VS Infinity

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Chapter 05: Lost and Found

Everything for several blocks was a wreck.

The battle with the Black Order had caused a lot of damage and then dropping a space ship on the place didn't help.

Curator looked around, he hated that they had to drop a freaking spaceship to stop the freaking army of monsters they brought.

At a distance, he could hear sirens and people in a panic. He had put up certain measures to keep them away but they wouldn't help. He took out his smartphone and looked at the news, already reports of space ships and monsters were getting out. He could do it but it would take a massive amount of work to fix everything.

It really didn't help that the builds were broken and there were remains of a space ship.

And this still wasn't the biggest problem.

The hairs on the back of his next stuck up and a putrid taste filled the back of his throat. Everyone around him went rigid as they too sensed it. It was bad, an overwhelming pressure he was sure everyone in the city was feeling even if they lacked awareness or power.

More to it a felt the stone, the stone… was scared. His connection to it had been all but none existent but he felt it. His head ached.

A portal tore through space before them and the mad titan walked out of it with a green woman with red hair by his side. She was not pleased to be with him.

They were scared, tired from the last battle, but they raised their weapons to attack.

The Curator raised his hand, "Stop! Don't attack."

"Welcome, Thanos, Son of Alars. Gamora, daughter of Thanos."

The Titan looked at him, "You know of us?"

"You've killed a lot of people, you made a name for yourself and that has gotten around. Even if I didn't have the Soul Stone …. it knows things and just made sure I knew about those coming for the stone."

Thanos huffed, "You made a name for yourself as well, Curator of names are whispered amongst the stars. They are spoken in hushed tones by the gods."

"Yeah, I suppose. Most cosmic beings call me the Keeper of the Balance though. Curator might be more fitting, especially considering why you're here."

Thanos looked around, "I take it you've stopped my Black Order from retrieving the stone."


"And now you will try to stop me."


That surprised Thanos and everyone around.

To answer the unasked question the Curator spoke, "The Black Order is one thing, but you were a threat before the stones." He gestured towards the gauntlet, "now you hold five of the stones… I'm good, together we are great but we can't overpower you."

"Then you will give me the stone?"

"No, the stone is not for me to give. I'm its minder, not its owner. I will only lead you to it. Follow me to it."

He waved him over, the others stayed at a distance but didn't leave them alone. One of the buildings had been cracked open during the fight and relics and tools scattered all around.

The Curator pulled out a sword from his long blue coat and slit his hand and let some of the blood hit the floor. He bent down and began to use his blood to draw arcane symbols on the floor.

"The Stone is special, I had to figure out a way to contain it. I ended up forging a pocket of space to keep it right under everything. Infinitly small and infinitely big at the same time, fueled by the stone itself. Only sealed away by my blood and only revealed by my blood and my own free will. Forcing me to try to open it would kill me and keep it trapped forever."

Thanos marveled, "Clever if anyone would ever force you to unlock it they would forever keep it away from them. That is if you were willing to die for this cause."

The Curator finished up and licked his hand, "Hah, yeah, I'm not that noble. If someone could actually beat us I would always open the lock." He took a deep breath and said, "Open Sesame!"

He had placed all sorts of nasty spells and weapons in place to always give him hesitant to unlock this case but now it didn't seem worth it.

The floor split open and a floor began to rise, two huge obelisks rose as the building was pulled apart. Between the towers stood a circle alter. The Curator didn't build it, this alter was forged by the stone in the empty space he set up.

"Where is the stone?" Thanos asked.

"Like I said the stone is special." The Curator leaned against his sword, "The stone has a price. To make sure its owner knows and respects its powers It requires a soul. If you want to claim the stone then you have to sacrifice the life of the person you must love. Consider it an activation fee."

The Green woman laughed as Thanos just stood there stunned, "All my life, I dreamed of a day...a moment... when you got what you deserved. And I was always so disappointed. But now... You kill and torture...and you call it universe has judged you. You asked it for a prize, and it told you no. You failed. And do you wanna know why? Because you love nothing. No one."

