Chapter 1: Graduations and Proposals

Natalie's POV

Two years have gone by since my adventure in the world of "The Hunchback of Notre Dame." Those two years were really rough, especially with trying to get school done and trying to get through cross country and track. But throughout all of those years, Quasimodo was there for me and I was there for him. I often visited his world whenever I had the time and he often visited mine. He even met my family at one point and they grew to love him and appreciate him. Everything was great, especially now because I was finally graduating high school.

As I was waiting in line for my name to be called, I looked at the crowd and I saw my family sitting in the top rows. They waved at me and I waved back at them. I felt bad that Quasi couldn't come, but I knew that I would be able to see him after graduation, so I was good.

Then as I got close to the stage, I heard the name,

"Natalie York."

Get called and I heard everyone cheer, mostly my parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and siblings. I went up to the stage, shook the staff and principal's hand and he handed me my diploma. Once I had it in my hand, I turned to the crowd and raised it up with joy as everyone cheered and I climbed down the steps and returned to my seat. And I watched my friends, Irena and Leslie get their diplomas and I cheered for them.

Then after a few minutes, the principal said,

"Class of 2018 please rise." We all rose.

He then said,

"Turn your tassels from the right to the left." We turned them to the left.

And then he finally said,

"Congratulations seniors, class of 2018!"

And with that everybody cheered and we all threw our caps into the air.

Once the graduation music came on, me, Irena, and Leslie ran out of the stadium cheering as I shouted,

"We did it!"

Then we all walked to the basketball court, some to return their rented caps and gowns, but I already bought mine so I was good. I talked with my friends for a while, and we talked about coming over to my house for a party the next day. Then we met up with our families and we all took pictures. After that we said goodbye and we all headed home.

Once we got home, I quickly said hi to my little cousins and I went into my room and put on my crystal necklace. I closed my eyes and thought about how happy Quasi makes me and how excited I am to see him. I felt a warm glow circling around me and once I opened my eyes , I found myself back once again in the bell tower in the world of "The Hunchback of Notre Dame."

As I looked around for Quasi, I suddenly felt huge hands covering my eyes. I immediately knew who it was.

He said, "Guess who!"

I said with a smirk, "Andre the giant."

He laughed in response and said,

"No silly, it's me!"

I laughed and said, "Hey love!"

And we both kissed each other on the cheek. I then said,

"Oh, and I've been meaning to say this since I got here."

And I said with my arms out wide,

"Guess who just graduated!" And I laughed with joy.

He then said,

"Oh my gosh, that's incredible! Four years?"

I said, "I know, I thought I was going to die."

He laughed and said, "But you didn't."

I said,

"I know, and I owe it to you too for helping me get through it."

He then said,

"Oh, but you were strong throughout all of it."

I said,

"Yeah, too strong for my own good."

He patted me on the shoulder in response and said,

"I'm really proud of you."

I said taking his hands, "Thanks."

Then I heard Hugo say, "Now, is that who I think it is?"

I realized what they were going to do, so I said with a light laugh,

"Oh no!"

Then the gargoyles came hopping toward us cheering while Victor held up a sign that said, "Congratulations Natalie!" and Hugo popped open a bottle of apple cider and it shot out as he cheered.

I laughed as Quasi left to go to his workbench and said,

"You guys! You're always up to something aren't you?"

Hugo said, "Hey that's our job."

Laverne chimed in,

"And to make our wonderful girl happy."

I said touched, "Aw, you guys are the best!"

Then Quasi came back and I asked,

"Hey, where did you go?"

He said,

"Oh, I just had to go check on one of the model buildings, to make sure they're in good shape."

To me, that sounded a little bit odd, but I just nodded my head in response.

Quasimodo's POV

I lied. I didn't go to check on the model of Paris, I actually went to go get a small pouch that held something important. I've been thinking about it for two months, but I wasn't sure about how she would react or what she'd say. But after some convincing from the gargoyles, I finally decided that I was going to do it. But I had to find the perfect moment to do it and I felt that tonight, when Natalie was feeling the best that she's ever felt, it would be the perfect moment. So as she was talking with the gargoyles, I quickly tucked the pouch away inside of my tunic and I went back to join them.

