She was done. They both knew it. After the Quidditch Game, after everything that had happened, she was already finished. The blackmail alone, Harry could have used to end her career a dozen times over. The magical recordings he no doubt had as she'd succumbed to her own pleasure again and again on his property. At the same time, it wasn't just blackmail… it was influence, both political and magical.

Rita Skeeter was nearing the end of her rope. The corridor to escape, to a return to normality, was closing up fast right before her eyes. And yet… still Harry insisted on continuing the Tour. Next up was…

"And here we are at the Potter Library. I don't mean to brag, but I fully believe this library to be better than the one at Hogwarts at this point."

He probably wasn't wrong, either. The library that Harry leads Rita into on a leash is far from a simple 'family library'. Magically expanded on the inside, it was much larger than the nondescript building that seemingly housed it. With multiple more stories than it should have had, the stacks of bookcases went up and up and up to a higher than life ceiling.

While Hogwarts had stood for a thousand years and the Headmasters and Headmistresses throughout that time had done their level best to make the school library the greatest repository of wizarding knowledge, they possibly could… the truth was, wizards and witches were private people and always had been. More than that, they were covetous individuals who took family very seriously.

It was no wonder then, that the Hogwarts Library had never managed to surpass some of the larger privately owned book collections in Wizarding Britain. Oh sure, there would be donations from time to time, and some even willed their entire collections to the Hogwarts Library, giving the Headmaster or Headmistress of the time the opportunity to boast about how this brought the school library one step closer to parity with its privately owned peers.

The problem with that was the theft. It had become something of an unofficial official mission of every Pureblood that visited Hogwarts. Sneak out any books that had originally belonged to their family, and indeed any books that had belonged to other families as well. For the vast majority of the Hogwarts Library, this was almost negligibly easy. For the Forbidden Section, it was a little harder and thus an activity best reserved to Sixth and Seventh Years… but not at all impossible.

Especially when either the Hogwarts Librarian or the Headmaster or Headmistress were sympathetic to the Ancient Houses' cause, as frequently happened during the centuries. The Hogwarts Library effectively waxed and waned in power over the centuries, becoming something of a public book exchange for the Ancient and Noble Houses of Magical Britain, rather than the foremost repository of knowledge that it should have been.

… If anyone had been keeping score, Harry liked to imagine that the Potter Library was winning that little game. Book collecting was far from his primary passion, but with the inheritance of the Black Library, the Potter Library had nearly doubled in size. At this point, it could be called the Potter or Black Library interchangeably, truth be told.

And more recently, in the past few years to be exact, Harry had acquired a few bookworms among the beautiful witches he'd… tamed and collared. Not only had they taken to organizing his collection for him in their off-time, but they'd also taken to adding new books whenever they could.

Was it any wonder then, that as Harry leads a collared and leashed Rita Skeeter deeper into his family's library, that they almost immediately come upon a certain individual who's doing some much needed research into her family's blood curse?

"Ah, Lady Anastasia Greengrass. What a pleasant surprise~"

Harry grins as the Greengrass Matriarch's eyes dart upwards, her back going ramrod straight and her pale skin flushing as she takes in the sight of both Harry… and the reporter leashed on the floor beside him. Indeed, for the first moment that Anastasia lays eyes on Rita and recognizes her for who she is, there's veritable panic in the older witch's face. Then, she registers the position Rita finds herself in, the collar around her neck and the leash Harry is holding, and she relaxes somewhat. Only a little bit though.

While from Rita's position on her hands and knees she can just see Anastasia seated at the table, pouring over ancient tomes that the Ministry would probably consider Restricted Dark Artifacts, Harry can see quite a bit more. Though the Lady Greengrass IS wearing a top that barely contains her massive knockers and shows off… 'vast tracts of land' so to speak, Harry can see that she's not wearing much below the waist.

The reason for this can be seen if one glances around the edge of the desk to see the true nature of Lady Anastasia's current seating arrangements. Her 'chair', as it so happened, is a living being… a living being that Harry knows quite well and isn't surprised to find in his library, not one bit. After all, Hermione has never been anything BUT a bookworm in the time Harry has known her.

