Rise of Shadows Ch 8

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Rise of Shadows Ch 8

The sun rose over the earth, bathing its light upon the population of the planet where its gaze landed upon the once great city of GO City which remained the urban covered growth city

The natural wake up calls of the morning birds singing the song combined with the penetrating light shining through the windows was enough to arouse the slumbering members of a privately own house overlooking the growth taken city.

Inside everyone was waking up to start the new morning and career as super criminals.

In one of the rooms was shego. The lime green and dark haired beauty was stretched out across her grass green sheets and her head cushioned on her dark pillows. The mercenary for hire Shego stirred from her isolated and peaceful realm of dreams, completely forgetting about the reality until she awoke and the memories of yesterday and the current occupation of guests in her house brought a sour look to her face.

Before going to sleep, Shego made sure to lock her door to the fullest extent she could. The chair pushed against the knob wasn't enough, she barricaded the entrance to her room with what she could, throwing draws, tables stands and whatever else she could find against the frame to make it almost impossible for anyone to push in through.

Shego really wished that everything that happened yesterday was all a bad dream. Well…. Everything except Ron, she really wished to believe that the two other women were non-existent, that everything was only a figment of her dreams.

…but she was proven otherwise as she pulled back the closed curtains to behold the sight that brought both a smile to her face, and great disappointment at the same time.

Shego saw the once grand Jewel of advancement and technology now reduced to overgrown shrub of out of control weeds that did not seem to be clearing away as she could see from this house far in the high road hills overlooking it, the heavy construction equipment and deforesting machines being brought in to clear it up.

The mercenary for hire remember that she wasn't hosting for two guests but one more extra.

The thought of her most important guest being In danger jumpstarted the lime green woman into action, hastily throwing on some clothes before un-barricading her door to check on him.


Meanwhile in the living room.

Ron stoppable, newly dubbed super criminal was lying asleep on the couch; the young boy being introduced into the world of crime had nothing to change into for the night so he slept in only his trousers with his shirt hanging over the couch. A wool stitched blanket thrown over his body that covered him as he and his little pal Rufus slept contently like the other occupants in the house.

Though he was on alert around his new… friends Harley and Ivy, he gave them the benefit of the doubt for the moment.

Giving them the only other bedroom besides shego's, the owner who begrudgingly gave in to this generosity of sharing with their guests.

Both women having yet to give any cause or reason to shego to flambé their butts back to their own world.

After the portal travel yesterday, both women were surprisingly friendly… too friendly for shego's liking and… maybe Ron's as well who chose sleep in the living room not because he was being gentlemanly or that their in a relationship as they learned yesterday. But to protect the Teleportation module in case they decide to try and pull a fast one on them in the middle of the night, Ron had hid the device just in case they did in fact try to immobilise him, it was added precaution in case he was beaten.

With the sun up in the sky and the light baring down on his face, Ron stirred awake.

His mind already remembering the events of yesterday and the two women who had yet to leave their room since yesterday, all the while he had yet to fully awaken.

Sitting he stretched himself awake and yawn, his head looking to the side to find his best pal Rufus nestling on the arm of the crouch, curled up and contently slumbering away.

Ron pulled the blanket that was previously on top of him and draped the edge over his little friend "sleep easy buddy." He cooed to his little buddy before standing up and making his way to the kitchen.

Deciding to fix something up for everyone.

-Harley and ivy-

Finally we find the two remaining people of the group.

Harley and Ivy slept contently and naked on the single bed.

The two queens of Gotham were given the room to sleep in by Ron who was gracious enough to allow the two friends with benefits a room to themselves… which was a wise decision as they laid there as naked as the day they were born with Harley spooning herself against her green haired BF who allowed such for this as they both slept peacefully for the first time since… never as Gotham city had instilled the fear of letting one's guard down so it was natural for people, both citizens and criminals alike to sleep with one eye open.

But since coming to the world, both women had managed to sleep without a dreadful thought, nightmare or the ever present need to wake up every hour to check if they were all well and good in the city that will kill you in your sleep.

The natural morning rising was a pleasant thing to wake up to for the two queens of crime, as well as each other as both groggily saw the other before memories of yesterday began to arise and with it, smiles gracing their lips.

"Mornin' pam!" Harley chipped out before planting a good long smooch on her green friends lips which was a pleasant waking up to for the both of them.

"Morning Harl." Ivy yawned out, giving a tired pat on Harley tookest before the blonde climbed out and walked towards the window and ripped the curtains wide open, blinding Ivy for a second before her eye's adjusted to the sight of the sunlight, her glorious work beyond that, And the naked back of her friend Harley where her eye's instinctively trailed down to her sharply shaped naked rear.

Something that the blonde criminal sensed and turned around, catching her green cohort red handed "uh-uh Pammy~" Harley teased with a naughty smirk on her lips and her finger waving at her friend "we can as much fun as you want after breakfast."

-within the kitchen-

The salivating smell of eggs cooking and beacon frying filled the house accompanied by the ever strong yet alluring smell of coffee, freshly brew and sitting on the kitchen table, steaming in a quartet of four large mugs to be taken up.

Shego was the enter into the kitchen to behold the present sight of Ron, uninjured or affected in anyway after he chose to sleep on the couch, unprotected.

Plus he was making breakfast.

There was nothing shego loved more than a wonderful morning of nicely prepared food and hot coffee prepared for her.

She walked in, grabbing one of the mugs and walking up to lean against the counter beside him "Good morning." She said, before taking a sip from the hot beverage. Shego exhaled deeply as she felt the soothing sensations of the caffeine unbending her tense muscles, a euphoric sense of ease and relaxation came upon her as she felt her woes in that moment lift.

Taking his eye' from the pan, Ron addressed the very content mercenary for hire with a soft smile "Morning. Did you have nice night?"

"Hmmmmm~" shego hummed out, too enthralled by her own drink to give an answer.

"well you're just in time. I'm about to dish out our breakfast." Ron stated as he flipped over the last of the beacon to be turned while shego sat herself down at the table within the kitchen, waiting for her morning food to be delivered.

And not a moment too soon as Ron came over with a plate of fried beacon, sunny side up eggs and freshly buttered toast for the dark haired super criminal. As shego was about to dig in, Ron called out to the other occupants in the house "HARLEY, IVY! Breakfast!" he called out as he dished out similar plates all five members which included Rufus as the pink little rat sat on her table and dug into the sliced in half toast.

Not a moment went by before Harley walked…. In nothing but a cheery demeanour as she sat down on the table.

"PPPPPHHHHFFFTT!?" Shego spat out her coffee in shock at the sight of the naked blonde woman sitting casually at her kitchen table with no Underwear! No Bra! Or any clothes for that Matter!?

"Yum! It looks delicious!" Harley chippered, oblivious to the stare's she was receiving until-

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" Shego screeched out, halting the blonde criminal before she could piece her egg yoke to see the mortified face of shego staring at her with darkening cheeks.

"What!? What the matter with you?"

Shego took on a new shade of dark green as she gave a scathing glare to the oblivious blonde who continued to remain unaware of her nudity and exposer to them.

"What's the matter with Me!? What's the matter with YOU!? Why are you not dressed!?" Shego cried out.

It was only then that Harley noticed her own state and then looked back up to see the mortified and fully darkened cheeks of shego glaring at her to Ron who just simply stared but she could make out the light tone of red dusting his face.

This amused Harley who turned it into a game as she grinned wickedly, dropping her utensils as she leaned heavily on the table with her arms folded under her breasts that sat on them "I felt the incredibly urge to be free~." She slyly sang out as she began to stretch herself upwards.

