Breaking Point

Chapter 5

"Normal Speech."

'Normal Thought.'


It was early morning, the sun having only just begun to rise over the horizon and bathing Diagon Alley in its light. The chirping of birds just beginning as only a handful of people began to stir. One such individual was a young man who pushed aside the covers of his bed and sat upright, feet resting upon the cold wooden floor.

His black hair was a scruffy mess, bright green eyes slightly blurred with sleep as he rubbed them tiredly. 'I pushed myself too hard yesterday.' Harry thought to himself as he got to his feet, stretching his arms above his head with a groan.

After the incident between he and Fleur yesterday, Harry had locked himself within his trunk, training above and beyond his limits in order to try and get over what happened. She had been very forward and Harry doubted she was the girl to do that jokingly. He would be the first to admit that he had feelings for her, Harry wanted their friendship to go further than that. From Fleur's actions, Harry thought that maybe his feelings weren't one-sided.

Yet that hope was perhaps the biggest problem for him.

It would be so much easier to distance himself from her if it was one-sided. But the fact that she may perhaps hold feelings for him, that weighed upon him heavily because a large part of him wanted to get closer. 'Maybe it's about time I leave Diagon Alley.' He thought to himself growing at the thought. 'It would mean leaving Fleur, but at least this way, I don't have to have this trouble of facing her.'

Pulling on a loose shirt and jogging pants, Harry ran one hand through his messy hair in an attempt to try and straighten it out slightly. It didn't do much, not that he had excepted otherwise and so, he opened the door to his room within the Leaky Cauldron and made his way down the corridor.

Heading down the stairs and onto the main floor of the Leaky Cauldron, Harry took note of the small number of customers actually up at this point in the day. Each looked dead on their feet and from what he could see, more than a few had ordered Pepper-Up Potions to help them come round. From Harry's time here in Diagon Alley, he had come to recognise a number of faces and knew that these were all business owners here in Diagon Alley.

They had to be up at this time in order to get something to eat before setting up shop in order to prepare for the rush of customers. Especially at this point in the year with the school year approaching, Diagon Alley would become busy with students and families coming to buy supplies for Hogwarts.

'Though I have no clue what the blonde woman does.' He noted the beautiful blonde-haired woman who was sat at a small table in the corner of the room. She was always there and for the life of him, Harry couldn't figure out what she did or if she did anything at all. 'Perhaps my suspicions are right and she's a friend of Dumbledores? No, if she was I wouldn't still be here. Death Eater? Can't be, Voldemort hasn't made it any secret he wants to kill me and if he knew I was here he wouldn't hesitate. So who is she?'

Dismissing those thoughts for the time being, Harry walked directly up to the bar. "Morning, Tom." He greeted and Tom looked up with a smile.

"Morning, lad. You off for a run?" He asked.

"Aren't I always." Tom shrugged his shoulders. Harry returned a smile from one of Toms young female employees who blushed brightly and quickened her pace. The barkeeper saw this and shook his head with a chuckle.

"You shouldn't be doing that with my employees, your girlfriend might get the wrong idea." Harry shot an annoyed glare at him in response.

"Fleur and I aren't dating, old man. How many times do I have to say that?" He said exasperatedly.

Tom smirked slyly. "I never said Fleur was your girlfriend." Blushing slightly, Harry's glare narrowed even further.

"Yeah, well, you've been implying it practically all summer." Tom chuckled even more.

"Come now, laddie. You can't deny an old man his fun. Besides, you have to be one of the luckiest wizards alive. You have a smart, beautiful witch who so happens to be a Veela wanting to date you, to be honest, I don't know why you haven't asked her out yet." This time exasperation leaked into Tom's voice.

"First Hedwig and now you. I admit Fleur is all those things and more, but you know my history with Voldemort." Tom flinched though it was nowhere near as bad as it used to be, having gotten used to Harry's constant use of the name.

The boy didn't care that was plain to see to anyone who had interacted with him over the summer. He freely used the name of the Dark Lord that all were too afraid to ever hear, let alone speak themselves. It was almost as if he was taunting the Dark Lord and Tom wasn't stupid, he'd seen what Harry was doing. He was training constantly, carrying dozens of books on magic. It was obvious to all that Harry was preparing for the war against Voldemort.

"She's already a target for being a Veela and being the heiress of the Delacour family, but by being associated with me she would be an even bigger target."

