Chapter 2

I respect people that tell me the truth. No matter how hard it is or how much it might hurt. That is why, as I sit in the captain's office, I can look him in the eye. His name is Captain Jeffrey Fowler. He has been the captain for so long that we can't help but give him respect. He is a bald black man that always dresses to impress. Sitting in the chair next to me is my soon-to-be partner, Detective Hank Anderson. He is around the same age as our captain, and just by looking at him you can tell he feels like he carries the weight of the world on his shoulders. He has shoulder-length white hair, a white unkempt beard, and he always wears a Hawaiian print t-shirt that helps to lighten up his sour demeanor. He is a bit of a hard ass, but if you had been in this job as long as he has, you would be too. In this room, secluded from everyone else, are the only two men I can trust with my life. They have no problem speaking their minds and giving the truth. I admire that. I have so much to say, so much to ask, but I can't tell them. Every time I will my legs to the office after he visits me, they stay frozen. Anxiety causes my voice to vanish, and stops the air from coming into my lungs. I want to ask for help with the man that torments me every few weeks, but I know the consequences if I do will be severe. It would be so easy right now to say something, but even thinking about it, my voice fades away. I was born into a bad life, and the demon I have knocking at my door is what I deserve even if the truth could set me free.

The captain takes a sip of his coffee to give himself a moment to think. The door to his office opens and Connor quietly closes it before moving to stand in the back corner. Should I give him my seat? " I have ten new cases involving androids on my desk every day. We've always had isolated incidents..." Connor looks at me and gives me a hint of a smile and a small shake of his head. He somehow knew what I was going to offer him and he's telling me no, don't get up. Are androids that good? I look back at captain Fowler to listen to why I am here and ignore the android behind me.

"Old ladies losing their android maid and that type of crap...But now we are getting reports of assault and homicide, like that guy last night." I listen but I can't help but wonder what he is talking about. What guy? What did I miss last night? "This isn't just a CyberLife problem anymore. It's now a criminal investigation and we've got to deal with it before shit hits the fan. I want you two to investigate these cases and see if there is any link between them." I felt a warmth beginning in my chest as I thought about being picked for such an important case. That feeling only lasted two seconds before it turned to a breathtaking pain. A reminder that I am never truly of value.

"Why me? You know I hate working with these plastic pricks and I have to work with amiture over here. Why do I got to be the one that has to deal with this shit?!" Hank points in my direction, and I stare back at him like he the idiot. I know Hank's an asshole, but it still hurts. We had worked together in the past, and I thought we had worked well. Obviously he doesn't agree. "I am the worst choice to handle this case! I know jack shit about androids, Jeffery! I can barely change the settings on my own phone..." I know I should say something, but what?

"I..I k-know nothing about androids e-e-either leut-tent, but I know together we can solve t-this case." I won't get in your way either. I say that, but he just snorts and crosses his arms, clearly frustrated.

Captain Fowler spreads his arms like he is trying to make us see the light."See...Officer Loveheart has agreed with this - plus, everyone else has too much work on their plates! I think you are both perfectly capable of handling this investigation. You've been here doing this job long enough, so figure it out!"

I sit deeper in my chair as Hank stands up in anger. I flinch slightly as I remember my dad doing that when he thinks I looked at him the wrong way. I bit my lip hard to remind myself that he is not my dad and I am a grown woman at work. The pain helps keep me grounded in the present. "Bullshit! The truth is nobody wants to investigate these fuckin' androids and you left me holding the bag!" Hank starts walking around and he looks away to try to calm his anger. I have seen these arguments between them before. It's different being in the middle of it.

"Cyberlife has sent this android over to help with the investigation. It's a state-of-the-art prototype. It'll act as both of your partners." Captain points at Connor and my stomach turns at him being referred to as an "it". I watch as Hanks leans forward. "No fucking way! I don't need another partner, and certainly not this plastic prick!" I gawk as he points at Connor. I look back to see if he hurt his feelings. But as I stare at him, Connor doesn't flinch or anything, he is just as still as a statue. His eyes move to me and he just looks at me. I am so stupid. He is a machine. They don't have feelings. But he looks so real. The way his chest moves up and down tells my brain he is alive. All androids to me are like people. It's hard for me to see them any other way. Maybe this is the perfect case for me.

"Hank, you are seriously starting to piss me off! You are a police lieutenant, you are supposed to do what I say and shut your goddamn mouth!" I lean back in my seat more and just watch the two angry men argue. It looks like someone might even throw a punch. I know they won't, I've seen this before. I know at the end of the day they have respect for eachother.

"You know what my mouth has to say about this!" Hank's voice gets louder and there is nothing anyone can do to calm him now. Fowler puts his hand up, signalling for Hank to stop.

"Ok. I'll pretend like I didn't hear that, so I dont have to add any more pages to your disciplinary file 'cause it's already as long as a fucking novel! This conversation is over!" Fowler had enough. He looks back at his monitor, telling us mentally get the fuck out now. I go to stand up but Hank puts his hand on the desk and leans forward.

"Jeffrey, Jesus Christ! Why are you doin' this to me? You know how much I hate these fuckin' things. Why you doin' this to me?" Now Hank is getting desperate. The way he says it makes me think there's more to his hatred of androids. I know something bad happen a long time ago to his son, and that he passed away. But no one would tell me how it happened. After that, Hank started drinking more and he started spiralling downwards..

"Listen. I've had just about enough of your bitching. Either you do your job or you hand in your badge. Now if you will excuse me, I've got work to do." Fowler has really put his foot down this time. Hank gets up and mumbles angrily before leaving the room, slamming the door behind him. I wait a moment before I get up.

"Wait, detective Lovehart. Sit down. I need to talk to you before you go." Fowler orders and I sit back down. Uh, oh - What did I do? I thought my report was well written. My heart speeds up as I look at my superior.

"Don't give me that look. You are not in trouble. In fact, you have been doing extremely well on your cases and your reports are always written perfectly. This case I am giving you is an opportunity for you to prove yourself, and to get promoted to lieutenant if you do well. I know it will not be easy to work with lieutenant Anderson, but for you to get this promotion, you need to be with someone more experienced. Do you want to do this? It means more hours, but more pay in the end as well." Captain Fowler smiles faintly for the first time since I came into his office. I couldn't believe it - an actual promotion!

"Y-yes sir! I won't let you down!" I smile as I get up, ready to start working hard.

"One more thing. Keep an eye on Hank. He seems more unstable than usual. I am counting on you." Fowler looks at me and my smile gets a bit bigger. I have also noticed Hank has been off so I will do my best to watch his back.

"Yes sir. I won't let you down. Thank you for this opportunity." Captain Fowler nods in approval.

"Good. Now get the fuck out of my office and take it with you." Fowler orders, pointing at Connor. I nod, look at Connor and smile so he knows there is one person that wont call him it.

"You can show me what happened y-yesterday and fill me in on what you know...Please" I ask as I walk toward the door.

"Of course officer Lovehart. Have a nice day captain." Conner follows me out of the office, as we head out.

I am back everyone. I know it been a long time since I have posted anything but I do have the next chapter ready. My friend just helping me fix it up to sound better. Please let me know what you think!