[2 Years later, Under New York]

In a Dark room miles under the city of new york completely hiden from the gods two eyes opened slowly as the person the belong to stood with the sound of cracking as their bones realigned.

After stretching, which resulted in several sickening cracks, they walked through the dark before flicking on a light to reveal the person the be swoogan.

Over the last two years Swoogan had done alot of research on this universe from the history which didn't change much to keeping track of every important event in the world and finding out where the demigod camps where. Sadly even after the warning he gave the gods did little to prepare resulting in the invasion happening in the next 2 years atleast.

Letting out a sigh of dissapointment Swoogan allowed his body to fully fill with power ,having kept it to demigod levels so he could put up a barrier, and the barrier shattered with the sound of glass

"im as strong as a minor multiversal god, i hope thats enough" Swoogan said while giving a fake yawn due to the bordum of the last two years "Guess ill go shout at the olympian council for being stupid as usual" and with that he dissapeared

[Olympus, Throne Room]

The instant Swoogan appeared in the room the enitire council flashed in weapons drawn facing the center of the room to find no one much to their confusion.

"Over here idiots, i know my restrained presence right now is equal to a minor god but come on" Swoogan said causing the gods to turn and finally see him as he stood on top of zues throne.

"YOU" Zues bellowed in rage as he tried to punch swoogan's small form only for swoogan to release his restraints and send the entire council to the floor instantly unable to breath before he rained his presence back in

With a slight snicker swoogan looked over the council who was catching their breaths as they rose to their feet "You gonna listen or do i have to tie your asses down and force you too" Swoogan asked with a raised eyebrow as the gods finally rose to their feet some pail with fear others trembling in rage at the audacity. With a roar ares charged and swung his sword only to be block by a massive execution axe.

The executioners axe had a large leather grip and black handle that was 2 yard and 1 foot woth a blade the length of a yard with small bits of red electricity that suddenly gathered and with a pop ares was sent flying with smoke slowly drifting off his body.

Zues being arrogant and believing he was completely immune to all forms of electricity charged swoogan only receive a massive shock, quite literally.

The instant zues moved swoogan swung the axe not on cutting clean through zues's arm but leaving him paralyzed with red electricity jumping over his body. Artemis taking this as a sign to attack she raised her bow only for her brother to push it back down and shake his head telling her not too "sis he smack ares aside and nearly cut off dads arm, we're lucky he used his symbol of power-" Apollo never got to finish as swoogan burst into laughter.

"Symbol of power, Jack they think your my symbol of power" Swoogan continued laughing as the axe exploded with light to reveal a Seventeen year old laughing his heart out and coughing causing Aphrodite to scream in horror.

Most would think its his looks, but no it was how he was dressed which could only be described in one way...a Casual day in hell.

The Teen was wearing clothes that were stained red with blood, both the black shirt with the axe from before desinged on it and the long black pants where a dark shade of red instead of their usual black. His face, which had several speeks of blood on it, had a highly sadistic smile and a sadistic gleam rested in his eyes as he laughed.

By the time the gods had gotten over their shock, swoogan and the teen were using their knees to support them as they caught their breath.

"WHO ARE YOU?" Artemis screamed in rage after being laughed at by the two boys.

"Hmm The names Jack, I'm swoogans torturer and executioner" the now named jack said with a sadistic smile "and his son...technically"

It took several seconds for the gods to process this before athena in all her intelligence spoke up "what do you mean technically?"

Swoogan decided to jump in and explain not even giving jack the chance to open his mouth. "What he means is that his orginal form is the axe from earlier ,then i made his soul, and finally i made his body using my blood and a shit ton of power."

While Athena and most of the council understood perfectly Hera wasnt very happy but wisely kept her mouth shut.

"Now then" Swoogan snapped his fingers and everything seemed to shift before alall the gods found themselves in their thrones with zues and ares awake blinking in confusion.

In the middle of the room stood swoogan and jack with swoogan looking at the assembled gods "Well you've done it"

Hermes finally having built up the courage to speak raised a confused eyebrow "done what exactly?"

"You've sped up the invasion of course, due to all of you sitting on your collective lazy asses or having sex with mortal we now have exactly two years to prepare for probably the worst fight the ever happen in the universe depending on what and who pops up" Swoogan said with a bit of venom in his tone.

Zues scoffed "we have fought and defeated both the titans and the giants we will win" He said with arrogance and pride.

"if you're lucky all you'll have to do if fight stronger versions of yourselves, if your unlucky you'll have to fight stronger versions of this worlds primodials, and if your really unlucky youll have to fight people who have been with the invading force for years" swoogan said raising a finger for each new reason causing most of the council to go pale "oh also zues quick question, where the fucks your bolt?"

At this zues suddenly exploded in rage "IT HAS BEEN STOLEN BY MY BROTHERS SON" Zues said glaring at Posiden.

Swoogan rose a eyebrow "really now?, i think im gonna have to visit said son and confirm that" he said said with a questioning look "whatever, anyways you've been told to train so when you have your collective asses handed to you dont expect me to swoop in and save you" and with that swoogan opened a portal which he walked through followed by Jack who stopped abd turned to the gods.

"I hope your prepared" Jack said as a sadistic smile grew on his face "Because this could be the bloodiest war you will ever see" and with that he left.

The gods sat there in silence as they contemplated what they where just told and what they had to prepare for.

[Cental Park, New York]

Swoogan stepped out of the portal and pulled a small device out of his pocket that looked to be a miniature frisbee before conjuring a table and chairs to sit down. Putting the device on the table swoogan pressed a small button in the middle causing the device to light up and show a holographic map of new york as jack stepped through the portal.

The portal closing behind him as he stepped through jack sat down across from swoogan and looked at the map "so how many nests in new york" Jack said as he rested his elbow on the table and rested his chin on the palm.

"so far only three" swoogan reached up and pointed below a house which started to glow a deep red "one is in this abandon houses basement," moving his finger again swoogan was now pointing to an entire street "we also have one somewhere around this street which means its probably quite large," swoogan moved his finger again this time points at cental park "we also have a small one just beginning to fester in the park itself which is gonna be a problem if we dont take it out" swoogan swoogan finished before turning off the device.

Jack ponders the information "i could take a few light charges and take out the basement one while you deal with the one here" jack suggested after a few moments and getting a nod from swoogan he stood and streched "alright welp, Im off to bust some heads" Jack said with his sadistic smile before dissapearing into the surrounding tree.

Swoogan sighed before making the table vanish and standing up "Guess ill get to work."

Sorry it took so long for this chapter and sorry its short ive had alot going on with school starting soon so it will take awhile for the next chapter which will be longer...i hope