The Curator started walking away, the Black Order was evil but they cared for one another two of them even married each other but Thanos who revealed in death… who could he ever love?

"Is that tears?"

The Curator paused as something struck his gut. "Oh…"

Thanos turned to Gamora as she realized why he was crying. "No, this isn't love."

Thanos looked at her, "I ignored my destiny once. I cannot do that again. Even for you. I'm sorry, little one."

"No," Gamora tried to pull a knife to kill herself but the knife turned into bubbles.

"No!" She yelled out as Thanos grabbed her. The Curator rushed to try to do something

He moved just in time to hear a terrible crack and her body fall on the altar. Everyone was stunned, no one expected anything like that to happen.

The sky above them open up shattering what remained of the roof and a glowing stone descended towards the Titan.

Thanos' eyes went wide as the sword was plunged into his neck. The Curator was stunned but when he saw the stone he came back to his senses and attacked.

His mind was racing, Thanos was a mad man who killed and killed, he tore families apart, he ruined worlds and never relented. How could such a man have enough of a heart to actually love someone? He couldn't believe it. The stone had been urging him on and he thought because he would not pass the test. He couldn't let him finish the gauntlet and attacked him with his sword as soon as he could.

Thanos swatted him away and pulled out the sword. Without hesitation, he snapped the sword in half and tossed the pieces. All the Curator's allies launched their attacks magical, physical, metaphysical, and even psychic.

"Don't let him get the stone!" The Curator yelled, desperation entering his voice.

The Curator drew in every bit of magic he could as he prepared a spell.

The battle lasted several minutes, they never relented, Thanos hurled them around attacked them and twisted everything they could throw at him. They fought with everything they had,

The Titan held out the gauntlet blocking every attack with the last stone inches away he raised it and a blast of energy erupted destroying what remained of the building and tossed everyone back.

The Curator snapped awake on the ground his friends on the floor all around him. He looked up just in time to see Thanos claim the last stone.

The Curator remembered what happened next, in every detail. He remembered the blast knocking him back, he remembered feeling weightless in the air. He remembered feeling the heat burning his skin, he remembered feeling the force tearing through him.

He rememebered screaming.

He remembered his eyes burning, melting in his sockets.

But he still saw them.

That what he remembered most.

He remembered his friends and loves ones around him. He remembered their faces twisted in agony. He remembered watching their bodies torn apart before him, and he remembered how close they were and yet he could never reach them.


"No! No! No No No!" The Curator was looking at the cut on his hand as he started screaming as the memories slammed him. "No!" He started breathing hard. "No!"

"Are you okay?" Seraph asked him worriedly.

"No!" I need a moment!" The Curator ran from them going to the edge of the forest and fell to his knees. "No please make it stop!" He tried to hide his face in his hands as he desperately tried to control his breathing. "Please stop!"

Stan told the others, "Just stay here, I'm going to check on the kid."

Stan walked carefully to where The Curator was, "Uh, you okay?"

"Yeah, super," The Curator spat out sarcastically.

Stan let that go, he'd seen this before on his travels, usually people who'd been to war and had seen stuff they wished they hadn't. Stan knew they didn't have a few good days but this guy had been on the front lines, he'd fought and lost everything to try and stop it and failed. He failed and just lasted long enough to watch everyone he love die and then get six weeks to mourn alone and develop some serious survivors guilt.

Stan wanted to say something, to help him but he didn't have a clue how to do that. He was struggling to stay together, Stan sighed realizing this guy was their only shot in getting back home.


"Is that a skull shaped space ship?" Marco was the first one to say anything.

He wasn't sure how to react at that. A nasty thought entered his head, could those that attack be coming back. Before he could voice his thoughts the ship landed, Marco raised his hands when it popped open.

A skull guy stepped out, "Yeah, hey! Do you guys mind telling me where I am?" He held out a map book, "Okay, We're on Earth right? This map I'm supposed to be some place called San Fransisco. Am I even close?"

