DATE: MARCH 10th 1984


BPS12 SIDEWALK CAM 4 - 03:23:05

The noise of the convenience store's door was a slow and swooping creak, it's satisfying 'ping' sound that accompanied it was the only joy one could get from it while entering the greenly-lit store. Rows of candy bars and other snacks lined the desk, the feelings that those would bring to the young girl entering the store were happy ones. The night just turning into day as the city that never slept suddenly woke up again. A rising sun broke light through the stained walls of the store as the young girl pushed open the door with all her will. Roaming the streets all night had made her hungry, and this was the most trusted establishment she knew, her blue-collar family had put her out again, or rather, she had forced them to put he out. Her mother would scream and ravish the walls once her father came back drunk and assaulted her again, so she pulled on her brothers hair, forcing him to drag her out to the cold street and dump her into the gutter, an easy escape.

The life outside was far better than inside, her young and unassuming mind thought. The girls face was typically cute and rosy-cheeked, round and sporting several cuts across her forehead. Her blonde hair was long and loosing it's colour with all the sewage and dirt, it fell around her shoulders and down her back, exposing her dimple-covered face. At around 10 years old, she was small enough not to be seen by the lazy and blind cashier who was more focussed on the hazy and static-filled news report than her. Slipping around the counter, the girl took a couple extra candy bars to feed herself, and pulled back just as he turned around to the door. Now walking in between the two isles of the store, the girl pulled up the hood of her dark red coat, matching her blood-red converse shoes (half was the actual colour of the shoes, the other half her own blood) the white rubber had been stained by the grit of the sidewalk of The Bronx's alleyways and roadsides.

She passed a white fridge full of ice creams and frozen pizzas, all alluring to her hungry mouth, but she couldn't take any more, that would seem suspicious, especially as she heard the door open again. Wearing ripped brown jeans and a torn grey sweater, the girl ducked behind the isle. But then she heard soft footsteps, and the slurring of the cashier, whoever entered was clearly a regular or just another pest. The girl pulled back her hood to peer around the corner, her deep and warm brown eyes were now cold, it was someone she knew. Not from her school, but just a streetwise ally. The trust they shared allowed the girl to come out from behind her cover, and take slow steps down the isle towards the similarly-aged boy. She was too awkward to speak, so she settled to tugging on his puffy outdoor coat.

He turned around and gave a half-expected gentle smile, his face was thin, and his dark brunette-black hair covered one eye in a curving fringe. The girl addressed him in a low and husky high-pitched whisper "Hi, Tommy" She regretted speaking first, but when he replied by her name and gave her a reassuring smile, she felt a little better. Now walking together outside the store and into the street, falling flakes of snow touched their heads, and the girl outstretched her hand to feel the soft and light snowflakes, Tommy chuckled, and rubbed his arm, which the girl noticed. "Hey...what's that?" The girl asked him, pulling back his shirt and feeling the purple and green bruise that ran from his elbow to his shoulder, his pale skin broken by the cracked bruise and the scabbing.

Tommy defiantly pushed his shirt sleeve back down and ran a hand through his black hair, he put his hand on one of the metal bollards that littered the street, and finally explained what happened to her "Just some bullies downtown, it didn't hurt" He was lying. The girl knew it, so her eyes fixed on his, and gave him a hard truth "They hit you? So you hit them back, Tommy, and you hit back hard" She stated, her own blood starting to boil at the thought of one of her only friends being hurt by people she didn't even know. "Yeah, whatever" Tommy said back to her as started walking again, shoving his hands into his pockets, and shuffling along the quickly setting snow. The girl followed, not knowing where he was going, but it was safer to be with someone than to walk alone, a classic yellow taxi-cab drove past them, kicking up water, it sprayed the girl and Tommy, but instead of being annoyed, they just laughed. It was good to laugh, it was a thing that neither of them had in abundance, so they would find it in the most unfortunate of events.

Her mind still dwelling on Tommy's injury, the girl's eyes drifted to the floor that was now covered by a thin layer of white, their feet making light crunching sounds in rhythm, a sound that sent a wave of mental pleasure through the girl's brain, the sensation was even better, she considered taking her shoes off to run barefoot across the abandoned and snow-smothered roads. She watched Tommy pull out a blue beanie from his coat pocket and wrap it around his head, she could have pulled her own hood up, but the gracefully falling of the snow was too sweet not to feel as it danced onto her head and settled, melting into her hair. As they past onto the next street, coming closer to a park that she would regularly find Tommy in, the girl took his hand, locking eyes with him again.

