Rise of the Shadows

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another new story inspired by Partners in Crime, The Ron effect and Ron Stoppable: Assassin for Hire where I saw a lot of potential for a story on teen hero turned assassin because of crime he did not commit.

so this is my story, in my version way with mixtures from the two others in it with multiple references to other shows that will be featured later as the story progresses.

I hope you enjoy it.


Ron Stoppable did not know where to begin as he sits handcuff to a chair with two GJ Agents torturing him for a crime he didn't commit.

One of the Agents, Will Du. A reoccurring encounter that he and Kim see whenever GJ is involved, was personally bloodying his fist into Ron's face with a look of contempt and disgust gracing the calmed stoned faced agent.

The taste of iron assaulted his tongue as his own blood mixed with his salvia, his face raw and throbbing from the iron punches from the angered man, his brain, rattling from the strikes yet still focused on one thing.

Tears dropped down his face, but they weren't tears of pain but tears of grief as the Agents who pounded on him accused him of Murdering his own parents. Though they were never there for him, not even for his Bar Mitzvah, they were still his parents and he did love them.

He pleaded his case to the roughhousing men but they were met with further accusations and other false evidence that he never did or had, then to add further insult to injury they described to him in full detail his torture and murder of both his parents.

He couldn't take anymore, the damage to his mind and spirit was done and all he could do was weep, the blows were numb to him including the world around him that he didn't notice the two men leaving.

-Directors office-

Dr Director Betty was the commander and chief of Global Justice, an anti criminal origanisation dedicated to stopping criminals, super criminals and terrorist around the world.

The calm and collect commander looked down on her surborenate who was wiping the blood of his knuckles with an impassive, yet slightly disappointed look

"Agent Du." Director Betty addressed the Asian agent with an impassive look on her one eyed face "Do I need to remind you the protocols of questioning a possible suspect."

The agent stood at attention to his superior "Apologises director. But the evidence we found at the crime scene strongly links Stoppable to the murder of his parents."

"Yet as Stoppable previously stated, the number of Eye witnesses and video surveillance contradict that evidence entirely, so it begs the question if Ronald Stoppable is a murder or is someone making him out to be?" Betty didn't believe for one second that Ron stoppable was capable of committing murder much less a crime unless it was necessary, GJ had been monitoring the Boy since the Ron Factor programme.

Their top analysts believe that World Renowned teen hero Kim Possible was only successful due to the contribution of her partner Ron Stoppable who has proved himself to be an undeniable asset to the duo team.

The Hero team has a high success rate and the lowest mortality rate than any other super hero or hero teams in the world.

Yet the evidence they found at the scene of the crime had put the blonde teen at the scene with prints and all, It seemed perfect, too perfect for her liking. If she hadn't known the boy she too would've called him a murderer without a second thought but all of this screams set up.

But by who?

"Director with all due respect, Evidence can be tampered with and witnesses can be bought." Agent Du's voice brought her back to the reality at hand.

"are you suggesting that the entirety of Middleton high along with 24 hour surveillance were all fake?"

"It is a possible theory."

"the same could be said with evidence against him."

But before he could speak, the telephone next to her on the desk rang out, halting their debate as Director Betty had to answer the ringing machine "Director Betty?" She said to whoever was on the other side. Whoever was on the other side had the director sit up straight in her chair "yes sir" Will Du trained ears couldn't hear to what was being said but could understand what it was about "Yes sir we have him confined. Sir?... sir I… no sir." Director Betty looked shocked what was being said to her "Sir I must protest that on the number of witnesses and… no sir." Whatever was being said had her resume to her natural pokerfaced expression "Understood sir I will comply with that order."

After ending the call, Betty inwardly sighed as she was given an order that she hated "The higher ups have ordered the complete imprisonment of Ronald stoppable effective immediately. Agent Du please escort Stoppable to his cell where he will serve a… life sentence." The young agent saluted before leaving the room and giving the woman opportunity to slump on her desk at the weight this case was giving her, the crushing guilt weighed heavily on her heart 'I need to make a few calls.'

-Possible household-

With the Possible's, The only family that was close friends with the stoppables were at their home, listening intently to the news that was talking about the main subject plaguing their thoughts.

The Stoppables murder.

They were all awaiting the arrival of two people who have yet to show up, Their eldest child Kim and her Best friend/ son of the Victims Ron.

They wanted to be there for the boy since they were the closest thing he had to a family and he was like a son to them, he needed someone to be there for him in this dire time.

"oh dear. I do hope Ron's okay?" Ann Possible, the Matriarch of the Possible Family and renowned surgeon feared for little boy she practically raised when his actual family wasn't around.

"I'm more concern with Kimmy. She not back yet." Mr possible, The patriarch of the Possible family and head of the middleton space centre was the average over protective father of whichever boyfriend his little girl brought. The stoppable boy held a place within his heart like he did with the rest of the family, he was like a son to family so of course he feared for him in his own way.