Of course, right now her face has been turned into a seat. Meanwhile, Hermione is dressed in a wildly lewd version of her old Hogwarts Uniform. The micro skirt in Gryffindor colors does nothing to hide her bare ass or cunny, while the red crop top has become see-through from her sweat and Anastasia's juices drooling down onto her heaving chest.

With her face firmly buried in the older woman's ass cheeks, no doubt tonguing out Lady Greengrass' ass and cunt at the same time, it left only her bushy brunette curls to be seen outside of the other witch's constantly shifting cheeks.

While Lady Anastasia is clearly doing her best to keep her composure in spite of the… lasciviousness of her 'chair', she's not quite managing it. Oh certainly, she's avoiding any wanton moans or mewling cries, but there are small noises coming from her lips anyways intermittently, as her nostrils flare and she squirms back and forth under Hermione's oh so tender mercies. This is only made worse by her being forced to interact with him and his current 'guest'.

"A-Ah, hm… W-Well met, Lord Potter… Ms. Skeeter."

Rita wisely doesn't say anything. Even if she may not realize Lady Anastasia's current state, she's more than learned by this point that if any witch is on Harry's property, that witch almost certainly IS Harry's property as well. Even those who didn't know it yet, like the estimable and arrogant Gwenog Jones.

Of course, before Harry can offer up an amused reply, one of the other bookworms he's tamed makes her presence known. Coming out of one of the nearby stacks is a dark-skinned Indian witch… namely, Padma Patil, the more bookish of the Patil Twins. Unlike her sister Parvati, Padma had gone into Ravenclaw, and when she'd found out the state of his library, she'd taken it upon herself to become his unofficial librarian alongside Hermione.

Of course, Harry had had his conditions and stipulations. One such stipulation was the dress code, so to speak. Where Hermione was wearing the sluttiest Gryffindor Schoolgirl Uniform that magic could produce, Padme is wearing a nigh-on identical Ravenclaw version. Her blue crop top isn't quite as see-through as Hermione's red is at the moment of course, and her blue and bronze mini skirt actually is covering up the majority of her cunt and ass because she's standing up straight right now. But other than that, it's practically the same specialized uniform.

Carrying a stack of books in her arms, Padma makes her way over to Lady Anastasia's desk and sets the books down next to the distracted, researching older witch. Only then can she finally make notice of Harry and Rita's presence, her eyes lighting up as they ghost over Rita before finally finding their way to Harry's face.

"Ah! Master Potter, you grace us with your presence. Was there anything you needed? A particular book you were looking for?"

Harry just smiles at the Indian witch. Needless to say, of the two witches who had practically taken up residence in his library, it was Padma who took the job most seriously. She would still happily drop to her knees and suck his cock if he ordered it, as well as let him fuck her in every orifice across every surface of HIS library if he so chose.

But she wouldn't suggest it. She had enough pride and confidence in herself to hold it together, even clad in little more than a skintight crop top and short miniskirt. As his eyes trail up and down Padma's body, she does instinctively thrust her chest out a little bit in an open, if involuntary invitation. But no, Harry's eyes slide past her after a moment, and seeing Lady Anastasia trying to keep her cool while Hermione's tongue goes to town on her holes… it's just too tempting to pass up.

That said, while Harry isn't QUITE done with Rita, he also doesn't feel the need to keep her around for every little thing he decides to do. Which is where Padma can come in.

"Actually, Padma… there is something you can do for me. Take Rita here off my hands, would you?"

Blinking, the Indian witch nods and steps forward after a moment, taking Rita's leash from Harry and looking down at the sensationalist reporter blankly. Rita doesn't dare look Padma in the eye, and after a moment Harry finds out why.

"Hello again, Ms. Skeeter. I must admit, I much prefer this look on you, rather than you writing another article about my sister and I's presence in Wizarding Britain representing a push from the Indian Wizarding World to 'reverse colonize' London."

Oof. Even Harry winces a little at that. He hadn't read that particular article, but he had heard about it. It… honestly hadn't caused as much of an uproar as it probably should have, mostly because the Magical Indian presence in Wizarding Britain was still vastly smaller than the muggle Indian presence in the greater United Kingdom. Indeed, Rita had been punching WAY below her weight with that article, to the point that it'd practically been a freebie… until now.