"Being in that suit can get so stuffy sometimes and I need to let my girls out now and then." She then lifted up her breasts by hand, cupping each of her naked boobs that hung from her breasts "Do you know how hard it is to squeeze all of this into a complete skin-tight suit that squeeze's all of This!"

Shego knew now that Harley was doing this to a rise out of her…. And it was working.

The cup in shego's hand trembled, but not from the pressured strain or the self-will of launching herself at the smiling blonde who teased her.

No, it was because of the brown liquid contents that boiled to dangerous levels within the ceramic mug that cooked in her near fiery grip.

"Harley Stop!" Ron commanded in a tired yet stern tone as he put to stop to it.

Harley took her eye's off shego with a bland and impassive expression as she now stared at Ron who involved himself in her morning fun.

The young blonde teen then placed a hand upon the temperamental ticking firebomb that was shego's smouldering hand, unafraid of being burnt as he calmed her down "Shego. Calm yourself, you won't do yourself any good if you allow yourself to be riled up like this." Ron's soft tone and gentle strokes managed to calm her down to resuming drinking her coffee bitterly.

"Harley. Since we're going to be partners, compatriots, comrades or whatever name that describes us working together. We have to learn to get along despite how bitter it maybe to some people-" shego shot him a glare but this was ignored as he continued on "Also… I'd rather not ruin this morning nor this wonderful breast fast I made putting out any fires that might erupt in this kitchen."

Harley looked at Ron for a few seconds before her face adopted a the smiling expression and giddy attitude she was known for "Whatever you say…. Mister R!...no wait that doesn't sit right. Ron Man!? No, again not right… how about Daddy?"

"Why Daddy?" Ron asked in confusion to the nick name she painted on him.

"Because you're like the parent of the house. And we're your little Naughty~ Girls." Ron nearly choked from Harley's flirtatious innuendo.

"How about something that doesn't paint me as some sort of sexual predator or deviant?" Ron deadpan at the blonde who bore a Cheshire cat smirk at the red colouration she was getting from her hosts.

"Not until I pick the perfect name for you!" Harley declared. It was then that their other guest in green joined them "Hey Pam!" Harley called out as Poison ivy walked in.

"Morning Harl." The green skinned woman walked up to her blonde friend and pecking her.

However the goddess of nature was also lacking important articles of cloth on her being.

'Oh my God! Do these two not know the meaning of indecently?' Shego mentally cried as she saw that her second… burdensome guest was also naked. Try as she might, she couldn't keep her eye's away from ivy's naked figure that was making her self conscious.

Meanwhile her fellow ex-hero was also having some thoughts on this as he saw the well sculpted figure that ivy seemed to have been blessed with. His natural teenage mind didn't stop his eye's from looking up and down her exposed figure while they could.

Taking into memory her bountiful breasts, her curved slender figure but most importantly what was further down where his eye's landed '…I guess the carpet does match the drapes….' His mind thought as his eye's couldn't leave the sight of the red bush of hair further down her body.

Shego's sanity and patience were beyond the limit that these two were putting her through so early in the morning "For the love of god! Would the two of you please put some pants on!" shego stressed out.

Ivy turned to look at her green counterpart and noticed the darkening on her cheeks and the way her hands cover her face from them as they held her head. And from the corner of her eye, she saw the unbroken stare from the only man in their house.

A sense of pride that came as she still ensnared and captivated men to her beauty.

Ivy let loose a saucy grin as she stood next to Harley "Someone's feeling a little insecure. Harl, I think she's scared she can't match up to us~."

Shego's reaction was expected.

Hands raised. Fingers locked like spider legs. Blazing green fire engulfing her appendages. Jaw set. Teeth clenched. Eye's fiery with rage.

Ivy tensed, one of her hands by her side discreetly waved. A small sliver of pollen flew across the room to a seed she had discreetly place before in case she needed to fight.

The small shell quivered and began to split.

A small root slowly seeped out, it grew into a small growth ready to explode at a moment's notice when ivy commands it.

Thankfully the all out fight that had Harley ducking. Rufus running. And the two powerful woman itching didn't happen.

"Miss Ivy. " spoke the voice of reasoning and calm that drew the plant woman's attention to the one man currently holding back the explosive Darkette. Ron's eye's locked with Ivy's own gleaming emeralds in an assertive steel stare that had her feeling locked in place as Ron demonstrated his authority.

"I recently had a talk with your friend Harley about the conditions that we will be working together for how long it takes. So for the time being let us act like civilised and well mannered beings and try and get along. So please, For shego's sake, Mine, This House and our newly born union. Put something on to make Shego stop complaining."

Ivy was taken back by how confident and authoritarian this young man no older then teen was being, it was as though she was standing before boss or a commander.

She couldn't help but have her full attention directed at him solely.

Her muscles relaxed, and the sprouted seed ceased.

Fingers unclenched and relax; the fire's snuffed out as shego also ceased her aggressions.

It was at this moment that Ron's fellow blonde jumped up and took the opportunity to settle her side of the matter "Alright Daddy! Come on Pam. Let's get dress."

Ivy made no resistance to be pulled along "Ok, may I ask why did you call him that?" she asked as she and Harley disappeared back into the house.

Now alone, shego dropped back into her seat with her head held in her hands "I am going to babbacue them!" she could not make it any clear how much she despised their new allies.

The gentle pressing and rubbing of her shoulders by firm hands helped to ease her high tensions that she had at least one person in her life that wasn't a pain in her Ass.

With a soft yet strong whisper blowing in her ear, Shego fell into the spell of Ron's voice "Calm yourself Shego. Remember, that this is your house. And I don't think you want to start ruining it after all these of keeping it safe and clean unlike Dr Drakken's Lairs."

A smile grew on her lips as she finally found the moment to relax in Ron's arms "…your right. Your Right! I need to breath. Calm down. And enjoy this morning while I can."

Not long after, Ivy and Harley walked back in.

Dressed…. Mostly.

Both woman now wore articles that covered their more private area's.

Harley wore a white loose T-shirt, all loosely buttoned up with the bottom dropping to her thighs, and underneath around her pelvic region she wore her previous black panties.

Ivy was mostly in the same outfit she wore when they met, matching leaf green underwear, and a similar shirt but it was unbutton and loosely hanging on her body.

"There! Are you comfortable now you've forced us to cover our bodies because yours can't compare."

Shego gave a glare that said *Your Lucky I don't have Heat vision.* as Ron's hand covered her mouth, preventing her from unleashing a scream at the two who bore at her with anger inducing smirks that gloated at her with much amusement and satisfaction at getting a rise at her.

But it ended there as they sat down to enjoy their ready meals, knowing well enough not to push the breaking point.

Seeing the hard won peace that has been establish Ron dug into his own food.

All five plates sat in perfect alignment to which group was which.

Ron sat at the head of the small rectangular table with 6 chairs around it, shego to his right and Rufus to his left eating his own human quality of beacon and eggs.

While Harley was opposite him on the other end devouring into her own plate with ivy next to her on the same side as shego.

"So is everyone enjoying their meal?" Ron asked as he cut up his eggs.

"Mmmmhhhh!/ Yep!/…."

But one person amongst them barley touched theirs and this merely glared at the two golden yokes staring back at her.

Ron noticed the lack of beacon being moved or touched from her plate, and the utensils being disturbed "Miss Ivy. What wrong?" he asked, wondering why the plant woman wasn't touching a single piece of her wonderfully made breakfast.

"I don't eat meat." Ivy stated, pushing the plate away from her being like it was a plague.

