3~ The Legend

Emma Lowe, resident Pyromaniac for the Survey Corps, was never one for human interaction. Having grown up in the underground city below Stohess in wall Sina, Emma learned early on not to trust anybody. Yet that all changed when she met one Captain Erwin Smith.

Erwin was the one who gave Emma her citizenship, on the premise that she would use her skills to become an inventor for the Survey Corps exclusively. To give her the opportunities she needed for success, Emma was promoted to a captain rather quickly. However, unlike the other captains, she didn't have a squad to lead because the higher-ups believed she was too dangerous of a person to work under. Instead, Emma was in charge of the development of any tools the corps may need, such as ODM gear upgrades and titan traps.

In her down time, Emma was finally able to practice her hobby: pyrotechnics. She was always infatuated with explosions, flames, and anything related to the two. After years of mild interest, Emma was able to create a way to use fire and explosions to her advantage while on expiditions. She would create small, powerful bombs covered in titan vomit, and the product would be called sticky bombs.

These sticky bombs were very useful on expeditions. With the bombs, Emma didn't need to get close to a titan to kill it, nor did she need to dismount her horse to throw them. Unfortunately, others in the regiment were afraid of backfires, so Emma was the only one who used this method.

Despite Emma's contributions to the corps, only two people have ever seen her face, and only a handful have lived long enough to remember she existed. She liked it this way. The less people to know about her, the less people to meddle. She went into the field less. She lived, ate, and spontaneously combusted in her lab with little human interaction, save for Erwin Smith and Hange Zoe.

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