Tommy was going to struggle, stepping forward away from her, but he strangely didn't, accepting what she was going to say to him "I meant what I was saying back there, you know, you have to stick up for yourself" She pleaded, gripping gently on his hand. His reply didn't come easily "I know, but it's easier not to get into fights" He cautioned her, as short as she was, the girl had gotten into fights with girls far older than her, she rarely won, but her intentions were always noble. "But since when was our life easy, huh?" The girl reasoned in response, making Tommy stop. Maybe she was getting through to him somehow, the timid and timorous boy had a connection with the awkward and yet brave girl (brave under pressure, and much more so with Tommy) she saw the change in his bright and sparkling blue eyes, and produced a small smile. Her frail and curving lips formed a smile in reply and they embraced in the cold, as the snow fell to the concrete around them, and the trees were below by the harsh night wind. Tommy finally felt warmth as their bodies touched, and the girl heard their heartbeats connect in that moment, for the second they collided, she truly felt at home, and that the now active city and the world had stopped around them.



DATE: OCTOBER 23rd 2000



HALLWAY CAM C - 15:10:38

"Martine! Martine, you're gonna wanna see this!" Lucas yelled running through the packed corridor of the UN's international Court of Justice, on a day like this, he'd need to be fast, he ran past visiting democrats from other countries and casual military adjutants, nearly throwing down a printer-boy on his way. He leapt over a cleaners cart and just about avoided a oak-wood door swinging open. Finally reaching who he wanted to speak too, he brushed past her arm to catch her attention, her cold brown eyes snapped to him when he appeared "Yes Lucas?" Martine said smoothly, he knew that she didn't like being called by her nickname, but it was all most people knew her by. The black-haired woman took the brown paper file from his hand with a sarcastic offer of thanks. She was still young, but had managed to brilliantly work her way up the ranks of the U.N. to Junior Chief Investigator in a matter of months. Martine wore a dull pink buttoned shirt and a formal black waistcoat, along with some official-looking black slacks and ankle-length black boots with blunt platform heels.

Opening the folder with slender fingers, Lucas could only watch as his work was sifted through by his superior, she made a 'hmmph' noise and flicked the page, licking her finger for leverage on the flapping paper when they turned into the next corridor. Lucas Delaney meanwhile was a minor Staffer for the Investigation Department, usually working for the Security Council, he was transferred after a bad relation with a co-worker, everyone knew his story, yet no one knew a thing about Martine.

She came into the court with a Law Degree, a vast psychological profile, multilingual, a PHD in Psychology and a range of minor combat experiences, and nothing else. Lucas knew hundreds of people who entered the U.N. with far more illustrious and rare qualities, far flung qualifications and years of previous experience in politics and military, navy or tactical leadership, yet none of them had gotten as far as Martine did. By now, she was done with his investigation report, and had put it back in his hands with some sharp vocal notes "Page seven, you misused a semi-colon, and you misspelt Kurzweil's name on page four, I'd consider a revised edition where you actually listen to your sources, Mr Wilson's office didn't request an investigation just for you to disrespect them" She suggested with a wisecracking tone, as they stopped in the corridor, moving into a doorway to let two judges pass

"But if the DIA are allowing us to investigate, don't you think they'd be more specific?" Lucas said with conjecture to Martine's huff, she looked him up and down and swept a curl of black hair back to her shoulder. Lucas's rookie blue suit and striped tie stunk of cologne, clearly trying to impress his new boss, his schoolboy brown hair was sculpted by some wax or hair-gel, again he was attempting to make an impression, Martine noticed. "We have to work with what we're given, we have a lot of cases Lucas, some are just a kick in the head, you learn to live with it. If it doesn't make sense, you've either missed something...or someone wants you to miss something"

"So Wilson was right when he mentioned a security breach?"

"Is that what you think?"

Lucas placed a hand into his pocket, and looked out the glass-pained windows and the neatly drawn white curtains. The staffer snapped his fingers in glee "It wasn't Kurzweil, was it?" He supposed, Martine just smirked. That was enough for Lucas, who assured her he'd re-write the report and come up with a conclusion soon enough. Martine's smirk of pride continued when Lucas strode away back down the corridor to his office. She walked back out the doorway and stood in the middle of the corridor as the hustle and bustle of the U.N. continued, just as her phone started vibrating, she raced into her back pocket and fumbled to grab her phone, finally looking, she mentally assessed the situation before striding away, her heels creating clicks on the polished wooden floors, her jet-black hair bouncing behind her shoulders, and her open and defined face shifting into her business mode, her confidence rising back up again.


We've got a lead on the Uganda Case, your office?



DATE: DECEMBER 11th 2011



病房照相機七- 18:21:30

The ring of a phone reverberates on the walls of the Hospital, the phone is answered by a intelligent and esteemed British voice, and the governmental American on the other end starts with an appeasement, and a statement of further negotiations. "Do not worry, Ms Stanton is quite safe with me, she'll do her part. What about the other one?" The British voice inquiries.

"Taken care of, the U.N. was a fool to let her go"

"Such is the nature of all agencies, bring her to me"

"As you command, Mr Greer"