Rise of shadow's 2

Second chapter.

I hope you enjoyed the first because here's the second.

Trials and Jail breaks.

Ron sat in the darkness of his cell, his fractured mind torn by the grief of his dead parents and the reality that he was being treated as they're murder.

No one had come for him since his false imprisonment, not Director Betty who Is in charge of the facility, not Kim his BF since pre-school, no one came except for the agents who dragged him out to conduct their torture.

The only solace he has is his buddy Rufus who has been hiding in his pocket, The intelligent mole rat was the only one comforting him in this dire time.

The sound of footsteps could be heard approaching and the intelligent rodent once again sneaked back into his pocket before the familiar face of Agent Du appeared.

"Ronald Stoppable." He addressed the defeated teen, who sat slump against the wall and lifted his head to look at him with eye's filled with great sorrow and defeat.

The agent maintain his pokerfaced expression before the slumped teen "You are to be escort to the hearing of your trial."

Ron's mind in it's shattered state raced with this startling revelation 'Trial?! It's not been a day since I've been arrested and already they're trying me for murder.' The doors to the cell opened and Du and another agent stood him up, despite how passive Ron was being the agents didn't hide their aggressiveness as they roughly handcuffed him and shove him out of the cell.

They lead him to large room and sat him down on the lone chair in the centre where he looked up and saw many people looking down on him with impassive expression, some were wearing agent gear like Du, others military and a few in suits.

From the side where the agents where sitting was Director Betty herself, her lone eye closed and refusing to meet anyone.

Soon a man in a officers uniform entered and took his place upon the judges seat, he regarded Ron with nothing but a stone cold expression "Ronald Stoppable. Do why you are here?" Ron didn't respond or look at him "you are being charged with the murd-".

"how about we cut the bullshit here with this so called trial." Ron spoke for the first time, his voice carrying a coldness to it that made many of the veterans within the room including Director Betty sit up rigid as a cold chill went up their spines. Ron looked up that the judge with nothing but a cold glare that held unwavering hostility, his eye's no longer held the warmth or compassion they once had "It's obvious that you have already rendered your judgement before any of this began. This Trial… is nothing but a formality."

No one looked surprised or shocked about this revelation but merely sat their meeting Ron's cold look with impassive poker faces, The judge didn't seemed fazed by his words or his sudden change in attitude but seeing as there was no use in keeping up this facade of a court he quickly got on to the sentencing "Very well. You are hereby sentenced to life imprisonment." He slammed his gavel on the desk "Agents take him away."

Ron didn't resist as the Agents stood him up and pushed him out of the room where the majority of the court started to leave except for Director Betty and the Man that preceded as the Judge.

"Sir I must Protest to This. We haven't even conducted a full investigation to the murders of the Stoppable's, not mention the number of witnesses that all claimed t-"

"Director Betty. While I admire your resolve to seek out justice I must advise you that all judgement of the subject was ordered by the higher ups. Now ether you accept this or they will find someone who will."

-Drakens lair-

In the castle lair of Dr Draken, Shego continued to watched the news, her eye's never leaving the large screen as she waited for any new information pertaining to the sidekick, unfortunately she too immersed in it to notice the lack of noise or the blue idiot standing behind her.

"Shego. Why are you watching this garbage and not monitoring the security cams?" Draken ordered, his natural complaining tone was always ear cringing to the ex-heroine, the blue man noticed the familiar face and hair but like the half idiot he was he couldn't remember who the side kick the teen girl who foil's his every plan "And who is he?".

Shego could only roll her eye's at the man who calls himself a genius yet couldn't remember the name or face of recurring member of team possible, the blonde hair freckle faced boy with the pink rodent was something that no could forget about seeing as he's always responsible for causing the destruction of their lairs with the self-destruct switch that Draken keeps putting on all of his machines "That would be princess's sidekick."

Dr Draken remembered the boy but he unfortunately had the attention span of monkey with a brick for a brain "Right… the buffoon. What's his name?"


