VS Infinity

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Chapter 01: Snap

Reality is a funny thing.

Maybe not funny haha funny but funny.

There are rules that most people won't ever notice. Like even in wildly different timelines and universes some stuff will happen the same. Some people won't exist in some universes, and sometimes some will exist in just about every version of reality.

As several city blocks were torn apart in battle and most of it lay in ruins no one bothered to think of any of that.

Standing the wreckage and before the ruins of a hoop-like spaceship was a tall purple man. Around him, there were weapons and relics of legend and power but none of them gained his attention. His attention was solely on a glowing orange gem his hand. Without wasting another moment he placed the gem on a golden gauntlet. An array of colors shimmer off the gauntlet and the six gems that were on glowed cover this man's body. The air shimmered with the strange power.

He shivered at the power he now wielded, he felt it course through him and how it connects towards the universe.

There is another rule about the universe when a force rises there will be another to meet it. It's the ebb and flow of the universe, and in this case, there were the guardians of the stone. They knew its power and potential and sought to hide it.

That didn't work out for them.

Yeah, that seemed to happen in a lot of universes.

They looked at each other and rushed at the man before them. The man was known as Thanos, the Mad Titan, the last Titan and wielder of the Infinity Gauntlet. He had sought this for years, to accomplish his long sought-after goal. These people before him had fought with everything they had to try and stop him and now that Thanos had it they would not stop until the end. They poured everything they had into one final attack, calling upon all their power even if it would destroy them for the chance to end this in a victory.

The titan understood and raised the gauntlet and with a flash of light, all those around them were gone. All was left were ash and blood.

In every universe, these events happen, champions would rise to stop it. Few won, and few would survive the battle. The sad truth was that while champions are often called to stop a great evil, they don't always win.

The titan paused for a moment, the weight of all he had lost and sacrificed weighed on him. He looked at the finished gauntlet and snapped his fingers.


The Universe shuddered, across worlds and dimensions that snap was felt. A sense of dread spread across every crack.

Few Understood the significance of what was happening.

Sir Glossaryck of Terms was one of those who did understand it.

"Huh, I can't believe someone actually managed to pull it off."

"What are you talking about?" Ludo the small Kappa and holder of a broken and very corrupted wand looked up at his stolen teacher.

"Something unexpected."

"Ah!" Ludo yelled out as his hand started to dissolve into ash. "What's going on? What?!"

His eyes flashed green and a deeper and far more menacing voice took over, "Talk! What is happening? How do I stop this?"

Glossaryck shook his head as his own body began to dissolve, "It's too late for you, it's too late for me. There is no stopping this."

"You-!" He didn't finish that thought as the small body of Ludo fell into a pile of ash.

"Never liked that lizard." Glossaryck remarked, "Still, I'm surprised how this turned out. I thought it was going another way."

Dust swirled over a nearby by a book as it collapsed into ash.


Moon sat on her throne beside River, they were just talking some things over. There was always so many things to do and they were going over what they had to do.

Moon continued, "And then we will have to talk to the Knights Patrolling the East Side of the Kingdom. Some knights have noticed a strange rat problem. It's lesson as of late but they are afraid-"

Moon didn't even finish the thought at the doors to the throne room burst open. In came the Magical High Commission, normally Moon would scold them for such an entrance but it must have been serious. Omni showed up in person, most of the time he'd call so what made this instance different.

"My Queen," Omni greeted.

"Drop the formalities," Moon said sensing the urgency of the situation. "What bring you here?"

"Well," Omni began, his mist-like form solidified as he loomed over the group. His chest shimmered as images formed. "I'm afraid the news is quite grim." Six glowing stones formed on his gut. "How much do you know about the infinity stones?"

Moon raised her eyebrow, "The legend?"

"I'm afraid it's not a legend. At the dawn of the Universe, at the instance of the creation, the blossoming Universe created six singularities. Each stone contains and controls an aspect of the universe. Time, Space, Soul, Mind, Power and Reality. Having one stone would make someone unto a god."

