[Somewhere in the omniversal plane]

With a slight pop a small six year old boy with pale skin, messy brown hair with a slight tint of orange, and eyes that seemed to swirl with orange, red, blue, and purple appeared with a slightly annoyed look on his face. "Going by the original way I set up time it's been close to a thousand years since he was last awake and I'm getting tired of waiting" he mumbled in a aggravated tone.

"Now where then hell is he, his damn enemy's took advantage of his lazyness and have started taking over more omniverses then usual" the 'young' boy looked around before spotting who he was looking for in the distance.

The object of his annoyance and aggravation was a 16 year old teen with blond hair, wearing a orange hoodie, sweat pants, and sandles who was soundly sleeping as he floated around aimlessly in the omniversal plane.

Floating over to the teen and shouted "WAKE UP" and got no response so with a light twitch of his eyebrow the young boy accessed his power and bent time and space to splash the teen with water that he took from some random universe. Upon being splashed in the face the teen woke up with a startled look on his face and his blue eyes filled with shock he looked at the boy he yelled "Oi! Not cool I was sleeping you jerk".

With another twitch of his eyebrow the young boy summoned a pot which smacked the teen in the face "and while you were sleeping" the boy started of in slow quite voice "WE LOST SEVENTEEN OMNIVERSES!" which changed to yelling causing the teen to comically float backwards like he fell off a chair.

The teen regained his stability "which ones?"

"Mainly ones ruled by Greek and Roman God's and a few that had apocalyptic scenarios" the young boy answered ignoring the twitch at the Greek and Roman God's.

"I always knew those pompus butt nuggets would be a problem" the teen sighed "though they kinda deserved it" he finished with a small chuckle.

"Now's not the time to be laughing about that" the young boy said with some slight humor showing in his eyes.

"Fine, but now that I'm awake I've got work to do so send me to the next target universe or dimension" the teen said stretching "although I would like to know where I'm being sent"

The boy gave a small nervous laugh "about that...umm"

The teen glared at the boy "Paradox, no dont you dare"

Paradox smiles "have fun with the Greeks" and with that Paradox snapped his fingers and the teen dissapeared with a shout of curse you "now then, I've got another paradoxel being to hunt".

[Somewhere in Georgia in a PJO universe 2 years before canon]

A loud crash could be heard in a forest as a tree fell over, after the dust cleared a bit the teen stood up with a groan before stumbling forward and leaning against a tree "that hurt like a bitch".

Getting off the tree after regaining his balance the teen sighed in annoyance "he could have given me a few minutes to get ready at least" with a snap of his fingers a small portal opened up and the teen reached in before pulling out a claymore "considering where I am, I'll have to use Celestial bronze or something of the sort" the teen clipped the scabbard onto his belt before looking around.

As the teen went to step forwards he shot a hand up on instinct and caught a silver arrow that was aimed for his neck "of all the people to run into it just had to be the hunters of Artemis" the teen said in a whiny voice as he dropped the arrow and a small cloud of depression appeared over his head.

As the small cloud dissapated several teenage girls in silver clothing with bows all aimed at him stepped out of the woods and with a nervous chuckle the teen waved "Hi nice to meet you hunters".

Getting no response caused the teens eye to twitch slightly as a twelve year old girl with auburn hair and silver yellow eyes who glared at the teen "who are you boy and what are you doing so close to our camp"

With another twitch of his eyebrow the teen put his hand on his claymore which caused the hunters to tense "for one I don't know where the hell I am (lies), two it's nice to meet you too Artemis, and three im not gonna give you my actual name I'll just give you my moniker of sorts" then with a shit-eating grin the teen bowed mockingly "Hello, I'm Swoogan The Supreme Consious Being and the person who jumpstarted all of creation"

Now a Supreme consious being is something that is outside of time, space, and reality

Next yes Swoogan is a Supreme Consious Being and while most people will complain and say he's to over power I will say this now

Next is Paradox this character is the personification of Time and Space making him well a paradox and he exists between everything meaning he can't interact with anything directly and can only interact with it by controlling time or space or sucking the person into a paradoxal dimension

Finally If you don't like overpowered characters then don't continue reading