"By that logic, I would be a target as well. Now you and I are by no means as close as you are with Fleur, but besides Fleur, I'm the only one you have talked to all summer in more than just passing." Harry was unable to refute that point and stood around awkwardly as the facts were shoved into his face. "If my wife were still around, she would tell you to go and confess to the girl about how you feel. Beat it into you is more like it, feisty thing she was."

Both shared a laugh. "It's the redhead's Tom, always the redheads."

"Aye laddie, gotta love 'em though." Harry shook his head in amusement. "But seriously, lad. What's the muggle saying, grow a pair of balls? I think that's it? Fleur is a woman who can make her own decisions. Let her know how you feel and let her know about the risks of being with you if she says yes, then let her decide. It's her own life and if there's one thing I know, it's best to get as much enjoyment out of life with those you care about."

Harry shifted uncomfortably, it seemed that everyone whose opinion mattered to him was telling him to let Fleur decide. He knew that Fleur could and should decide these things for herself, but he was terrified of what she would choose. Because at the end of the day, the decision he both wanted and didn't want at the same time, was her saying yes. Of joining him because that meant Harry would have something to lose.

He didn't want to lose anything or anyone else anymore and the best way to do that was to distance himself from everyone. To have nothing to lose and therefore, just focusing everything on taking the fight against Voldemort.

"I'll think about it," Harry replied and Tom said nothing, a frown on his face as he recognised the look upon Harry's face. It was the same one he had all summer, Harry wasn't going to let Fleur decide, he seemed set on ensuring her safety by pushing her away. Now Tom hadn't exactly been in a similar situation as Harry, but he knew enough about women to know that was never going to work.

"Don't think too long, she's not gonna wait forever." Instead, he just settled for some last-minute advice, Harry nodded his head and stood up to leave. "Do you want the usual for when you get back or do you want something else?"

Harry smiled, thankful for the change of subject. "The usual, Tom. Don't know why you keep on asking, my answers always gonna be the same. Old age must be catching up on you, old man."

"Oi! You brat! I've still got a few years so don't go saying shit like that!" He shouted in outrage as Harry left with a laugh. Tom himself stood there his face slowly morphing into a smirk. "Cheeky brat." He turned around and saw a few of his female employees - the only gender of employees that willingly worked here at this time, thanks to a certain young man that had just left – staring at the door Harry left through dreamily. "Oi! You can ogle the brat in your own time!" Blushing furiously, the two quickly rushed around.

Tom watched them before shaking his head with silent laughter. Harry had made his days far more interesting. It'd be sad to see him leave for Hogwarts next week.

Fleur sighed tiredly as she glared up at the ceiling. She had failed her Master's exam again, that was the second time she tried it and it didn't get any easier. This time, it was not a Troll, but an Erumpent. A magical creature from Africa with an incredibly thick hide that repelled a vast amount of charms and curses, it had a thick, sharp horn that could pierce through even the toughest of metals and possessed a fluid that when mixed with the bloodstream of another creature becomes quite literally explosive.

Most are usually docile and rarely ever attack, but if provoked they can become incredibly dangerous. So much so that there is a great deal of contention on whether to classify it as an XXXXX-Class Magical Creature, but due to its usually docile nature it was bumped down. As a result of this, Erumpents are rarely ever used in Mastery Exams such as these, it was just her luck she was paired up against one.

'No doubt some Pureblood Charms Master didn't like a Veela like myself being potentially counted amongst their ranks and pulled a few strings.' Fleur thought with a scowl. 'It certainly would explain the confusion and panic on a few of the Master's faces when the Erumpent came out.'

In the beginning, Fleur had done pretty well as while she couldn't use her Veela Allura to manipulate or put it to sleep. Nor could her charms pierce its hide, but as she had learned through her research, Veela Allure when mixed with her own spells could make them much more potent. Not stronger or faster, but more potent and she did leave a few marks upon its hide.

However that only angered the beast further, and Fleur eventually resorted to using a few of her more powerful spells that she had wanted to keep secret, even using that lightning spell Harry showed her. It stalled it for a little while which earned her some praise from the Masters who judged her. Eventually, though she had resorted to using Transfiguration as to save her life and therefore, was disqualified.

But that was not the complete truth, if she had disclosed the details behind a few of the spells she had used, especially the lightning spell then the Mastery would have been hers despite failing. Considering the strength of the Erumpent and showing she gave not much fuss would have been raised.