"And having all six would make someone unstoppable," Moon added,

"Someone has begun to gather- or should I say has gathered most of them. This has gone on for far longer than I'd care to admit."

"What? Who?"

"Thanos." The purple alien's image formed on his chest.

"The Mad Titan," Moon said not bothering to hide her disgust.

Throughout the cosmos it was known that Thanos was one of the most dangerous beings, he's taken whole armies and slaughtered half the populations of worlds.

The High Commission and many other powers of the universe had tried to stop him but he was smart and dangerous. He'd strike a world fast and hard and when done vanish to plan out his next attack. He was hard to track and those who did manage to find him often ended up crushed.

Moon's body grew tense if the Mad Titan had even one stone there would be no way of stopping him.

Moon could feel the fear go down to her very core. She felt her hand's large hand take her, giving it a small squeeze as telling her it would be alright. She needed that, she needs to think clearly this wasn't something they could afford to make a mistake on.

"Each stone has been hidden and guarded. There are few who would be foolish enough to allow stones to be out in the open." Omni continued, "One by one they've been collected, from their hiding spots and Guards…"

The swirling mess of images changed again to show Thanos amongst the ruins of a technological city as he held a purple glowing stone.

Moon looked on in horror she couldn't even begin to imagine the number of lives taken for the one stone.

"How many does he have?"

"Not sure," Omni admitted, "Reports from the survivors from an attack say he was wielding five gems on a gauntlet."

" Five?! But if I recall correctly, most can't possibly wield one stone. They are far too powerful to so much as hold, the power burns through the holder. It would be impossible for one person to so much hold all of them. It would require a special device to do so."

"The infinity gauntlet," Omni grumbled as a golden glover formed before him.

"Yes, but the talent, skill, and materials, needed to make would by itself be legendary. There might be five beings all of the universe capable of such a feat." Moon had waved her hand and paused, "Where's Hekapoo?"

Rhombulus shrugged, "Yeah, tried to call her but couldn't reach her. I mean, it's her day off and she wanted to spend it with her daughter. She probably had her mirror off."

Moon understood the strange situation with Hekapoo's daughter and her desire to want to be with her daughter but this wasn't the time for it.

"Get her, we need everyone here." Moon looked over Omni, Lekmet, and Rhombulous.

"We need a plan, we need to be ready. We need to find out where Thanos is going to be and we-"

"I think I might know where he might be going," Omni spoke up.

"Omni?" Moon asked,

"I know the location of the Soul Gem and knowing it's guard he'll have it well protected."

"Good, why do you sound hesitant?"

"Years ago Queen Celina found the Soul Gem and handed it to someone she believed would keep it hidden."

"Good. Who?"

"Uh, the Curator of Secrets."

"The Curator?!" Moon shouted. "That self-important maniac?!"

He was a passive enemy of Mewni, her ancestors made it a rule to have him killed if he ever stepped foot on Mewni. He'd gotten involved with the kingdom and he never seemed to get along with any queen. In fact, it was said he fought Solaria during the monster attack on the kingdom. Solaria launched him into the moon with enough force that it cracked it. It didn't kill him, just made him angry and he threw shards at the moon at her.

Which is why she was so surprised to hear any queen gave him a powerful artifact.

"Celina… huh, they weren't friends." Omni admitted. "But Celina was always a good judge of character, she knew he was a collector of objects he believed were too dangerous to be left out in the Universe. He took the gem and hid it in his collection."

Moon sighed, she could understand it. The Curator was a mad warrior but with a strange code. He'd often collect weapons and tools from despots and hide them away, but rarely use them, only use them on other despots and madmen.

It made her uncomfortable as it did many others that someone had so many powerful items even if they never acted. But few dared to stand against as he allied himself with powerful forces and remained hidden. No one knew where he was.

He got the title of Curator of Secrets because he kept what he collected and just about everything about him as secrets from the Universe as a whole, most people didn't know if he or his collection was real or just stories.

"He's actually living on Earth."

"EARTH?!" Moon spat, that was where her daughter was! If he ever got word Star was there he could use her as leverage against the crown.