Ron felt like an ass as he assumed that she ate regular food like everyone else, he never considered that she wasn't carnivore either as a life choice…. Or because of her condition. "I oh do so apologise. I didn't know, let me make you something else."

Ron abruptly stopped eating and stood up from his seat, he pushed his unfinished pile to the pink rodent who leaped from his empty plat and onto Ron's to begin devouring it.

Ron made a B-line to the fridge and all in one freeze, and opened it up, taking a quick glance at the inventory before shutting it and turning back to the unfulfilled woman.

"So ah…. Do you like fish?" he asked, wanting to know her preference.

"I don't eat… normal foods anymore. Animals of any kind and what comes out of them." A cruel fact that still eats at her despite the cold unfeeling wall she has maintained around her heart all these years.

Ron now understood… this wasn't a life choice but the curse that came with her condition "So what your basically saying is that your strictly condense to eating, vegetables, fruit and produce…. What about certain foods not apart of that group list like dairy?" he asked, his mind already brainstorming what to make with what he's…. shego's got.

Ivy wasn't sure… she knew not what limits her inability to eat certain products was. The delectable smell of the beacon and eggs that filled the room reawakened a long lost urge to eat the sizzled browned beacon and sunny golden eggs… that is, if the pink naked rodent hadn't already begun to eat her entire plate and currently presented his immense satisfaction as a large gullet expanded from it's tiny form that it patted contently.

Ivy had nothing to lose, the monster currently eating at her stomach known as hunger, demanded to be sated "I… suppose I might be able to eat… some." She betted at whatever he was going to give her… besides, nature provided her with everything, so she can get her fill from anything when she wanted.

Ron pulled everything he could from the fridge to make something special for his new plant based friend Ivy.

The triage of female super villains watched as the blonde boy was hard at work chopping the butternut squash, sweet potato and carrots with except precision and skill that amazed them all as his hands were in a blur handling the cutting of the herbs and Onion as he threw them all into a pot that was lit.

Working fast to fill his new associate stomach as he boiled the kettle and pulled out a vegetable stock, rummaging through shego's cupboards till he found a measuring jug and poured the hot water in along with the stock and began to stir.

Occasionally he would return back to the pot of frying vegetables and move them around so they wouldn't burn and were still being cooked in the slightly oiled metal container before pouring in the jug of mixed stock in and letting it simmer.

He from there, a sweet and enrapturing aroma that captured the noses of Harley, Shego and Ivy who breathed in deep the salivating smell that wetted their tongues and awakened their stomachs that roared with anticipation of being filled.

20 to 30 minutes had past as Ron worked diligently on the vegetable soup, adding seasonings when needed before he dished it out in a small bowl and presented it to the plant woman.

Ivy looked at her food that brownish mush looking pile of thick water and vegetables that may look odd but the smell radiating strongly from it beckoned her to try. Taking the spoon supplied to her, she took a full helping of the mush that was finely diced onions, carrots and herbs before putting it in her mouth.

Ivy's eye's exploded in awe as her tongue was bombarded with a spicy yet humbling sweet taste of this batch that had her moaning in delight the likes of which she has never experienced after her transformation.

Ivy was reminded of the foods she used to enjoy eating that only became a bitter memory of her long forsaken human life as she was restricted to eating bland and less enjoyable fresh foods diced and never cooked.

It was like heaven to her for such a long time.

And she was going to enjoy it.

Ron Smiled as he watched Ivy help herself to his rushed culinary creation.

And it seemed she wasn't the only one as he dished out a few more bowls of his soup to the others, Shego and ivy, except for Rufus who had just finished his second portion from Ivy's untouched plate.

Ron received sounds of delight and satisfaction as they fill their stomaching on the extra platter "Good huh?".

"Ah yeah." Sighed out shego as she leaned back, savouring the deliciously tasting and filling quelling within her, much like her two… associates.

"wonderful." Ivy stated, and quite honestly too as this was the first time in a long time since she had enjoyed a wonderful meal that was paradise to her on that moment.

"Yum yum!" Harley answered in her own way, throwing her head back as she let out a roar of satisfaction *Burp!* while patting her full stomach.

"I'm glad. It's been awhile since I cooked for other's, and I've never had the chance to challenge my culinary skills."

"you are man full of hidden talents." Shego both stated and complemented the boy she was just getting to know.

Ron couldn't help but get flustered at the praise "I wouldn't say hidden. I've always had them, I just… never really used them."

"Why? From what I've seen thus far compared to our previous engagements when you were with Princess. You've always set yourself off as some goofy doofus so why"

"Firstly, you've no doubt know how tough it is being a hero and a famous one at that with everyone knowing your name and where you live." "I didn't want that spot light. I didn't want to bear the burden of responsibility of millions of lives on my hands. Whenever Drakken or some other villain built some sort of doomsday or world conquering device, you have weight of untold lives at stake if you fail or are too slow to stop it in time."

"Unlike Kim who believes she can do anything. I wanted to have a normal teen life without worrying about stopping some sort of natural disaster or world domination scheme in the works. I tried to take life as simple and easy as a young boy unlike my friend who balances out being a cheerleader captain, member of every school activity and club and world renowned teen hero summoned on nearly a weekly basis."

It was here, that a side of Harley never before seen for some time re-emerged.

She leaned on the table and directed her entire focus on the blonde boy before her.

"And this… Kim. How does she far in all of this overbearing work that no normal Teenager would do?" Psychiatrist Harley was out. The former life and persona of a respected doctor for the criminally insane in Arkham Asylum was brought out for the first time in years.

"Honestly… quite well. She seems to do it to a perfect degree with barely a misstep." Ron just laid it all out, seeing that such information wasn't really a necessary to guard.

Harley just hummed in deep thought from what she just heard "sounds like a classic over achiever. Your friend is sets herself to these ridiculous task for a young teen especially when being a hero."

Ron went to defend his frie- ex friend "But Kim doesn't… well I mean she does tend to go overboard sometimes but she isn't some crazed person trying to achieve perfection at every corner. She's often relaxed about it when it doesn't involve Cheerleading or Hero work. She isn't some ego manic as you might think."

"unlike some people I know…" Shego muttered in the background, but her close proximity to Ron caused him to hear it and sympathise with the ex-mercenary of her frequent last employer who was an over the top Ego-megalomaniac hell bent on world domination.

Harley however, was full on doctor's mode as she explained "It not always an obvious trait. Sometimes it's a sub-conscious feeling that is born from an event or something implanted within the subject's mind like a notion."

The cogs in Ron's head turned as he recalled all of the things she just said with his time with Kim. All of the adventures and social interactions around them, with his former best friend being complemented on accomplishing the unthinkable for a young girl. "Like… being called the girl who could do anything?" Kim was often called by such a title by everyone around the world.

Hell she even had her own fan based website where everyone talked and followed Kim's adventures and battles against the notorious villains they encountered over the years of their crime fighting days.

All in all, Kim was complemented and praised heavily for her work in just about… everything from extra credit assignments that she would take to community services in every part, leaving many if not all any free time on their hands except for her because she did them with as much passion and motivation that she gives to everything.

Harley nodded sharply "Precisely. Titles are often ego boosters and have driven many with ambitious pursuits. The pressure and emotionally baring weight of everything that she does would destroy anyone, but this Kim has smothered such intensity under her guise of success and perfection." Once during her short time here with Ron and Shego getting to know her bubbly and childish personality.

But now, this new Harley… was someone else.

"…how do you know all of this?" Shego was the first ask what and Ron were thinking about this new professional attitude she suddenly adopted with the knowledge to boot.