"Wait," Marco questioned, "Hey didn't I see you at the Nexus Tournament?"

"Oh, a fan?" Hater smiled at the positive attention.

"No, You were tossed into a wall near me."

Hater was about to say something when Sylvia stamped behind him, "Yeah, so are we there?"

"That's what I'm trying to find out!"

Sylvia blinked as the spotted the group, "Oh! Hey! I think I was at your wedding, Wander's friend?"

"Wander?" Hekapoo asked, "You mean Tumbleweed? Yeah, weird guy, fun at parties, great gift giver."

"Yeah, I've been meaning to ask. Are we getting the gift back? I mean, you didn't go through with it, you were affected by weird bugs."

"Yes, I heard about those." Scathach nodded at hearing the news.

"What's the hold up?" Dominator followed the others out. She blinked, "Hey Heka…"

Rhombulus scratched his head, "Hey doesn't she-"

He stopped when he looked over to Hekapoo who had a furious look in her eyes and she was covered in flames, "You!"

"Oh-" Dominator managed to let slip before Hekapoo rushed at her tossing her into the ship.

Hater just looked at Sylvia, "So, you think they know each other?"

Sylvia sighed, "Yeah, that's probably a safe bet."

"Hekapoo!" Rhombulus chased after her.

Hater watching his ship shake about at the yells from the Guard Dog, "Hey! Don't mess up my ship!"

The skeleton man chased after them.

Scathach glanced over to Marco, "Should we go after her?"

Marco shook his head, "No, I know Hekapoo good enough to know when she gets like that just stay out of her way." Marco decided to make his way to Sylvia, "So yeah, we didn't talk at the wedding."

"Yeah, you kinda dropped to the floor." Sylvia tried to joke to lighten things up.

There was an awkward moment before Sylvia spoke again, "I'm guessing the dusting happened here too."

Marco glanced away before giving a nod.

"I'm sorry," Sylvia spoke to the unspoken grief that as she'd seen the whole universe shared in.

"You too."

Sylvia pushed pass it, "Okay, this is going to sound strange but I got Wander's magic hat, it's usually good at giving out what you need. And it gave us directions to this spot." She looked around, "…but it looks like we're too late."

Scathach sighed, "I'm afraid that if the hat sent you to find the Curator he was killed before Thanos-"

"Thanos!" Sylvia let out, "That's what the salamander told us cause this!"

Marco picked up on that, "I think we need to trade notes."


They were startled something crashed nearby into one of the remains of the down ships. It was large pod like device with tendrils jotting out of them and striking around wildly tearing everything apart.


Ice met flames and followed an explosion.

Dominator coughed, she knew that was going to happen but she preferred an explosion to an angry Hekapoo. She shook her head finding the red head covered in quickly melting the frost.

Dominator brushed the hairs out of her eyes, Hekapoo had no clue about her somewhat new ice powers and that was the only thing that buying her time. She decided to make her getaway before she got freed.

She started to walk away when a blast of heat melted the last bit of ice.

"Huh," Dominator said nervously, "So, yeah, I got some ice powers now too. What do you think?"

She tried to make some sort of escape plan, if she kept switching powers long enough maybe she could find an escape pod or something.

Yeah, that didn't work as Hekapoo sucker punched her in the gut. She was then hurled and slammed into a nearby wall. As Hekapoo tossed Dominator around Hekapoo didn't think of anything, she had some horrible few days and all that aggression found an outlet. Dominator was so taken by surprise she couldn't get her bearings at all.

Dominator could barely make sense of anything at this point and just felt her head knocked against a wall. She looked up to find Hekapoo standing over her. Hekapoo pulled out her daggers.


Hekapoo blinked as she quickly found Dominator encased in crystal.

She turned around to find Rhombulus barely catching up. "…Hekapoo….Are you okay?"

"Did it look like I needed help? I was winning."

"That's not what I asked."

Hekapoo found her hand shaking and forced herself to stop, "I'm fine."