Smiling wickedly, Harry catches Padma's eye and gives her a nod.

"Why don't you continue her 'tour' of our great library, Padma? You know the place best, after all… and I'm sure you know exactly what sort of books Rita would enjoy the most, don't you?"

Padma's eyes light up at that and a truly wide smile spreads across her beaming face as she gives Harry a half curtsy that flashes her pussy lips at him for a moment as she bobs up and down.

"It would be my distinct pleasure, Lord Potter. Thank you kindly~"

Chuckling, Harry just waves them off, enjoying the way Rita whimpers as Padma tugs her along on her leash a little harder than is strictly necessary, while at the same time not even bothering to contain her excitement about showing the reporter her 'special book collection'.

"Don't you worry, Ms. Skeeter. It'll make you SCREAM in delight~"

As the pair disappears into the stacks, Harry watches them go for a moment, amused beyond belief. Then, he turns back to the absolutely delectable situation developing in front of his eyes. Of course, Lady Anastasia Greengrass isn't JUST here to get her holes eaten out by Hermione's expert and altogether experienced tongue.

In the time that Harry has been interacting with Padma, the Greengrass Matriarch has seized upon the latest books that the Patil Twin had brought in and is digging deep into her research. To be fair, this was why Harry had let her in here in the first place. The blood curse that the Greengrass Family lived under might not have killed them off, so to speak, but it was eroding them bit by bit, generation by generation.

With any lucky, Anastasia hoped to end that in her lifetime, and with Harry's help and access to his immense library, she might not even need luck.

Of course, just because he's given her this, doesn't mean he's done taking from her in the meantime. House Greengrass will always belong to him, even cured of the blood curse. Astoria, Daphne, and even Anastasia herself, have all fallen to his cock.

Amusingly enough, it's clear to Harry that Anastasia has already forgotten he was even there. She's so engrossed in her research and trying to keep from being too distracted by Hermione's tongue that she likely thinks he's already walked off, probably thinking he left with Padma and Rita.

Well now, that just won't do, will it? Having not even bothered getting dressed again, the naked wizard prowls up behind the seated Lady Greengrass and… re-announces his presence by slapping his massive meat log down between Anastasia's fat ass cheeks, his balls slapping down atop Hermione's head.

The Greengrass Matriarch squeaks, even as Harry grabs her by her massive bubble butt and gives it a good hard squeeze, hot dogging her ass with his bitch breaker of a cock and enjoying the sensation of her warm buns wrapped around his dick as Hermione's silky-soft hair tickles his lower rod and ball sack.

"How goes your research, Lady Greengrass?"

Blushing profusely and squirming even more now, Anastasia nevertheless tries to keep her composure to the best of her abilities, panting a little as she attempts to focus on the pages of the open tome in front of her.

"I've made… e-excellent progress with your considerate and generous help, L-Lord Potter."

Harry hums at that and nods, even as he rears back a hand to deliver a harsh smack-grope to one of her ass cheeks, bringing his palm down hard but then immediately kneading her butt flesh as she jolts and yelps before ultimately whimpering, knowing she can't possibly stop him or tell him off for his treatment of her.


"… Y-Yes. With the Potter Library's, a-ah, resources, I've managed to trace the blood curse back to Mainland Europe. You see, my ancestor Alcina married a European Noble before the muggle's Great War and-!"

As she drones on, Harry has to admit… he's not listening all that well. Oh sure, its all very interesting stuff, and very applicable to her situation. It's just… her ass is right there and so warm and hot and fat. And his rock hard cock is already ready to go some more, even after the very long day so far. But then, Harry is always ready for more action.

Feigning a modicum of interest, he leans forward as Anastasia points out a particular passage of the book, she has open in front of her. Perfectly natural that he would need to lean in and crane his neck to read what she was pointing at, right? Well, maybe… if he didn't also use the opportunity to draw his cock back and angle it so that he ends up hilting DEEP into the Lady Greengrass' ass right then and there.

