Chapter 18: Chloe's Song

Chicago and Stacie lay there in bed, completely silent. It was like that typical scene from a movie that happens right after two people had sex. Stacie looked at the clock on the bedside table, which read 2:08 a.m. in bright blue numbers.

The sex had ended over an hour ago, but neither of them could sleep. They just lay there staring at the ceiling, naked under the covers, waiting for the awkward silence to end. Finally, after what seemed to be another lifetime, Chicago spoke up. "Was it...good?" He asked.

"Yes, yes it was," Stacie started, turning over to look at Chicago. "It was wonderful. I'm just...thinking about what it meant, and what it means now." She then rolled over onto her side. "Can we talk about it?"

"Sure." Chicago positioned himself so they were facing each other now. "Do you want to start?"

A hefty sigh left Stacie's lips before she nodded and started to share her thoughts. "I'm not ready for a relationship. My breakup with Logan wasn't that long ago and I don't want to rush into anything." She looked down at her hands for a moment, her fingers fiddling with one another. "But I'm also getting to the point in my pregnancy where my hormones are getting really strong…" Stacie paused for a moment and then looked back up at Chicago. "I may want to do this with you from time to time, but only if you want to as well. That's how I feel. How do you feel?"

Chicago took a deep breath as he thought of how to phrase his response. "Well, I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy doing this with you. But I'd also be lying if I said I wasn't worried about my feelings for you, uh, getting in the way, if that makes sense."

"I see where you're coming from," Stacie mentioned before sitting up in the hotel bed. She bit down on her bottom lip, trying to think of what to say next. "If that's the case, this probably shouldn't happen again," she said. The young woman understood where Chic was coming from, but pregnancy made women super hormonal, even in the sex department, and she didn't to do it with a stranger or just masturbate every time she had urges.


"Yeah, Stace?" Chicago asked, furrowing his eyebrows a bit because it seemed like the brunette was upset.

"I just don't understand you sometimes." Stacie said, scratching her head. "If you're worried about feelings get in the way, then why did you agree to have sex with me an hour ago?"

"I guess I'm worried that my feelings will interfere at some point down the road. If this becomes a regular thing, I might get my hopes up about know, getting together," Chicago answered, biting his lip after he finished speaking.

For a while, the two of them sat in another awkward silence, until Stacie broke it again about a minute later.

"I haven't ruled out being with you in the future," Stacie said, taking a deep breath. "I just...I just got out of a long term relationship, and I don't want to rush into anything."

"I know, and rushing you into something before you're ready is the last thing I want to do. I'm just wondering if there's even a possibility, that's all," Chicago explained.

"Doesn't me saying that I haven't ruled a future with you out of the question count as a possibility?" Stacie asked, raising an eyebrow. Boys were so confusing.

"I don't know. Maybe I'm just overthinking the whole thing," Chicago murmured, running his fingers through his hair before letting out a soft sigh.

"It's been a long night. Maybe we should sleep on it and talk about it in the morning. Does that sound okay to you?" Stacie suggested, letting her hair down from the messy bun that it had been in before.

"Yeah, that's okay with me," Chicago replied, rubbing his eyes and yawning. "Goodnight, Stace."

"Goodnight, Chic." Stacie whispered.

Meanwhile, back at Beca's house, the two girls were cleaning up the relatively small mess from the party. "Oh my god, Chlo. You'll never guess what Allison said to me earlier tonight."

Chloe raised an eyebrow at Beca's statement. "What did she say?" The redhead inquired.

"She told me that she's interested in Olivia," Beca said with a snicker. "I think I might have convinced her to ask Olivia out," she added, grabbing the empty pizza boxes. The young singer then made her way to her parents' garage and threw the boxes into the recycling.

Chloe couldn't help but smile at Beca's little laugh. "Well that's an interesting development. I think they would look cute together."

"Right? I thought so too," Beca said before throwing the rest of the garbage away. She then walked back over to Chloe and wrapped her arms around the redhead's waist.

"Hello there," Chloe giggled, smiling and blushing when she felt Beca hug her from behind.

"Thank you for coming up here. I've missed you," Beca murmured softly, pressing a kiss to Chloe's cheek.