She felt the rage in her boiling inside, she decided to fight it down after all Dominator wasn't the target she wanted to focus it on.

Hekapoo walked down the hall back to the outside.

Hater caught up huffing out of breath, "Ah, okay, so what happened? Why is she in crystal? Is she stuck like that?"

"Pretty much," Rhombulus informed him.

"Cool, excuse me." Hater went over to the crystal and started making mocking faces at the captured woman. "Look at you trapped in crystal! Now whose the biggest bad guy?"

"Uh, the guy whose turned half of everyone into dust." Rhombulus guessed.

"Well, okay fine!"

Yeah, he really couldn't argue against that.


There were screams coming from a strange sphere like thing that just crashed. That alone would have been worrisome but the group could certainly make out screaming voices from inside it.

"Is that a space pod?" Sylvia was the first to speak.

"Yeah," Marco as they broke into a run Sylvia right besides him.

As they got close to they noticed how wildly the tendrils on it where flailing about.

Scathach walked close behind them and mused, "It doesn't seem to be interested in going anywhere, just moving those tendrils. We will have to stop them before we can get closer."

It took a bit of skill and speed on their side but they were quick to pin the tendril before crushing it. Marco's reflexes help and Sylvia's strength help too. The Queen of Shadows was having an easy time crushing them alone.

Scathach pulled out a few strands of hair and whispered a spell and they became as strong as steel and with a few flicks of the wrist, they skewered and pinned the tendrils down.

Sylvia and Marco found where the doors closed and pried it open.

They weren't sure what they would find but they found three huddling girls in the sphere.


Ford was getting ready the other pod. They really only had one option, they had to follow the girls.

"Okay, I think I got it!" McGucket announced, "Your pod should follow where the girl's pod went. Sorry, we won't be able to talk, I'll take a me a bit longer to get a communication array between the pods."

"This will have to be enough." Ford nodded.

Ford took his blaster put it under his coat, he didn't know where the girls went off but he couldn't be too careful.

He went to board the pod when Wendy followed him, "Scoot over Stan 2."


"I'm coming along, those girls are scared and let's face it your next the best people person."

For was about to argue that but … he wasn't suited to comforting people.

"Plus, if there is any danger you're going to need someone to back you up." Wendy spun her ax to emphasize her point.

Ford huffed, "Fine, let's go but I get to pick the radio station."

"Who listens to the radio? Just drive fast!"

McGucket sent off the pods and hoped for the best.


In the group was getting worried, Star had little trust for the Curator to start with. The others weren't much more trusting especially seeing him having a moment.

"Yeah, so should we wait for him?" Janna asked the group.

Dipper pointed out, "I don't know, can we even leave him here. He said he had an idea to where this Monarch is and he knows how to get out of here."

Stan rubbed his head, "Well, maybe. I'm not sure about it, I'm usually really good at reading people and with him... I don't know, he's a mess. I can't tell if he's nuts or if he does know anything."

"So," Soos began, "If he does know where this Monarch don't we need him."

Star argued, "I'm sure we can find them. He's nuts, my family has a bunch of stories where he's just causing trouble. He's probably lying."

"We still can't just leave him," Soos pointed out.

The group continued to argue amongst themselves but Seraph just looked at the tadpoles playing with the pups, close by Nachos was looking at the Curator. Seraph gave the dragon a head pat and made her way to the curator.

He was looking out into space and muttering to himself. He seemed lost, Seraph didn't know how to put it just that he seemed lost even just in his own head.

She didn't understand it all but if thins were such a big mess than she thought they all had to help each other.

Seraph sat down besides him, "Are you okay?"

He looked head on, "…Not really."

"Yeah, I guess no one is." Seraph just looked forwards not wanting to make him uncomfortable, "I'm sorry."

"Sorry? For what? You didn't do anything wrong." His voice was quiet and soft.

"Yeah, but it just sounds like it was even worse for you. "

The Curator didn't speak just continued to stare, what was there to say, he had suffered but everyone had suffered in some way.