Smiling coyly, Harley held a cat grin smirk like she was holding something over them "I used to be a Psychiatrist for the criminally insane." She answers about her previous profession.

Needless to say, Ron and Shego were not only stumped but also in disbelief "…You serious?"

Now it was ivy who verified her claim "Yep. Harley here used to diagnose many of the inmates at Arkham, including me." It was the first of many interactions that would serve to bring about a beautiful relationship between the two.

Harley chipped "Yep. It was our first interaction and the start of a beautiful friendship." Her hand flew to Ivy's own and cupped it with their fingers entwining together. The plant green skinned woman shared a loving smile with her blonde haired friend.

Ron was intrigued and interested in learning more from his new acquaintance besides the obvious "Tell more. I want to know more about our new friends." He leaned heavily on the table with his body bending forward as elbows sat together on the surface.


-Meanwhile in Middleton-

Back in Middleton, in the possible household.

Kim possible was waking up to yet another miserable day, her face haggard and devoid of any real positive emotions. Bags and a deep shadow under her eye's from the tears and continuous bouts of waking up in the night and checking her Kimunicator for any messages or text from Wade and she dare hope… Ron on any progress or news about her missing BF.

Only to see and hear nothing, waking up almost every 5 to 10 minutes to find nothing awaiting her.

What was there for Kim to do other then wait and hope for the hopeless.

But what was she to do? What can she do?

Wait for another lead on Ron to act upon.

Go out into the world searching every content blindly until she found out later that he's half way around the world by the time she's deeply entrenched in a country to just leave.

What was she to do? She asked herself as another tear dripped down.

-Back At Shego's House-

Back at shego's house, all present were deeply rooted in their seats with Ron and shego starring bug eyed at the blonde woman before them with bug eyed expressions.

Shego was honestly not prepared for the mentally scaring story she had heard from the goofy blonde who she now saw in a new light and better understanding of her silly and aloof attitude she bore as a mask to hide her pain.

Ron could understand her attitude all too well.

She put up this wall of silliness and mockery in order to endure through the tremendous pain and heart ache she went through with and from the Joker. The many lives she was forced to take, from adults to children on the joker's psychotic rampage and trail of mass murder that leaves none alive. There was no mercy or hesitation with the joker, no restraint as he tortures and brutalises his victims to the point where death is a mercy compared to living through the hell he put them through.

Needless to say, it was an eye opener for both Ron and shego as they now saw Harley in a new light "Wow! That was quite a story." Ron broke the silence as shego continued to gawp "So you've basically been in this abusive relationship with this psychotic mass murdering clown who has yet to get the chair or the injection for his borderline war crimes." It was amazing to how the mass murdering clown, who even went abroad to other countries wasn't put down like the mad animal he was.

"Yep…" Ivy exasperated, even though she herself had few stains of blood on her hands, most of them weren't random and were picked from the multinational big wigs and public figures involved polluting and deforestations for a quick buck. But she never harmed children unlike many of her fellow inmates in Arkham asylum, she had a restraint when it came harming others.

Children were one.

Pregnant woman was another.

Shego finally snapped out of her stupor to ask "So… why was he never tried after all that he's done? I mean, from what you told he's pretty much been around the whole nation killing everyone he comes across. From everything that he has done, you'd think he'd warrant the death penalty."

Even ivy herself couldn't believe how corrupt and inapt the justice and court systems of their world were "You'd think. But you must remember that where we're from, a lot of people turn a blind eye by just flashing some cash or exploiting the loop holes within the law." She couldn't count the number of times she and her fellow Gotham criminals escaped from prison or Arkham because of some minor details.

Her favourite was the Dark Knight himself, whenever he busted her and her fellows, they aren't hauled off to jail as they were supposed to for their crimes "You wouldn't imagen how many times I've avoid woman prison by being arrested by the batman who isn't a recognised legal agent of the law." Despite doing what he does, and earning the recognition and praise from the people of Gotham, the batman was a vigilante.

A man taking the law into his own hands over the recognised peace keepers of the city.

But that one detail that screw over the justice systems didn't apply here to their world "well, in this world despite me and Kim being nothing more than teenagers. We still manage to send many to prison even though we're underage and still in high school." Ron could count the number of times he and Kim sent, criminal masterminds, evil villains, and henchmen to prison.

"Same when I was still a super hero with my brothers." Shego remarked on her own time as a heroine for Go city.

Now that they heard Harley's story, Ivy pressed to know what Ron's tale was from hero to criminal for someone as young as him "Speaking of which, what's your story? How did someone as young as you get tied in all of this?"

"Well, I suppose it's only fair since I've heard Harley's tale. But in order to get where we are, you must first know who I am and how the series of events led me here."

"First off, I'm an only child to two… parents."

Ivy and Harley noticed the paused and rose eyebrows at gapped introduction "what, weren't they loving?" Ivy asked, beginning to imagen that Ron's life was no different from

"If they showed any sign of love to be called loving. Now I'm not saying they were abusive or violent, rather… absent for most of my entire life since the day I went to pre-school. My parents were never really around; my father is an actuary, meaning he can work anywhere. So his job's if he had any had him away for most of my entire life along with my mother who… gave out hints that she'd rather have had a daughter."

"So a life of neglect and self-independence." Harley concluded, already her former physicist self-rearing once more and psychoanalysing the man before her.

Ron nodded "Pretty much. Then I found a new family that accepted me as one of theirs outside my own parents. The Possibles which was my best friend Kim's family who treated me like a second son or older brother. They were everything my parents weren't. Loving, Caring, supportive." In a way, the possible were his family.

Ron took a long silence, as he could not help it when he started to think back to all of the precious and great memories of joy he had with Kim's family over his own. As he thought about it, there was nothing good that came with his parents or anyone of the stoppable branch on both his father and his mother's side.

His cousins which he knew only a few were distant "anyway, back onto my parents. They weren't around for anything. Not my birthdays, holidays, Christmas or my Bar Mitzvah-"

"Wait!? Your Jewish!?" Harley and Ivy stared in utter bewilderment of this revelation they never expected from their male co-hort.

Even this was news to shego who had no idea that the Kim's ex side-kick was of Islamic descent.

Ron just shrugged despite the looks he was receiving "Technically. Though I never practiced the Jewish faith or its customs. And I've always preferred Christmas over Hanukkah, though I never really did experience that either." "Anyway back onto the story. Neglectful and absent parents, boy meets girl, girl and boy become friends. Both enter High school; girl becomes world famous teen hero and captain of the cheerleading team while I became her side kick and the school dork. Not to be confused with Nerd or Geek."

Now Ivy was confused "What's the difference?" the nature extremist unable to tell the difference between the lowest rankings of school society.

Thankfully her blonde friend was there to help explain it to her "OH Pammy Don't you know. Dorks are the lowest of the low in school society. Below nerds who are all about their favourite franchise and below geeks who are the smarty pants and teacher's pets."

"Exactly like Harley said, there's what you might call a pyramid or tower of social popularity and power within the school system." "At the top are of course the A-listers. Star players, cheerleaders, the beautiful girls and of course the super-rich kids. They pretty much control the school, sort've like kings in a way as with a word they can ostracize anyone that crosses them so that no group would dare socialise with them. Their reach even extends sometimes to the faculty, because their parents are either influential people within the town or have the money to buy influence."

"Next below them are the Jocks. The muscle bound athletes who sometimes acts as muscle for the A-listers, like enforcers to keep everyone in line."

"After that it's the rest, emo's and goths have their own place and are rarely touched by anyone like the average students. Geeks, Nerds and finally Dorks."

"So what is a dork?"

