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Chapter 4

Jack Fenson wasn't always the abusive asshole that he is today.

Sure, he never was what you would call a 'good father' but in the beginning, he was merely a stern and absent one. I could still remember flashes of these times, back when Madeline Fenson was alive.

Then, she died. And Jack was stuck with a son he didn't understand, vast financial trouble and deep depression.

He became more violent, struggled to hold a legit job, got into alcohol, got into drugs, got deeper into drugs, and then got into the Merchants.

He actually found something he had actual talent with that last one, as he quickly rose on the ranks of the gang, enjoying more and more of the gangster life.

And his son was stuck with an abusive gangster that liked to display his superiority through violent actions with the excuse of toughening him up.

There are only two kind of people that form in an environment like this; a pissed off violent one or a quiet and withdrawn one.

I use to be in the latter category, trying to stay out of sight and out of mind. Got quite good at it too, a kid can learn a lot with the threat of a violent beatdown hanging over their head.

My point is; I'd developed a healthy fear of Jack Fenson over the years, even now with my new… 'perspective on life' so to speak, I still feel flashes of panic whenever I see him.

That panic saved his life.

To clarify, that panic made my instinctual punch that occurred after he charged at me come out horrendous. It was sloppy, out of balance, poorly aimed, and would most likely injure my fist if I hit it accurately, which I didn't; I only grazed the fucker.

And I still knocked most of his teeth out and threw his three hundred pound body to the floor with the force.

I watched as he slid on the floor and hit the wall with a dull sound, I could see him losing the battle for consciousness and going limp. I also noticed the blood coming from his mouth and the impression I made on his face.

I'm not the son he used to have; I don't have even a fraction of the resentment the old me had for his father. I felt nothing but indifference towards him, and an occasional flash of old emotions. But damn, that was satisfying.

Celia's body shook as prove of my satisfaction.

"Oh Danny, Hngn!" her words came tangled, she was speaking in a delirious tone, and I don't think she even noticed Jack's arrival. "MmGosh, I'm sooo Full!"

Hum, Oh...

Due to Jack's arrival, I manage to break past the wave of pleasure and properly focus on the woman beneath and around me.

She was not unrecognizable, but a person would have trouble believing that she is the same woman that she was a few hours ago. Her skin was cleared up and rejuvenated to the point that the only thing telling her age was the very faint mark around her eyes - I honestly wouldn't put her above twenty-five - her fat reserves were redistributed to the parts were it mattered, making her assets bigger and bouncier, completely eliminating all signs of the slight sagging they had before. Her musculature, in general, was more evident and more attractive, working to accentuate her womanly charms.

I also could feel the delicious movements of her depths, as they try to milk my stiff member inside.

Then I began to see the problems.

The first was the most evident and perhaps the least serious, the slight swell on her abdomen. Her new vaginal strength and constant orgasms had locked the canal in such a way that the semen accumulated inside, and very little spilled out from her. I guess my huge insertion and the fact that I was hesitant to take it off didn't help. I had never seen swelling like that outside of hentais, it couldn't be healthy for her, but I don't know enough about the matter, so it would be best to not assume anything.

The second wasn't an immediate problem, per se... it was more of an annoyance. There is no way her drastic change of appearance would be taken as anything other than parahuman work, which could bring her danger by association and fuck up my secret identity before I had even begun to properly care for it, but I can deal with that later.

The last problem was the most serious and needed immediate attention. I could already see the signs all over her body.

The slight twitches growing in proportion, eyes rolling around not able to focus on anything, foam beginning to form on the corner of her mouth.

Celia was subject to many different tinkertech substances tonight, and they modified her in many different ways, both temporary and permanent, but with that many substances crashing together, forcing her body to change, sometimes in in ways that it shouldn't be possible its beginning to take its toll.

That's a tinkertech overdose right there, it is only in its initial state, and her body's new resistance is holding it back but it still deadly if left alone.

I need to do something about it, fast.

She squeals once again as my thrusting restarted. Her orgasmic state was keeping many of the substances from fully integrating and thus they weren't fully affecting her; if I keep making her cum, I can buy some time.

I also have to suppress the pleasure my nerves are transmitting; her walls were fantastic before, but now they are just insane- Christ! These movements.

Ok, I can concentrate again. What does she need? She currently have a vast number of agents inside her body. It's not possible to create a counter for every single one individually, not without the counter reacting to another substance.