"Can you really do it?" Seraph spoke in a little more than a whisper.

"Do what?"

"Get us back?" Seraph tugged on her jacket, "My parents are somewhere home. They were holding me when it happened-" Seraph looked at her hands, it was strange for her to feel her body fall apart. "They were scared… but they tried to keep me from panicking…."

He glanced at the girl and adjusted his goggle, "You're young… I mean, you are a lot younger than you look."

"Oh! You noticed? Yeah, something happened so when I was born I started to age really fast in my mom's home dimension. I'm actually only a few months old."

The Curator was sickened to his stomach, this teen was a toddler and he wondered how many little kids were in this world without their parents. The tadpoles were just another example. How many kids were there alone and lost. How many had ended up there because of his failure.


"What?" Seraph asked,

"Yes, I can get you home. Well, I can try to get you out of this stones. You might be stuck with the princess to get you the rest of the way." He got up and dusted himself only pausing to pat her on her head.

"Well, I don't hear you making any better ideas." Stan argued to Star.

"Well, he's useless-" Star started off.

"Lets get going." The Curator interrupted her and started to walk pass the group. "I needed a moment and that moment has passed, let's get going. I need to get out of this stone."

With a new vigor he walked towards his destiny Seraph smiled as hopped up to follow.

Star looked at the young girl, "Did you tell him anything?"

She just shrugged, she hadn't found anything special in her words. The truth was the Curator was in a dark place and Seraph reminded him something in his core, he didn't like seeing a kid in trouble.

He didn't have a lot of believes, but he didn't think children should suffer, that people should do everything keep children from suffering to let them stay innocent as long as possible.

He had lost everyone he cared about but maybe he could return someone to someone else. Maybe he could undo his mistake even if just for one kid.

It didn't interfere with his main goal, maybe he could… maybe he could…

He hoped anyway.


Wander looked at another rock with carvings on it.

Ludo just glared, "Do you ever know what it says?"

"Yes! I learned it a long time ago from a Queen, I met her once she had been tending to this little glowing bugs."

Ludo already bored with this conversation waved him off, "Yeah, okay, whatever, what does it say?"

"That the Monarch is this way, I got this gut feeling I need to go there. Like, big destiny stuff is waiting. Let's go new friend." Wander played on his banjo, "Off to see the Monarch to show us the way~!"

"Banjo?" Ludo groaned, "Really? He plays the banjo?"

"I know," Peeper sighed, "I know just try to tune him out."

Ludo stood back a little, his eyes turning dark an interesting smirk spread across his face. The wand in his hand glowing a little for a moment.

"…destiny, heh?"


Eclipsa and Moon sat in the library, "Okay, please explain this to me once more." Eclipsa asked trying to wrap her mind around this.

Moon pushed a book towards her, "The Final Justice Spell, a spell so old and powerful it resonates in every culture in the universe with a concept of magic. A concept that every culture can understand. It's a spell that punishes the guilty."

"No, I understand that."

"Thanos has killed and slathered countless across countless worlds even before the Dusting began. He has torn families, civilizations, people, and whole worlds. There is no need for a trial, he is guilty."

Eclipsa wasn't sure where she stood on capital punishment especially when it came to such a permanent punishment.

"That's not the issues I am bringing this up, the spell requires a number of things to pull off. One being the ritual to take place, I doubt this Titan will allow us to perform it."

"That is why we need the army, they can fight and buy us the time."

"True, but we will most likely loose people, if he has the infinity stones more people will lose their lives to buy us this time."

"And what are we to do? Let him continue on, how many more will die if we don't put an end to him? We have to bring him to justice."

"That's my next point, the spell must be performed for the sake of justice, to bring in the guilty to pay for their crimes and not for revenge. Moon, I lost my family ages ago… I'm here just because of luck but you saw your husband die and you lost your daughter. If you perform this spell out of a desire for revenge it will rebound and kill you too."

