Pokémon GS ball adventure chapter 6

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It took them about two days to get to Olvine city. They didn't expect to get in so late. They decided to sleep in the pokémon center that night. Ritchie called Todd and let him know that it would be another day or two. Todd didn't much care, that ment more time to take interesting pictures. Some of the Pokémon in Johto were still acting funny. All the Pokémon in Hoenn had returned to their normal self.

Tracey called Daisy in his room from on the pokégear and said," Hey Daisy it will probably be about 5 days till I arrive at the lab."

Daisy replied,"I'm looking forward to seeing you. And by the way why is your arm wrapped up?"

Tracey started rubbing the back of his head and said," Uhm well I was careful but guess I did something to it when we fetched the you know. Don't worry it's just a sprain." Daisy looked worried and said,"Don't go do anything to get more hurt."

Ritchie popped in and said," I'm not letting him go anywhere alone. I've got someone traveling with him once I can't anymore."

Daisy said,"Thanks for making sure he's ok."

Ritchie smiled. Then Daisy and Tracey said good bye.

The next day they made it to Ecruteak city around lunch time the next day. Ritchie said,"Tracey you are looking tired we can easily get to Ilex Forrest tommorow. Let's stay here the rest of today and tonight."

Tracey said," I do feel really tired I guess that would be ok." They got room in pokémon center and went to it. They had little lunch and Tracey fell asleep. Ritchie just kind of fiddled with stuff in his bag he didn't go to bed till after dinner. Tracey slept through dinner. Tracey woke up at about 9 am the next morning and they made there way to Ilex Forrest after a quick in Ilex Forrest Ritchie placed the Ilex treasure back where it belonged and then made sure dirt covered it well. Tracey gathered leaves and tossed them over the place that was due to make sure kind of more hidden till it was no longer clear it was ever dug up. As soon as it had been placed in it's spot the Ilex Forrest turned dark again and Johto Pokémon returned to normal.

When Todd arrived a few moments later Ritchie whispered," I don't think he's been sleeping well till last night take it slow. As I let you know he's been talking in his sleep."

Todd whispered back," Will do."

Todd and Tracey went to the Goldenrod city pokémon center for the night as the first magnet train didn't leave until 9 am. They had some dinner and then set an alarm for morning before getting some sleep.

The next morning they got on the train to Saffron city it took about two hours. They decided to have some lunch. Tracey wasn't much in a talking mood. They managed to make it to Celadon by curfew that night. The next day they made it to Cerulean city. Tracey made Todd get up by 5 am the next morning to avoid a run in with Misty. That night they camped in Viridian forrest they went to sleep around 9pm. Tracey had grabbed few supplies when they were in Viridian city. His arm was still a little sore but was feeling better. The next day they made it to lab in Pallet town.

Tracey jogged into lab and saw Daisy sitting on couch. He went straight to her and hugged her then whispered with blush," Daisy I love you so much."

Daisy smiled and put a hand on his cheek and said,"I love you too Tracey." Then they kissed which Todd indeed took picture of before running off.

Professor Oak then came into room. Tracey handed him the key then they all went out to the back to where all the other Pokémon were. There Professor Oak used the key to open the gs ball and out popped a gaint misdreavous who was a little more blue then green. It darken the sky but caused no mischief. It looked around confused for a few moments then touched the ball and disappeared back into the GS ball where it felt safe. The sky returned to normal.

The end