Shit! Her bodily functions! I don't know how her standard body chemistry is reacting to the foreign chemicals, but her brain activity was definitely affected; her sensitivity is somewhere beyond human levels now, and the many aphrodisiacs acting at the same time… I don't have a way to map her brain, maybe if I cannibalize the TV and the refrigerator…

No time for that! I have to focus. She needs an agent to slow down the tinkertech substances in her body, a single one to affect everything at the same time, but if I do that the effect will also affect her normal body, and with the strength I'm planning to give it, there is a genuine possibility that her body will shut down if she falls asleep, so I have to keep her awake.

The strength of the agent will also nullify the bulk of her transformation, and maybe lessen some of the benefits, but it was a small price to pay.

It only took a slight brush on her clit with my thumb to bring her to another climax. This time instead of staying inside and enjoying the delicious clenching, I pull back, separating us with a pop; the following relaxation should be enough for her to start releasing the sperm inside.

She whines loudly at the loss, curling her legs around me in an attempt to bring me back, I grab her arms and pull her upper body close to me, pressing our pelvis' together to stabilize her while she sits on the edge of the table, my member pressed between our bodies.

Celia opens her mouth to say something, and I took advantage of that, pulling her into a kiss. My action brings her to a smaller orgasm that still shakes her form.

My arm moves to her back to support her, while the other firmly grips the back of her head, deepening the kiss. After a few moments of surprise, she lets out a throaty moan and melts into my embrace.

Turning my saliva into the prepared substance is almost trivial, as is increasing the production in my glands to help give her the medicine.

Her movements become more lethargic; her arms wrap around my shoulders in a loose hold, and the frenetic battle of our tongues becomes a slow, intimate dance.

I can't stop pleasuring her however, as it would be dangerous to let her sleep, so I began to press our sexes together, moving my length on her lips, drawing sparks of pleasure that keep her awake.

Eventually, she enters a state of half-awareness, leaving slight kisses on my mouth, searching the delicious flavor with her tongue, the rest of her body submitting to me completely, reacting to my every stimulus and following my every action.


This gives me an idea.

A really attractive idea that could help me in the long run.

Plus she needs an energy boost anyway; in her current state, she would fall asleep in the next few minutes no matter what I did.

She eagerly accepts my probing tongue once more, the addictive fluids carrying the energetic fluid that she needed, plus something very special I cooked up on the fly.

I feel her draw a sharp breath, and her body shakes like it was struck by lightning, before quickly falling back into her early relaxed state. The only difference was her eyes, which stopped rolling around in a sea of pleasure and had gained an unnatural focus, the pupils growing to absurd lengths almost taking all the color of the iris.

"Hey," I call, making her newfound focus fall on me. "How are you feeling?" the words are almost a whisper due to the proximity between us.

"I... Oh, fuck Danny." Celia drawls out in a similar tone, a dazzling smile spreading on her face. "I feel sooo fucking good." She finishes with another brush on my lips.

"Can you do something for me?" I ask between kisses.

"Hhhmm…" she breathes out a satisfied sound, moving her body to sit in a more stable position. "Anything."

I smile while I feel her lips trailing my jawline, her hands moving down to play with my chest.

"Then, obey me for now on, you just have to do everything I say…Ok?"

The last substance, the one mixed with the energetics, was designed to put her brain in a profoundly hypnotized state; in theory, it would allow me to imprint orders on her subconscious, in practice… the early substances already fucked her brain functions, but it doesn't seem to be interfering with the effects of this one for some reason.

Whatever, I'll deal with it later.

"Ok, I'll do whatever you say, just keep making me feel this way."


"Hoh? Are you feeling good, aunty?"

"Fuck yes. I'm feeling fucking awesome." She giggles, burying her nose in my neck and taking a heavy sniff. "Oh fuck Danny, I think I love you."

With the amount of endorphin her brain is releasing, I would be surprised if she didn't

"That's because you did what I asked, remember?" I move until I was looking into her eyes. "Following my orders feels good."

"Uhum, following your orders feels good," she agreed with a smile.

"However, disobeying me feels really bad. So you will not disobey me; otherwise, you will feel bad."

"I will not! I don't want to feel bad!" She interjects almost fearfully, wrapping herself around my body in a desperate hug. "Don't make me feel bad, Baby, please!"

