The boys were shocked by the confidence that rolled off of Ginny's shoulders in waves. It was as if she had been on the court her whole life, and knew everything that could, and ultimately would, happen. Tsukishima had only seen her this confident once before, and this state of hers mesmerized him. She was quite an interesting girl.

She had finished stretching and waited patiently for their practice game to end. When it did, she tapped Ennoshita's shoulder and gestured for him to switch with her. After a look at the coaches, he complied.

Ginny's team consisted of Kageyama, Tsukishima, Daichi, Nishinoya, Hinata, and now Ginny. The team opposite the net had Yamaguchi, Sugawara, Kinoshita, Asahi, Tanaka, and Narita. It was obvious which team would win.

The whistle blew. Yamaguchi was serving on the other team. Ginny could see his determination to get it over the net. It was heading for Nishinoya, then dropped suddenly. Undeterred, Ginny received it flawlessly and sent it Kageyama's way. Kageyama set it to Hinata, who did a spike at first tempo. The point was theirs.

The game continued in much the same way. Ginny would continue to be perfect in every position, and the opposing team would lose points. When came the time for Ginny to serve, the ball would curve at the last second and strike the opposite side of the court than the original trajectory. Once, Ginny even took a major (and, frankly, uncalled for) risk. She had wanted to try something weird and new, so she decided to spin her body when she spiked.

Her team was at match point. The ball came over the net and Ginny called for it. She ran to the net, stopped, then launched herself upwards- spinning in an almost perfect 360 degree circle. Still, she missed the ball and gained weird looks from everyone in the gym.

'If I can time that right, it could be a very valuable skill. It's always a good thing to throw them off their rhythm.*' Ginny was lost in thought as the team settled in front of the coaches for the end-of-practice meeting.


She was pulled out of her reverie by the call, and began to help the team with cleaning up. She was joined shortly by Nishinoya.

"Those receives you did were awesome, Ginny-chan!"

Ginny looked down at Nishinoya. He was still adorable, at least to her, and she always enjoyed talking to him.

"Thanks, Nishinoya-senpai!"

Even then, after she had hung out with the energetic boy, Ginny still had no idea what that particular word did to her senpai. So when he collapsed, in a blushing heap on the gym floor and mumbling incoherent sentences, Ginny had no idea what to do. She squatted down and began poking his arm.

"Psssst. Senpai? You okay, bud? Do you need an adult?" She was whispering as she poked, for that seemed like something you should do for a person who happened to be spasming on a gym floor.

Time Skip- Training Camp, Saturday Morning

The last week and a half, Ginny had interviewed many of the volleyball players. She was happy to find that Sugawara could also play the piano, since his mother loved the instrument and he grew up around it. Yet as expected, she had mostly talked about volleyball with them.

On that Saturday, however, Ginny was to meet the other teams in the training camp. The teams were visiting from Aoba Johsai, Shiratorizawa, Fukurodani, and Nekoma. Unfortunately, Date Tech couldn't make it due to unforeseen circumstances.

She was walking to the school with a bit of excitement. Today was that day that she would be the most helpful all year! That being said, she wasn't quite sure how she was going to be helpful quite yet. Still, with a confident gait and The Plain White T's "Hey There Delilah" blasting through her headphones, Ginny pushed on towards the school.

Time Skip- Training Camp, Beginning

When Ginny arrived, the other teams were already there and warming up. She went to introduce herself to the managers and coaches while pausing her music and removing her headphones.

She had bowed to each of the coaches and managers respectively, then introduced herself enthusiastically with the simple "Hello! I'm Song Ginny, the English tutor!"

All that were present nodded and returned to what they were previously doing, except for Shimizu. The manager led Ginny to the second floor balcony, where she could work on homework and such until she was needed, and without as much danger from stray balls.

Ginny did just that. In her bag was packed her math homework. She wasn't particularly bad at math, but she wasn't amazing at it either. She typically stayed in the "B" range when it came to her grades in the class.