"I've missed you too."

"Do you wanna hear a song I've been working on?" Beca asked, her voice barely above a whisper.

"Of course I do," Chloe replied, biting her lip a bit while sighing happily.

"I have to warn you: it may make you fall even more in love with me," Beca said with a chuckle. She then took Chloe's hand and led her up to her bedroom.

When they got to her room, Beca opened her laptop and pulled up the program she had used to make the song. She selected the backing track before turning to Chloe. "This may be my favorite song that I've ever written. I'm calling it 'Chloe's Song.'"

Chloe's heart fluttered at that. "You're naming it after me?" She asked, sensing happy tears were about to well up in her eyes.

"Yeah, I am. I love you and I knew at some point I'd name a song after you." Beca then set up her microphone, and pressed play.

Some soft guitar started playing, and then Beca began to sing.

Chloe's Song- (Renee's Song- By: Bazzi)

"There's a song I like to sing

Says your name

I love the ring

So come here, so come here

I may be broken by my past

But I know my worst days

They won't last

If you come here (just come here, come here, come here)

Chloe closed her eyes as Beca sang to her, wanting to experience every possible emotion that the words brought out of her.

"Oh, isn't it beautiful?

Watchin' the cards unfold

Oh, I want you to come here (I want you to come here)

Oh, I want you to come here."

The tears had started to well up in Chloe's eyes, unable to hide how this song was making her feel. Beca's words were so wonderful, kind and the young redhead couldn't help but cry happily as she listened to her girlfriend sing.

"Touching you, loving you

Touching you, loving you

I've been touching you, loving you

Touching you, loving you

I've been-

There's a wind up in the north

Shows us loves our only source

So come here (just come here, come here, come here,

So come here (Oh, will you come here)

Oh, Will you come here? (Just come here, come here, come here)

Just come here (Oh, will you come here?)

Chloe wasn't the only one crying happily. Beca felt a few tears fall down her face but quickly wiped them away before going into the final chorus.

"Oh, isn't it beautiful?

Watchin' the cards unfold

Oh, I want you to come here (I want you to come here)

Oh, I want you to come here

Watchin' you dance tonight

So free and full of life

Oh, I want you to come here (I want you to come here)

Oh, I want you to come here."

As the song ended, Chloe stood up and walked over to Beca. She sat down on her girlfriend's lap, and placed her hands on Beca's cheeks. Then, the young singer leaned up and kissed the redhead on the lips.

Nothing really needed to be said in that moment, the song had said it all. Beca had never been more in love than she was with Chloe, and the feeling was mutual.

The silence continued when Beca slowly pulled away from the kiss, then leaning her forehead onto Chloe's shoulder. "Did you like it?" The brunette asked quietly, lifting her head up to gaze into the redhead's eyes.

Again, not much was needed for Chloe to get her point across. "I love it," she murmured in Beca's ear. "What did I do to get you? How did I get so lucky?"

"I ask myself those same questions every day," Beca responded, her voice barely louder than a whisper.

The next morning, Chicago had gone to pick up some breakfast for himself and Stacie. He was walking back to the hotel room when his phone began to ring.

It was an unknown number, but it was Seattle area code. Chicago picked it up. "Hello?"

"Hey Chicago, this is Pete Carroll."

Chicago furrowed his eyebrows, trying to recall where he'd heard that name before. Then, realization hit him. "Pete Carroll, as in the coach of the Seattle Seahawks?" He asked.

The man on the other end of the phone let out a chuckle. "Yes, sir. That's me," he said. "Listen, kid, I was very impressed by your play this year. So, I wanted to call and tell you that we just acquired you from the 49ers."

Chicago was stunned. "Oh, wow. I don't know what to say," he started with a nervous chuckle. "Thank you for letting me know and for giving me this opportunity. I'm excited to get to work," he finished after first pondering his words.

"Spring training doesn't start for another month or so. Just move up here when you can. I can't wait for you to join the Seahawks," Pete stated.

Chicago rushed back to the hotel room as soon as the phone call ended. "Stacie, we need to talk," he said, out of breath from running, well hopping the ten blocks that he did to get back to the hotel.

