2~ 845

Shortly after the Survey Corps members left the safety of Shiganshina District, the colossal titan appeared and looked over the wall for a few seconds, before kicking the gate open. Two young boys and a young girl bore witness to this horrific sight, and soon ran off to find their loved ones. One of the boys found his grandfather and set course for Wall Maria, while the other two children ran into the fray, coming across their home which was crushed by a section of the broken gate. The young boy's mother was still alive, but she was crushed under the rubble and unable to flee. A soldier from the Garrison Regiment collected the children and fled the incoming titan, leaving the mother there to die.

And die she did. Before swallowing her whole, the titan broke her back to cease her struggling, making it easier to eat her. The young boy watched as his mother died, and was thoroughly surprised to hear a call from behind the titan.


There, at the titan's nape, a bomb had landed and exploded, killing the titan. Through the smoke and steam, the young boy could make out a person wearing a forest green cape with the Wings of Freedom insignia on the back.

845. That was the year Eren Jeager lost his mother. That was the year Mikasa Ackerman made it clear that she would follow Eren. And that was the year one Armin Arlert lost his only remaining family.


We apologize for the short chapters, it is temporary and necessary to set up the actual story properly. As planned, the next chapter will also be short, but the one after that will be longer, as it's the official beginning of the story. Thank you for your understanding.