"I gathered that by now you rarely took interest in the school social hierarchy when you attended. So I'm going on a limb here to say that you were part of some kind of political activist or a loner during your years?"

"Political voice for the environment." Ivy stated about her own college and university social life as a nature extremist.

"Cheerleader." Harley chipped in of her own collage years.

"Right. Anyway, was a best friend's with the renowned well known teen hero Kim possible as well as being part of Team possible and yet I was still the lowest of the low."

Now Harley and Ivy were even more confounded "Wait, wait, wait!? You are a well known hero along with your best friend. No mask or capes, and everyone knows your identity yet you were still picked on and pushed around?" it was dumbfounding that neither he nor his best friend were honoured and seen as celebrates for what they accomplish.

The tasks best left to actual superheroes and special task forces were done by mere teenagers who were still in high school. It surprised the two femme fatale villains that the school wasn't kissing the ground that they walked let alone treating them as anyone else.

Even the side kick Ron who helps the teen hero with her world saving missions isn't treated with the respect and honoured as a hero himself rather than treated like doofus.

Although Ivy and Harley will agree that sides kicks are just sides kicks that tag along with the heroes. The villains may treat them as such but from where they're from the innocent people treat them with the same love and admiration as they do their charges.

"Technically Kim was the hero and yes." He exasperated as his school life, social life and family life were all about him being looked down and picked on despite his own achievements as a hero himself.

"What did you do to get that ranking?" Harley asked, as she was pretty sure that his status as a world renowned side kick to hero should've kept the dogs at bay.

At this, Ron didn't know. He often wondered as to why he was knocked down to the bottom in the first place "I don't know. Was a pretty chilled out guy, I hung out with the most popular girl in school if not the whole world. I was a hero or rather a side hero. So I honestly don't know, I guess it just… happened." He could try to figure out why but it didn't really matter now. "I mean, there was this one moment when I was pretty popular but that was only because I was worth Billions."

Shego chocked on her spit when she heard that "How did that happen?"

Ron didn't see the need to lie, especially since he's got it all safely secured in a separate account "Lottery from Bheno Nacho. Speaking of which, during my high school years when I had a lot of money, I soon learned what kind of people my parents were." He now came to the subject that hurt him the most as it showed him the kind of people his parents really are. "I nearly lost my entire fortune thanks to them. They needless spent nearly all of my well-earned cash on their own luxury life style across the sea's. Thank goodness I realised on time and cut them off, I was also well compensated for nearly every penny stolen."

The entire table stared at Ron.

A mixture of emotions that was universal as all three women shared the same pain and heart felt sympathy for the young boy. Including anger and hate for two now deceased people who were better off dead "I then proceeded to empty out my account into a different name with only a small portion of what I had still in my bank. And when my parent's returned, they looked at me like I was the one stealing from them." He snorted as he remember how they talked to him that day. They treated him as though he owed them for everything they supposedly done "I never got an apology from them as I told them that they spent it all. Instead they resumed their trip."

By the end of it, each woman voiced their rage and hate at how outlandish Ron's parents were "Tha- that's horrible!" shego nearly blew with anger, her hands gripping her cup tightly as it shook from the pressure of her crushing grip.

"What kind of parent's do that to their kid?" Harley wept, she had heard all of the sad stories of her fellow inmate's upbringing, and even lived in a dysfunctional family herself. But this was new greasy low she had found on neglectful parents.

Even ivy herself felt for the boy.

She can say that she and he shared something along the comparison with parents, though hers weren't absent, they were certainly bastards in their own right.

"The kind that they don't have time for, nor care for." Ron couldn't help but show a level of anger as he lived those painful memories yet again. Taking a deep breather, he recomposed himself for the big finale that transformed him into this "Now we get to the part where it all began. It was on the day when I was heading to school, I said my farewell to them as I left my house. Nothing out of the ordinary, a pretty much average day for Ron Stoppable when BAM! GJ Agents burst through the front doors of the school. Charging through the hallways and proceed to tackle and arrest me without so much as a word before everyone. I was then thrown into a classic black van with dark shaded windows."

Shego had already heard this tale of how they kidnapped, tortured and charged him with murder without a proper hearing.

"After that, I was taken to their headquarters and tortured into confessing why I murdered my parents."

"Tortured!?" they both cried out. Shocked to hear that this supposed government agency would torture a boy his age into confessing for a crime he did not commit.

It only got worse from there as they heard what happened next.

Ron's head dipped down with his hair line obscuring his eyes, but all could see the tensing of his body as he recalled the so called trial where the one woman he put his trust in, did nothing to help him "After that, they proceeded to judge me in a kangaroo court with my sentence being life."

Silence was all there was, as everyone was left to digest the information of how a hero of the world fell so far from the grace of justice and law that was supposed to be upheld for everyone "I- I'm sorry." Ivy broke, the first to apologise for his wrongful imprisonment and handling.

She could only guess as to how this all changed him.

To be treated far worse than a criminal. These agents and government themselves acted upon him like her was the country's worst enemy rather than a teenager.

Harley understood the pressure and the pains he must have gone through at that time. She understood how this broke him and remade him into this young man they see before them now.

Ron was a shadow of his former self. Criminalised and on the run, with no one to go to, no one to trust other than himself and the same criminal element he spent years fighting against.

"…I escaped thanks to my good buddy here." All this time, Rufus had been by his side as he told his tale. The little mole rat was ever a trusted companion… no he was more than that to Ron.

To other's he was a rodent or abomination but to Ron Rufus was family. And he hugged up against the boy's arm, trying to comfort him.

Ron smiled, using one finger to rub the rodents back softly.

"Stole an aircraft, found shego and the rest is pretty much history at this point."

"…I was expecting something… a little less worse than our crappy lives." Ivy sounded her thoughts, and she did not believe that anyone upbringing and biography to be like this.

"well, now you know. And welcome to the life of Ron Stoppable, America's most wanted man with 3 of the nations most wanted women." He introduced their now dubbed group of super villains that were now the news around the world. Sliding the newspaper article dumped on their door step featuring them as the front headline with their newly dubbed title "our little group name could use some work though." The Chaotic Four didn't have that flair or fitting for them.

They needed a name that easily be remember and relate to what they are.

But that was best left for another time as Ron now pushed that aside to get to the final woman's tale of her origins and how she got to be a criminal like him. "So, what's your tale?" he asked ivy for her share.

"I'm afraid that information is private for the time being." Ivy defused any tries of her revealing her back story.

Shego was quick to jump on the same train as well "Same." She did not want to share any information with these leeches just yet….Not until she knows they won't stab them in the back.

Ron could see that this was a start and that they had a long way to go before they could all trust each other "Alright then. Nobody minds if I use the teleporter to locate someone who helped me out?" he pointed to the object that continued to see far from them in the corner kitchen work table that separated them from the open living room.

"No problem." Harley simply shrugged.

But Ivy quickly put her own say in "None unless you plan to try and run off with it."

With their approval, Ron pushed off from the table and walked towards it.

The eye's of his fellows upon him and watching for any sign that would force them to act.

But Ron gave them none, as he simply stood before the flat control panel "Transportulator activate voice recognition!" he commanded, and the technological device activated upon hearing "Voice ID Ron Stoppable, unlock!"

The machine hummed and beamed as it registered the new command.

A series of beeping's came and went before a female electronical voice spoke through "Teleporter two point O online. Welcome Mr stoppable."

"Holy crap it talks!?" Harley swore as she jumped to her feet in bewilderment of the device she had no idea had that function.

Ivy and shego didn't know either.