As his massive prick drives into Anastasia's behind, the sudden surprise anal intrusion causes the Greengrass Matriarch to shriek and gurgle on her own spit, even drooling a little bit from what Harry can see from his current vantage point. How embarrassing, heh. Grinning wickedly, Harry plants his hands on Anastasia's shoulders as he begins to plow her anally, fucking her incredibly tight, clenching back door passage as she gasps and shudders.

"Keep going, Lady Greengrass. Why did you stop?"

"Y-You know why, Lord P-Potter. P-Please, I need to be allowed to f-focus on my research… for the s-sake of my family. I would be, nnngh, more than happy t-to take care of your n-needs later~"

The breathy moan at the end of her beseeching request only draws a chuckle from Harry as he continues to butt fuck the gorgeous older witch, uncaring of her begging.

"I bet you would… but no, you don't get to pull the 'family' card with me when you're currently being pleasured by one of my librarians."

As Harry reminds Anastasia of her 'seat', Hermione in turn reminds Harry of her presence in the only way she can. With his cock now buried in Anastasia's ass, he's somewhat dislodged her from Hermione's face, pushing her up a bit so she's half-bent over the desk in front of her instead of seated firmly on the bookish witch beneath her.

This results in Hermione's tongue and mouth falling upon Harry's swinging ball sack, slurping and sucking at them whenever she's able to catch them in her mouth, working overtime in order to try to please Harry. But to be perfectly honest? He's already well-pleased by Anastasia's incredibly tight ass. The Greengrass Matriarch, reduced to a cock receptacle yet again by his massive bitch breaking prick.

Reaching around from behind her, Harry grabs her top with both hands and pulls. An application of magical enhancement makes sure that the top she was wearing to hide just how immodest she and her 'seat' were being behind the desk rips and tears into two most satisfyingly. As Anastasia's huge breasts bounce free of their already relatively sparse confines, Harry tosses the two torn halves of the top aside in either direction, before bringing his hands back down and around onto her tits with a hefty CLAP!

Anastasia squeaks, the open tome in front of her all but forgotten as she instead clutches to the edge of the desk, shuddering and gasping and groaning as Harry's dick burrows its way into her bowels again and again, his hands now mauling her pale breasts like no one's business.

"L-Lord Potter… LORD POTTER!"

Gurgling, shaking, shuddering… it's quite obvious that she's experiencing an orgasm. Probably had something to do with him grabbing her nipples and pulling them while driving his cock as deep into her ass as possible at the same time. Smirking wickedly, Harry leans in close to Anastasia's ear and whispers to her in a silken tone.

"Call me Master."

He waits a beat, expecting her to try and fight him on that, to say something in that indignant tone of hers. He was more than ready to punish her for it too, more than ready to continue his slow yet inevitable domination of this gorgeous, curvaceous woman. But… Anastasia doesn't respond in either the negative or the positive. Instead, all Harry gets is a low, guttural gurgling noise from the Greengrass Matriarch.

Frowning a bit, Harry reaches up and grabs a fistful of the Lady Greengrass' hair, driving his cock back into her tight backside while at the same time yanking her head back to gaze down into her face. What he finds… probably shouldn't have been so unexpected. Lady Anastasia has gone cross-eyed with pleasure, her eyes glazing over and her mouth agape. Her tongue isn't QUITE lolling out, but there is a tendril of drool coming from the side of her mouth in a very unladylike, undignified fashion.

Snorting derisively, Harry pulls even harder on Anastasia, bringing her up to her feet, though he's having to do most of the work as her body seems to have gone almost slack, save for the jerking and jolting and quivering she's doing every so often. The purpose of lifting her up in this way becomes obvious a moment later however, when Hermione's messy face is revealed from underneath both Anastasia's ass and his throbbing cock and swinging ball sack.

Hermione blinks up at him, and Harry nods down at her, giving his old friend and Gryffindor's resident bookworm a doting smile.

"Get on up here, Hermione. It would appear that Lady Anastasia isn't in a state to be able to do much more research into her family's blood curse. Indeed, it would appear that she's allowed herself to get… distracted. Tsk, tsk. Go ahead and take over for her, let me know what the Lady Greengrass might have found and if it's worth pursuing."