"He won't do anything against Star," Omni reassured her as if he knew her thoughts. "He makes an effort to be nice to children in fact. He had a rough childhood so he tries to make it easier for kids. And he does his best not to attack people unless they attack him first. He only really gets involved in things if he has to or if someone does something against his code."

Moon raised an eyebrow, "How do you know that?"

"Uh, I sometimes play poker with him."

Moon rubbed her temple, "We will speak about you playing card games with an enemy of kingdom later. We-"

Little did they know that the curator had just fallen, they felt a terrible tremble go down their souls.

"Moon?" River caught his wife's reaction.

"Baaaw!" Lekmet bellowed and to their horrors, their bodies began to turn to dust.

"Lekmet!" Rhombulous reach out for him but his arm refused to listen.

"Ah!" His right snake arm screamed as it shivered and turned to dust.

"Ba!" Lekmet bellowed as his remains swirled on the ground.

Rhombulous looked on as he fell to the floor, he shivered in shock. He held his stump unsure of what to do.

"It's happening." Omni spoke, "It's too late, Thanos has the gauntlet."

"We have-" Moon started but as she looked up she knew it was too late.

Omni's body began to dissolve,"Omni!"

Omni looked at his hand fall apart, " I'm sorry… I'm so sorry…. I should have stopped it from going this far..."

The room was soon filled with swirling ash that was one of the protectors of Mewni.

Moon was speechless, she couldn't do anything.

She felt River's hand squeeze her's, "I Love you Moon Pie. I love you and Star so much."

The grip got weak and Moon turns to find her husband dissolve before her, he smiled through his tears.

"River!" He was gone.

Moon vision got blurry as she found her hand covered in ash.


In the crystal filled dimension that house countless monsters and terrors from all around the universe silence filled the halls. For centuries the crystals contained prisoners in perfect stasis failed. Roughly half of the crystals were suddenly filled with ash instead of threats.

Suddenly one crystal cracked and out fell a woman dressed in black.

She gasped, the Queen of Darkness was free.

"Ugh, how long?-"

She paused as she saw many of those trapped in crystals turn to ash before her.


King Pony Head groaned as he floated in his throne room in front of his oldest daughter.

"Okay, why did get into a fight with Princess Spider-Bite?"

Princes Pony Head just said, "She started it!"

Around her were gather her many sisters, she just knew they were waiting for her to screw up and take her down.

They were but they had this long winded plan, they weren't going to do anything that day.

The King sighed, "Lilacia,"

"Ugh!" Pony Head let out, "You know I hate it when you call me that."

He shook his head, "You are the Princess, you will one day become Queen. You have to be ready for that. I know you will be ready when that time comes but you have to start acting the part."

"Dad!" She heard this so many times and she was so tired hearing.


One of the twins, Shonda, screamed as her twin, Shinda, body turned to ash.

"Shinda!" The King yelled but horror filled him as he saw many of his daughters start to fade into dust.

His daughter was being taken from him.

"Daddy!" Pony Head's broke him from his thoughts.

"I-" King Pony Head tried to say, he tried to comfort his daughter to try and help in any way he could.

He couldn't think of what to say.

At a distance, they heard screaming and panic but the throne room itself was silent.

"Daddy!" Prancis cried out now that everything was hitting her.

The now Queen Pony Head pulled her youngest sister close.


In the Underworld, the air was filled with demons screaming in horror.

More so than usual.

The royal family had been having a meal together when it happened.

Tom was shaking, his face pale and feeling sick. All around him was ashes.

It had started with one of the servants and then his father just started falling apart. He just remembered his mother screaming trying to hold onto his dad.

And then his mother reached for him but her hands turned to ash as she did. She was gone without so much as a touch.

Tom stared dumbfounded, his kingdom was in chaos but he couldn't take it in. None of this felt real.


In his humble home in the swamp, the monster known as Buff Frog wept. He tried to be strong but he couldn't hold back the tears. He held his babies close, all of them shivering in fear.

All around their home there were now small piles of ashes where their siblings had been.


