Chapter 12: Having Children and a Happy Ending

Third Person's POV

Nearly two years have gone by since the wedding of Quasimodo and Natalie and a lot of things have happened. Pierre and Madellaine were now engaged to be married, Irena and Leslie were finishing up with college, Zephyr was now four and beginning to speak and play more, and Esmeralda was now pregnant with another child. As for Quasimodo and Natalie, life was going great for them, especially now because Natalie was currently nine months pregnant with their children and was due any day and soon that day came.

It was a nice summer day and Quasimodo was in the bell tower, tidying up and getting ready to ring the bells for the morning mass. He then climbed up a ladder and grabbed onto a rope as he prepared to ring one of the bells. As he was about to pull down on the rope, he saw his pregnant wife along with Irena, Leslie, Madellaine, and Esmeralda walk in.

Natalie said, "Hey Quasi!"

He smiled and climbed down to greet his wife and friends. He hugged Natalie and said as he kissed her on the lips,

"Hi honey! How are you doing?"

She answered with a smile while catching her breathe, "I'm doing good. Doing good."

He then turned his attention to the girls and said, "Did you all just get here?"

Irena answered, "Yes, we just met downstairs at the front doors." He nodded in response.

He then turned his attention back to Natalie and asked,

"How are the little ones doing?"

She answered placing her hands on her stomach,

"Oh, they're doing good. They've been kicking all morning."

He then placed his hands onto her stomach and said looking down at it,

"Hi little ones. Have you been keeping your mother on her feet all morning?"

He then felt tiny kicks coming from Natalie's stomach and the couple laughed with joy.

Madellaine turned to Esmeralda and asked,

"Speaking of babies, Esmeralda, how are you doing with your baby?"

She answered, "Oh, I'm doing good. I haven't really had too many symptoms yet, but I am starting to have weird cravings."

Natalie then said,

"Oh that reminds me! I forgot to go get breakfast for all of us. I'll be back soon." As she prepared to head down the stairs.

Quasimodo immediately rushed to her and asked with concern,

"A-Are you sure that you want to go now? I-I mean, we could go after I'm done ringing the bells."

She said,

"Oh no no, don't worry! I'll be fine. You just ring the bells and I'll walk down to the bakery and get us breakfast. See you in a bit!" And with that, she started walking down the stairs.

Quasimodo then said to the girls with a worried look, "Go with her."

Esmeralda nodded in response and said, "Alright, we will. Come on guys."

Leslie said, "We'll be back."

And with that, the four women walked down the stairs to catch up to Natalie. Quasimodo then climbed back up to the bells and said with a sigh,

"Please let her be okay." And with that, he started ringing the bells for the morning mass.

Meanwhile, the four women finally caught up to her down stairs. Natalie said as they all walked out through the main entrance,

"Thanks for coming with me guys."

Irena said, "It's no problem."

Leslie then asked, "But Natalie, are you sure you want to be doing this?"

Esmeralda added, "Yeah I mean, I don't think it's right for you to be out here in the state you are in."

Natalie said reassuringly, "Guys don't worry, I'll be fine. I mean, the bakery isn't even that far from here anyways, I'll be alright."

Esmeralda said nervously, "Alright." And with that, they continued walking.

As they got to the entrance of the bakery, all of a sudden, Natalie yelled out in pain and clutched her stomach. They all turned to her with concern and Esmeralda asked placing her hands on Natalie's shoulders,

"Nat, are you alright?"

Irena asked, "What's wrong?" She then winced in pain and said bending over,

"The babies are coming!"

They all exclaimed, "WHAT?!"

Madellaine asked frantically, "What do we do?!"

Leslie then said, "I'll go get Quasimodo!" And she ran off towards Notre Dame.

Irena said, "I'll go get her family!" And she ran off towards the inns to go find them.

Esmeralda turned to Madellaine and asked,

"Madellaine, do you know where the doctor is?"

She answered, "Yes."

Esmeralda then said, "Well go find him and bring him back here."

She nodded and said,

"Alright." And with that, she ran off to go find the doctor.

Esmeralda said as she helped bring Natalie to the ground,

"You're going to be alright, Natalie. Just keep breathing."

