the world. The Being felt meaning return to their existence as they taught the child how to survive. They were joined by another child not much later. A lost child with a unique heritage, probably the only one existing in the world.

The Being took the new child with them and taught her alongside the lone child. Another joined them soon after. A boy who dreamt of an endless abyss. A boy with a unique talent that granted him the possibility to see the world as no other human could.

The chaotic gods came to the world and for the first time the Being decided to fight to protect what gave them meaning. The moment when one of their students' lives came into danger was the turning point for the Being.

In that moment the Being felt something else, something far more primordial coming from inside of them. A feeling they thought was forever lost. Fear. The fear of loosing those who gave meaning to their existence once more.

It was in that moment that their journey together ended. The Being returned to their haven as they came to the realization that the only way to avoid loosing what they cared for was to stop the cycle.

And so, they began to search for something to stop it. After all the Being was there when the Mighty Emperor casted his spell. The Being has been the first to answer his call.

Fortunately, the Being already had a great understanding of the power of this world. The power of the soul known as Wild Magic. They spent many years researching it. Adapting its use to their form.

The Being knew the spell that was used to call them to that world. They knew that to stop such a spell something of equal power was required. And they now knew exactly what they needed.

But to find such a thing was hard. It was like searching for a grain of sand in the vast void of the universe. But they will find it, no matter what. They will find it and no one will take away their meaning for existing once more. No one.


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