(Here's where Junior got the accent).

After 2 days in the castle's medical wing, Minnie was ready to go back to her room. Her brother awaited for her, sitting next to her bed. He had fallen asleep at her bedside. She smiled at her brother, and shook him to awaken him. As he woke he saw his sister's smile. He said, in concern, "Are you ready to go, Minnie?" He was ready to escort her back to her room.

Minnie could only giggle at her brother's eagerness, to be near her. She turned to Junior and said, "You don't need to protect me from everything, Brother." She knew that after what happened with Kare, Junior had been protective of Minnie. He didn't want to be separated from her, for so much as a minute.

Junior responded, in laughter , "I'm sorry Minnie, but is that NOT what big brothers, do for their little sisters?" As she gave him a look that said, 'seriously?', he said in all seriousness " I'm sorry, but I can't just leave you alone." His boney hand clasped his sister's flesh covered one, "What if something happened and I wasn't here? I could never forgive myself, if that happened." He knew it wasn't right, but he loved his little sister. He didn't want anything to happen. Even though the castle had many guards, and many defenses, and Cerberus... He looked down, at the thought of anything happening to Minnie.

Minnie only smiled at her brother's concern for her. She hugged him as she said, "Brother, I will be fine. I have mine own powers to protect me. Just as you have your own powers to practice, I have mine powers to protect me." She looked into her brother's sockets, "I do love you Brother, but you must stop trying to protect me." She wanted her brother to be with her, but not to the point where he had to sacrifice his happiness, for her protection.

Junior said, with a smile and in his accent, "Alright Minnie. I guess I can't jus' stick to yer side. But I can't jus' leave Ye, alone be yerself. Wha' if somethin' happened? I can't lose Ye." He clasped her hand tighter, "It's my fault, tha' yer even in here in the first place. I can't go through tha' again."

Minnie simply said, "You won't have to Brother. I will stay as safe as can be, around you."

From then on, the siblings stayed close. Rarely ever did they ever leave the castle, without the other. Though, to Minnie's discomfort, their mother often had them take Mimi and Jeff with them.

Some time later, Malbolgea's realm.)

After the Hellspawn finished the demon, he escorted the siblings and their flowers back home. Only to find a furious Grim.

Grim yelled, in anger, and a furious look on his skull, "Junior of all the brash, reckless, irresponsible dings to do! You take your little sister, who's safety you claim means so much to you, TO DE REALM OF GODDAMN MALBOLGEA?!"

Junior replied, with an enraged look on his face, in defense and in his Scottish accent, "Dad, I took her because she wanted to see flowers. Flowers tha' we can't see inside our kingdom. I took her, cuase I wanted to har smile. She smiled, and I only want to see her smile! If yer going to punish anyone, punish me! She jus' wanted to see the flowers, I took har there!"

Grim said, "Junior, I am truly disappointed on you, for leaving our kingdom's boundaries." He looked over to Minnie and said, "But you did make your sister smile, and I can respect dat. Your MOTHER, however..."

Speaking of which, Mandy had broken down the door. She screamed, "WHERE IN THE HELL ARE THEY?!" Then she saw them, and walked over to them. She yelled, with a FURIOUS look on her face, "I don't care why you did it! YOUR BOTH GROUNED! For three weeks!"

Junior walked back to his room, only find Mimi waiting for him, in the hallway.

She said, "Three weeks, huh?" She then walked up to him and said, with a smirk, "Well, that gives us time, to get to know each other." Mimi had been in the castle a whole three days, and didn't know much about her hosts. She said, "Perhaps we should with your Scottish accent." She picked up her cellphone and got ready to type it down. She said, "Neither of your parents are Scottish, nor is your sister. Yet, you do speak with a Scottish accent. Why?"

Junior sighed and said, "Well, it's a long story." He took out a book full of pictures. He smiled as he said, "I was always pestering my parents, about taking me to the mortal world, where my mom came from. I knew my dad used to live among humans, and that's where he met my mom. I wanted to do the same thing." He pointed to a picture of his younger self holding on to his father's robe.

He continued, "My dad remembered he had a lot of business in Scotland. So he took me to Edinburgh. Capital city of Scotland." He pointed to another picture, of his younger self and his father standing in front of a mighty castle, with the Scottish flag, and sign that said, 'Welcome to Edinburgh.'

Junior continued, "Dad was often working, showing me the ropes. When he couldn't take me with him, he had a friend of his looking after me." The next picture showed Junior standing in front of a man with brown hair, eyes, and beard, dressed in Knight's armor (A/N: Historical William Wallace.).

Junior continued, "I was always told of Minnie accomplishments. Always running back and forth between this castle, and Edinburgh." He looked over to the bagpipes he kept near his bed.

He walked over them and said, "It wasn't until I was seven, that I discovered the bagpipes. I wasted so much time on tha' stupid trumpet. " he put his hand on the pipes, "When this was my true callin' all along." He sighed as he said, "As I grew up in Edinburgh, I fell in love with Scottish culture. Slowly developing the accent as I grew older." He turned to Mimi, "How about Ye? Wha's yer story?"

Mimi, after typing all this down on her phone, said, "I was born in Megavile. City of Heroes." She looked down, "My father, HIM, raped my mother. She gave birth to me, and raised me in Italia, where her ancestors came from."

Junior asked, with a shocked look on his skull,"Ye're Italian?" All this time, he didn't know she was Italian. But it made sense. She wore Italian style clothes, and for the past 3 days, she ate only ether muffins, or Italian food.

Mimi continued, "Si mi amico. I'm Italian. My mother raised me in Rome for a few years." She sighed, remembering the good times she had, in the Holy City. Being raised there, so HIM couldn't get her. She then said, in in fear, "One day, Megaville came under attack. My mother, and a few friends, fight to defend it." Her breath got shorter, as she reminisced. She said, "But it was in vein. Her friends were defeated. HIM possed me." Tears ran down her face, "Forced me to kill my mother. The government used me after her death. Used me as a weapon, until HIM retrieved me. Used me." She then looked at Junior, "Your family are the only people, who've been kind to me, since my Mama's death." She bonks Junior's skull lightly, and smirks, "Even if I don't show it, I still appreciate it."

Junior smiled and took out a paper. A map. He handed it to Mimi, who was confused.

The young Reaper replied, "It took a few days, and wee bit of power, but we made somethin' for Ye." As Mimi opened it and was shocked, Junior said, "It's a map. We placed it together..." He scratched his skull, "It's a map leadin' to certain parts o' yer mother's soul." He spent two hours making it, so Mimi and her mother could be together again. He was able to make it, by Grim helping him find parts of the soul, threw the Reaper Omnipotence.

Mimi hugged Junior tightly. If he weren't all bone, a few of his bones would be broken. He returned the hug, happy to help his friend.

Minnie stood behind hind them, and saw their hug. Thinking not that Mimi was Junior's friend but.. Something.. More. She could NOT let that happen.

One thing for sure... After their punishment was over... They'd be taking journey, no doubt taking Minnie and Jeff with them. Minnie was always traveling with her brother. Jeff, being Mimi's servant and friend, would no doubt come with them.

Meanwhile, in another part of the Underworld, another Lord of the Underworld, stood with his daughter, gazing at their kingdom. And the daughter not taking her eyes, off of her phone.