"About what happened last night?" Stacie asked, raising an eyebrow at the urgency in Chicago's voice.

"Well, yeah, but I also just got some news that we need to discuss," Chicago clarified, still struggling to catch his breath.

"Oh. And that news is?"

"I just got a call from Pete Carroll, head coach of the Seahawks," Chicago started, taking a deep breath before revealing the big news. "The 49ers traded me to them, so I have to move up here."

Stacie was just as surprised as Chicago had been. "How do you feel about it?" She asked.

"I mean, I've dreamt of playing for the Seahawks my whole life," Chicago said. "But I want to be a part of our child's life too. I know you've already started your semester; is it possible to transfer mid-semester? I can pay for it."

"Well, I don't know how common transferring mid-semester is, but I'm sure they've made exceptions for extenuating circumstances before," Stacie said. "I'll look into it and let you know what I find."

"I'll pay for whatever fees that may come with the transfer," Chicago promised.

"You don't have to do that, Chi-"

"But I want to," Chic said. "It's my job that's making us move. Let me pay for it." A moment of silence fell over them. Chicago took a deep breath before speaking again. "Now, about last night."

"What about it?" Stacie asked, sitting up so Chicago could see that he had her full attention.

"I thought a lot about it, and…" He paused for a moment, figuring out how to word his next statement. "Even though you're not ready for a relationship, I want to be with you in any way that I can. When I'm with you, I forget about all the bad things in the world."

Stacie smiled softly at Chicago's words. "So, you're saying…?"

"I think you know what I'm saying," Chic chuckled.

"I know, but I want to hear you say it out loud." Stacie teased.

Chicago walked over to the young woman and gently pinned her against the wall. He then leaned in close, his warm breath right up against her neck. "I'll be there to help your hormones any time that they need me," he whispered huskily in her ear. The young football player then pulled back and released his gentle grip on Stacie. "This bagel smells delicious," he said with a smile. He took a bite and then turned to Stacie, who hadn't moved away from the wall, and was seemingly zoned out. "You good?" Chicago asked in a feigned innocent tone.

"Y-yeah, I'm good," Stacie stammered in a high-pitched voice as her face started to turn red. She then reached into the bag and grabbed a bagel, moving to the other side of the table across from Chicago.

About a week had passed since the reunion party at Beca's, and Chloe was packing to head back to LA. And you can bet that Beca was absolutely dreading this. "Do you really have to leave in the morning?" She groaned, sitting on Chloe's bed next to her open suitcase.

"I do," Chloe said, smiling softly at Beca. She leaned over and kissed the brunette's forehead. "I'm sure we'll see each other again before we know it. Besides, once you're ready to come back to LA, we will be able to be together every day if you want."

"I know, but I just got you back a little while ago and I've barely seen you since then," Beca mentioned, helping Chloe pack by folding up some of her shirts. She then stood up and walked over to Chloe, who was grabbing clothes out of her drawer. The young singer wrapped her arms around Chloe's waist and kissed the back of her girlfriends shoulder. "I'm gonna miss you," she murmured.

"I'm gonna miss you too, Becs," Chloe whispered back.

Suddenly the doorbell rang. Beca raised her eyebrows. "One second." She went downstairs and opened the door to see Allison. "Hi Alli, what's up?"

"Hey Beca, can you do me a huge favor?" Allison asked.

"Of course. What is it?" Beca asked, stepping to the side so Allison could come in.

"I really hit it off with Olivia last week," Allison started. "I was so caught up in getting to know her that I forgot to get her number. I meant to call and ask for it, but I was on my way to my mom's house and figured I'd just get it from you in person."

Beca smirked. "You really like her, don't you?" She observed while pulling her phone out of her pocket and unlocking it.

"I do. I really do," Allison said, blushing softly.

"Maybe you and Olivia can go on a double date with me and Chloe sometime," Beca suggested, sharing the contact with Allison.

"That would be great," Allison said with a smile. "Well, I better get going. Tell Chloe I say hi."

"Will do. Let me know when you're free and I'll see if I can set that double date up," Beca replied.

