Breaking Point

Chapter X

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"Normal Speech."

'Normal Thought.'




Harry said nothing as he pulled away, sitting down upon the seat in Dumbledore's office as he was left stunned. What he had seen, that had put everything he had thought he knew about war and tore it apart. The memories Dumbledore had shown him, they put into perspective just how far he had to go.

Not just in terms of skills, but also mentally.

As much as he hated to admit, Dumbledore was right. He was mentally naive, unprepared for what he had seen in those memories. To describe what happened at the Department of Mysteries or Diagon Alley as a battle would be a lie.

They were nothing in comparison to the battles for the First Blood War and nothing compared to the battles of the Great War.

Both wars had been different, that had been obvious to see, even for someone as inexperienced in war as he was. In the Great War, it was huge pitched battles, hundreds of wizards and witches on either side reaping chaos and destruction upon the land. Completely reshaping the lay of the land until it was almost unrecognisable. On the other hand, the battles during the First Blood War were much smaller. It was a war in which both sides conducted brutal guerilla warfare. Ambushing and inspiring fear.

One was about long-drawn-out battles and brutal sieges. The other, about inspiring fear and catching your opponent off-guard, in short bloody battles.

It was the complete opposite of what he expected and as Harry looked back on it, he found himself questioning what he had expected. Part of him thought that he could still do it, be the only one fighting against Voldemort and leave all those he cared about in the back where it was safe and sound.

But from what he saw, that would be impossible. He could not be in numerous places at once and Voldemort was a fan of attacking dozens all in one go.

"You don't like me, Harry. You don't respect me." Dumbledore spoke up. "It is understandable why that is the case however, you can't win this war alone. You might like to think that you can and it's admirable, but it's also dangerously naive. Eventually, your eyes will need to be open to the truth and when it does, you'll have to rely on others."

Harry frowned slightly. "So you want me to teach someone?"

"I want you to improve, Harry. By teaching someone, it not only helps you gain a better understanding of something. But it stops you from incorrectly doing something and making it a habit." Dumbledore explained. "You, Harry were beginning to go down that route. Incorrectly performing something and making a weakness that an enemy could exploit."

That was how, despite possessing the Elder Wand, Grindelwald had been defeated. The two of them had been talents, prodigies not seen in centuries. No other wizard had been able to match them, anything they taught, the two of them learned and then improved within the same day. All they had needed was each other, everyone else was just a waste of space, unworthy of being connected to them.

But one thing had separated them, that incident in Godrics Hollow so many years ago. After that, Grindelwald fled, relying only upon himself and no one else. Dumbledore, on the other hand, he began teaching, attempting to recompense and do something to alleviate that guilt he felt.

But by teaching young students, Dumbledore had been able to avoid and rectify the mistakes that in his arrogance, had been too blind to see. Grindelwald on the other hand, he never saw them and only continued to add to them.

That was what he was trying to teach Harry.

Not only that, but teaching was a way to foster allies and goodwill in others. In fact, Harry was in a far better position than Dumbledore had been. He was in a position much like Tom Riddle had been. As a Prefect, he could gather future leaders to his cause in his fellow Prefects. Students that could grow to become officers and lieutenants in his army.

If Harry played his cards right, he could also foster goodwill within the wildcards, the troublemakers. As the Gryffindor Quidditch Captain, that would go even further to foster goodwill with those same people. It also provided him access to gain allies amongst the athletic and much more brutal figures that were Quidditch players. That was something Tom couldn't get access too personally but had by making connections and friends with the Slytherin captain.

Yet Harry could also go one step further, do something Voldemort had never done. He could foster further goodwill and loyalty by teaching his future soldiers.

All these things would give Harry the perfect opportunities to build up his own forces here in preparation for the war.

After a few moments, Harry eventually released a sigh. "Fine, I don't fully understand it, but I get that you're not going to budge on this matter. Do you at least have any ideas on who I should teach? For one thing, I don't really want to spend my time teaching someone who isn't willing to fight."

"Harry, you're in a unique situation in which you've been exposed to this war from a young age. Yet you're not afraid to fight as you should be. You don't realise how monumental that is." Dumbledore told him. "The chances of you finding someone willing to fight will be small, but there are those willing to do so."

"So you're not going to tell me who then?" It was rhetorical.

Dumbledore shook his head. "In this war, Harry, you're going to have to be able to recognise when someone is willing to fight or not. It's up to you to be able to change their minds."