Moon know that was a possibility, "I know the consequences, believe me, I've buried my mother and done what I've had to do. If I have to bury my feelings to get this done I will have it done."

Eclipsa knew there would be no talking her out of this, " We need more magic users. I'm not that useful without a wand, and even so, this spell requires a group to judge the guilty so it were."

"I know, we are looking for more people to help."

Eclipsa was worried, there were too many holes in this plan. Would Moon be able to stay impartial in this? She had talent with magic so Eclipsa might be able to help even without a wand if there were plenty of other magic users but how many could help.

Eclipsa was a rare oddity in this world, she didn't know anyone in this time, no one to personally mourn. She had never been that close to the High Commission and Moon was the only other living soul she knew and they'd barely known each other.

The Queen of Darkness tried to stay hopeful but there didn't seem to be much hope.


The group acted quickly and got the girls out of the pod. Marco and Sylvia pulled them out and moved them away from the pod quickly, the machine was still alive and struggling to move.

Hekapoo arrived soon after, "Ah, what's going on here?"

Sylvia responded, "Some sort of a pod crashed and these girls were in there."

Marco looked at the girls, "Where are you from?" The girls were shaking, and scared, "Okay, just try and relax. You're in shock."

Marco thought things out, maybe having the girls in a wasteland wouldn't help but he wasn't sure how they would take to traveling through portals.

Hekapoo herself opened a small portal and pulled out a box of chocolate, "Here have some chocolate,"

The girls looked at her a tad suspiciously, Marco guessed that maybe someone told them not to take candy from strangers or demons.

Hekapoo gave them a warm smile and took a random piece and gobbled it up, "See? Its good, my daughter loves-loved these chocolates." Hekapoo corrected herself, her smile wavered just long enough to notice.

"I lost my brother and uncle," Mabel managed to whisper.

"I'm sorry."

"I'm sorry too."

"So, how did you get here?" Marco asked them, "I mean, I know how you got here but you look human and that doesn't look like human tech."

Candy looked up from her treat, "It's not, Mister Ford found it and was doing things with it."

Pacifica just shrugged, "I don't know, that stupid thing came to life and grabbed us."

Sylvia noted, "It looks old maybe it broken."

Scathach just stared at the machine quietly.

There was a loud boom as another pod rushed at them and settled nearby, it opened up and Ford and Wendy jumped out. Neither showed open hostilities but Ford kept the location of his weapon in the back his mind while Wendy held her ax just in case.

"Girls!" For yelled out racing forwards the girls.

Mabel the other girls rushed towards a familiar face. Wendy quickly joined the group hug.

"Whose the old guy?" Rhombulus came walking towards the group with Hater following behind him.

"So who are your new friends?" Wendy asked looked at the very odd and let's face it a bit metal looking group.

"We didn't go far." Ford realized, "We went down the coast, I thought your pod was going slow because it was damaged but it went slow because it would be dangerous to speed up for such a short ride. I thought it was going to another planet. Why come here?"

Scathach smirk, "I see someone caught up. The machine came here on a purpose. The real question is: what is that purpose? And was it such a good idea to bring another one?"

The first pod beeped and then a new flashing lights glowed on the one Ford brought.

Help me

The words flashed on the screen.

"Yeah, that flashed before it went nuts!" Mabel yelled out.

More tendrils popped up and pushed the old pod away and began to tear apart the ground and ship.

"It's looking for something." Hekapoo wagered.

As the machine tore away Ford asked, "Where is here? I saw the Golden Gate bridge."

"This used to be the base for someone known as the Curator of Secrets." Marco informed him.

The pod stopped and moved back and a blast of red light shot out.

"I'm here." A strange feminine voice yelled out. "Boss? Where are you?"

A large black ball with a red lense shot out and hovered in the air. "Boss? Something is wrong. I think I was damaged. My memory files are corrupted, I was trapped in the ship and then I detected a blast and-" The red lense looked around, "No. No. No." It emitted a light flashed around them scanning the area. "No!" The ball hovered over to an area to the near center of the scorched earth.