"Mom, whats going to happen to Ron?" Jim one of the possible twins asked his mother, he feared his Ron's being like everyone else.

"I don't know dears bu-" before she could continue the News on the TV sounded off drawning their attention to see latest development on the Stoppable case.

A young woman in a red professional suit with blonde hair was giving the news "We have just receive some anonymous information that Ronald Stoppable was Responsible for the deaths Of Mr and Mrs Stoppable." The Possibles held their breath as they were shocked by what they just heard. They wouldn't believe that the sweet innocent boy they help to bring up, could kill "Word has it that the Authorities are currently holding the assumed murder. Is this a turning point for teammate of the famous team possible? Is he a murder or an innocent victim? We'll have more as soon as possible."

"this is Eliza-" The TV shut off, curtesy of Ann Possible who didn't want to hear any more of the lie's being told about Ron.

She couldn't fight back the tears pouring down her face "I refuse to believe that the boy growing up with our kim would murder his parents." Her husband comforted her, pulling her into his embrace where she let out her grief all on his shoulder.

The door to their house opened and in walked the international teen hero Kim Possible who was confused as why her family was in such a state "whats going on?" All eye's turned to her, some looking at her with disappointment while others looked on with concern. Ann pushed herself off her husband and walked to her daughter with tear stained eye's.

"Kimmy where were you?"

Kim could only fidget in her place as she put on the spot where everyone was looking at her with mix emotions not to mention she was out with her new boyfriend which she didn't want her parent's to know especially her protective father who threatens her boyfriends with a one way trip to deep space "I was um- I was um-"

"she was with monkey again." It was no secret that the twins hated Kim's crushes and boyfriends, they couldn't understand why their sister kept changing boyfriends almost every week and not just stick with one who isn't a jock head, like Ron.

Kim scowled at her little brothers improper use of her boyfriends name "It's mankey you Tweebs!" she growled at them which didn't faze them all that much then usual because there was more important thing's to do then whined their sister up.

"You weren't with Ron?" Ann asked

"No… why do you ask?"

"Honey you may want to sit down for this."


In Rockwaller's home, home to the queen Bee of Middleton High and Kim's rival.

Bonnie Rockwaller's the Queen Bee of Middleton was alone in her home watching the TV, Her eye's never leaving the screen which featured the picture of Ron Stoppable.

Bonnie was there when government agents barged into the school and jump Stoppable, knocking him to the ground, handcuffing him then dragging him out with weapons pointed right at them to keep them at bay before they threw him in the back of their black van.

Classic Men In Black move before driving off to who know's where.

Naturally people did call the police but all of their calls and witness statements were met with dismissal, complete and utter dismissal before being hung up on.

She was like the others who were concerned for the blonde buffoon, except she went down to the police station to give her statement about government agents kidnapping the boy but she was shocked by their response.

They didn't dismiss her like she was some loon but told her not to stick her nose where it doesn't belong, she was shocked to learn that the police knew of this and this was obviously set up and the police won't have anything to do with it.

Now you may be wondering why SHE Bonnie was concern for Ron, the school Buffoon that she made fun of at every turn of their school life.

Well, to put it simply, Ron was something of a secret friend with benefit or in other words a sex partner whenever she needed to let out her frustrations, he was her first and in turn she his, slowly their secret activity became something more to the queen Bee but she pushed those feelings down as nothing more than her hormones acting up.

But that didn't mean that she didn't loosen up on her berating and bullying of the sidekick, in fact she had even gone as far as to make sure some of the Jock's give him some space once in awhile as long as he continued to please her.

If she was being honest with herself, He was possibly the best lay she ever had, her boyfriends which were Jocks lack much what they had at the top and didn't last that long ether, it was no secret that some school teams took steroids in order to enhance their performance which took it's toll on their lower muscle but she didn't know if they were one of them or they were just born like that.

But she didn't care, all she was interested in right now, was Ron and how he was.

-drakens lair-

Deep in the island Fortress of a Time share lair, two people plotted to take over the world.

…..well one person plotted the other couldn't very much care about the world or the first persons desires as she was only around for the well paid benefits he offered.

Shego was watching the News while her boss Dr Draken plotted yet another failed plan to take over the world using the technology of another brilliant mind or stealing some high tech weapon from the government.

She was immersed in what the news was the offering, the Picture of princess's little side kick was all over the tv, The reporter talking about him possibly murdering his parents but the former hero turned villain/ mercenary knew that the side kick didn't have an evil bone within him.

She might not have known the boy, or cared to know about him but her old hero instincts told her that this wasn't right and that he was innocent.

-somewhere in the mountains of Japan-

Meanwhile, half way across the world in the secluded mountains of Japan sat a school hidden within the snowy alps, sitting in meditation was an old man who seemed troubled by something he knew yet he didn't see "I fear that dark forces working in both the shadows and the light are seeking Harm to Stoppable-San".

I hope you enjoyed it.

A little short then my other stories but I intended to build this up so other future chapters will be long.

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