As much as Harry has broken Hermione in… and indeed, he's had to break her in more than once over the years, even having to re-tame her and punish her most severely when she'd tried to go to Minister of Magic Susan Bones way back when… the brunette is still a scholar at heart. Knowledge gets Hermione Granger-Weasley almost as wet as Harry's cock, and in truth him and his dick are likely the only thing in this life that she loves more than learning something knew.

So, while there is a hint of regret at having to leave the spot beneath them where she'd been getting to suck on Harry's balls, its actually completely drowned out by her excitement as she hops up to her feet and plucks the open tome off of the desk.

Hopping up in it's place, Hermione wastes no time in forcing Anastasia to… return the favor, so to speak. Indeed, as she's been moving, Harry hasn't stopped fucking the Greengrass Matriarch's ass, and at this point Anastasia isn't even trying to hide how much she's enjoying it anymore. As her eyes have crossed and her mouth has dropped perpetually open, she's begun to squeal and shriek with each powerful butt pounding she's receiving, her body shaking and jiggling and more importantly, her voice getting far too loud, to the point of distraction.

"I'm going to have to ask you to be quiet, Lady Greengrass. This is still a library."

As Hermione says this, she hooks her legs around Anastasia's neck and pulls the older witch down… down into the space betwixt Hermione's thighs, down under the incredibly short miniskirt in Gryffindor colors that the brunette bookworm is reading. Lady Anastasia's squealing and screaming and shrieking is abruptly cut off as she's suddenly forced to eat out Hermione's dripping wet cunny.

The brunette just smiles as she holds Anastasia's head in place with her thighs, clenching them down around the Greengrass Matriarch's skull and forcing her to lick Hermione out if she wants to have any chance at breathing any time soon. While noises continue to come from Anastasia as Harry drills into her from behind, there's no denying that they're quite muffled now, allowing for Hermione to hold the tome in her hands, her eyes darting back and forth across the page.

While its clear Hermione's attention is torn between the dual pleasure of getting eaten out and reading, it's equally clear that she's having a much easier time of it than Anastasia was. The brunette had been made to worm her way through books, she'd been born to be a magical researcher… the sexual debauchery and all around depraved nature had been taught, by him, over the course of several years.

Still mauling Anastasia's breasts, still ravaging her asshole with his thick fat cock, Harry inclines his head to the side, looking past the bent over form of the Greengrass Matriarch and raising an eyebrow at his 'top researcher'.

"Well, Hermione? What's your, heh, professional opinion?"

Bringing the tome down after a moment, biting her lower lip and blushing, Hermione humps Anastasia face for a few seconds more before finally formulating her answer for him.

"I, ah… think that we might have to visit Europe to track down the origins of this blood curse, Harry. As much as it, mm, pains me to admit it… we won't find any more answers to this sort of thing in a library… or at least, not any library in all of Britain. But Europe… Europe might have the answers we seek."

Considering this for a long moment, Harry slowly nods as he assimilates the new information. Europe… Europe was fine. Harry had friends in certain parts of Europe. Of course, as one of the most powerful wizards in the entire world, he was well aware that the International Confederation of Wizards preferred to keep tabs on his movements.

It was something of a pain, because despite defeating his own Dark Lord not once, but multiple times over the course of his early life, he hadn't been afforded the same courtesy as Dumbledore. No one had come around offering him the position of Supreme Mugwump. Whether that was because they thought him too young, or simply because politics had gotten in the way, Harry didn't fully know… or care.

He stayed out of trouble and avoided drawing too much attention from the international community by sticking to Britain… most of the time. Admittedly, his work as Head Auror at the DMLE had drawn him over to Europe a handful of times. He had never been one to let a bad guy get away just because he fled to some backwater country like fucking Transylvania. If the Ancient Vampire Clans wanted to harbor fugitives from the law, then they needed to be ready to contend with the Man-Who-Won. None of them ever were… ready, that is.

Regardless, Europe would be fine. In fact, the more Harry thinks about it, the more he likes the idea. Chuckling as he continues to drive his cock deep into Anastasia's backside, Harry reaches forward and grabs the insensate Greengrass Matriarch by her hair, dragging her face up out from between Hermione's thighs as the brunette happily relaxes her hold on her fellow witch's head for him.