"Where's everyone?!" The orb turned go the group and demanded. "I can't detect anyone's lives signs anywhere."

"Ah, well-" Marco began.


The building was shaking as the battle had begun already the familiar black orb hovered through the halls. The orb found itself to a room filled with clothes.


The Curator turned around finishing putting on a blue suit. "I had to put on my suit, Vox."

"Really? You're going to change your clothes in the middle of an attack!"

The Orb, Vox, sighed or as much as she could, she hated that suit.

"If I'm going to die might as well go out looking good." The Curator grinned.

That was the sentiment that Vox hated, if he wore that suit it meant that he believed the chances of dying were in the 90% and it sort of felt like he as rushing to his death. Vox had known him since he was a young child, and it was her job to assist him in his endeavors and keep this place in order.

"Vox, why do I feel like you're rolling your eye at me?"

"I would if I could, Sir."


"Panicked. We are under attack! Chitauri soldiers and Outriders being lead by the Black Order themselves. Everyone is holding them back but-"

The Curator spun on his heel and touched the device on his wrist that projected an image of the Earth with ships overhead.

"Yeah, I noticed. More ships."

"Please tell me you have a plan- oh, right. I forgot who I was talking too, you're just making it up as you go. We have to do something soon. "

The room began to tremble and the door was ripped open as a large figure stood in the wreck of a door way.

Its was Cull Obsidian the muscle of the Black Order, not that it meant that much when any single member would take down civilizations on their own. The alien being let out a low rumble of a chuckle as he moved towards the Curator.

As the warrior rushed at him the Curator in turn the Curator rushed him and just barely getting passed him. Cull turn to give chase only to find the Curator point a gun at him and with a flash a blast of light filled the room.

Cull raised his arm and a shield formed on it to block the blast, didn't help as ice covered his body and well pass the shield's ability to block.

Vox had side stepped the fight hovered towards the Curator, "Yeah, I can already tell you that's not going to hold him. Cracks are forming."

"Right, so-" He ran down the hallway and the ball flew behind him.

"So, plan." The Curator Held a new device, "I kinda swipped this from the big guy. Does this look like a remote, like to call down a beam to get you on the ship?"

"You want to board and sabotage them."

"Yes and no, I can activate the self destruction sequence."

"Well, thats good but that's not going to do anything to soldiers they have on the ground or the Black Order. It might do something to the Chitauri, they need constant commands to function if you cut them off they collapse. A flaw in design in you ask me."

"Yeah, so I'm planning to crash the ship on the Black Order and the Troops. Have everyone pull back into the building and bring up the shields."

"That's so stupid."

"You have anything better?"

"No, well, yes, let me do it. I'm not a squishy flesh bag. If you are going to crash it you need to control the ship to the last second to aim it. The crash might kill whoever is behind the drivers seat, I have the best chance to survive."

"You don't have to."

Vox sighed, "Yes, I do. Give me the remote. Just make sure to dig me out after all this."

Vox took the device and scanned the codes and made her way outside to beam herself onto the ships. The Curator went to get some tools and weapons and gather everyone inside. He did so much faster after hearing ice shatter.

With everyone fighting the ships security didn't much bother to check who beamed up if they had the right codes. Vox had no trouble taking over the ship setting the other ships to self-destruct and just turning off the air in her ship.

The she drove the last ship right on top of the Black Order, and she was right she did survive it.

She got banged up in the wreck and managed to hack into the security cameras and saw Thanos arrive. The last thing she saw was a blast of purple light rip though the ship and send a shock way through her form and the wreck falling on her.


"Someone sent a message," Vox remembered, "it woke me up, someone sent it to the boss. I was alone in the dark I reached out trying to get help."

Ford rubbed his chin, "Your boss must have been the one McGucket was talking about. In your panic you must have taken over the pod."

