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Ginny wasn't surprised. Coming from a public school in America, she had seen her fair share of odd and unexpected. So when she opened the gym doors, Ginny was nothing but amused at the sight in front of her.

The gym doors opened up into the gym about halfway, so Ginny had a clear view of the entire court. To her left were the first-year boys she had met earlier. Hinata and Kageyama were arguing, although Ginny couldn't quite place why. Tsukishima was off to their side throwing in a sarcastic comment or two while Yamaguchi stifled a laugh. There was an unfamiliar girl attempting to break up Hinata and Kageyama, but she seemed to be failing. That wasn't surprising, as she looked as if she would burst with nerves at any moment.

Ginny had a perfect view of three other boys, as they were standing almost in front of her. She assumed they were upperclassmen, as they seemed more mature than the four first-years. One had short, brown hair and he watched the first-years with an exasperated but warm look. The second was a silver-haired boy with a beauty mark under his left eye. He had the stance of an exhausted mother looking after her children. The third, who had a shaved head, didn't seem to be too much more mature than Tsukishima, as he was clutching his stomach in laughter at his teammates' actions.

Finally, Ginny looked to her right. There were many more people over there, and it was a little difficult to see all of them. There were two grown men. One of them Ginny recognized as Takeda-sensei, who was her literature teacher. The other was tall, with dyed blonde hair and holes in his ears for earrings. They were deep in discussion with another boy, who had light brown hair and a face that screamed "forgettable."

There was a pretty girl speaking with another boy. Ginny figured that the girls were managers, and the boy was the captain. Captain was looking down at a clipboard that Pretty Girl handed to him, as she explained the contents.

Behind Captain and Pretty Girl, Ginny could see two more boys. One was relatively tall. He had his hair in a loose bun and was wearing a headband. The other was a very short boy, who had one section of his bangs dyed. On first look, Ginny was able to conclude that Short Boy was adorable, kind of like a puppy. The fact that he was smaller than Ginny herself cemented the conclusion. Ginny wanted to run over there and engulf him in a warm hug, but refrained.

She was startled out of her thoughts by a hand waving in her face. Looking up, Ginny took note of Pretty Girl standing in front of her, speaking. Hurriedly, Ginny paused her music.

"I'm sorry?"

Pretty Girl smiled gently. "I asked if I could help you?"

"Ah! Yes. Yamaguchi-san invited me to come and watch, though I arrived later than I wanted…"

"I see. You can sit on the bench with the coach, the advisor, and I if you'd like." Pretty Girl led Ginny to said bench and sat her down, gaining the attention of everyone else in the gym. "My name is Shimizu Kiyoko, and I'm the manager."

"I'm Song Ginny."

At that, Ginny noticed the eyebrows of everyone (sans the first-years) raise. It was disconcerting, to say the least.

Their surprised stupor was cut short when Takeda-sensei cleared his throat.

"Hello Ginny. I'm Takeda-sensei, the faculty advisor for the team. This," he gestured to Blonde Dude, "is the coach, Ukai Keishin."

Takeda-sensei proceeded to introduce everyone else. As predicted, the only two girls were the managers, and Ginny was correct in picking out the captain.

After the introductions, practice commenced. Ginny had been to many a game, as her father often dragged her to his games and she was part of her school's Pep Band. Her father also convinced her to practice with him, so Ginny knew quite a fair amount about the game and was able to play. However, Ginny's school only had girls' volleyball, so she was expecting something new to come out of seeing young men play.

Everyone was talented. From solid receives, blocks, and spikes, to Hinata's incredible jumps. It was at this practice that Ginny decided to hang around some more.