However that spell wasn't hers, it was Harry's. He had given that to her and she knew full well he wouldn't have cared if she did give disclose it to the Masters, that was the type of person he was. But to Fleur, if she did that it would feel like betraying his trust and so she had refused. Even if it cost her, her Masters she supposed it wasn't that bad of trade anyway. There was always a third attempt to make so she could try again then.

'Though I suppose I can't blame my failure purely upon the Erumpent, I was distracted.' That much Fleur could admit. 'It's funny, I went to see Harry to calm my nerves and instead, I came out worse than before.'

Fleur clenched her fists tightly as she moved to stand in front of her mirror. She was beautiful with pale skin that made her blue eyes and pale blonde hair glow. Her body was toned and very feminine with curves in all the right places and generous breasts. While she knew that Harry didn't simply look for a beautiful girl, he also looked for girls that were smart and she was that as well. So why didn't he see her advances for what they were? Or if he did, why didn't he respond to them the way she wanted?

He wasn't oblivious. The constant flirting they had proved that quite easily. Hell the incident in his room yesterday and the reaction his body gave when she was on top of him proved he desired her.

So once again, why wasn't he doing anything? He was attracted to her and there was a connection between them, but he wasn't doing anything about it. She gave him the perfect opportunity to do so in his room, practically throwing herself at him on numerous occasions. Yet he never did anything, which while frustrating was also admirable.

"No longer." She whispered. Fleur was no longer going to wait, she would find him and make herself very clear on how she felt and she would demand an answer about what had been going on with him.

She nodded her head and got changed, but just as she went towards the door she hesitated, her hand a hairs width away from the handle. Fleur pulled it back and stared at the door handle, her mind filled with doubt. Releasing a breath, Fleur moved away from the door and laid back on her bed.

"Tomorrow." She assured herself. Tomorrow she would do it. Right now though, she needed to get rid of her doubts otherwise she would never be able to do this.

Sitting comfortably on the floor, Harry calmed his breathing, eyes closed in thought as he held out one hand in front of him. Magic circulated throughout his body, flowing down towards his hand and then pushing outwards. For a few moments, nothing happened before a rush of heat washed over him.

Making sure to keep the flow of magic constant, Harry slowly opened his eyes and looked upon the flame that burned above his palm. 'Finally.' He thought with a smile growing upon his face. 'It's not much but, it's bigger than anything I've been able to conjure and above all, it's constant.'

Out of all the elements Harry had tried and attempted to learn, fire was by his weakest. Wind was a close second with water and Earth being his most advanced. Even then though, his development of elemental magic was a slow and painful process. There just seemed to be something that was stopping him from progressing his development in the four elements and it was frustrating, to say the least.

However, while progress was slow, Harry was determined. He may not have talent in these elements, but he would continue to work at them all. Each had its strengths and weaknesses and relying purely upon one would only create problems. Certainly, he might advance in that element massively in comparison to the rate at which he was now.

At the end of the day though, it would only create a weakness that others could exploit. Only by learning to use all four of the main elements could one truly become stronger. Even if he didn't master them, purely becoming a jack-of-all-trades and master of none, Harry would use whatever means necessary to circumvent that weakness. Dirty tactics, Dark Magic, Family Magic, close-quarters muggle combat, anything and everything that would give him an advantage Harry would use.

It didn't matter to him what he became like at the end, he just wanted to win, even if it killed him. 'It's not like I'll be leaving anyone behind anyway.' As he looked upon the fire, Harry's eyes slowly panned around the room, all his clothes and books packed away in his trunk.

Besides the crumpled sheets on his bed, the room looked barren. 'I'll pay Tom this afternoon, then I'll head somewhere else. The Order will be at Grimmauld Place and I don't want to go there because they'll know where I am. Even if I do kick them out. I'll find somewhere else, somewhere in the Muggle world maybe.'

It was in that moment something shattered all the Wards on the Leaky Cauldron, including the Silencing one that surrounded his and everyone else's room. Harry's head jerked up, fists clenching around the fire, slight embers floating through the air as a scream ripped through him.

'An attack?!' Harry looked around summoning his wand from his bedside table and into his hands. 'Death Eaters!' He thought viciously and despite the feeling of uneasiness that gripped him, Harry felt a sense of eagerness also come over him.

It was time to see how far he had come.

Getting to his feet, Harry made his way towards the door as he heard the crack of spells, screaming and shouting as well as the sound of bodies dropping to the ground with a thump directly outside. Slowly and carefully, he opened the door slightly and looked down one corridor to see five bodies sprawled out on the ground, their eyes wide and lifeless. Forcing them to the back of the mind, he opened the door further and looked around the other side just in time to see two Death Eaters entering a room followed by the sound of a man begging for his life.