"Are you talking about manipulating them?" Harry questioned, slightly horrified at that.

"If you must," Dumbledore admitted without hesitation. "But that should always be a last resort because if they realise what you're doing, then they'll close up forever. They may also turn to your enemies."

Feeling the crunching of glass beneath her feet, Fleur frowned as she rose her wand higher, the light emitted from it illuminating her surroundings. Nervously, her hand clenched tightly around her wand, her anxiety at her surroundings rising.

"Relax." She flinched slightly at the voice, looking to see Remus walking beside her. He was much calmer, eyes carefully studying his surroundings as if this was a common sight for him.

"Right, Je suis désolé." She replied, swallowing nervously as she looked around once more. "But, I've just, I've never seen anything like this before."

Remus nodded his head in understanding. "I was much the same when I first started fighting for the Order. The Dark Lord was a fan of hit and runs, causing mass damage in a short space of time and then leaving. Contrary to what many believe, the Aurors and the Order didn't engage the Death Eaters every day. But more often than not, we were simply playing catch-up."

As they continued through what at one point could have been a beautiful living room. They continued to climb over the ruins and destruction that the home had endured.

"You just have to prepare yourself mentally for what's to come," Remus told her, eventually approaching the kitchen. As he did, he placed one hand upon Fleur's shoulders. "We've already checked upstairs, this is the only room left. Do you want to carry on?"

Fleur understood what he was trying to say and she paused for a moment before nodding her head firmly. "I joined the Order didn't I, the wars in its beginning stages, I might as well get used to it before it gets worse."

"Smart." Remus nodded his head.

The house they were in didn't possess the Dark Mark above it. But it had been on the line of a string of brutal murders in which the families had been slaughtered, its young children missing. Remus recognised the modus operandi and who the orchestrator behind it was. Because of that, he also knew exactly what was awaiting them inside the next room and it would not be a pretty sight.

But Fleur had insisted on accompanying him. She had joined the Order a few days ago, only a little while after Harry had left for Hogwarts. Since then, Dumbledore had assigned her to help in using her particular talents for runes, charms and enchanting to look over the Ward schemes surrounding the various Order bases.

With the aid of himself, William Weasley and Moody, the purpose of their task were to repair and improve the Wards.

But much like them all, they were getting restless. The recent string of murders conducted by Fenrir, and Remus had no doubt the Werewolf was behind it, was a good chance for them to get out and stretch their legs.

"Just...prepare yourself," Remus warned before pushing open the door and as soon as he did, a wave of smell hit them both. Instantly, Fleur recoiled, gagging and withholding the urge to throw up. Even Remus grimaced, but he brushed it aside soo after and pushed open the door further, the smell getting worse as he did.

Eventually, it opened fully and Remus stepped inside, looking upon the sight with lips turned down.

It was caked in blood like someone had gotten a can of paint and just thrown it up on the wall without a care in the world. Chairs, tables, cupboards, were destroyed with dents in the wall. It was a mess, made even worse by the body parts spread out across. There was not enough to make a single body but it was distinctly two different body types, one male and one female.

"This was a family of four. Michael Smith." He indicated to a distinctly male hand, Fleur holding one hand to her nose as she looked around in horror. "His wife, Rebecca." A foot this time. "But, their two children, Christopher and Matthew are not here."

"Why?" Fleur asked.

"Because Fenrir likes them young. They're easy to manipulate and control." As Remus said that, his grip upon his wand became tighter, his anger rising. 'This is bold, even for you. What's your plan, Fenrir?'

Releasing a groan, Harry sat down upon the bench in the Great Hall, muscles aching from last night and the particularly brutal training session. It had been only a couple of days since his heated confrontation with Dumbledore and the search for a student or students had begun.

Yet there had been no real progress.

He'd first looked at the Prefects, but considering that any talk Harry tried to direct towards what should happen if the Death Eaters attacked Hogsmeade was instantly shut down. It was more than likely he'd find no one there willing right now, though he did have his eyes on a few that may change their mind later down the line.

Next, he looked at the Gryffindor Quidditch Team and while he didn't overtly bring up Voldemort or Death Eaters, the response at just hinting that was the same. The only one who seemed willing amongst them was Ginny Weasley, but her time was spent a great deal with Dean Thomas and preparing for her OWLs that the chance of her accepting was small.

Though if all else failed he'd pose the idea to her. No doubt if he didn't, Dumbledore would get on his case again.