Natalie's POV

I knew that was a little bit odd for Quasi to check on his model of Paris, especially because they're always in good condition. But I was just so happy, so I just decided to brush it off and move on.

Then he said,

"Oh, t-there's something that I want to show you."

Curious to what he wanted me to see, I asked,

"Well okay, what is it?"

He said, "You'll see."

And with that, we walked over to a ladder and climbed up to where the bells were.

Once we got there, I saw this shiny gold bell with something sparkling underneath. Amazed, I asked walking towards it,

"Wow, I've never seen this bell before. Is it new?"

He answered,

"Yes, it just came in this week. Her name is La Fidele, the faithful one."

I nodded and said, "Ah, well it's certainly amazing."

Quasi said,

"Yeah, and you should check out the inside too. It's really beautiful."

I said, "Well alright."

And we both went inside of the bell and I was purely amazed at what I saw.

The whole inside was covered in jewels and there were patterns interred, like it was just so beautiful and so shiny.

I said in amazement,

"Oh my God! This is incredible!" As I touched one of the jewels.

He said, "I know."

I then said,

"Oh, I can only imagine how long it took to actually make it."

He then said,

"Well, however long it took, it did seem to come out perfectly in the end."

I nodded and said, "Yeah." in response.

Then I saw Quasi walk out from underneath the bell and I did the same. As I continued to look at the bell, I heard him say,

"T-The sun is getting ready to set."

I looked up through the window and I saw that the sun was starting to set, and I said,

"Ah, you're right."

He asked, "Do you want to watch it?"

I said, "Sure, race you up there!"

And I laughed as I started running up to the roof. He laughed and said as he shook his head,

"Hey! Wait up!"

And he started racing after me, jumping from beam to beam.

Once I got to the top, I saw Quasi sitting on the roof. He asked with a light laugh,

"What took you so long?"

I said shaking my head with a smirk,

"Hey, you're the one that has climbing abilities."

He said as he gave me a hand up onto the roof,

"And you're the one that has running abilities."

I added,

"Yeah, thanks to cross country and track." And I sat down beside him and we began to watch the sunset.

We snuggled into each other as we saw the sun go down and the sky turn an orange, pinkish color.

I said,

"It's the most beautiful sunset that I've ever seen."

Quasi said,

"Yeah, It's probably the best one that we've had in a long time." I nodded in response.

I then said, "It's a new day Quasimodo, it's a new start."

He asked, "What do you mean?"

I said,

"I mean, I feel like my life has finally begun. Like, I'm not a child anymore. Well, even if I still act like one sometimes, and even though I'll actually become one in a few days, I feel like I finally am one. That I can actually make my own decisions and be free."

He asked, "Do you like it here?"

I said,

"I love it here, I mean it's a beautiful place, it has great people, and it feels like a dream just being here, and when I'm here with you, I feel like my whole life is complete."

He smiled and said,

"I love you too." And he kissed my forehead.

He then took a deep breath and said,

"Natalie, when I'm with you, I feel like I can do anything. That I can ring a million bells, or that I could do a back flip. And when I'm with you, I-I don't feel so alone."

Touched, I said,

"Oh Quasimodo, I feel the same way."

He then asked as he reached into his tunic and pulled out some sort of pouch,

"But I gotta know, would you spend the rest of your life here? With me?"

I said,

"Oh, absolutely. To just get away from all of the craziness in my world, and to be here, with you."

He then asked,

"Is that a promise?"

And in that moment, I saw the ring and I stood up in shock.

It was an emerald ring, that was surrounded by small diamonds, but I didn't care what it looked like, I was just blown away by the fact that he actually did it. With tears rushing to my eyes, I said,

"Y-You're kidding!" And a sob escaped my throat.

He then said as he got on one knee and shook his head,

"No, I'm not."

He then said smiling as he held out the ring and took my hand,

"Natalie, will you marry me?"

Two sobs broke out and I finally said crying,


And with that, Quasi pulled me in for a tight hug and I cried tears of joy as we embraced. He then slipped the ring onto my finger and it was a perfect fit. I shed a few tears as I looked at, this is real, it's all so real. Then I leaned my forehead against his and he whispered,

"I love you."

I whispered, "I love you too, now and forever!"

And we kissed. My whole life has now changed, I now felt happy, I felt free.