(Thisis my official AU of Grim Tales. I was having doubts about bringing it here. As, I consider it official. But, this way more people can read it. Let's do it. )

(Halloween Town).

Grim Junior walked away from the punch bowl. He stormed out, angry. Grim Senior noticed this. He said, feeling the need to do something, "I think I'll go have a talk with me boy. " He got up, until his wife stopped him.

Mandy said, "Be careful what you say to him. Remember how you would talk to me, when I was his age? " She vividly remembered her childhood tines with the Lord of Death. It rarely ended well.

Grim replied, "Yes. But, our son isn't as damn downright evil, as you were. Let me talk to him." Grim went outside to look for his son.

Junior was sitting in front of the fountain, in town square. Hoping to have some time to think.

As he sat there, he heard, "Now.. What are you doing here?" He turned to see his father, "What do you want, Dad?" He'd been annoyed that his father wouldn't let him sit down and think.

Grim sat down next to his son. He placed his skeletal hand on his son's shoulder. He looked into his son's sockets.

The Lord of Death said, "Junior, why did you Storm out?" When the boy didn't respond Grim said with a smirk, "Sometimes I think your jealousy of your sister, can get out of control."

Junior looked at his father and said, " Who said I was jealous?"

Grim replied, "Junior, I'm the Death Personified. I can always tell people's emotions. Usually, for the mortals, it's in the eyes." It was true. Reapers could always know, what people living or undead, were feeling.

Junior said annoyed, "Dad, we're skeletons. We don't have eyes." You'd figure the Lord of Death would know what he looks like.

Grim said, "You know what I mean. Why are so jealous of Minnie? I can't help you, if don't tell me." He wanted to help his son, but he didn't know the source of the problem.

Junior said, "She gets everything! The attention, the awards, everything! I just... Get tired of being nothing special." Junior was always jealous. His sister got all the attention. No matter how hard he tried, Minnie was always more talented.

Grim said, "Junior, of course you're special. Look at your sister, and look at you. She's flesh and blood, like your mother is. You're bones, like me." He patted his son's back, "She's a ballerina, you're a Reaper. She has talents.." He poked his son's chest, close to where his heart would be, "You have power.'

Junior looked at his father in curiosity. He listened as his father continued, "Your powers will come. Just wait." Grim smiled as he got up, and walked away.

Junior started thinking. He didn't want to be in Minnie's shadow for another five or ten years. But, to him what were five to ten years? He was young but he knew, he was immortal. Minnie's immortality, was a mystery. He assumed it to be similar to their mother's.

While Junior was thinking, Grim noticed three children walking towards Junior. He thought they looked familiar. He walked toward them.

He asked, "If I may ask, what this is about? Why were you walking to that boy?"

They shook as they answered, "Oh, we just want to make him our friend."

Grim saw a burlap sack, in one of their hands. Now, it came clear to him. These three were Oogie's little morons, that Jack had told him about. He said, "Well, if you think you'll fool me, then I'm sorry to disappoint you." He took out his scythe, and started to beat them down.

Meanwhile, Junior walked into the Town Cemetery. It felt comforting to him. So peaceful, so quiet. It felt more comforting to him, than the castle that his family called home.

Here, he felt like the Prince he was. He felt he could do anything. He reached out his hand, and closed his eyes. A green glow, enveloped his whole body. A Storm swirled in the sky. As the Storm began, the town took notice. They all saw that Junior had created the Storm. From the Storm descended ghosts. Souls of the undead, that had perished on Earth, and answered Junior's call. They came down, dressed in military uniforms.

Minnie observed from above. She let her wings out, and viewed the sight from above. She said in happiness, "My dear brother. I am glad, that your powers have arrived at last, but I can only ask that you be careful. I love you my brother, and I wish no harm to come to you."

Meanwhile, after the trouble makers were gone, Grim rejoined his wife.

Mandy asked, "Grim, want did you say to the boy?"

Grim in smirked as he said, "Just what I needed to. I reminded him about how special, he really is." Grim was proud. Proud that his son, had finally started to unleash his power.

While Junior was standing there, he opened his sockets and saw Minnie descend next to her brother. She ran up and hugged him. She said, "I'm glad you have discovered your powers my brother." Her smile turned to a look of concern, "But I must ask you to be careful. You've no idea what you're capable of."

Junior looked annoyed. He said, "Okay Minnie. I'll be careful." He returned the hug. After it was over and Minnie walked away, he muttered, "You have your own powers to worry about, so don't get upset over mine." He crossed his arms, as he muttered again, "At least you can fly."

A voice behind him said, "If you're worried about that, you shouldn't be." Junior looked over to see his father standing behind him. Grim said, "I'm useless without me scythe, but all other Reapers can fly. You just need to wait."

Junior felt nervous as he asked, "So, is there some kind of training I need to take?" He felt he needed to ask. After all, he probably needed training, if he was to use these powers.

Grim said, "Yes. Luckily, you've got ME, to teach you." He then knelt down and said, "Plus, you've got your mother, who'll make sure you'll do it right. HER way."

Junior smiled. He hugged his father and said, "Thanks Dad." He then said, "I should probably get rid of the soldiers now, huh?"

Grim said, "Yes. Yes you should." It just occurred to him, but the soldiers should probably leave.

Junior lifted his hand, and the soldiers left. While Junior knew in his soul, that Minnie was right... He felt he could learn about his power quickly. After all, summoning soldiers and sending them back, was no trouble. Whatever else should be a snap. After that, the party went very well. A fine celebration.