Springing into action, Harry stealthily walked down the corridor and came to a stop at the door.

"Please, don't. I have a wife, please." The man must have seen Harry as his eyes widened and the two Death Eaters spun round to face the intruder only for an overpowered cutting curse to cut through both their necks.

They fell back clutching their necks in hopes of stemming the bleeding, but it was all for nothing as they died in seconds.

"Find as many people as you can on this floor and hide," Harry ordered the man who shakily nodded and then he was gone, moving down the corridor to the bar area. Harry didn't know if there was any other Death Eaters on the other floors, but it'd be better to secure the bottom floor first. Thankfully he didn't meet any other Death Eaters, yet he found numerous bodies of their victims. However, whenever he came across a blonde-haired witch, his mind almost jumped to the conclusion that it could be Fleur and it filled him with fear.

Coming to a stop at the top of the stairs, Harry looked down to see three unconscious Death Eaters with another three engaged in a duel with a young witch. She had a petite body with curves in all the right places, black hair and eyes with slightly tanned skin. Whoever the woman was, she was incredibly beautiful and Harry had to shake himself out of his temporary stupor.

From the top of the stairs, he aimed just as a Death Eater was about to cast a killing curse, Harry took action. "Bombarda!"

The spell struck the ground at the feet of Death Eater and flung him backwards. He screamed out in pain as he clutched a large spike of wood that was embedded into his side, but Harry didn't have an ounce of sympathy for him as he leapt over the side and rolled to a stop behind an overturned table. It was just in time as the stairs were destroyed as a result of two Bombarda's from the Death Eaters.

"It's Potter!" One of the Death Eaters called out.

"Shit!" Harry looked over to see the woman once again engaging the two Death Eaters with increased ferocity and Harry used this distraction to rush over and shoulder barge the first directly into a stunning charm before hitting the second with a piercing hex to his heart.

There was silence as those still alive looked between Harry and the female in awe. "Nice one, Harry." The woman complimented as she came to a stop in front of him.

"Do I know you?" Harry asked with a raised brow.

The woman sheepishly chuckled as her hair became shorter and purple, her face taking on a more angular look. "Tonks? Holy shit!" He exclaimed as the woman laughed. "I forgot you were a Metamorphmagus."

"Yeah." There was the sound of screams from outside that interrupted their reunion. "We'll talk later." Her voice became serious and Harry nodded his head. Both understanding that now was not the time to have a reunion, though Harry did wonder why Tonks changed her appearance.

Either the form she fought the Death Eaters was a simple disguise to confuse them, which was smart, or it was her actual appearance and the one she was like now was a simple disguise.

"Try not to trip over anything." Harry teased before rushing outside. He chuckled as he heard Tonks's outraged cry, "That was only once!" A lie, they both knew it. Tonks had gained quite the reputation as a clumsy individual that even to do this day was well-known by the students of Hogwarts.

He took a few moments to take into account the severity of the situation. About twenty Death Eaters and fifteen Auror's were engaged in duels all throughout the alleyway. A few shops were burning and/or completely destroyed. Above a few was the Dark Mark. While the Auror's were better trained, they were tiring far quicker as they were not only trying to defend civilians but also fight off numerous Death Eaters at once.

He vaguely registered Tonks appearing at his side as he recognised one individual. As soon as he did he growled in anger, Fenrir Greyback was stood laughing as he tanked numerous spells to the chest before ripping out the throat of an Auror's with his claws and firing off a few curses. Each one was powerful if the fact it sent the Auror defending against the assault to skid backwards, despite the shield he managed to erect. He hadn't forgotten that this person had turned Remus into a werewolf and put him through so much pain.

"Fenrir's mine," Harry growled as Tonks looked between him and the Alpha Werewolf. Nothing would stop him from avenging those he cared about, Remus was one such person and Fenrir was automatically at the top of his shit list with Voldemort and Bellatrix.

"Harry." Her voice was filled with nervousness and caution. Taking spells like Fenrir was, that wasn't normal, not for a Werewolf in human form. Something was seriously wrong with Fenrir, something unnatural and it didn't make sense. "I don't think that's a –"

Whatever she had said was lost to Harry as he had already stepped out, firing numerous curses, hexes and jinxes at the Werewolf. Each aimed at valuable organs with the intent to kill or weaken him. The alpha in question turned around wildly to face the barrage of spells as a result of his heightened instincts, his wand just barely managing to produce a shield to protect him against the barrage. Even then, Harry's anger fuelled his spells, his magic accepting his desire to cause harm to Fenrir and increasing their power and in a matter of seconds, he had destroyed the weak shield.