And Natalie continued to breath hard as more people from outside came towards her, including Phoebus, Pierre, and Clopin.

Quasimodo's POV

I was still ringing the bells as the morning mass started. That was until I saw Leslie running into the bell tower calling out,

"Quasi! Quasimodo!"

I let go of the rope and climbed down to her and asked,

"Leslie, what's wrong?"

She shouted to me, "I-It's Natalie! She's gone into labor!"

My mind went into shock. My wife was about to give birth to our children, and I'm not with her to see it! I asked panicked,

"WHAT?! Well where is she?!"

Leslie answered, "She is in the town square near the bakery."

Then without thinking, I threw Leslie over my shoulders as I said,

"Come on, there's no time to waste!"

Leslie shouted as I ran towards the balcony and started climbing down Notre Dame,

"Wait! Quasi, what are you doing?!"

But I wasn't listening. At that point, I knew I had to get to Natalie and help her in the best way that I could.

After I finished climbing, I set Leslie down and we started running towards the crowd gathered near the bakery. As we got through the crowd, I heard Natalie shout,


I shouted,

"Hold on Natalie, I'm coming!" As I kept running.

After we got through the crowd, we finally found Natalie on the ground, breathing hard next to Esmeralda. I knelt down beside her and said,

"Don't worry love, I'm here now. Everything's going to be alright."

She screamed as I took her hand,

"Quasi, please make this pain stop!"

I said as I rubbed her back comfortingly, "I know dear, I know it hurts."

I then saw Natalie's family and the doctor arrive. Natalie's mother knelt down beside her and said,

"We're right here, precious."

Her father said, "You'll be alright, peanut."

Natalie then looked up at me and said breathing heavily,

"Please, get me back to the bell tower."

I then thought for a minute, because I knew she wanted to give birth in the bell tower, I just felt that it was the least that I could do since she was in such horrible pain. I then nodded said,

"Alright. Everybody, follow me to the bell tower!"

And with that, I took Natalie in my arms and I ran back to Notre Dame carrying her while everybody else followed.

I then placed Natalie on our bed and our friends and family surrounded us. The doctor then came towards the end of the bed and looked under Natalie's dress and said,

"She's fully dilated. It's time."

I looked to Natalie and said as I took her hand, "It's time for you to push now."

Everyone else started encouraging her and Esmeralda said,

"You'll get through this Nat, just breath and push."

She nodded in response and she started taking deep breathes as the doctor said,

"Deep breathes Natalie, deep breathes. Alright now, get ready, in three, two, now push!"

And Natalie started to push as she let out a painful scream.

I said to her caressing the back of her head, "You're doing great, Nat."

Her father said, "Atta girl, peanut!"

Irena said, "Keep going, Nat."

The doctor then said,

"Head's out, you're doing great Natalie. Take four more deep breaths and push."

Natalie said in despair, "Oh, I can't do it anymore!"

Her father said, "Yes you can Nat. Remember, Yorks don't quit!"

I said placing my hand onto her shoulder,

"Come on Nat, just one more push! For me!"

Natalie then started pushing really hard while screaming loudly. After about a minute, we all heard a small cry of a baby and after two more minutes, we heard another one.

We all then looked forward to see the doctor lifting up two twin babies as he said with a smile,

"Congratulations, you now have a son and a daughter."

I smiled with tears in my eyes and Natalie said while crying tears of joy,

"A boy and a girl?"

He answered, "Yes, it's a boy and girl."

As he handed them over to her, placing the boy on the left, and the girl on the right. She said looking down at them as tears flowed down her face and as they looked up at us,

"Hi, hello!"

I said, "Hello, little ones." As I gently placed my hand on each of their heads.

The doctor then used a pair of scissors to cut their umbilical cords and right after, the babies started crying.

We then wrapped them up in blankets and I gently took the little girl in my arms while Natalie kept holding the little boy. I said as I lightly bounced her in my arms as she continued crying,

"Shh, It's okay. It's okay baby."

She stopped crying and she opened her eyed and looked up at me. She then smiled at me and I smiled back. She was the most precious baby girl that I've ever seen.