After that though, Harry began looking within Gryffindor itself, House of the Brave and his crop of potential students was small. Scratch that, it was non-existent. And the longer he went without a student, the more Dumbledore seemed to up the ante of their battles.

Harry had honestly thought that Dumbledore couldn't get any better and yet, every time he thought that, Dumbledore pulled out new spells that he'd never heard of before. It wasn't just new spells, but new spells chains and even the way he duelled seemed to change as well.

"What's wrong, mate?" Ron asked, sliding down the seat from where he'd been sat with Seamus and Dean.

"Just this task Dumbledore gave me," Harry admitted, scratching his head. "He's trying to get me to find someone to train, says teaching will help improve my skills. And every time I fail to turn up to training with no news of a student he just seems to go extra hard upon me."

"Well, isn't that a good thing?" Ron asked. "I mean if he's coming at you harder than before, doesn't that mean you just have to get stronger in turn? Seems like not getting a student is a good deal, mate."

Harry smiled at that. "I'd agree in most cases, but to learn something I actually have to be able to put up a little bit of a fight. Without that, I can't learn anything."

Ron said nothing in response to that. "So, you have to find a student then? Seems a bit mental considering everything else you have to do. Quidditch Captain, Prefect, school work and then also training with Dumbledore after. He's giving you a bit much to do, isn't he?"

"Yep." Harry nodded his head.

"If it gets a bit much, just let me know and I'll cover some of your Prefect shifts," Ron suggested and Harry smiled.

"Cheers for that." Ron shrugged it off.

"Don't mention it." He then paused for a moment. "Have you ever thought of asking someone like Flitwick or McGonagall? They might have a better idea of who you can teach. Just a suggestion."

As Ron turned back to Seamus and Dean, Harry was left staring down at his plate in surprise. Throughout his time at Hogwarts and even before at Grimmauld Place, Dumbledore had been giving him bits and pieces of advice throughout. All of it had to do with leadership and the burdens that came with it.

He'd already made his intentions to make Harry his successor clear, so it made sense to provide him with these tips. But one thing he did make clear was that a leader couldn't be perfect at everything, even if they should be. That sometimes, a good leader wasn't someone who could do everything and be everywhere at once, but one who recognised he couldn't and surrounded himself with people who could make up for his weaknesses.

'Wouldn't me going to one of the Professors be showing me taking advice from someone more knowledgeable than me?' And with that in mind, he rose to his feet and made his exit out of the Great Hall.

Hearing a knock at his doors, Flitwick made the last amendment to the parchment upon his desk and looked up. "Come in." He called, placing his quill in the inkpot as Harry pushed open the door and stepped inside. "Harry, what can I do for you?"

"I have a question," Harry said, striding forward as Flitwick indicated towards one of the empty desks near him. "What Dumbledore said, about teaching, do you agree?"

"Not entirely, no," Flitwick replied simply, Harry raising brow having expected the half-Goblin to say yes. It always seemed like everyone in the Order looked upon Dumbledore as a Saint that could do no wrong, all of them following his orders without question. "You see, Dumbledore is not a normal person, by any means. He stands as quite frankly, the most talented Wizard in the past two centuries and possibly one of the most talented to ever live. His understanding and viewpoint of the world will always be different to ours."

Harry nodded his head, after all, Dumbledore had defeated not one but two Dark Lords. During the Great War, Dumbledore had defeated Grindelwald in single combat, putting to rest the question of who was stronger. Harry had also read the numerous reports from the First Blood War, he knew of the battles Dumbledore had with Voldemort, the latter always being forced to retreat and sometimes not even attempting to fight.

Proof that Dumbledore was a powerful wizard despite all of his flaws and oddities.

"You see, talented individuals like that Harry, are rare." Flitwick continued.

"So you think I shouldn't do it?"

Flitwick shook his head. "No, I think you should, but pick your students wisely. You see, when teaching someone, the only time you get anything out of it is when teaching them something they're not talented at. It forces you to really think and understand the subject and then convey it in a way they can understand. If you teach someone with talent in that subject, sometimes you only need to explain it once and they can suddenly understand it. In cases like those, you get very little out of it."

"You see, that is why I both agree and disagree with what Dumbledore said," Flitwick stated. "You don't have the time to spend your time teaching a class where you meet people of varying talents. But at the same time, teaching only a handful of people will not provide you much in the way of aid unless of course, they have no talent in the subject you're trying to teach them."