"Sure, why not. We'll make a Potter Family Trip out of it. See the sights, have a little vacation… doesn't that sound lovely, Anastasia?"

Now, Harry knows that if she were in the right frame of mind, she'd almost certainly have raged and cried out indignantly about the trivial way that Harry was framing the very real threat to her family. But she's most definitely NOT in the right frame of mind right now. Especially not when Harry has timed his query perfectly with his own release.

Right as he's speaking, Anastasia is dealing with a torrent of heat invading her insides, her bowels filling to the brim with Harry's massive load of sticky hot cum as he seeds her back door without hesitation and without warning. The warbling gurgling moan that slips free of Anastasia's pillowy lips without her say just makes Harry grin as he finishes inside of her.

"I'm glad that you agree, pet."

Pulling out of her, he raises an eyebrow at Hermione… and the brunette's eyes light up as she realizes what he's offering. Indeed, once upon a time things between the two of them had been bad… but like all friends do, they'd reconciled their differences and worked things out… one good, hard dicking at a time, until Hermione had finally come to understand and accept her place at his feet.

In this case though, he's offering her the chance to choose how she receives her reward for being such a good 'seat' for Lady Greengrass, as well as finishing the Greengrass Matriarch's research when Anastasia could not because she was… otherwise indisposed.

After a moment of though, Hermione makes her decision. With Harry currently lifting Anastasia up, it's easy enough for her to slip and slide her way across the desk under her. Realizing what she wants to do, Harry chuckles and grabs Anastasia by her hips, yanking the insensate GILF up all the way onto her feet so that she's no longer bent over the desk… but bent over Hermione, who's now laid out on the edge of the desk, her pussy lips visible just below Anastasia's fat creampied ass, which even now is starting to disgorge his cum.

The reason behind Hermione's choice in position becomes obvious a moment later as Anastasia lets out a surprised yelp from the brunette bookworm latching onto her massive GILF tits and refusing to let go. Groping and squeezing, suckling and slurping and no doubt biting, Hermione begins to go to town on Anastasia's chest right in front of her face, even as she bucks her hips and her puffy pussy lips right in front of Harry's.

With an amused shrug, Harry takes Hermione up on her generous offer. His hands are still sunk into Anastasia's incredibly fat, plush ass cheeks, with the Greengrass Matriarch acting as an anchor point between him and Hermione. His cock head comes to the entrance of Hermione's drooling, offered up quim, and a moment later he rams his way all the way into her womb, slamming past her cervix.

Hermione's squeals are muffled by the Lady Greengrass' fat tits, but not completely stifled. And honestly, it's all music to Harry's ears. As he fucks Hermione nice and deep, using her womb like a meat condom around his big fat bitch breaker of a cock, he's reminded of some really good times. It's almost nostalgic, in a way, pounding into Hermione while the two of them tag team Anastasia together.

Their hands are all over the beleaguered Lady Greengrass' body, groping and squeezing and kneading her pliable flesh here and there to their heart's content. Meanwhile, Hermione's cunt is as tight as ever around his cock. She'd probably be unbelievably loose for any other man at this point, after years of being Harry's personal fuck toy. His massive schlong has spread and stretched her cunt out more times than either of them can count.

Meanwhile, Harry is well aware that Hermione and Ron haven't had sex in a very long time. After all, the brunette bookworm tells him about it frequently, about how she's not let Ron touch her, that Harry is the only man for her, that she belongs to her Master. Harry appreciates the comments, even if it wasn't like he set out to cuckold his childhood best friend, or really any of the men he's ended up cuckolding.

Truth be told, they were simply… collateral damage that, while unfortunate, couldn't be avoided. Truly, Harry couldn't care less about any of them… it was their wives, girlfriends, sisters, mothers, and daughters that Harry cared about.

Hermione's legs come up and wrap around Anastasia's thighs after a moment, with the younger of the two witches clinging all the harder to the elder. With Anastasia sandwiched between them, there really is no escape for her. She's not even getting fucked anymore, amusingly enough, but she's still trapped, still being molested and groped and included in their debauchery as Harry rewards Hermione for being such a good fuck pet.

