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Chapter One

Kuruoshi Yasei woke up with a scowl. The sunlight shined onto his face, blinding him for a moment. Cursing, he fell out of bed and got up. "Damn it," he growled as he got back up. Looking into his bedroom mirror, he stared at his reflection. His red eyes glanced over his black hair and paused at his pointed ears. His tanned skin seemed to shine, drawing attention to the tattoos on his body. Grimacing, Kuruoshi sucked in a breath through his sharp teeth. Looking at the clock, he left his room and went to the kitchen.

"Good morning, Ku-chan!" said Kosui, his younger sister. She waved at him as she set the table. "Now then," she said, "remember to not start fights, okay? I know that you fight a lot, but you need to be careful."

Grumbling, he said, "I know that, Ko. You don't have to tell me." Shoveling his breakfast down his throat, he quickly left the house, waving a goodbye to his sister.

On the way, he ignored the suspicious looks that various people sent at him, just wanting to get to school without trouble. Unfortunately, he was not able to do so. "Well, look what we have here. It's the Gluttonous Dragon of Kuoh." Kuruoshi looked at the person who spoke. He was a typical delinquent, with tattered clothes, piercings, and bleached hair. Behind him, a group of teenagers, obviously his followers, grinned maliciously and showed off the pipes, bats, and various makeshift weapons they had.

"What do you want, Chinko?" growled Kuruoshi. "I have somewhere to be, as much as I don't want to be there."

Chinko snarled and retorted, "Don't you look down on us, freak! We've been waiting to get revenge, so just stay still and let us kill you!" He leaped forwards, swinging his pipe. Kuruoshi merely stepped to the side, striking the teen in the stomach. As Chinko stumbled back, he roared, "Get him!" The gang descended on Kuruoshi. The teen ignored their threats and weaved back and forth. He grabbed one by the neck and slammed him into the ground, then picked him back up and promptly used him as a club to beat the others. Chinko paled and stuttered, "Y-you got lucky this t-time! We'll g-get you f-fo-for sure someday!" He and his gang ran off, leaving their weapons behind.

Kuruoshi grunted and went back to walking to school. A few minutes later, he arrived at Kuoh Academy. He ignored the whispers from his fellow students, opting to head to class.

"Why does he even come here?"

"I bet he doesn't even have good scores."

"He should do the world a favor and die."

"I know, right? It's only a matter of time before he decides to become a criminal."

"If my eyes aren't tricking me, and they aren't, these are Yasei's penile statistics: length is ****, width is ****, and peak performance is ****."

Kuruoshi tripped and fell on his face. Getting back up, he glared at Aika Kiryu, as did everyone else. He sputtered, "Damn it, Kiryu! Why'd you have to say that?" He huffed and skulked off, not noticing that the girls were looking away from him with massive blushes while the boys glared with even more hatred than before.

Arriving at the classroom, he went to his seat in the back of the room and sat down, looking out the window. He ignored the students, who also did their best to ignore him. Sadly, the silence was not to last.

The Perverted Trio, who consisted of Issei, Matsuda, and Motohama, went up to him. They were the only students in Kuoh Academy (including the grade school, middle school, and college divisions) whose reputations were worse than his. Additionally, they were his only tormentors in the entire campus because nobody else was reckless enough to even think about considering the act of antagonizing him. Fortunately, they were absolutely pathetic. At least five times a week, they would be caught attempting to peek on girls. Every time, they would resist the attempts to get them to stop, and every time they would fail.

Matsuda said, "Alright, freak, this is the day we beat you up!"

Motohama added, "Yeah, and all the girl will flock to us and we'll be harem kings!"

Issei finished, "Yeah, and we just might add your sister to our shared harem even though she doesn't have huge ti-" He never got to finish his sentence, courtesy Kuruoshi's fist.

Kuruoshi growled, "Talk about my sister like that again and I'll kill you! Now fuck off before you'll get full-facial surgery instead of another nose job!" He glared at Matsuda and Motohama. They glared back, but faltered when the tanned teen bared his teeth, increasing the intimidation factor.

Matsuda shouted, "Just wait, you damn bastard! We'll become harem kings, then take all the girls so you'll die a lonely virgin along with the rest of the bastards in the world!" With Motohama's help, he picked Issei up by his feet and dragged him over to their seats on the far side of the room.