"Shhh, none of that, now." I begin to caress her hair gently. "You only need to obey me, and you will keep feeling good, got it?"

"I will Baby, I definitely will. I love you." She begins repeating that while kissing and nuzzling me, her body slowing relaxing again.

And that was that- Oh!

"One more thing Celia," I say grabbing her shoulder to separate us. "I'm a parahuman."

"…Oh." She nods.

"But you don't care about that."

"I don't?"

"No- actually, you find it kinda hot."

She smiles, grinding herself to me a bit more, "I do."

"But it's a secret ok?" I say, leaning closer to plant a kiss on her lips. "You will not tell that to anybody."

"I won't, promise." She says between kisses, humming hotly with the feeling they brought "Oooh baby can we fuck again? I really need it."

I smile. "Let's take it to the showers first; we really need to get moving."


It was interesting to see the effect of my hypnotic juice winding down.

Over the course of the hour it took us to reach her apartment, the effect of the juice had taken her from a highly receptive clingy girl to drunk woman who is experiencing an excellent high, although she hasn't become any less clingy though, we had to stop many times because she kept pulling me to an improv make out section in the middle of the desert streets, or because the wobbly walk stimulated her still very sensitive lips, and she desperately needed a finger.

But eventually, we reach the apartment.

We spill inside of the dark apartment in a tangled mess. Celia is being supported by my arm and keeps giggling and rubbing her body against mine with every step. The tiny black dress that we found isn't helping in the slightest; I am so close to throwing her on the floor and burying myself into her again.

But now she needs to sleep, the counter agents and agents had to integrate into her body fully, she needs to be in a relaxed state for this to happen correctly, luckily making her sleep will be easy, the only reason she is awake right now is because of my touch is stimulating her. I only need to give her some space, and she will crash.

I manage to lock the door with my free hand, and after I did my best to navigate the place without making too much noise, but I could only do so much while carrying animated woman under effect of tinker drugs.

"Hey Celia, Celia!" I say a bit louder to making her stop lick my skin. "Where is your room?"

"Hehe baby, we can do it on the floor∼."

"That not the point I-"

And the lights are turned on- what the fuck?

A girl of my age - no, younger than me, her elegant features made her look older on a first glance. She had brown skin, dark hair reaching above her shoulders, and dark colored eyes, she was wearing a loose set of pajamas and had one hand hidden beside her body.

Holy shit, Celia had a daughter! Or a little sister maybe? Either way I was not expecting this.

Seriously, how do I react to this!

The girl narrows her eyes when she sees Celia. And then looks at me with an unreadable expression.

Well, this certainly looks suspicious.

"Hum. Hey! I'am-"

"Heeey Aisha! What are you doing back so early?" Celia chirps cheerfully, not sounding bothered by her relative's presence.

"…It's four in the mourning." Aisha respond-

A deep chill travels down my spine.


It can't be.

The universe isn't that ironic.

This can't be the same Aisha from-

"The cutie right there is my daughter." Celia molds her body into mine. "And this is Danny," she breathes slowly and- GODdammit woman! Don't look at me with these lovestruck eyes in front of your daughter. "He is going to be staying with us for a while."

Aisha raises her eyebrow at the exchange.

Ok, fuck! I'm just going to roll with it.

"Hm yeah," That comes off a little more awkward than I expected. "Where is her room, she is a little…"

"She is high as fuck." Aisha finished for me. Celia just laughed.

I shrug helplessly, and the girl finally took pity.

"This way."

Celia fell asleep not even and five seconds after hitting the bed. I moved the sheets to cover her and fixed the pillow to a more comfortable position, before following the eyebrow raised teenager back to the living room.

"Look," I broke the awkward silence. "About before…"

"You two are fucking and you need a place to say. I've heard it before." She finishes once again, her voice coming in a harsh tone. "Look, you don't enter my room or try anything funny, and we will not have a problem, got it?" She says, pointing the kitchen knife she had in hand to my crouch.

"Got it," I said sincerely.

She looks at more closely. Seemly noticing something strange, as some of the harshnesses in her eyes gives way to confusion.

"You're a lot younger than the others." She stated more to herself.

"…Yeah." I agree slowly… What more could I say?

The silence spread for a few moments before she sighed and began to rub her eyes.

"Fuck, too early for this bullshit." She comments quietly, before raising her voice again. "Come on you can throw your stuff over there. The couch is this way."