But Ron knew. He had spent the past few days before their big heist, researching the object and all of its qualities that it possessed from its original predecessor. "its voice activated as well. It's an on running supercomputer that can run searches on what you ask for, not to be confused with for an A.I as it doesn't possess any sentience."

"A.I? what does the A stand for?" Harley asked.


"Oh, and the I-"

"Intelligence. Think a computer with a mind and will of it's own, you know like Tron."


Ron sighed "Terminator with thoughts and emotions of his own." He simplified it as much as he can for his fellow blond.

Harley now understood "Oh, oh! I get it!" she remarked with a dopy smile on her face.

"Yeah, just think of any movie you've watch that has some computer character with a will of its own. That is what an A.I is." He cleared it for not just her, but everyone else so they know for future reference if they run into anything similar down the line.

He turned back the object and spoke in a clear and loud tone so that it would register his new command "Teleporter, locate Moria O'Dorin in this world!" he specified the location so that it would search on this world rather than a million alternate earths.

It was quick in its findings as a light from one of its optical sensors lit up and displayed a 3D holographic display of their earth with a blip on the map that enlarged to show the coasts of Carolina much more clearly. "Target Located. Approximately 80 miles from current location along the west coast off the shores of south Carolina."

Ron stared at the blip on the map where the woman who helped to take out the tracker was "Teleporter, do a filter search for GJ bases and outposts in the area around that position."

*beepboopbeepbeep!* A horizontal line wiped down the map, and in its trail, several smaller dots appeared scattered on the map "Filtering complete, all present locations of GJ sites on screen." It stated as he revealed all of the GJ own properties on the map, but none where Moria currently is.

"…she's not on any of their secret bases." Shego voiced her concerns as she stood next to him, starring at the same map as he was.

Hope blossomed in her heart as she began to believe that her…. Acquaintance wasn't captured by GJ as she saw.

Ron didn't turned to look at her, as he could clearly see her from the corner of his vision. With one hand he cup his chin with the thumb stroking under it. "No… she isn't. which could only mean that she got out in time or…" he trailed off in thought but needed to know for sure if she was safe "teleporter, are there any bases or secret lairs right were Moria O'dorin is?"

A deep bleep that could easily be known as error or wrong sounded out before the voice even spoke "negative."

"Okay then, it's the former." Ron couldn't help but sigh in relief that the woman was safe.

"Soo… can I try the telema-thing now!?" Harley asked.

"No!" Everyone in the house flat out denied her at the same time, leaving the blonde to sulk in her chair like a child.


Ivy now stepped forward "well that all nice and dandy, but now that we've been assured that your friend is home free. What are we going to do now with our new toy?" she asked, as previously Ron and shego were going to use it to free their friend but that was clearly no longer the case no so what did that leave for them all.

The question of what to do now with their stolen technology came to mind.

Ron was the first to think of giving the stolen device a test drive to understand it capabilities "Hmmm… I may have an idea of how we're going to field test it."

-a few weeks later-

A few weeks after the insane over growth of weeds and vines, go city was back to normal… mostly, though not completely over grown as it was once before, there were still a few large vines and vegetation still around but on the major buildings and businesses that kept this city afloat.

Though there were times when the vines would suddenly and spontaneously explode out in new growths, they were quickly short lived with only a few injured while trying to cut them.

Finally the populous was back to doing what they usual do day by day.

Shops reopened, businesses resuming as usual and the Banks once more opened to the public with the major first City bank welcoming its costumers back in with eager faces and hungry grins.

"Stoppable to Ivy, are you in position." Calling through comn was Ron who radioing ivy.

Said plant woman was amidst the large crowded line within the bank, dressed in dark green sunny coat with a Sunday hat over her head with a vail circling around from the cover, shielding her face as she dipped her head to the floor. Sunglasses were added to keep her appearance closely guarded and her naturally flowing red pollen hair was tucked in the hat.

Ivy pressed her hand to her ear and responded as though she was on the call "yeah I'm in the bank now. Just about to make a deposit." She responded in code.

"Understood. The rat has planted the seeds- no offense Rufus."

The naked intelligent rodent chippered in through mike with accepting noise before moving on.

"Princess and fire queen are approaching. Be ready when the seeds begin to drop." Ivy awaited for the moment when all of hell will break loose very soon.

A minute or two had gone by and she moved a bit more closer to the front desks before two new women entered with large bags in hand. They were dressed like the security people around the bank, they stride past the costumers to the check point where only employees went, two bank guards stood by that post and stopped them.

"Woah there. Where do you think your going?" one of them asked as they stopped the two uniformed women who carried a bag in each hand, their faces could not be seen as they're hats were tilted low and their stature compared to the tall and buffed up men made it hard for them to see their faces.

"Transfer from another bank, gotta' unload all this dough here temporarily until things are all cleared." One of them spoke up in clear Boston accent.

"we weren't told about any transfers." The bank guards frowned.

The woman merely shrugged, refusing to meet his eye's as she looked up to his chin "I just do what they tell me. Not gonna' question why just how, besides I saw the damage that freaky green lady had done. They're gonna' be cleaning that place for weeks." She told.

The two bank guards looked at each other, a quick silent conversation was said between them before the first guard looked back "Alright. You can go on in." he allowed them to enter, moving out of the way as they walked on past him.

But not before one of them gave the 2nd escort carrier a slap on her butt, causing the unspoken woman to freeze while the man jeered teasingly "Keep on going beautiful!" he hollered at her.

She shook with rage, teeth gritting and hands shaking before a little smoke begun to emanate from the tight grip on the cloth tied sacks. Thankfully however the 1st bag carrier seized her arms and cooed to her softly "Ignore them. Just focus on the job and we'll be out of here." She managed to calm her down and led her further in.

Just as they set the bags of what was presumed to be money down on the table, above on the ventilation running throughout the building, the latches pop open and a rain of seeds fell down upon everyone in heavy hail.

Many who weren't taking shelter were running around in a chaotic rush to see cover… all except for one.

Meanwhile throwing off their hats and freeing their hairs was Harley and Shego who begun to undress from their stolen uniforms with no one seeing due to the ensuing chaos that captured the security's attention.

Throwing off their clothes to reveal themselves in their usual get up.

Shego in her dark and green mission suit.

And Harley was garbed differently then the day she first entered their world.

(Arkham City outfit)

She wore a red and black bra over her breasts with sleeveless tight rough red leather corset with shoulder straps, further dark straps wrapped around her waist to further hug her figure. Below under the slight exposer of skin on her mid-riff along with what could be seen as a tattoo, she wore tight skinned jeans of a red and black split colouration on both sides of the legs where to two colour stood opposite each other with a diamond symbol sitting atop her front thighs cut into four smaller diamonds that made the shape, a large black and iron belt wrapped around her waist.

On her feet she wore long legged boots of opposite red and black colour on the leg of their opposite tone, her arms bared fingerless gloved sleeves that went up to her elbows in matching black and red themed with leather and metal cuffs around her wrists, a dark choker sat around her neck.

Her blonde hair was down in its usual pig tailed fashion but with tips highlighted in black and red like the theme of the outfit she wore.

Her face was done in white smeared make up with dark eye shadows presented more on the outline of her eye's and red painted lip stick.

With the guards distracted and unaware of the two most wanted women behind them, Harley pulled from out of one of the four bags a large metal black Bat.

She charged at the men with her weapon held high above her head and swung down cracking him on the head as he slammed down from the force, the sound of metal hitting head and the sight of his friend on the floor, the second bank guard turned and moved to un-holstered his stun gun but Harley pulled her bat upwards, slamming him under his chin, knocking his cap up high into the air and his head into the wall.