Kuruoshi returned to looking out the window, ignoring the whispers of the students. However, he did note that the only time the students talked about him in a way that was not negative was when he turned his aggression on the Perverted Trio or chased off gangs that would regularly harass the students.

The day went on rather slowly, and Kuruoshi was impatient. When lunch finally came, he practically ran out of the room and went to the roof. He eagerly opened his bento and dug in, moaning in delight. Ever since he turned fifteen, his hunger rapidly increased, and at times was nearly insatiable. Fortunately, Kosui's cooking always seemed to temporarily sate his hunger.

Suddenly, he frowned. Looking at the shrimp tempura, he muttered, "Too soft." He picked it up and held it in his hand. Looking around to make sure nobody was looking, he focused on his food. Slowly, a small flame came to life under the shrimp, and started to grill it. A few seconds later, the flame went away and Kuruoshi resumed eating. Looking at the cloudless sky, he recalled how he gained the ability.


On a dark night, Kuruoshi was walking home after helping at a nearby soup kitchen. Unknown to him, he was being followed. In the shadows, a brown tabby was following him. Although one would not have thought much of it, the cat was not ordinary; it was actually a Stray Devil that was once a Nekomata. "Time to feast," hissed the Stray. It grew larger, to the size of a large dog, and leapt at Kuruoshi, who barely dodged.

Kuruoshi swung his arm out in an attempt to defend himself, and managed to scratch the Stray, drawing a drop of blood. The moment he smelled it, he hunched over and fell to his knees, his mind blanking out. The Stray purred, "Oh, giving up already?" It slowly approached, not realizing the danger it was in. Kuruoshi suddenly lunged at her, and the last thing it saw was a set of sharp teeth.

Kuruoshi tasted something weird in his mouth. Reflexively, he swallowed. When he realized that he was tasting meat, he mumbled, "What the…" He looked in front of himself and saw a half-eaten animal corpse. Looking at himself, he realized that he was halfway finished with the heart. Paling, he was about to run away, but his hunger overwhelmed him. On instinct, he rapidly scarfed down the remains of the corpse, and hurried home. However, he suddenly had a headache.

Knowledge and memories started filling his brain, and he leaned against a wall to catch his breath. Looking at his hand, he tried something he saw in the memories. Kuruoshi focused his energy into his hand, like the suddenly obtained knowledge had told him. A flame flickered to life and danced in his palm. The teen blinked. Quickly putting out the flame, he quickly went home and cleaned himself, throwing away the bloody clothes.

The next morning, he woke up with a start. Remembering what happened, he decided to try again in secret, to make sure that the events of the previous night were not a dream. When he saw the flame in his palm again, he realized that it was true. Suddenly, he realized something. If eating that large cat-like animal creature gave him this power, what powers would he gain from eating other beasts? Kuruoshi grinned maliciously, the fire in his hand casting shadows on his face.

Flashback End

Ever since that night, Kuruoshi kept his eyes open, looking for more creatures like the Stray. Unfortunately, of the countless animals he ate, only five gave him power. Two merely increased his pyrokinesis ability. Two fish-like creatures gave him the ability to control water. And the last one, which looked like a mix of a cow and a snake, gave him the tattoo-like runes, which he quickly realized increased his already impressive strength, speed, and durability, as well as the other skills he gained.

Kuruoshi looked at his bento, realizing it was empty. He sighed sadly and made his way back to his classroom. Sitting down at his desk, he failed to notice that everyone was looking at him. When he realized it a few moments later, though, he asked, "Why are you all looking at me?"

A girl squeaked and whimpered, "The entire high school division of the school knows about what Kiryu-san said about you earlier today!" Kuruoshi groaned and slammed his head into his desk, surprising them.

He whimpered, "Thanks to her, I can never get married…" He shrunk in on himself, oblivious to the dry looks the girls gave him. He twitched when he felt someone pat his back. Looking up, he saw it was a boy in his class named Kogu Kengeki.

Kogu was a boy with black hair and brown eyes. He was one of the top five smartest students in the entire school. He was considered the kindest person in the school as well. Although it was not well known, Kuruoshi would occasionally help out at the local orphanage, where Kogu worked. Because of this, they were good friends.

Smiling sympathetically, Kogu said, "I know it's embarrassing. But hey, that's life. Do you have any idea how hard it is to watch the kids at the orphanage? I had to stop Miya and Sayori from running around the place naked again." He slumped to the ground in a depression. He cried, "I was too late though. A businessman passing by saw them! Now Miya and Sayori can never get married, and they're only six!"