"Bah! I couldn't care about him, I have more important things to care about then some buffoon." And with that the blue skinned evil genius left, just in time as the spokeswoman appeared with more information.

"This just in." The woman on the large monitor said earning Shego's attention "Ronald Stoppable has been found guilty of 1st degree murder of Mr and Mrs Stoppable. The young teen has been sentenced by the Government to serve out a life sentence behind bars."

-with the Possibles-

"I don't believe it!" Ann Possible wailed out as she collapsed onto the couch, her husband bringing her into his arms where she let out her grief.

"Mom. The government wouldn't just sentence him without cause or evidence." Kim tried to reason with her hysterical mother, defending the governments intentions even though she too was suspicious about the quick sentencing, she was with Ron when she arrived at his house and saw both his parents alive before they arrived at school where hooked up with her boyfriend Mankey later.

It plague the young hero's mind as to why she wasn't called in about this, as both a witness to Ron's innocence and as the world's top Heroine who solves more crime's and case's then any detective in the world.

"Yeah. Like the government has anything to hide." Tim spoke out sarcasticly at his sisters blind devotion to the so call law and justice of the government who has it's own Dark side when it needs to be shown.

-back in GJ Cell-

Ron laid in cell, the so called court had sentenced to this cell for the rest of his life but why, the question kept plaguing his mind 'it's obvious that someone has framed me and is back by people in the shadows who have control in government. But why go after me? Is it a way to get to kim? Or is there some higher reason I have yet to see?' Questions after questions but Ron didn't need questions he needed answers and the only way to do that is by getting out 'ether way I can't stay here, I'll found those who have wrong me and make them pay.'

A cold calculating look foreign to the once happy teen settled his face "Rufus?" he called out.

From his jean pocket a familiar hairless rodent popped out with a smile "yes."

"Time for a jail break."

-control room-

In the control room over looking the numerous cells, two technicians oversaw the prison cells from their place above, the two were relaxing, only monitoring the systems of the latest in high tech prison systems.

Unfortunately for them, they were about to be knocked out of their relaxed state.

One of the technicians who had his feet up toppled back wards from his chair as his monitor blared in alarm, getting up he multiple error messages swallow up the screen. "Hey! Whats going on!?" he called out to his co-worker who was experiencing the same situation he was, in fact all of the monitors in the room was ringing with errors.

They could only look on in horror as all of the security systems shut down one by one before the cell doors opened "All the cells are unlocking!" The inmates cautiously stepped out, seeing that every cell on the block was open and all of the security was down before charging out in a horde "Quick the alarm!"

The other Technician scrambled over to the alarm box and slammed his hand onto the big red button… only for nothing to happen, no blaring alarm or red lights nothing. He rapidly kept on punching the button in in desperately bid for it to work "It's not working!" Unbeknownst to the two of them they did not see a little pink rat crawl out of the alarm box with coloured wires in his mouth before scurrying into the nearby vent next to the techy.

-back with Ron-

The hall way flooded with criminals that Global Justice has captured over years, from the worst of the worst, assassins, murders, enemy agents, rogues and super criminals the world has ever seen rushed through the hall like a tidal wave that busted through the doors washing over the number of personnel who were unfortunate to be there.

Ron travelled at the back of the raging mob, not getting involved in petty brawls around him as members of the GJ where pined to the ground being savagely attack by a number of the prisoners. He strides slowly through the halls, keeping a safe distance from the wave of criminals ahead of him, he stopped at a nearby vent, and waited for his partner in crime to meet up with him.

From out of the vent cover a familiar naked pink rodent escaped from through the bars and climbed up his pants leg until he stood in the palm of his hand "Nice break out Rufus." Ron complemented his friends handy work who gave a humble bow before climbing to his shoulder and resting on it.

Ron continued striding down the hall way, passing by the destruction caused by his fellow inmates, he followed directions that his friend offered until he came to a room filled with a variety of air based vehicles, ranging from helicopters to planes.