She followed through with a round house swing to his jaw, knocking out some teeth as he fell to the floor knocked out, and just in time too as she caught the cap high in the air and adorned it on her head as she looked down with great satisfaction at her work.

With ivy who still stood like a statue amidst the frantic chaos all around her, raised her hand to her head and beneath the veil she kissed her palm and flew a cloud of translucent pink pollen into the air, turning around as she spinned in a complete 360 degree turn spreading the cloud all around where they fell and landed upon the ground covered in seeds.

The seeds cracked and split with many roots and growths exploding out in a violent burst of vines and green limbs that raced out in all directions, tangling and tripping many of the people trying to escape, but the doors to bank were blocked, a large wrench had been placed within the pushed in handles as the people inside tried to pull out.

Everyone was snagged high in the air or pinned to the floors and walls with a large concentrated barrier of growth lying against the door way that was the only way in and out of the lobby.

The alarm and silent alarm had been pressed multiple times but no such ringing had been made as mysteriously the wires had been chewed out and ripped apart with now managers and employees now tangled up and left at the mercy of their capturers.

Ivy now having no reason to remain incognito, discarded her large coat and hat, exposing the enchanting red hair that flowed out fro m her head with an enthralling mist around it, she was exactly like she was the day she came here, translucent pink shirt and underwear.

Her glowing eye's beheld the splendour of her babies that turned the entire lobby into a jungle.

Her hand reached to her ear as she pressed the out-comn button "Lobby secure Shadow leader."

-on the roof of the bank-

"Lobby secure shadow leader." Ron heard Ivy say as he waited on the roof, and just in time too as Rufus came from out of the outflow vent.

The naked mole rat running to him on all fours as Ron responded "Roger that. Alright everyone, onto stage 2." At this, Ron pulled the duffle bag he had on him, unzipping it and pulling out a gas mask.

The same was done with shego and Harley who reached into their sacks and pulled out full face visor gas masks, setting it on their faces.

Outside, Ron pried the cover from the inflow ventilation system, opening it where he reached in his duffle bag and pulled out more then 7 cans of knockout (anestetic) gas. Pulling the pin of one he dropped it in and the same for each and everyone of them, the inflow of air pushed and spread the gas to all sections of the building.

-inside on the 3rd floor.-

"Hey, have you got anyone yet!?" one of the bank employees on the next floor asked his co-worker who was frantically trying to dial out on the lan-line pone.

"Can't! The lines are dead!" he exclaimed, just then a heavy flow of mist began to pour from the vents above them, filling the room they were in.

Like downstairs previously, the employees scrambled to leave as the antistatic gas poured in, with each frantic breath they became tried and sluggish, their muscles growing weak as the urge to sleep was intensifying until they could longer hold the strength to keep their eye's open.

-Back in the Lobby-

Down in the lobby, the gas had taken it's effect on everyone, the cries and pleas of mercy had grown quiet, only the sharp and deep intake of air from two out of 3 woman still standing was all that echoed in the quiet halls as Harley and shego walked through the ghostly quiet hall with ivy not far behind.

Harley resting her bat on her shoulder while carrying one of the large sacks in her free hand while shego was carrying the whole lot as they journeyed towards the secured vault deeper inside.

-With Ron-

Back outside, Ron was still on the roof but now on the different section then before as he was near the edge over looking the back of the bank as he kneeled down.

In his hand was what appeared to be a golden case of lipstick, but as he pried the lid off and pointed the chap of lip colouring make up to his feet, the instant he turned the handle an intense beam of super concentrated laser shot out and cut through the layers of wood and concrete.

He held his arm steady as he slowly cut a large perfect circle in the roof before the entire cut away fell through and into the room below, smashing and crushing the table underneath but thankfully no people.

With that done he put the cap back on and jumped on in to join the others.

-A few minute's later down in the basement-

All three women were now at the vault, unpacking what they had to help them break into the heavily steeled vault door that was bigger than the one at Go-city's research centre and a lot more fortified.

A resounding ding echoed in halls and all three turned their heads to look back down the hall they came from, little more than half a minute they saw the final member of their group walk around from the corner with his own mask on in a steady stride.

"Took your sweet time." Shego said through the deep resounding echo of her mask deepening her voice as she looked at Ron who soon joined them.

"Nothing should be rushed in a plan as perfect as this one. So what have we got?"

"you were right when you said this wouldn't be easy. I'm counting time locks, voice locks, finger print scanners, interchangeable codes patterns. And the blasted thing shocked me the moment I tried to touch it!" Harley listed off the issues they'll have to face in order to open it.

'definitely more beefed up then secret base I've known. Can't use ivy's plants because they'll fry if they try to touch it, Rufus is out so we'll have to improvise.' 'that vault is fortified beyond what I've seen, the laser lipstick wouldn't do it as by the time the anesthetic gas where's off or the police or superheroes get wise to our plans here the laser would cut only half way through the triple reinforced steel. Voice prints also a big issue so that leaves me with only one option and I had hoped to using it only when we got in."

"Alright hold on, I got something." Placed his duffle bag on the floor and reached in, from it he pulled the item he was carrying all this time.

The teleporter.

"I thought you were going to use it only when we got in?" Shego asked, confused as to why he was using it early.

"I had planned on it. Making a precise calculation into vault without cutting into something or someone requires knowledge of the interior which we do not have so I'm winging it. Also I want to be out of here before anyone realises what we've done."

"Teleporter, voice recognition Ron Stoppable. Password, Rebirth."

"Teleporter online. Welcome Mr Stoppable."

"Teleporter, set destination for inside this vault and open a portal!"

"WOAH!" Harley exclaimed to the sight of a little hole in the fabric of space right in front of her, showing her, shego and ivy the room inside.

Taking up the teleport under his arm, Ron carried it as he walked on in through, the first to test the device since it's unintentional activation at the research centre.

As his body passed through, Ron could best describe the thin veil wall that split between the vault room and outside as one would pass through an open door with the warm breeze of a blowing air duct welcoming you in from the cold air or bidding goodbye as you left.

Now inside he got to see his surroundings, a large 24x24 room with the walls dotted by small locked safes containing precious valuables customers have entrusted the bank to keep safe while dead head in its own corner of the room was a large pyramid of stack of dollars.

"Alright, its safe to come through!" he called out to everyone on the other side of the portal, who heard distorted voice from the other side.

Ivy was the first to walk through, shivering as her body went through a quick flash of warmth as she passed through the veil into the vault room, shego and Harley coming afterwards with their packed up gear and beheld with wide eyed dear in a headlights expressions of the large quantity of mullah they had ever seen all at once in their entire criminal careers.

The portal behind them closing as Ron sets the device down on one of the tables, reconfiguring the coordinates to shego's house where another portal right at the entrance of the vault door opened and through it Shego's living room.

"alright, Lets clean this place out. Ivy, you and I on the money. Shego and Harley, the lock boxes."

"And how am I supposed to do that?" the clown themed girl asked, as she lacked the tools needed to cut through inches of pure steel.

To answer that, Ron fished out an object his pocket "Catch!" he tossed it at her.

Harley caught it and her palm she saw what he had given her "The thought is good and all, but I hardly think this the time to touch my lips up." She deadpanned at the gilded covered body of the lip enhancer.

But what she didn't know, Ron told her "It's a laser lipstick. It will cut through those locks like those sci-fi laser swords you see in the movies, but be careful! It has no limited range and its will cut you in half if you don't handle it properly!" he warned.

Trusting her to handle the most dangerous weapon he could give her.

It didn't help that her eyes lit up with excitement as she now stared at the lipstick like a new toy "Okidocky!" she sounded out as she joined shego who was off to a start in melting the locks off and withdrawing any valuables she found in them.