She had my eyes and my hair, and she had Natalie's nose and freckles. I then saw as Natalie finally calmed down the baby boy. He had Natalie's eyes and hair, but he also had a nose similar to mine. I looked back at our baby girl and said with a smile,

"Hi, sweetie. I'm you're Daddy."

I looked at Natalie who was looking at our baby boy as she said with a smile,

"And I'm you're Mommy. Hi."

Natalie's father then said with tears in his eyes,

"Gosh, they're so beautiful!" Her mother nodded in response.

Esmeralda said, "Quasi, Nat, they're perfect."

Leslie said, "Quasi, Natalie, they're so adorable."

Madellaine said to Pierre with a smile, "That could be us one day."

He smiled back at her and said, "It will be."

Irena then asked, "What are you guys going to name them?"

Natalie and I looked to each other with a smile and she went on to say as she glanced at our baby girl,

"Well, after thinking long and hard about this, we present to you, Christina."

Everyone cheered and then she went to say as she glanced over at me,

"Christina Marie." And they cheered some more.

I then said, "And for our little boy, we present to you, Dimitri Lee."

Everyone erupted in cheers as we continued to celebrate the birth of our children.

Natalie's POV

The whole experience of birth put me through the worst pain of my life, but in the end, it was all worth it to see our children. Christina had most of her traits mix in with Quasimodo, but she still had some of mine. And Dimitri had most of his traits mix in with mine, but he also had some of Quasimodo's as well. They were the most precious things that I've ever seen and they were our special miracles because they were born healthy.

As the evening came, everyone else has gone home and it was just me, Quasi, and the kids. As we continued to hold our children, I said,

"Oh Quasi, they're so beautiful."

He said wrapping his arm around me, "They truly are Natalie. They truly are."

I said, "Oh, I feel like all of my dreams came true."

He then sighed and said,

"Oh, I didn't think that I would ever have this. I feel like everything that I've gotten was a miracle. Meeting you, falling in love, getting married, and now having children of our own."

I said, "I feel the same way, everything we went through, everything we've gotten truly was a miracle."

He then said, "Just an ordinary miracle."

I smiled and asked, "Where haven't I heard that one before?"

I went on to say, "But I'm sure Christina and Dimitri will have the same ordinary miracles that we've received."

He said, "Definitely." I nodded in response.

We then heard Christina and Dimitri start to cry again. We started to bounce them softly as Quasi said,

"Oh no, it's alright little Chrissy. Shh, We're here."

I said, "And don't you cry Dimitri. We're here. Come on, come on."

As we continued bouncing them, I heard Quasi sing;

Imagine someone to love
Who loves you

They both stopped crying and looked up at us. I sang;

To look in their eyes and see

He sang;

Imagine how miraculous it seems to be

I smiled as I sang;

But it's not so very rare

He sang with a smile;

You can find it anywhere

We then both sang;

It's an ordinary miracle
The kind you find around you every single day
Or maybe it's just seasonal
Like spring and May
They're so many

They then looked at us with fascination. We sang;

Of all the many miracles
Mysterious and marvellous and big and small
When people fall in love it really beats them all

Quasi sang as he lifted Christina up a little closer to him.

Oh, to see it

I sang as I poked both of their tiny little noses.

To feel it

We then both sang;

To know it
Imagine someone to love
Who loves you
Imagine to look in their eyes
And see
Imagine how extraordinary
it would be

We sang looking down at them;

When an ordinary miracle
Happens to

I then said looking to Quasimodo, "After all..."

He smiled and said,

"I know what you mean."

We looked into each other's eyes as we sang;

Now that an ordinary miracle
Has happened to

We then pulled each other in for a tender kiss. After we were done, we continued looking at our children.

I now had it all. Everything that I ever wanted. I had a wonderful home, the love of my life, and now a family of our own. Sure we went through a lot of obstacles and trials in our lives, but it was all worth it in the end, because it made us stronger and brought us closer together. And now that our little miracles have been born, they were now apart of our journey. I know we will have a lot more adventures in our lives. But I know this couldn't have started, if it wasn't for our tale of true love.