Yet one stood out to him. In the far corner of the hanger a CV-22B stood ready, it's wings which hard large propellers at the end were aimed upwards in ascending position, it's large body was a fusion between a small plane with the tail and head but the body of a large helicopter.

"Alright Rufus you open the hanger doors I'll get the CV working." The Pink mole rat jumped off and ran towards the control while Ron entered the Arial vehicle through the ramp, it's interior was capable of housing two large military vehicles and a platoon of soldiers.

He walked up through the hall and into cockpit where two seats for the pilot and the co-pilot sat, from his years of traveling with Kim in various aerial machines, he memorised the pilot's movements and actions to start the Helicopter.

The engine hummed as they started it up, the propellers slowly span, picking up speed until they were a blur. From across the room Rufus had climbed on top of the control box and jumped on the green button causing the ceiling to open, the large ceiling doors split apart showing the cloudy sky above and continued until the doors disappeared.

Rufus rushed back to the prepared Vehicle, running on all four of his limbs and climbing into the ramp where Ron saw him and flipped the switch closing the doors behind him.

"let's get out of here." Pulling back on the lever he moved ascended the air borne vehicle up into open ceiling until it was no longer in the base but hover just above concealed doors. Rufus climbed into the cockpit and took his place in the co-pilot seat, Ron pulled the lever the control the position of the Propellers, aiming them forward where he flew the CV-22 forward away from the Lone tropical island.

-with Director Betty-

Today was not a good day for the Director of GJ, not a few hours ago Ron Stoppable was sentenced without a trial and Now there was a prison break within their own Facility, a base so secretive and high tech that it was capable of holding the worlds worst super criminals with the most destructive abilities the world has ever seen.

Yet out of nowhere without warning The prisoners they had locked up had poured through their hall like a tidal wave of evil and hate, She and her agents were caught off guard by the sudden attack they never saw coming but she and the more experience agents quickly fought back.

They managed to suppress the surprise attack with a few casualties on their side, now she sat at her desk with bits of debris and scattered paper work all over her work space, calls and alarm signals were pouring through on her computer.

Agent Du stood at attention before her, he was one of the first to be attack when their entered the command centre so he spotted a few bruises here and there on his being "how many did we lose?" the entire base was in disarray, a number of the escaped prisoners had barricaded themselves within sections of the base, taking hostages.

Will Du maintained his stoic composer despite his scuffled look "counting the number of Personnel who were unfortunate enough to be caught in this prison break and have yet to be accounted for, I'd say nearly hundred, the Medical lab is overflowing with both our own members and the Prisoners who have been subdued."

"And the number of Inmates who are still unacounted for?"

"Considering the majority that are assassins, rogue agents and top class super criminals, I'd say… two thirds of our cells." The good news was the low time criminals not considered too dangerious were still roaming around in the base or were already captured. The bad news was the worlds most deadliest criminals were still loose somewhere on the island and letting them roam free was not an option especially after all of the lives it took to capture them in the first place.

"put together a unit to hunt down the escaped criminals, lethal force is authorised." Not part of their standard procedure but they couldn't risk such high profile villians to escape, besides it is not the first time GJ had to get it's hand bloodied.

"Yes sir." Du saluted before moving to leave until The Director had one more inquiry.

"one more thing Agent Du." The agent stopped to turn around to face her "is Ronald Stoppable among the one's we detained?"

"Not that I know of."

Betty was silent for a moment before dismissing him "That will be all."

-Drakens Lair-

In Drakens Lair, Shego was relaxing and reading the latest fashion magazine, one of the few pass time's and luxuries she is allowed when working for Dr Draken.

She was enjoying her break from Dr D when *DING DONG!* the door bell to their evil lair rang clear with the classical bell ring.

"Shego! Will you get that!?" Dr Draken yelled out from his workshop, too busy in his work to stop and answer it self.

Shego sighed heavily and put down her magazine to answer the door, little did she know that the person at the door was the last person she expected "Yes who i- YOU!?".

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