Yet another took its place, though its caster was not Fenrir.

Harry's glowing emerald eyes narrowed in on Selwyn who strutted towards the two. "Fenrir, do not let your guard down." The werewolf growled in annoyance as he glared hatefully at Harry. "Potter."

Harry didn't respond to the greeting, he didn't need to as Tonks made her appearance and began firing her own spells chain at Selwyn with frightening power and accuracy. A sign that she understood that Harry would not budge on his decision to deal with Fenrir. Yet, Selwyn expertly parried, dodged and shielded each and every single one before responding in kind.

He and Fenrir watched the duel for a few seconds before focusing all their attention on each other.

"You're going to pay for what you did to Remus." Harry snarled and Fenrir anger morphed into one of smug amusement, which only further fuelled Harry's anger.

"What do you care about a werewolf like him, he's not even accepted by his own kind." Fenrir sneered and Harry released a roar as he fired off a complex spell chain that he had learned from the Peverell ring. High powered, cutting and piercing curses, followed by numerous wide-area destruction spells.

In most cases, against the vast majority of wizards, witches and magical creatures such a spell chain would have meant instant death. It was far too fast and too destructive to properly defend against.

But as Tonks had noticed, there was something unnatural about the way in which Fenrir acted. Not only was he taking powerful spells full-on without so much as a wince or scratch, he was also moving much quicker than should be possible. As fast as the spells were, they didn't even come close to touching Fenrir who just weaved in and out of them with ease, charging towards Harry with frightening speed.

Harry, however, despite not thinking about these changes was prepared for such a possibility of Fenrir closing the distance between them. With a smirk, Harry leaned to one side, narrowly avoiding a clawed finger that nearly ripped out his throat.

'I'll have to thank Voldemort for introducing me to those three, these changes, they're glorious!' The werewolf thought with an almost gleeful smile that shone with bloodlust. 'Who knew that werewolves could become this powerful with just a few experiments. I wonder how powerful I can become with more?!'

However, during this internal monologue, Fenrir was unable to see that Harry had hidden his wand behind his back. Therefore, he couldn't see the wand movement the young wizard made.

From the ground, numerous tendrils of earth spiralled up and wrapped around the Alphas legs and began slithering up the rest of his body. Fenrir did a desperate wand movement that shattered the earth before jumping backwards repeatedly as to put some distance between the two of them. Something that suited Harry perfectly as he once again began firing a long and dangerous spell-chain towards the werewolf.

Fenrir was faster and stronger, therefore far more dangerous in close combat. While they were equal in terms of magical power, Harry had far more control and was far more skilled in using magic. Keeping distance and making this a magical fight would give Harry the advantage, something the young man did perfectly.

"Accio Rubble." He intoned and rubble from the surrounding area shot towards Harry. Some from nearby buildings struck Fenrir on their way towards him, but also some from underneath the werewolf knocking him off balance. "Arresto Momentum."

Fenrir stumbled backwards before finally managed to right himself. His feet digging into the ground as he snarled in anger at the younger male. 'Voldemorts wants the boy alive, very well.' Fenrir smirked nastily, pointed teeth-baring. 'I'll let the boy live, just not as a human anymore.'

The alliance between him and Voldemort was one built upon mutual need, a symbiotic relationship. As one of the most feared Alphas and commanding the largest pack of Werewolves in all of Europe, Fenrir had the numbers that Voldemort so desperately needed. The Dark Lords forces only number a few hundred, mostly comprised of Purebloods and Half-Bloods from all over the globe. Yet Fenrir was one of the few privy to the recent changes Voldemort had been making.

The introduction of Mudbloods into his ranks.

A controversial decision and one that many of his followers would be dissatisfied with if they ever learned of it and so their numbers were small as to keep it secret. But they were there, however, Voldemort still suffered from a lack of numbers, Fenrir could provide that. As for Fenrir, all he wanted in return was power and Voldemort could provide that.

He already had, the changes and gifts Fenrir had received were a part of their agreement. It was a trade, an arrangement that neither wanted to be rid of any time soon considering the advantages it gave them both.

Voldemort feared the size of Fenrir's pack.