After Allison left, Chloe came down the stairs and joined her mom in the kitchen. Beca followed closely behind. "Mom, could we get takeout tonight?" The redhead asked.

Cindy smiled when the two girls walked in. "Of course we can, sweetie. Did you have something in mind?"

"I'm in the mood for dumplings, so how about some Chinese?" Chloe suggested.

"That sounds good to me," Cindy said as the two girls sat at the counter. "So Beca, do you have any new music that you're going to release soon?"

"Maybe, maybe not," Beca replied in a playful tone, wiggling her eyebrows for added effect. "I have been working on finishing a couple different things, and I'm always getting new ideas. I tend to be a perfectionist, though, so it takes awhile before I'm completely sure that a song is ready to go."

"Chloe told me the other day that you wrote her a beautiful song." Cindy mentioned. "Will that be one you release?"

"For sure," Beca said without hesitation, taking Chloe's hand underneath the counter. She then winked at the redhead. "That's one of the best songs I've ever written, which makes sense because it's about the best person I've ever met."

"Oh stop it, Becs." Chloe shook her head at the brunette's compliment but couldn't keep herself from blushing. She looked down at their intertwined hands and smiled softly. Their hands always fit together perfectly, as if they were made for one another.

"I mean it, Chlo. You're the best person I know and you continue to inspire me everyday," Beca added before bringing Chloe's hand up to her lips, pressing a soft kiss against Chloe's skin.

Cindy's heart beat happily after seeing this exchange. To see her daughter happy was all she ever wanted, and Chloe was always at her most cheerful when Beca was around. There was no denying it: Chloe's eyes always lit up whenever Beca walked into the room.

Chloe's face became even redder when Beca kissed her hand. She then noticed her mom watching them out of the corner of her eye. "Are we making you the third wheel right now?" The redhead asked shyly.

Cindy quickly shook her head. "Oh no dear, you're fine. I actually have to go and run some errands, so I'll be back in an hour or so." She then grabbed the keys. "Do you need anything from the store, sweetie?"

"I don't think so, but thank you." Chloe said. "Love you, mom."

Once Chloe's mom was gone, Chloe and Beca went to cuddle on the couch. Beca sat down first and then Chloe followed, laying her head on Beca's shoulder. "Chlo?" Beca whispered. "This may seem random, but I want to go to Portland with you sometime soon. I want to see where you grew up."

Chloe turned her head so she could look at Beca. "Really? When would you want to go?" She asked.

"Maybe you could meet me there when I decide to move back to LA," Beca said while she softly twirled Chloe's red hair in her fingers.

Chloe thought about it for a moment and then nodded. "Okay, that should work for me." She paused briefly before speaking up again. "Do you have any idea when you'll be moving back to LA?"

"I have been away for awhile now," Beca said absentmindedly. "Since you've been back in my life, I've been happier than I've been in a long time. Maybe...maybe it's time I head back."

"You don't have to make a decision now. I was just curious," Chloe said, taking Beca's hand in hers and squeezing it gently. "If you're ready to come back now, then that's great. I don't want you to feel pressured into doing anything, though," she added.

Beca sat up a little, lifting Chloe's chin up with her finger. "I'm ready," she whispered before kissing her on the lips and then Chloe's forehead.

A big smile spread appeared on Chloe's face when Beca said that. "I can't wait to have you back."

"How about this: we cancel your plane ticket and drive down the coast together? We'll make a trip out of it and spend some time together, just you and I," Beca suggested.

"That sounds amazing," Chloe replied, leaning in to give Beca a soft kiss. "Showing you around Portland is going to be so much fun," she added.

"I can't wait," Beca said before tucking Chloe's fiery red hair out of her face. "We can take my Subaru. It still runs well."

"It's been years since the last time I went for a drive in the Subaru," Chloe mentioned with a giggle.

"It's also been years since we've made out in that Subaru's back seat, but we'll have plenty of time for that on the road trip," Beca said, smirking and winking at Chloe.

"It'll be just like old times." Chloe leaned in to give Beca another kiss, this one lasting longer than the previous one. "I love you, Beca Mitchell."

"I love you too, Chloe Beale."

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