It was Kuruoshi's turn to comfort his friend. He awkwardly patted his back, saying, "That's terrible. I can't imagine how horrifying it would be if it happened to my sister." The two of them were oblivious to the stares of their classmates, who stared dryly, aside from the Perverted Trio, who had recovered and settle for glaring.

Coughing, the teacher, who had been standing at the front since Kogu started sulking, drew everyone's attention. Kogu quickly returned to his seat, as did everyone else. Satisfied, the teacher began the lesson. Meanwhile, Kuruoshi thought, 'I wonder what's Kosui's making for dinner?'

By the end of the day, Kuruoshi was eager to leave. He ran out the gates, headed for his house. However, a scene he found interesting caught his attention. He saw Issei speaking with his friends, but he seemed to be bragging about something. Moving to a better position, he saw a girl standing next to the brunette pervert. Secretly moving even closer, he hid behind the corner of the wall.

As Kuruoshi eavesdropped on the conversation, his eyes narrowed. The brunette was boasting about how he got a girlfriend before they did. The teen knew that there was no way that any of the Perverted Trio would even get a girl to be close to being neutral towards them, considering that at least twice a month they would scream at the top of their lungs in public that they fantasized about raping every female in Kuoh Academy. They would add that their targets included the girls from the grade school, middle school, and college divisions. Everyone in the academy also knew that whenever the Perverted Trio said the word "harem," the more accurate description was "collection of sex slaves."

Kuruoshi though about what he could do. 'I'll follow them on their date,' he decided, 'ruining it will teach him a lesson saying things about Kosui!' His mind made up, he went home, planning out how he would sabotage the date. Little did he know, that night would change his life forever.

Late at night, Kuruoshi shifted his position behind a tree. He wore a black leather jacket that was zipped up and dark jeans. Listening carefully, he watched as Issei and the girl, Yuuma, as they walked into the park. His eyes narrowed as the girl whispered something to the boy. The next moment, something unbelievable happened. Yuuma transformed, her clothes disintegrating and reforming, while she became older, changing from a teenage girl to a woman in her late twenties. She created what looked like a spear made of energy and swung it at Issei, who managed to avoid it only because he had backed up to ogle her breasts with a large lecherous grin.

Realizing this was a chance to gain more power, Kuruoshi charged in and attempted to tackle Yuuma. While he was unsuccessful, he did manage to make her lose her aim and impale a tree instead of Issei. Getting back up, he grinned ferociously at her and said, "While I'm glad that someone finally decided to off the damn perv, I'm more interested in what you just did. It's not every day you see someone make a spear out of energy."

Smirking, the woman said, "You seem interesting, boy. Very well. Since you're much more impressive than the worm over there, I'll humor you." Her back hunched, confusing Kuruoshi. To his surprise, black angel wings burst out, and she flew up. She said, "I am Raynare, a Fallen Angel, and I will be the one to kill you." She formed another spear and threw it at him.

Kuruoshi dodged and inspected the weapon. Curiously, he said, "Just what is this made of?" He reached out to touch it, but hissed as the spear lightly burned his fingertips.

Laughing, Raynare said, "Foolish human! It's made of light. A pathetic being like you can't touch it without being burned!" She threw another spear, and Kuruoshi dodged it as well. Taking a deep breath, he focused energy into his hand, which burst into flame. Rearing his hand back, he thrust it at Raynare, letting loose several balls of flames.

He smirked and said, "How do you like that? I found out I could do this, and now I have a target to use it on!" His grin turned into shock when he saw the Fallen Angel simply bat them away.

She said, "Not bad for an inexperienced child. Too bad you forgot we have a spectator." Blinking in confusion, Kuruoshi wondered who was watching, but remembered a certain pervert.

Spinning around, he saw Issei, who was still ogling Raynare. The brunette screamed, "Tits! I saw tits!"

With a twitching eyebrow, Raynare asked, "Would you mind if I killed this worm first?"

Kuruoshi, whose eyebrow was also twitching, answered, "Go ahead. Just make it extra painful. You know the hentai Kuroinu?"

Blinking, the Fallen Angel said, "Yes, but how is that relevant?"

The dark-skinned teen replied, "He makes Volt look like a prude and even has extremely similar goals. That's how relevant it is."