Ford examined the orb, it was clearly some sort of advance AI, he'd seen similar things across the multiverse but this one seemed different. She had no real face and her voice was artificial but he could sense genuine emotions, a crushing pain at the knowledge that she was the sole survivor of that battle.

"Everyone is gone,"

Marco tried to reassure her, "You made it through, maybe someone else-"

"I scanned the area, I accounted for everyone. They're all ashes in the air right now."

Marco just didn't know what to say, it was grim especially when he realized they were all probably breathing in people's remains.

He looked around to see that Ford and Hekapoo both seemed to realize that too, he didn't say anything just so those who hadn't could have some peace of mind.

To break the unfortunate silence Hekapoo's mirror rang out and she answered it. "Uh, Hello."

"Hekapoo?" Moon's voice rang out. "Status report,"

Hekapoo sighed, "Yeah, not great. We found out who made the gauntlet and they were turned to dust. It looks like Thanos forced Eitri the Dwarf to make it spare his people… and then he killed them anyway."

"…" Moon couldn't say anything, that was just another layer of bleak news.

"There is a bit of good news. I found the mold that was used to make it, me and Scathach might be able to use it to see if we can find any weakness."

"The Queen of the Shadow Lands?"

"Yeah, she's said she'd help us."

Moon sighed in relief, it was a bit of welcomed hope. "All right, we need to start gathering everyone we can to fight Thanos and we need to find some means of locating where he is."

"Queen Moon, I think I know some people," Marco spoke up, "as for finding Thanos,"

"I can help there," Vox spoke up.

"Whose that?" Moon asked at the unfamiliar voice.

"I am Vox personal assistant to the one you might know as The Curator of Secrets."

"The Curator?!" Moon let out.

"He's dead," The Orb told her bluntly, "So, Moon Butterfly- yes, he kept tabs on the goings ons of Mewni- it doesn't look like your family has to worry about him anymore. Thanos killed him and all of our friends. I don't think I'll be much help fighting him I did get a scan of the power signature of the stones. Give me time and I'll find him for you. I just ask one thing."

Moon was hesitant to trust anyone associate with her family's long time foe.

"You make sure he pays for what he did."

"You have my words that I will do everything in my power to see justice if served."

"That will have to be enough, if we can connect me into a system capable of reaching out across the stars I can start searching." Vox motioned towards the ship Sylvia came in.

"I think I can be some help with that," Ford volunteered, he finally felt like he had something to offer.

Sylvia looked at the hat, had the hat known they would need to be on Earth at that time to make this work? Was destiny moving them? Could they actually beat Thanos?

Moon felt more hope in that moment that she had since this living nightmare started.

Moon could almost smiled, she didn't they were far from victory and they had lost too many for that. "Good, get to it then. Let me know if any of you have need of anything."

The call ended and the strange group looked at one another, they had just become allies to fight the most powerful being in all of creation. They were strangers yet they would have to trust each other to save their lives and the universe.

"Okay, so who are these people?" Hater came strolling in late for everything.


Pieces of a grand design were moving towards a goal that no one saw as if a giant hand was moving them all.

The Curator clung to his hopes as he lead a band of lost souls to their hopeful salvation, all while just trying to keep his mind from collapsing on itself.

Meanwhile, Wander played his banjo has he lead his merry band. Little did he realize Ludo's eyes turning dark as someone else took him over to survey the situation.

There was chaos across the universe, as riots of for resources began and people panicked. Space and time began to crumbled as stress they were never meant to endure pushed against them. Civilizations and worlds burned and vanished.

All the while the mad titan sat by his feels as nightmare demon whispered to him.

Author's Notes: Okay, sorry for the long wait for an update. Here we have one in time for the opening weekend of End Games. Yes, I do have a plan for an ending but now that we are having one that might change a bit. I never planned for this too be a long story and soon we will ramp up to the finally. The groups are finding each other and getting ready for the throw down. Okay, so no spoilers for the movie I don't want to be spoiled and I don't think anyone else wants to be. Anyway, leave a review and tell me what you guys think of this little story.