In a strange little corner of the Universe, on a small insignificant planet, a cheerful being from another world ran.

He was called Wander. "You're it!"

Chasing after him was a man in a red and black cloak, his name was Lord Hater.

Chasing close behind them was Sylvia, Wander's friend, and several little eye aliens.

"Come on Hater! You gotta run faster or your always going to be it!" Wander seemed to think it was a game of tag instead of Hater trying to kill him.

Hater fell onto the ground, "Yow!"

Wander paused and ran back. "You okay, friend?"

"I'm not your friend!" Hater yelled out, "No! I tripped and hit my knee."

"Sir!" one of the eye aliens, Peeper was struggling against Sylvia.

The Dinosaur like steed was having a pretty easy time beating him and the other Watchdogs.

"Oh! I can't even-"

The group turned over to find someone on a lounge chair set up by a lake. It was a young looking woman with choppy white hair.

"Dominator?" Sylvia was the first to speak.

The fight stopped as the watchdogs all got ready to attack.

"Dominator!" Wander yelled cheerfully. "How are you doing?"

Dominator groaned, "I just wanted a place to relax! Is that too much to ask for?"

"Yeah, after you nearly destroyed our Galaxy!" Sylvia added getting ready to fight.

"Sir!" Peepers yelled out.

"Yeah, yeah," Hater said getting up, "I'm going to let her use her wiles on me again."


"Whoa!" Sylvia let out, in her hands, Peepers was turning to ash. "I didn't hit him that hard!"

Peepers scream as he filtered through her fingers. Around her, about half the watchdogs followed their leader into dust.

Sylvia turned to Dominator, "Stop it!"

She held out her hands confused, "Don't look at me, this isn't me."

"Peepers!" Hater yelled out.

"Huh, this is new."

Sylvia cringed as she heard Wander speak he was slowly turning to ash.

"Wander! We can stop it! Just pull something out of your hat!"

"I guess this the end of this journey." Wander said solemnly, he felt it happening and understood. He pulled out his banjo from his hat.

"No, don't say it!" Sylvia stopped talking as Wander put his hat on her head.

"Take care of that for me." Wander gave her a sad smile as he strummed a few cords on his banjo. "Thanks for everything Sylvia. I've had fun."

"Wander please don't go."

"Don't be sad Sylvia. Be happy that it happened not sad that's over."

He smiled at her as he was consumed into dust.

Sylvia fell to her knees.

Dominator blinked, "WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!"


In a small blue pearl of a planet there was a continent called North America and on the West coast, a small family gathering.

"Grunkle Ford!" A young teen girl jumped on a trench coated grunkle.

"Good to see ya, Mabel." Stan greeted her standing next to his brother.

The family had gathered at the Mystery Shack for vacation. Though it was now Soos' home he was more than happy to host them. Gravity Falls was there home as much as anywhere else.

Soos and Wendy helped take their bags into the living room, mostly Soos.

Stan Pine looked proudly as Soos, now dressed as Mister Mystery.

Soos smiled, "Okay, so Melody will be back soon with food. I hope everyone likes pizza."

"Hey Free food, I love free food." Stan sat down on his favorite chair with a relaxed sigh.

"Come on Grunkle Stan, say hi to Waddles." Mabel picked up her pet pig.

"Hey Waddles," Stan said reluctantly, giving the pig a head pat.

Dipper turned to their other uncle. "So, Ford did you see anything amazing on your trip?"

Ford smiled taking out a dark blue journal, "Maybe one or two things."

Waddles began to squeal and run around like crazy, Wendy picked him up. "Whoa, there boy."

"Come to mama!" Mabel went over to her pet. "What's wrong?"

Waddles squirmed out of her arms but hit the ground as ash.

"Whoa!" Dipper yelled jumped back.

"W-waddles?" Mabel stunned looked at her ash-covered hands.

"What just happened?" Dipper asked.

"Poindexter?" Stan asked.

"I don't know." Ford admitted, "I've never seen anything like that before."

"Where did Waddles go?" Mabel looked around confused.