Harry frowned. "So what should I do then? Dumbledore is dead set on me teaching despite the fact like you said I don't have the time to teach people."

"I think that you should look at this less like you're trying to teach someone and gain some experience yourself and instead look at it as you recruiting followers," Flitwick suggested. "Wars are not won by one single individual and by training people, offering them help can be a very good way to foster loyalty. Then you need only push yourself harder in the sessions you have on an evening with myself and Dumbledore."

Harry sighed, Flitwick sharing his sentiments. Dumbledore despite his many flaws, was a man trying to do what he could to ensure that good and innocent people could live their lives freely. His talents and immense magical power had only made that easier to accomplish. However, his successes had made him not arrogant, but blind to the trials and tribulations of those below him.

He saw only what he knew and believed only that. It was perhaps his greatest strength and his biggest weakness. Harry was talented, more so than most, Flitwick had seen that firsthand during their training sessions. But even he was not on the level of the likes of Grindelwald, Voldemort, let alone Dumbledore. What separated him from them and would make him their rival, would be his never-ending drive and will. He wasn't so talented that he was so far removed from those around him like Dumbledore was. Nor was he so blinded by greed and ambition like the Dark Lords. In fact, Harry was just normal, uniquely able to understand those around him in a way none of them ever had, yet also more talented than those below him.

But much like Dumbledore greatest strength was his greatest weakness, the same rang true for Harry. He could understand those around him better than the likes of Dumbledore, yet because of that, he cared for them more. He was set in the belief that he could fight this war alone and win, but that was not the truth. No single man could win a war alone, not even someone like Dumbledore could accomplish that.

Yet that was what Harry wanted.

"…Do you at least have anyone in mind?" Flitwick asked.

Harry rubbed his brow. "Not many. A few amongst the Prefects might change their minds later down the line when things get a little too hard to ignore. Only Ginny from the Gryffindor team, but she's got OWLs this year, and a boyfriend she likes spending time with. Gryffindor, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff are the same as the Prefects, a few that might change their mind with only Neville and the new girl, Niamh actually holding an interest in the war and at least willing to talk about it."

"Well, it sounds to me like you have three students right there already." Flitwick pointed out. "Ginny Weasley, talented in charms, but not so much in Transfiguration. Neville Longbottom, talented in Herbology, but little else. Though now that he has a wand that suits him, he is doing marginally better but that is saying little." Harry rose a brow at the phrasing of Flitwick's analysis of Neville, it was a little harsh, if not true. "As for Niamh, well she is quite the oddity. I'd say she's much like you, trying to hide her talents."

"Really?" Harry wondered, having never noticed anything like that.

Flitwick nodded. "Oh yes, she's not bad at pretending, but if you know what to look for it's quite obvious. She might be your most useful ally, who knows though. As for the Prefects and those amongst the three houses, well simply pose it as you wanting to put together a study group. I'm sure many would agree to join, especially with you showing off your talents in class. Perhaps recreate the… Dumbledore's Army, was it?"

Harry flushed at the embarrassing reminder of the name of the defence club they had put together in the previous year.

"Pretend it is you putting together a way to improve Transfiguration, Charms and Defence Against the Dark Arts grades. I'm sure that you will have many turn up. There's a lot of ways you could go about it, without overtly making it obvious that you're preparing them for the war to come." Flitwick pointed out. "I'm sure many will figure it out, but if their grades improve, I doubt very many will care or do anything about it."

"I-I had never thought of it like that," Harry muttered, cursing himself internally.

Flitwick smiled. "You're young, Harry. Things like these come with experience. But the fact you recognise that and even came to me for help shows that you understand when to ask for help. That's a good sign. Though I did notice that you haven't mentioned Slytherin at all, why is that?"

Harry went silent, providing all the answers Flitwick needed.

"I see." The diminutive professor's voice was filled with disappointment. "Harry, please do not allow prejudices to cloud your opinion of others. Slytherin house is not as united as they like to show to the rest of Hogwarts. Just something to keep in mind for the future.

"I'd like to request permission to take these students out of the Self-Defence course and History of Magic," Harry said, placing down a list upon Dumbledore's desk. "I found seven students, not just one and I have my hands full with school classes and work, as well as Prefect and Quidditch duties. History of Magic is a joke of a class so I'd like to take them out of that, as for the Self-Defence course, well I'll be teaching that stuff myself there in here."