Fenrir feared the power Voldemort wielded.

It was an alliance built upon mutual need and fear and it was one that was working perfectly. And so with a wide, bloodthirsty smile upon his face, Fenrir endured the spell-chain Harry unleashed upon him while shifting his footing, waiting and watching for an opening.

'Oh the joy I'll feel when the Wizarding World learns of their Saviour, being a Werewolf!' He almost laughed aloud at the thought. 'I can barely contain myself.'

His line of thought trailed off when he noticed the rubble becoming sharper and seemingly changing into silver stakes. Eyes widened in fright as they all shot towards him at great speeds. Any normal wizard may have been able to see them, but not react in time. But he was no normal wizard, he was a werewolf which made him better in every way.

So Fenrir allowed his instincts to take over, one hand grabbing the robe of a random Death Eater recruit and shoved him forwards ever so slightly directly into the line of the stakes. Most embedded themselves into the man's body, while few managed to miss him and go straight for the werewolf, though they were dodged quite easily.

"Looks like your not just a rabid dog after all." Harry snarked with an inquisitive look upon his face.

Fenrir growled angrily. "A rabid dog. I'll show you a rabid dog!" He roared before firing off numerous dark curses. Harry himself didn't stand still, his body weaving and his wand lashing out to parry the spells. Slowly a rhythm began to build up, Fenrir firing curse after curse, while Harry dodged. His mind quickly tracking the movements and the time between each of Fenrir's spells.

Once he had that down he launched his own counter strike. His own spell chains flying at the werewolf alpha with frightening speed and accuracy.

The two were as opposite as night and day. Fenrir was furious, never letting up in his assault. A belief that the best defence was an unstoppable offence. His magical resistance as a result of his evolutions allowing him to brush off many of the spells that hit him, occasionally deflecting a few. Harry on the other hand was like water, flowing in and out of each spell with the grace of a dancer. His spells while nowhere near as numerous were far more accurate.

Then the two broke apart as Harry clutched his bleeding side after a rather nasty cutting curse clipped his stomach. He recognised the curse as one that opened a wound upon the targets body and then spread a poison that would slowly and torturously kill them.

For some reason, however, the poison didn't have any effect on him, despite the steam rising from the wound. He felt a deep burning sensation followed by nothing. Whether the curse didn't take full effect because Fenrir had cast it incorrectly or it didn't cut him deeper enough he didn't know.

All he knew was that Fenrir was panting heavily from rage. His body was littered with shallow cuts and large bruises. One eye was closed as a result of swelling and his lip was busted.

"You don't look so good, there's a little something right here." Harry taunted as he pointed toward his left eye earning a growl from Fenrir. Though instead of rising to the bait as he expected, Fenrir fired off a couple of Bombarda's at Harry's feet temporarily blinding him and Harry quickly tried to clear the area, but not quick enough as Bone-Breaking Hex slammed into his back and his wand arm breaking a few ribs and his hand.

Rolling with this strike and temporarily ignoring the pain that shot through him, Harry summoned his wand to his uninjured hand with Wandless magic as he hide behind the damaged wall that once belonged to a shop. While it felt awkward holding it in his weaker hand, it mattered very little when all he could think about was dealing with Fenrir.

"Fall back!" Harry looked to the side and watched Selwyn blast Tonks across the alleyway, his form littered with a few cuts, but nowhere near as bad as Tonks was before he used an Emergency Portkey. The remaining Death Eaters doing the same.

"I may not be able to kill you, Potter!" Fenrir roared and Harry barely had any time to react as the wall he was hidden behind exploded outwards as the werewolf tackled him to the ground. "But I can sure as hell do this!" There was barely restrained glee in his voice before Harry felt him bite down on his neck.

Harry barely registered the scream of pain that tore from his voice as he pushed his magic outwards. It slammed it with Fenrir's body launching him backwards as Harry began curling up into a ball as he felt pain, unlike anything he had felt before course through his body. This was on a scale equal to that of Voldemort's but in an entirely different way.

"Harry!" His blurred vision looked up to see Tonks crouched down before him, her face contorted into a painful grimace as worry shined in her eyes before he finally passed out.

Tonks had known that maybe leaving Harry alone in Diagon Alley hadn't been the best idea. It would have certainly meant that he would have been safer and by extension her. The Death Eater raid of Diagon Alley had caught them all by surprise and only those Auror's already stationed at Diagon Alley were there to defend it.