"Mabel it's going to be fine. We will find Waddles." Soos tried to keep her calm.

"Soos!" Wendy yelled out in a panic.

"What?" Soos asked confused.

"You hand! Your hand!" Dipper yelled out.

"What are you talking about?" Soos asked trying to fix his fez. Then he realized he couldn't as he had turned to dust.

"Hold still! Don't panic!" Ford pulled out the watch device on his wrist and tried scanning Soos to figure out what was happening.

"Huh? How did I miss that?" Soos looked at his arm fading away.

"Just another minute!" Ford begged, but his watch beeped with no result. "Ah-"

"This kinda tickles," Soos said as he turned completely into ash.

"Dipper!" Mabel cried out.

"No…." Wendy let out.

"No! No! No! Please no!" Dipper cried out as his body started to dust.

"Dipper no! Please don't leave me!" Mabel begged him, she jumped him and wrapped her arms around him.

"M-Mabel…" Dipper cried as he hugged his sister. "I Don't want to."

"Dipper!" Mabel cried out but gasped as she didn't feel her brother anymore.

Stan just stared in total shock, "Soos… Dipper…"

Stan didn't even notice his body started to turn.

"STANLEY!" Ford yelled as he noticed first.

Stan looked at his own crumbling body, he rubbed his eyes, "Yeah, just after everyone got back together too. After all the time it took me to get you back." His voice filled with regret. "Well, it was fun while it lasted, Sixer."

"Stan!" Ford reached out for his brother but only found his six finger hand going through a cloud of ash.

Silence, there wasn't nothing to say.

"I brought pizza!" Melody walked in carrying pizza boxes, only to find Ford looking stunned, Mabel crying, and Wendy on the verge of a breakdown.

"Where's everyone? Where's Soos?"


In line for Goblin dogs, Kelly and Tad were arguing to Jorby's annoyance. They were so close to the front too.

They had broken up AGAIN.

Kelly and Jorby were sparring and decided to get some Goblin dogs when they realize that Tad was hanging out in Kelly's hair again.

"You can't just stay in my hair! We broke up!"

"Come on Kelly! I have all my stuff there."

"Just take your stuff."

They reach the front and Jorby just shook his head, "Just give us three of the usual."

Goblin nodded fetching their goblin dogs, he'd seen this scene before.

"Tad! You have to understand we're over. You just can't keep doing this! And-" Three goblin dogs hit Kelly. "Hey watch it!"

"Huh? What?" Jorby asked, "He was just there and he wasn't."

The line broke out into chaos as half the line-goers started to turn to dust.

"What's going on?!" Kelly Let out.

"Ugh, Kelly? I don't feel so good."

"Tad?" Kelly gasped as she watched Tad's small frame unravel before her into dust.


Marco and his friends were gathered at his house with a bunch of snacks. They had decided to have a movie marathon that day since Seraph failed often get references they were trying to catch her up.

Seraph was an odd case, conceived at the end of his trial in Hekapoo's dimension and because of their unique timelines Seraph didn't age normally. While Marco would snap back to the age he left Earth when returning from Hekapoo's dimension Seraph would age rapidly in her mother's dimension and it would not wear off. That is why a seemingly teen Seraph was living with seemingly teen Marco. She was only a few months old and they all agreed she deserved something of a normal life.

It was an odd adjustment to Marco's life but after everything he wouldn't have changed it, he loved his daughter.

It was a bit difficult for Hekapoo, not being able to see her daughter as much as she wanted to so that's why she tried to make the most of it. She was happy enough to share a snack and watch a movie with her.

Marco was honestly glad that everyone agreed to watch movies, he had heard on the news that there was some in San Fransisco. He wasn't sure what was happening, Earthquakes, storms, exploding gas lines, the news didn't seem to know what was happening. There were even some rumors about alien ships crashing. Probably some weird Chemicals got spilled. Still, it was pretty upsetting.

That's why he pleaded with Janna that she didn't bring any horror movies. Janna had told him she brought a good movie but he had doubts. Jackie brought a bunch of snacks for everyone to share. Star made a mess of popcorn and got it ready for everyone.