Dumbledore looked to Harry, his face giving away nothing. Instead, he leaned forwards, picking up the list and reading the names upon it.

Neville Longbottom.

Hermione Granger.

Ginny Weasley.

Dean Thomas.

Ron Weasley.

Seamus Finnigan.

Niamh White.

'There's more on here than I had imagined.' Dumbledore thought, impressed with Harry's success in finding this many in such a short space of time. He had expected Harry to reach out for Ron and Hermione at first. Then he had thought the news would spread, maybe to Ginny and to the other Gryffindor boys in Harry's and Ron's dorm. Then from there expand further.

However, this single list contained more names than he had expected.

It had actually been quite easy for Harry, not like he had imagined it would be or how it had been. He had run across Neville purely through happenstance upon his way back from Flitwick's office and on his way to the library. So he had offered a little training to Neville, not saying what it was for and instead of explaining it as a study group as Flitwick had suggested.

Neville had accepted easily, surprising Harry at the suddenness and ease with which he got his first student. Either way, he had accomplished his task and after saying a quick goodbye, set out for the library. Despite possessing a great deal of magical knowledge thanks to the Lordship Rings, Hogwarts Library possessed much more, especially in the Restricted Section which he had unrestricted access to.

It wasn't too surprising to see Hermione there and so, he had asked her. She had been invaluable last year in the running of the defence club. While hesitant, the fact that Harry didn't actually present it as a club purely for preparing to fight against Voldemort, she did accept though he suspected she knew what he was doing. Her accepting wasn't too surprising to him, a loyal friend Hermione was, but a near-death experience like what she had the previous year would be enough to shake anyone to the core.

And just like that, Harry had gone from having no one to have two in less than twenty minutes. He would freely admit it was frustrating to have spent all this time thinking over stuff when all he had to do was simply suggest a study group.

Yet that just showed to him how far he had to go.

After that, he asked Ginny, she accepted very quickly much like Neville. Dean, Seamus and Ron who were nearby at the time happened to agree though Harry imagined the reason Dean did was because of Ginny agreeing. Ron agreed as well, the little nod he gave showing that he may have an idea of what the study group was actually about. Seamus had agreed purely because all of his friends had as well and he didn't want to be that odd man out.

Then finally, he had gone to Niamh.

She had always been someone Harry hadn't been too sure upon, even more so now after what Flitwick had said about her. Nonetheless, he had gone up to her purely to see for himself whether he could see what she trying to hide. Even though the giggling of Lavender and Parvati had been distracting, she accepted and that had summed up Harry's day entirely. One long recruitment mission before finally coming here.

"I'm very impressed, my boy." Harry restrained the urge to roll his eyes at Dumbledore's words, very conscious of inciting a similar reaction from Dumbledore as what happened not so long ago. Even Dumbledore had limits and well, Harry had gotten a glimpse of the man that had terrified Voldemort so much and he too; was terrified. There was a monster hidden beneath that kindly grandfather figure and Harry had caught only a glimpse and he did not wish to see more. "Not one, but seven, very good. I will be more than happy to sign off on removing them from those courses, though only one of the two sessions of the Self-Defence course. I would like to monitor their progress myself."

Harry frowned at that but eventually nodded his head stiffly. It was a stupid decision, that's what he thought anyway and he was reminded of what Flitwick said. Dumbledore had a tendency of believing only what he knew and thought was right. A flaw Harry wanted to avoid at all costs, especially if it made him as insufferable as the headmaster.

Releasing a low breath, Harry narrowed his gaze slightly as his sweaty hands gripped hold of his wand tighter. A slight shifting of his foot alerted Flitwick who unleashed a plethora of spells. They were fast and of a multitude of colours, blending into one another and almost becoming an indistinguishable wall. This was a reason many preferred the usage of shields over any other form of protection against spells.

The multitude of colours was distracting and made it very difficult to tell one spell from another, especially when they came at such speeds. Yet Harry kept a calm head and moved forwards, body leaning as he almost crouched down.

Pushing off his lead foot, Harry burst towards the spells, wand whipping out and deflecting the first spell aimed directly at his head. His wand came back round, deflecting another harmlessly to the ground as he leapt to the side. As he rolled along the ground, a number of spells shot towards Flitwick who masterfully parried and countered. But as Harry came into a crouch, his wand brushed against the earth as he rushed to his feet and ran in an arc, dodging and returning fire.