She also had her laptop, with which she wanted to watch her "Singin' in the Rain" DVD that was already in her disk drive. She also brought along lots of conversation review/note sheets for her to write what the participant would need to work on to pass any tests. These sheets were presented as an idea to her by Ono-sensei, and they have worked pretty well so far.

For about three hours (until lunch), Ginny alternated between doing her math homework, and taking note of certain players' skills while in-game. She wanted to contribute something more to this camp. Something other than her tutoring skills.


The call had Ginny looking down to the coaches, where she made eye contact with manager nodded, and Ginny knew it was time for her to join everyone else. When she arrived, Takeda-sensei was quick to introduce her.

"... and this is our school's English tutor. She has agreed to help with studying and the conversations. She might also participate in a few of the practice games or extra practices if one of us sees fit for her to do so. Meaning: if we think she can help you with your game, we will ask her to do so. Any questions?"

There were a few heads shaking, but no indication of life otherwise. Soon, the gym was released to lunch. Ginny had packed her lunch that day, for she really did miss Mexican food. She couldn't really find a good Mexican restaurant, so she had taken to learning how to make her own enchiladas. So far, they're okay.

She went to sit outside in the cold. It was drizzling, which was the perfect weather for Ginny. She loved the rain and could definitely sit in it all day, bundled up and with a warm drink. At that moment, she had some warm hot chocolate resting in a thermos nearby.

She turned around to see Tsukishima and Yamaguchi approaching her.

"Song-san," Tsukishima started, "can we do the conversation now?"

Ginny smiled. 'This boy is gonna be the death of me.'

"How many times have I told you to call me Ginny, Tsukishima?"

"You can tell me all you want, we aren't close enough for that."

Ginny mocked looking offended. "Oh woe is me! You're telling me that the great Tsukishima Kei, ruler of Class 1-4, very tall guy, and middle blocker doesn't consider me close enough to use my first name? Fine, fine~! Let's just get started then!"

Ginny pulled out one of the sheets for her notes. She then nodded at Tsukishima, signalling him to begin. Tsukishima took a deep breath, then began with a simple question.

**"How is the music club going?"

'Good start.' "It is going well. I have entered a solo competition that takes place near Christmas. How are you feeling about this training camp?"

It took Tsukishima a few seconds to process what she was saying. She may have been talking slow, but English is a difficult language.

"It is nothing special, although I could be a little more excited, I think."

Ginny nodded and wrote on the paper. She wrote it in English, as she does all of them, for two reasons: one, they need to be able to read the alphabet and two, she isn't very good with Kanji.

"I see. Hinata and Kageyama did talk about you. In their conversations, I mean."

Tsukishima perked up, attentive. "What did they say?"

"They said that you weren't… motivated before the match against Shiratorizawa. Just not in so many words."

Tsukishima scoffed. 'Of course they would notice and bring it up.'

"Whatever. What do they know anyway?"

Ginny could feel the air tense a little. Tsukishima was very good at getting his point across, even in another language. It probably helped that he was very good at English too, for he had perfect grammar and an impressive vocabulary. Ginny thought that it would be cool to have casual conversations with him in English. It made her more interested in what he had to say.

Still, she had to save the conversation.

"Enough about that. I noticed that you wear headphones, what kind of music to you like?"

He was thoughtful for a moment, as if he had to think really hard for an answer. "I mostly listen to this group called 'T. M. Revolution,' but when I am studying or at school, I like to listen to more classical pieces."

"I see! I also like classical, though I prefer movie music in that regard. Other than that, I mostly listen to a genre known as 'emo' or 'punk rock.' Bands like Fall Out Boy and Panic! at the Disco are big names in the genre and two of my favorites."

Tsukishima looked genuinely interested in her music tastes. Ginny counted that as a success. It seemed so difficult to get him to open up, even a little bit. She had been sitting behind the blonde giant for weeks now, and had barely any interaction with him. As it turns out, he was a pretty cool guy under all that apathy.

Ginny could tell that the conversation was practically over, so she wrote down a few more notes for him and handed him the paper. Next was Yamaguchi.

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