Mona was sleeping in her recreation of Alison's bedroom, tossing and turning restlessly.

"Can I visit one of my friends, like Spencer, I'm bored and restless." Mona says to the camera after she sits up, unable to sleep.

The camera makes a ding and she hears a buzzing sound as she sees her door opens.

"Thank you." Mona mouths looking at the camera thankfully and walks out of her room.

Spencer, in actual pajamas not her prison outfit, is sleeping in her room when she hears her door open causing her to sit up and see Mona.

"What are you doing here?" Spencer asks sounding more concerned than confused.

"Charles gave me permission to leave my room, but only to visit you." Mona says explaining the situation.

"Why are you here?" Spencer asks confused as Mona sits across from her.

"I'm a little restless." Mona says simply yet suggestively as she puts one of her hands on Spencer's wrist.

Spencer's speechless as she sees Mona lean forward towards her and she finds herself doing the same until their lips are very close to touching.

"One of us should do something." Spencer says starting to pull back from Mona's mouth but Mona grabs her face and kisses her.

Afterwards, they pull apart and Spencer looks at Mona's lips, dazed, until she pulls Mona in for a second kiss with Mona gladly reciprocating it.

Spencer crawls out of her covers trying to top Mona before the former brunette noticed.

Fortunately, Mona noticed before her back was on the bed and she pushed Spencer on her back, topping the brunette passionately kissing.

Spencer started fiddling with Mona's yellow shirt until the blonde sits up and takes it off so she can keep kissing the brunette under her.

Spencer sits up so Mona's sitting on her lap as well as so she can pull off her own shirt before the blonde pushes her back down and starts passionately kissing her neck.

Mona starts kissing down the brunette's body until she reaches the point before her pajama shorts which pulls off taking her underwear with them causing Spencer to slightly moan.

Than the blonde starts kissing the entirety of both Spencer's legs before going down on her and the second she does, Spencer moans very loudly.

Spencer keeps moaning loudly and breathing heavily as she feels everything that Mona's doing until she orgasms very hard causing the blonde to stop.

Mona kneels in front of and above her as she wipes her mouth so she can crawl on top of the very dazed brunette.

"I think I should do you." Spencer murmurs causing the former brunette to smirk and Spencer to top her, while making out as well.

Spencer continues the passion in their session as she kisses Mona's neck and than down her body, reaching her jeans which she undoes with her teeth and then pulls them off taking her underwear with it causing Mona to slightly moan.

Spencer starts kissing Mona's stomach and sides before kissing her inner thighs then finally going down her causing Mona's moans to raise a little.

Then Spencer takes her arms, dragging them up her body and places two fingers of each hand under her bra causing Mona to moan even more.

Once Mona orgasms, Spencer removes her arms and sits up to wipe her mouth.

Mona sits up putting her hands on the brunette's waist, showing that Spencer wasn't as effective.

"Well, that was impressive for someone who's never went down on a girl before. Yet, you could use a little more practice." Mona says clearly impressed making Spencer smile.

"Perhaps Charles won't mind if this happens again since I can't learn something without a teacher." Spencer says suggestively as she her own hands on Mona's waist.

"I think I can convince Charles tomorrow night." Mona says equally suggestive before pulling Spencer into a passionate kiss and eventually topping her, continuing their enjoyable night.