Of course, with Hermione's mouth buried in Anastasia's tits and muffled by her massive pillowy mammaries, and the Lady Greengrass in turn so insensate that she's barely even making noise at this point, Harry is able to hear… OTHER things going on in his library.

An amused grin spreads across his face as he cocks his head to the side and listens in on another interaction taking place a hundred or so feet away.

"W-What even is that thing?! OH MERLIN, N-NO! I'm sorry, I'M SOR-GLUUUGHK! Gagkh! Gagkh! Gagkh!"

From the sound of things, Padma is having quite a lot of fun introducing Rita to the Forbidden Section of Harry's Potter-Black Library. Indeed, it's MUCH more dangerous than Hogwarts' Forbidden Section. Truth be told, even Harry isn't inclined to visit it very much… too many tentacles and teeth. But Padma loves those books like they're her very own children, treating them like her own personal pets that she happily cares for.

One day, the contents within said books might actually be useful, even if it turned out they weren't when it came to the Greengrass Situation. Or so Lady Anastasia had told him, looking VERY pale one day when Harry had stopped by to check on her, much like today. Indeed, she'd stated with no uncertainty that under no circumstances would she be using anything from the Potter-Black Forbidden Section going forward.

Padma had sulked, but in the end, she'd accepted it, as had Harry. It would have been ironic if the solution to all of the Greengrass Family's problems WAS somewhere amongst Padma's favorite pet books, but in the end, going to Europe was probably the safer option. Certainly safer for Anastasia's sanity, in the long run.

Hm, should Harry be concerned for Rita's sanity, all things considered? As he plunges into the depths of Hermione's pussy, slamming past her cervix and into her clenching womb with every thrust, as he digs his fingers deep into Anastasia's plush ass, enough to leave marks in the Greengrass Matriarch's buttocks and make it harder for her to sit for the next few days then it would be, Harry considers that for a moment.

… Nah. In the end, he didn't really care. Let Padma drive Rita Skeeter insane. He could PROBABLY fix it if worst came to worst… and if he couldn't, well, insanity couldn't be visited upon a more deserving person, now could it?

Ah, but Rita would probably be fine. Really, Padma's pet books weren't THAT terrible. Of course, if you went off of the gagging screams and squeals of pleasure and horror coming from Rita right now, you might think otherwise.

All that said, Harry just smiles and revels in the sounds filling his library, as well as the smell of freshly sexed witches filling his nostrils. As he plows Hermione silly and eventually creampies her, rewarding her for her part in helping Anastasia's research, his mind is already off in Europe, plotting out a little Potter Family vacation.

They would need to decide who all was going with them. Obviously, the Greengrass Witches would have to come along, given this was all about their family. Astoria, Daphne, and Anastasia would probably all need to be brought. Hermione too, would likely be instrumental. Padma, meanwhile, could stay behind to watch the library. And others would also need to stay behind to look after his estate.

But there would almost certainly be plenty of other spots for his very extended family to come with him, and Harry would have to decide how exactly he was going to fill those spots. Hmm, perhaps it could be a reward for some of the Potter Quidditch Team, for their success against Gwenog and her Harpies? Now there was a thought…

Well, he could decide on the final list of who was and wasn't going later. For now, Harry pulls out of Hermione and with contemptuous ease flips Anastasia off of her and onto her back, plunging his still hard cock back into the Lady Greengrass' untouched cunt a moment later, drawing a fresh bit of squealing liveliness from the gorgeous pale GILF of a witch in the meantime.

As he begins to fuck her, Harry reaches out and gropes Anastasia's tit with semi-sadistic intent, smirking as he kneads and mauls her mammary to his heart's content.

"You're lucky that I've invested so much time into your family, Lady Greengrass. You'll find that I'm more than willing to move Heaven and Earth for those I consider mine. Even if it requires us going all the way to the depths of Hell to get there."

Obviously, Anastasia doesn't respond, still completely out of her mind with lust and pleasure. Harry just chuckles as he continues to fuck her. Hermione, meanwhile, has slid back off of the desk and onto her knees, returning to her place between his legs as she suckles at his balls.

Everyone is right where they should be in that moment. Everything is just… right.


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