They were honestly lucky that Voldemort didn't send a larger force, otherwise, Diagon Alley would be nothing but rubble and there would be many more dead to account for.

Luckily, that had not been the case and the Auror's had done a masterful job at keeping the force at bay until reinforcements could be assembled and sent. She herself had sent a distress call to the Order before leaping and taking on the group of Death Eaters that entered the Leaky Cauldron. Though she had not quite been capable of stopping two that managed to get upstairs to the higher levels.

By the fact that Harry came down and gave her that much-needed distraction to truly go on the offensive, she assumed that they had been dealt with.


Then they had gone into the main battle and Harry had once again proven how stubborn he could be when he didn't even give her a chance to offer a compromise before attacking Fenrir. He also showed that despite having improved himself massively, he was still hotheaded and hadn't taken into account a number of key details. Fenrir's unnatural levels of magical resistance being one of them.

Yet she would admit to having taken a few moments to admire the extremely dangerous and powerful spell-chain Harry used, something she doubted that even she could defend against properly before offering assistance.

By taking on Selwyn.

At the time it seemed like a bright idea. Selwyn wasn't exactly one of the more well-known Death Eaters and while skilled, he shouldn't have been anything she couldn't have handled. Yet much like Fenrir was magically resistant to the point of insanity, Selwyn was using powerful Dark Magic she hadn't seen before.

Both were equally strange in different ways.

However retreat was not an option, Harry had made it very clear that Fenrir was his and to be honest, she didn't really want to get in his way. There was a certain look in his eyes, that she was not afraid to admit, terrified her. Not only that, but the Aurors needed help and so, despite finding herself unable to properly defend against the powerful Dark Magic, fought her hardest.

Still, Selwyn was her enemy at the time and it was the closest she had ever come to death. The man despite not being as well-known in comparison to his compatriots, he was still a member of Voldemort's Inner Circle. There were very few amongst said Inner Circle who weren't gifted Wizards and Witches. Their biggest weakness was of course arrogance which had been on full display during the Battle of the Department of Mysteries.

So it was safe to say that it took everything she had to survive. Every spell he had thrown had packed enough power to break any normal shield and he didn't limit himself to just the Unforgivable's as most Death Eater grunts did. He had a wide range of Dark curses and even mixed in Transfiguration with his attacks.

Yeah, Tonks would admit that death had been a very real possibility when facing Selwyn for those short few minutes.

"Miss Tonks." She looked up from where she was currently crouched down beside Harry's unconscious body that was sat up against the wall. She had cleaned most of his body of any blood, sweat and grime from the fight and had even come across the bite mark from Fenrir. It was red raw and she could see black pulsing veins spreading from the bite mark, yet at the same time, she could see that it was confined to just a small area. Every time it spread beyond that bite mark the black veins disappeared almost instantly after a few seconds.

Not to mention she was worried about what the black wispy vapour that emerged from Harry's body before disappearing was. It almost seemed to form a screaming face but Tonks didn't know if she was just hallucinating.

On the bright side, Harry had managed to do something to Fenrir that caused him great pain. The fact that he had howled in pain as soon as he had been blasted away from Harry and was seen cradling his bloody mouth, smoke emerging from between his fingers before he disappeared with a Portkey was a great indicator.

"Headmaster." If it wasn't for the seriousness of the situation, she would smile at how even after all this time, she still referred to him as Headmaster of all things. "I-I'm sorry, Harry, I-." She could barely get the words out, how could she tell the most powerful wizard of this century that the Boy-Who-Lived had been bitten by a Werewolf Alpha that accepted his heritage instead of rejecting it as most did.

Dumbledore placed one hand on her shoulder before crouching down, slowly pulling down the collar of Harry's shirt to look at the bite mark.

"I see." That was all he said, before pulling away.

Dumbledore looked on sadly as Madam Pomfrey treated Harry. Tonks had filled him in on what had happened and while he was disappointed in her for not telling him of the young wizards' whereabouts, he could understand her reasoning.

Even so, it was upsetting to know that Harry would be forever changed by these events. A scar that would never leave him, much like the one on his forehead. Though from what Tonks had told him, it seems that the Dark Magic once inhabiting the scar was gone and he could confirm that as he could sense none of the vile magic that once infested it.

'Perhaps this is a blessing in disguise though.' Dumbledore wondered. 'It all depends on how Harry himself will take what I have to tell him. If the Horcrux is truly gone as I believe then he no longer needs to die. He can be trained to bring down Voldemort and end this war once and for all, but will he be accepting of such training?'

