This is so unfair! My brothers, Raikou and Entei, they get to run free all day. They get to run through the grass, scaring the trainers and Wild Ones, they play Tag ALL FLICKIN' DAY! And look at me, Suicune, I'm stronger than both of them put together! I'm trapped in this stupid Tower, with three stupid Sages, with stupid yucky tasting food! And my 'room' is CLOSET sized - I'm claustrophobic, y'know!

It is so BORING in this stupid Tower! There's nothing to do. Nothing at all! Nothing to do except complain, and even that gets boring after a while!

And then there was that STUPID TV show. Yes, sure, I got to pose on national TV, and the Pokémon Master even paid me with a year's supply of Poké Chow (Legendary Blend), but I had to pose with ACID ARMOR ON! They did NOT catch my good side! What's the point of posing on TV if I have ACID ARMOR ON?! I'm PRETTY, WHY should I pose with Acid Armor?!

Not to mention that STUPID movie I had to shoot. Celebi is SO full of herself, not to mention that WHINY little bunch of actors. That STUPID little Togepi kept trying to grab my tail! Celebi and that girl are SO ingrateful, didn't even give me one little thank you for cleansing that water for them! Cleaning impure water takes WORK, y'know!

And the food's yucky. T_T And I'm lonely. And I'm claustrophobic. There's nothing to do here! Even being trained would be better than this, even if I have to answer to some pathetic little human who isn't the Master! IT'S SUCH A SMALL SPACE HERE, LEGENDARIES NEED WIDE OPEN SPACES! Wide open spaces, to run around and play tag in like Rai and Ent! THIS IS SO UNFAIR!