Raynare, not needing any more answers, promptly summoned a light spear and threw it at Issei, who somehow still hadn't payed attention to anything other than the fact he saw Raynare's breasts. He was promptly impaled through the chest, just below his sternum.

Issei fell to his knees, screaming in pain and coughing up blood. Looking down at his chest, he managed to ask, "Wha…" Looking up at his attacker, his eyes widened. He grinned lecherously again and shouted, "Black thong! I saw a hot lady wearing a black thong!"

Raynare promptly scowled, and threw three more light spears at him. One cut off his nether regions, while the other two broke through his ribcage and pierced his lungs and cut a deep gash in the side of his heart. Additionally, the two spears went all the way through his body, forcing him to lean back as they dug into the ground. Turning back to Kuruoshi, she said, "Now, where were we? Oh, I was about to kill you too." She summoned a spear and charged at him.

Getting into a boxing stance, he dodged to the side and threw a flurry of punches. They forced the Fallen Angel back, causing her to tumble to the ground. Standing over her, Kuruoshi grinned and said, "Weren't you going to kill me? Looks like I'll be killing you instead." He raised his hand, which was filled with flames. Just as he was about to bring it down, he felt a sharp pain in his stomach. Looking down, he saw that Raynare had stabbed him with a knife.

She grinned and said, "Did you really think you defeated me? Foolish human. But I will admit, you were more powerful than I thought." She got back up and flew away. Turning her head back, she left a final message. "Know that you died, thinking you could defeat me, a superior being."

Kuruoshi growled and held his hand to the wound, pulling out the knife. He grunted in pain as he felt the injury. Looking between the knife and the stab wound, he came to a reluctant decision. He created a flame and pressed it to his wound, roughly cauterizing it.

He got back up and stumbled away, not knowing he was headed towards someone. Meanwhile, in the park, a red-headed Devil revived Issei Hyoudou, not knowing she was making one of the biggest mistakes of her life.

Collapsing to the ground, Kuruoshi looked up and saw a young white-haired girl he barely recognized. She knelt down and said, "I remember you. You helped me once. Now I want to repay the favor. I can save your life, but you have to swear your loyalty to me an give up your humanity. Do you accept my offer?"

He grimaced. He had no intention of submitting to someone. He was the Gluttonous Dragon, and he refused to look weak! However, the thought of getting revenge on Raynare cemented his decision. Gathering the last of his energy, Kuruoshi said, "I accept." The girl nodded, and his world went black.

Kuruoshi groaned. He got up in bed… wait, what? Fully awake, he looked around. "Was it a dream?" he muttered. Looking at his stomach, he saw the scar left by the cauterized wound. Blinking, he was about to get out of bed when he realized his hand was on something. Looking to his left, he saw the girl from last night sleeping next to him. Paling, he realized she was completely nude. He also noticed that his hand was lightly squeezing her breast. His face burning red, he pulled his hand back and fell out of bed.

The commotion caused the girl to wake up. Rubbing her eyes, she said, "So you're awake. I'll explain things later. I know you're confused, but this isn't the time."

Kosui called, "Ku-chan, are you alright?" She opened the door and froze. Taking in the sight of her brother wearing nothing but his boxers and a girl younger than she was completely nude in his bed, she came to the wrong conclusion. Growling, she demanded, "What is going on?" Several objects started levitating around her, drawing her attention. Blinking, she said, "And what is this?"

The white-haired girl said, "I'll explain downstairs." She put on her clothes and went downstairs to the kitchen, the two siblings following after her shortly after. Sitting at the table, she said, "Now you can ask questions."

Kuruoshi went to the point. He asked, "Who and what are you?"

The girl said, "I am Sena Yaegaki. I'm a Devil. I brought you back to life last night."

Blinking, Kosui turned on Kuruoshi and demanded, "Explain. Now."

A long explanation later, the girl sighed and said, "Alright, I have only one question left. What happened upstairs with the floating things?"

Sena said, "You apparently have a large amount of magic power for someone your age. I believe that it focuses on moving items with your mind, also known as telekinesis."

Signing, Kosui said, "Is there anything else I need to know?"

The white-haired girl said, "I'm staying here from now on. Ku-chan is my newest servant, so he needs to be assisted until he adjusts to being a Devil. I'll be helping you with your powers too."

Kosui sighed and said, "Fine. Just… just go to school." As the two Devils left, she made her way to the fridge and pulled out a large bottle of cola. "I need a drink." Throwing her head back, she started chugging the bottle.

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