"How is he?" Remus asked as he came to a stop beside the elderly wizard. He hadn't left Grimmauld Place since Harry had been transported here. The man's anger had been at its boiling point when he found out what had happened and it took Moody and Kingsley to restrain the werewolf from going out on a manhunt for Fenrir. Even then it didn't seem like Remus could be contained and Dumbledore had even thought that he would have to step in to calm the enraged Werewolf.

"He will heal." Was all Dumbledore could say and Remus sighed tiredly.

"I should have done more, I gave him space because I didn't know how to help Harry with his grief when I was struggling with my own." Tears began pooling in his eyes as Remus clenched his fists tightly. "It's because of me that Harry is forever going to be cursed like me."

Dumbledore placed a comforting hand upon the werewolf's shoulder. "It is not your fault, nor is it anyones. Things like these happen and sometimes, we can do nothing to stop them." Remus didn't say anything, simply standing there quietly. "And while he may be cursed, Harry will do what he always does, endure." With that Dumbledore strode out and made his way down towards Moody. 'Though if what I have seen is to believe, not only is the Horcrux gone, but something is fighting against the Lycanthropy.'

"How's the kid?" Despite not knowing Harry personally, Moody sure as hell respected him for saving his life back during the fourth year. That was a debt that couldn't be easily repaid, especially when Moody knew for a fact he'd be killed after his purpose was served.

"He will live." Moody nodded his head, Harry would live, he had passed the worst of it, his fever beginning to die down. "What do you make of his skills?"

"Reminds me of Charlus." Moody snorted, though he could hear the slight tinge of fear and Dumbledore shared his sentiments. Charlus Potter had been one of the most feared wizards of his time and he was still growing more powerful as time went on. In him, Dumbledore had seen a rising wizard who could have very well matched if not even surpass him if given the right amount of time and guidance.

"Indeed he does." Dumbledore felt pride and a sense of ease as he thought of Harry's skills. Even if Harry never forgave him for his crimes, he could rest easy knowing that someone with strong morals would end up taking his place. While he would have to do some more checks to make sure that there were no remnants of the Horcrux left, Dumbledore was confident it was gone.

Harry could be trained now and then, he could take the mantle of the Lights Champion, leading it to victory over the forces of Darkness.

There was silence between the two elderly wizards. "What of Auror Tonks?"

"I believe Harry's condition is all the punishment she needs for her actions. She understands the consequences of her actions and I doubt she will repeat them again." Nodding his head, Moody hobbled towards the fireplace.

"I shall have the Order on the lookout for any more Death Eater activity. And I'll look into what could possibly have made some lesser threats like Selwyn and Fenrir so powerful." And with that, Moody disappeared leaving Dumbledore alone to his thoughts. He did not doubt that today things had changed, the war was beginning again and Dumbledore knew that this one would be more costly than the last.

Already, Harry was sharing the curse of war, yet he imagined that unlike some, Harry would rise above such burdens and rise to new heights. It was unlike the young Potter to surrender simply because he got beaten down.

So here we are, another chapter done. In this chapter, Harry is considering moving away from Diagon Alley and to be honest, I think I'm going to be changing the progression of Harry and Fleur's relationship a little more as well. Really make you hate me for the slow burn sort of romance that really would suit the type of person Harry at this time. As said this chapter he's taking the viewpoint that he can't lose anyone if he has no one to lose. He's also starting to view such things as a weakness his enemies can exploit so I think a relationship at this point would be a little off for the character he is now.

Not only that, but elemental magic is starting to show some progression but it's nowhere near powerful. I have said this before and I'll say it again, I have decided to change what Harry's main element will be. It's not fire, Earth, water or wind. It's a different element that will be introduced a little later on.

Thirdly, the biggest change I've made is Fenrir. Before I made his powers a natural evolution that came about when a Werewolf accepted their transformation. In this version however, Fenrir has been undergoing experimentations that will be expanded upon further. His increased, strength, speed and magical resistance and the ability to turn people without transforming are all apart of these experimentations. So if you don't like this or you don't like the partial creature Harry plot then I'm afraid it's tough luck, it's happening either way.

Finally though, the final scene within Dumbledore. The Horcrux is gone and with it, Harry will be given the option to become the new leader and Champion of the Light. Receiving training under Dumbledore and many members of the Order if he does accept. However from this point on, things begin to calm down again. Mainly with Harry focusing upon training and a little more scheming in the shadows.

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