Harley picked out a lock and as she pointed the lip stick towards it, she pulled the cap off like a pin on a grenade and twisted the neck "Oooh!" she sounded out as a red beam shot out and pierced through the metal. Melting and cutting through the forged material like Ron said.

She cut a circle around the lock, all the away till it felt and she just as quickly put the cap back on and stopping the laser before she kissing it "Stylish and excessive. What a girl wouldn't want as her best friend… second only to you Pammy of course!"

But this went ignored as Poison ivy was too busy throwing the stacks of cash through the portal into shego's house along with Ron was picking up pile after pile in his arms and tossing it all in.

Shego's plasma heated fist easily punched through and melted the locks off the lock boxes and pulled out the containers where she threw what jewellery or important looking documents into Ron's bag along with Harley who was definitely enjoying the old gadget of Kim's greatly as she couldn't stop kissing after every use.

As they were doing this, Ron and shego made sure to keep close and a close eye on the teleporter in case their two new partners decided to leave him high and dry in the vault while they enjoy the spoils of their labour.

But so far nothing had happened, everything was going smoothly which was a both a relief and unnerving as nothing ever goes this smoothly so far for either one of them who has done this bank heist before to experience the one or two points of the unexpected, the overlooked and the ill-time that always ruins everything with them facing the hero and getting their butt kicked straight to the slammer.

But as the vault was nearly emptied and the once great pyramid of money was now 4/5 its original size, nothing had happened in that time as they were close to clearing it all out.

Everyone was waiting on that one moment when it would all go south by whatever means there was. It was as though a live grenade had been thrown in and they were all waiting for the explosion that was about to happen.

….but strangely enough it didn't.

Now down the last two wads of hundreds in his hands, Ron tossed the last of the great paper fortune, now all that was left was the inflated duffle bag full of goods shego and Harley had filled up.

Ron moved to the table to pick it up, everyone waiting on him as grabbed with both hands the handle of the heavy filled bag of jewels and other fortunes they acquired, as he slung the sash over him and heaved it with two hands in order to carry the large bag, that left him unable to grab and hold the teleporter.

So that meant someone else had to hold it, they all expected him to ask shego to grab it-

"Ivy, can you grab the teleporter for me?" to everyone's shock and shego's horror, Ron had asked the one person from the new two dangerous women in their group to pick up the teleporter and just walk with them.

Ivy was/ is the most dangerous of the two but not because of her powers, but because of her cunning. To shego, NO! to everyone Ron asking Ivy to pick up and not run off with the teleporter was like asking spider not the eat the fly caught in its web.

If Ron had asked Harley…. Well… Harley was Harley, the blonde harlequin was taking a shine to her blonde counterpart more smoothly then her friend whose respect and relationship was still unknown to this point even to Harley who was the only friend the eco-terrorist had.

With ivy, the plant manipulating botanist looked to Ron, then the object that many would kill to have, then back at Ron.

The plant green woman narrowed her eye's at the blonde male staring at her, waiting for her to make her move.

She knew that this was a test.

A test to see if she was willing to put the effort into keep this alliance between them permanent or not.

Ivy weighed the options like she always does in situations like this.

She knew that while Harley would be disappointed and sadden in leaving and fighting their new friends, she would none the less still side with Ivy over them.

The down side to trying and turn on them would mean that she'd face the wrath of her green counterpart Shego.

The dark haired fire fisted woman was always on edge around them, staring at her and ready to start flinging those plasma shots in a moment's notice should she give the lime coloured woman an excuse to barbecue her.

Then there's also the blonde haired boy.

Ron stoppable has demonstrated an uncanny intelligence that frightened her with his cool and collect demeanour, more so then the aloof and psychotic personalities of her fellow psychopaths and criminals she called… friends back in Gotham.

So far the boy has managed to greatly impress her with his well thought out plans and strategies, this bank being a successful hit, no alarms tripped or triggered, no hero's or cops, and perhaps the biggest score she has ever committed in her criminal career.

She hadn't seen his fighting abilities, but can only guess that they were no joke.

Then there's the fact that while she won't admit it… he was growing on her.

HER! Poison Ivy, the most dangerous femme Fatale and feminist was beginning to like a man.

It was a crude and humourless joke of Irony that only a certain deranged and psychotic clown would find funny with inhuman glee.

All in all… the cons far outweighed the Pro's greatly.

So with a heavy sigh as she pushed aside the part of her that demanded she use her powers to steal what is rightfully hers for the sake of Mother nature…. She… complied, picking up the teleporter slowly as to not give a reason to have her Butt flambéed by the pyro happy darkette, and followed Ron out.

Placing the teleporter down on the table as she once more entered shego's house and stepped away from it, moving a few feet from the object that was ever tempting to anyone who desired such power to come and go as they pleased where ever they went.

Ron took over as he dropped the bag which landed in loud and ground shaking thump impacted on shego's floors, he closed the portal behind him and turned to face ivy, who was accompanied by her Harley at her side.

"…you had a chance to take the teleporter and scram… why didn't you?" he asked, shego moving beside him to better safe guard him and the object in question.

All eyes were on Ivy, including Harley who stared up at her friend with the same curiousness and interest Ron had in her own dopy and innocent way.

Ivy… couldn't explain in words as she sighed out heavily, trying to figure out how to tell him "I…I don't know!" Ron raised an eyebrow at that, including shego while Harley tilted her head at her friend in confusion to her answer.

"What do you mean *you don't know?"

Ivy wasn't finished.

"I… I suppose that… this world has had a more… relaxing effect on me rather than my own back in Gotham. I can't quite describe it but I feel…. Less paranoid and intimidated here then I do back home." It was an odd feeling to the woman who for the better part of her life had developed an instinct of survival and self-preservation. Ivy tried to act like her usual self as she stood with confidence when addressing the young man who made her feel less than the woman that she was, and more… like a little girl. "Were you in Gotham, I would be scared senseless, desperate and fearful of my own life with my years of self-survival fuelled by fear and paranoia causing me to try and destroy you before you committed anything against me!"


Ivy Exasperated, slumping as she carried on "But… I didn't. less than a day ago, I would've gladly murdered you in your sleep without a moment's hesitation or shedding a single tear…but now… As I think about it… I… in all honesty…. Don't want to." It was the honest truth, and she tasted bile within her mouth as she said those words. More so when she thought about the act "The mere thought of doing what I have done countless times before you… makes me sick to my stomach. I don't know if its this world or just you that's giving me this… odd feeling of… peace." A strange word for a strange place that makes this way.

Something that had everyone relieved…. And one girl… overjoyed

"ohhh~ Pammy! You've finally come out of your shell at last!" Harley threw herself at her friend, expressing her utter delight of her best friend finally breaking through from her solitude.

"Yes Harley." Ivy sighed as she returned the ever welcoming hug back.

Ron stepped up close to the plant woman "So I can only assume that you intend keep our partnership intact?" he asked, seeing that she no longer harboured any ill-intent towards him, hopefully for the foreseeable future.

"For what it is… yes."

"YAY!" Harley cried out and pulled Ron into her little group hug with ivy held against her with one arm wrapped around her waist and other pulling Ron from around his neck into her chest "We are all now the bestest of besties! Now and forever!"

"Yay…" Shego sounded out, sounding far from cheerful at the reality that this was now going to be her life of having to work and live with these crazy women.

'this… is going to be an odd friendship.' Ron thought, and couldn't control the curls stretching the corner of his lips into a small smile.


I hope you liked it, and are eager to see more to come.