Pokémon gs ball adventure chapter 1

Authors note: this is a requested story the idea was very good I think I can pull it off. This is anime based. If you don't know Tracey or Daisy from anime leave now you won't enjoy it.

Disclaimer: I don't own pokémon

The pokémon in Johto and Hoenn have began to start acting very strange lately. Like Houndooms randomly setting houses and trees on fire. Or the Absol scratching at the ground like a Poochyena.

Professor Oak said, " Tracey I got a call from Kurt today the pokémon have been acting strange for about a week in Johto. He has requested that I come get the GS ball that Ash delivered to him a while ago. I want you to go get it as well as study some of the behaviors going on with the pokemon."

Tracey arrived in Goldenrod city by the magnet train. Tracey headed towards Ilex Forrest to get to Azalea town to meet up with Kurt. As Tracey traversed the forest he noticed it was a bright contrast to the way his friends had described it to him. An Ariados nuzzled him. He saw a group of Ledyba trying to knock a tree down. He took notes of all the strange behavior he noticed of the pokémon.

Mazie met Tracey at the end of the forrest. Mazie said," Hey so your the one Oak sent to pick up the ball from my grandfather."

Tracey said," Yeah I'm here to fetch the gs ball. I was also told to study the pokémon here."

Mazie pulled out a gold and silver pokeball and handed it to Tracey and said," Well here is the gs ball. Also I was told to tell you to go see professor Elm in New Bark Town."

"Ok thanks"

A team aqua grunt jumped out of sky and tried to grab Tracey's backpack but they had just missed it by a few inches. Tracey then proceeded his way professor Elm.

When Tracey got to New Bark Town, professor Elm greeted him and said," I need you to go to Hoenn there are legends floating around there that may explain some things. The pokémon that are acting up there as well. I've even heard rumors that a Johto artificate that belongs here has been spotted in Hoenn region."

" Hoenn that's a bit far away. What is the artificate I'm looking for?" asked Tracey.

Elm rubs his chin in thought and said," I don't know the artificate that's important to the Johto region but I also heard that there is kind of a key for the gs ball."

" I guess I don't have much of a choice, yeah I'll go do it." Responded Tracey.

When Tracey left the Ariados that nuzzled him was waiting. Tracey asked" You want to come with me little guy?"

Ariados nodded. Tracey threw a pokeball at it and it easily caught Ariados. Then proceeded his way to Olivine city to catch the ferry to slate port. With his new pal Ariados joining his team of Vennonat, Scyther and Maril.

A Team aqua grunt had a radio in his and said to HQ," I just missed nabbing the kids bag he was talking to some girl."

HQ said, "follow him."

It was getting late though not as dark as it should be in Ilex Forrest he was about half way through when he set up camp. He set up his tent and made small fire. He put out the food for his pokémon then let them out to eat. He also figured they'd like to meet Ariados. He then made himself a little something to eat. Traveling by himself wasn't something he had done in awhile beyond short distance from Pallet town to Cerulean City to vist Daisy and Misty.

"Boo!" Exclaimed an exicted and fimiliar voice. It was Casey the Electabuzz baseball team fan.

Tracey said," Hi Casey. You back to making rucas in Johto?"

"Aw man that is no fun when someone doesn't jump at your scare." Casey pouted with her bottom lip poking out.

Tracey laughed " You aren't exactly quite and I'm on an assignment. Don't ask."

Casey said," The pokémon here sure have been acting weird."

Tracey replied," I'm well aware but I am not supposed to say too much about it with the little information I have."

Casey giggled and said" I understand the Hoothoot and Noctowl will get noisy soon usually only Hoothoot go hunting at night but they've been doing it at sunset for the last week."

Tracey rubbed his chin in thought," Thank you for that information. I don't know why your telling me this."

Casey smiled and replied," Just trying to be a friend."

Tracey said," Very interesting as I was thinking about a couple of other friends before you tried to scare me."

Casey said," You wouldn't happen to be crushing on a certian blonde would you."

Tracey's face turned bright red and he looked at his feet "I-I don't know what you are talking about." He stuttered.

Casey laughed but pressed no further.