As the movie started Marco found himself sharing the couch with Seraph and Hekapoo. It was a small thing but Seraph loved nestling between her parents.

Star was chomping on handfuls of popcorn when there was a screeching.

Nachos the dragon-cycle came roaring in a panic.

"What's wrong boo-boo?" Marco tried to calm her down.

Around her, all the laser puppies were yelping.

"What was that?" Star shivered, "It felt like a cold wind just passed or something."

"You felt that too?" Hekapoo looked around.

"Ah, Marco," Jackie spoke up, "what's wrong with Nachos and the pups."

Nachos whimpered, her tail was starting to turn into dust and flake away.

"Star?" Janna asked, "Is this your doing?"

"What? No!" Star picked up one of the crying puppies, "I didn't do anything! But I'm sure I can fix it-" As she held out her wand the puppies faded away.

With a mournful whimper, Nachos blew away like so much dust.

"Ah, Star?" Janna spoke up, "Are you sure you're not doing anything?"

"Janna I'm…" Star paused, she saw Janna start to fade away.

"Janna…" Marco gasped, "Hekapoo?"

"I don't know." The redhead pulled Seraph away, "I've never seen anything like this."

Janna turned to Marco as she started to tremble she felt herself fading away, "Marco I-I-" She reached out for Marco but soon she was gone.

Seraph clung to her mother in fear.

"Ah… Star?" Jackie whispered.

"What? No!" Star flailed as she looked at her feet turning to dust. "No! No! No!" Star's eyes began to glow as she was desperate to stop this before it continued.

The wand glowed but it didn't stop it but instead, she saw a vision.

She saw a large purple man with a golden glove with jewels on it radiating with power, a power that Star had never felt before, one so grand it dwarfed everything she had ever felt before. Each gem glowed brightly. Then the orange gem glowed and pulsed as if calling to her. Star in a panic pulled away.

Her body began to turn to dust faster, fear overtook her as tears filled her eyes. She was being pulled away and she didn't think she would come back. "Marco…" Star's voice broke as fear gripped her, "I don't want to go…Marco-" Star looked at her best friend, "Marco I-Seraph!" In a panic Star pointed at Seraph as she started to turn to ash. Star began to pull out all the magic she could, to try and save her if she couldn't save herself she could at least try to save Seraph.

Seraph deserved to have her family, she'd only had them for a moment and that was too little.

Star pulling out all the magic she could, she started to glow and radiate with power. Star gasped as she flaked away into dust before she could cast anything.

Tears filled Seraph eyes and as much as she wanted she couldn't stop her body from shaking, "Mom…. Dad…"

Hekapoo grabbed her and pulled her into a hug that was soon joined by Marco. "Mommy! Daddy! Please make this stop!"

"It's going to be fine, it's going to be fine," Marco repeated hoping to reassure her, but he was already crying. He knew what was going to happen next and there was nothing he could do to protect his own daughter.

"I love you!" Seraph cried out, holding her parents tightly, "I'm sorry-"

"Don't talk like that!" Hekapoo ordered her, "Don't talk like this is the end-"

Seraph mustered a smile for them even when she was crying "I love you." She sobbed, "I don't want to leave you-"

Her voice faded away as her parents found ash swirling around them.

Marco fell to his knees crying unable to stop.

Hekapoo starred dumbstruck at the ashes on her hand, "….I should have said I love you… I should…" Hekapoo sniveled as her tears started to flow. She sobbed into her hands.

Jackie stared as she too started to cry, she wanted to give them some words of comfort, something to ease their pain but what could do that now? Even the remaining puppies huddled under the seats mourning their lost brothers and sisters.


A dark blue portal formed and out walked out the Titan Thanos. He sat down on a hill as the Sunrise.

A small smile spread across his lips as let out a tired sigh.

Author's Notes: So Hi! Time to see how this universe deals with the snappening. Hope you liked it or you hate it because your crying. I wrote this out while suffering from heat stroke so let me know if it came good. I should probably lay down.