At the same time, the ground shifted, bursting up into a pride of bounding lions that charged towards Flitwick. An action that forced Flitwick to turn, a dozen powerful exploding curses rushing out and destroying the lions but scrambled to defend himself from Harry's continued assault.

Having created an opening, Harry took the advantage and began to pressure Flitwick heavily with a never-ending stream of powerful and fast spells. Each collided against the shield making it shimmer dangerously, some even stumbling Flitwick under their weight. However, Flitwick was experienced, one of the most gifted and dangerous duellists in the Order of the Phoenix. An undefeated duelling champion with a warrior heritage.

High-pressure combat situations were where he thrived most.

He held strong, weathering the storm, just waiting for the opportunity that he knew was going to come. After all, Harry would soon realise that simply bombarding him with spells would not work and would change his tactics. Despite having come a long way in these weeks of training, seamlessly switching between duelling styles was not something had yet mastered. There was always a momentary delay between his brain deciding to change and his body following the orders.

A delay that was no more than a fraction of a second, but more than enough for Flitwick and any experienced duellist to capitalise upon.

Just like he had expected, that change came and Flitwick dropped his shield and fired. This time going on the offensive while Harry defended himself. He didn't have the time to dodge or parry, instead of forming a shield of his own to block the strike. Yet as Flitwick's wand flickered and slashed through the air, spells spitting out of the tip in rapid succession, he did something that was beyond most duellists. An act that had enabled him to rise to the heights he had in his duelling career, one that had made him unbeatable.

As his wand moved, firing spells constantly, he also began to perform Transfiguration. It was only small, the grass of the field seemingly waving in the wind, lengthening inch by inch around Harry's feet.

In the midst of a duel, such a minor thing would go unnoticed by many, Harry was no different and before he knew it, he found his ankles completely entangled in grass that tightened around him. He tried to break free, but this lapse in judgement caused his shield to weaken and a few spells struck against it. The shield shattering upon the third, the fourth coming in, striking his wand.

It was the disarming charm and Harry found his wand ripped from his hand and there was a fifth spell coming. No doubt a stunning charm meant to put him out of the fight and without a wand he could defend himself and with his feet stuck, he couldn't dodge.

Reflexively, Harry rose his hand and his magic surged out, a small pillar of earth rising up and intercepting the spell. But that single act caused him to go limp, fatigue flooding his body.

"I think we should end it there, no?" Flitwick spoke, dismissing the grass binding Harry's feet allowing the young man to collapse to the ground. He walked forwards, curiously looking towards the earthen pillar. "Very well done there, Harry. You really pressured me at many points, you actually were on the verge of winning at a number of points."

"It's the switching of styles," Harry concluded, Flitwick nodding his head.

"It is, but nonetheless, your defence was sturdy and quick. Not many could recover that rapidly and would more often than not, be left scrambling and be dealt with soon after." Flitwick comforted, though it did little to abate Harry's frustrations.

Shaking his head, Harry ran one hand through his hair. "I still lost." He muttered before looking up curiously. "How'd you do it though? There was no break in your spellfire. So how did you perform Transfiguration?"

"It's a little trick I learned. Quite tricky and at this point, a little beyond your level. But effectively, you're trying to use the movement of your wand as you fire spells to create the motion needed for Transfiguration." Flitwick explained. "But it's not just about the movement of your wand either. It's also about ensuring you can effectively think of both the spells and the Transfiguration as well as providing two sources of magic. You may not have noticed, but the spells I fired towards the end as I was using Transfiguration while not slower, were weaker. The Transfiguration I used was also very basic and didn't require much magic."

Harry nodded his head, looking towards the grass which had shortened in length once more. "Using magic in such a way is very complicated, my boy," Dumbledore said, striding across the Room of Requirement, he having caught the tail end of the duel. "Even I am incapable of doing large pieces of magic in such a fashion. In fact, I would go so far as to say it's impossible to do anything but small bits."

"How was the meeting?" Flitwick asked, Dumbledore shook his head as Harry looked between the two.

"Not good I'm afraid. Fenrir Greyback has been performing a number of raids across Britain. All the young children were taken and the parents and whoever else was in the house were killed. As of now, we're looking at near two dozen children being kidnapped and the Muggle Government are demanding answers. Remus is currently following the trail and Moody and Kingsley are coordinating with Amelia Bones and the rest of the Auror Department to stop Fenrir." Dumbledore explained. "But as things are, everyone is spread too thin."

"And the ICW?" Dumbledore shook his head at Flitwick's question.

The International Confederation of Wizards had not been willing to provide any aid. In fact, they were content to simply sit back and allow Britain to deal with Voldemort alone. Despite dozens of Pureblood Wizards and Witches from all over the world joining Voldemort's cause and the havoc they were bringing about, none of them were willing to aid them. Completely ignoring the very real possibility that after taking Britain, Voldemort might turn his attention to the rest of the world, Europe first.

Though to Dumbledore and many, it was less of a possibility and more of a certainty. Yet, the ICW didn't see it that way and were content to simply shut down their borders and isolate Britain from any form of help.

A frustrating thing for many.

"However, let us not focus on that," Dumbledore said, changing the subjects. "Instead, I would like to speak with you privately, Harry." Unsure for what reason, Harry nonetheless nodded his head and Flitwick took this as his cue to leave.

"What's this about, Professor?"

"The magic you used at the end. That was not with a wand." Harry looked at him questioningly, there was no question there. "How long have you been able to do that?"

"Not long," Harry answered with a frown. "And it's not very good either."

Dumbledore stroked his beard in thought. "Are you aware that, Wandless magic is a very real thing? You can't use the spells you commonly see in duels. But you can manipulate four elements, fire, wind, water and earth. You can even do what Muggles call, Telekinesis I believe it is. It's very difficult of course, hence why there is next to no one who does it. Nor is it very useful in daily life, but it is real."

For a moment, Harry said nothing before nodding his head. "I'm aware."

"You are?" Dumbledore rose a brow.

"Yes. Remus gave me a book over the summer. One that Sirius was going to give me for my birthday. It was a book about Wandless magic." He frowned at this point. "Though it only had four chapters in it and towards the end, it became more of a diary than anything else."

"May I know the contents of this book, or perhaps read it myself?"

Harry shrugged. "There's not much in it. It talks about how to access and use Wandless magic. A bit of the history surrounding magic in general, a few other things that I don't understand or necessarily agree with like all the Gods we know being actually Wizards and Witches of old. Other than, not much else."

"Hmm, interesting," Dumbledore noted. "It seems, quite short and with little substance or research to it if it's only four chapters. Some of the opinions you described are also some more older and outdated beliefs. Especially that of the Gods, some still believe it today but the number are few and far between. I imagine that a few might have been mistaken as minor Gods or even Demigods, but I think the belief of being actual Gods is more of a matter of opinion and personal preference. There's little evidence for it so it was dismissed. Tell me, is earth your affinity?"

"Affinity?" Harry asked.

"Affinity is effectively the strongest connection you have to an element. It's the one you make the most progress without of all of them. It's also the one you can develop into the, I suppose you could call it subgroups or branches of that element. For example, mine is water." Dumbledore said.

"I don't think I have one," Harry murmured. "I haven't made much progress with any of them. And what subgroups are you on about?"

"Little progress?" Harry nodded his head. "That is very strange. Normally you should see a massive improvement in your affinity compared to your other elements."

"Yep, well each progress just as slowly as the other. Though fire is by far my weakest." Harry grouched, frustrated with how little progress he continued to make with his Wandless magic. "Is there a way to find out why my affinity is? And what are the subgroups you're talking about?"

Dumbledore hummed in thought for a moment. "Allow me a little time, I'll have to find the notes I have and I'll provide them to you. In the meantime, I believe it's about time you return to your dorms. It's getting late and you'll start teaching tomorrow I believe." The remainder of that made Harry scowl, rising to his feet slowly as he trudged out of the room.

As he did though, Dumbledore remained standing as he watched Harry leave. 'Most curious. I'll have to see Harry's Wandless magic for myself because not having an affinity is very strange. Unless, the four elements described in the notes are not the only elements, but only those that were identified. I'll have to read that book as well, if it does go into depth about this person's beliefs on magic, then maybe I can use that to discover a little more upon the notes.'

Parts of the notes made little sense contextually. They were easily readable, but it talked about things and made mentions to aspects of something completely unknown to Dumbledore. He had always known that there were parts he was missing, that the notes he had were only part of a greater whole. If he was lucky, perhaps this book could help him collect the dots.

So, another chapter done and with it, Harry has found a number of students. Not only that, but Fleur has joined the Order, Fenrir is on the move and recruiting. Not a huge amount going on this chapter which is a shame, however there wasn't really much I could explore this chapter. This was more setting up a few other things that will unfold in the future.

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