Author's Note: I absolutely love writing about Kaneki and Amon... I don't exactly ship them but I love writing about them is my first Amon and Kaneki fanfic, please leave me comments on whether its good or if its horrible to the point where reader would want to throw up because I'm not really good at writing fanfics yet. Also please feel free to frown upon and judge all my tense and grammar mistakes, I make a lot of them... sorry... But I will try my best to check all my grammar and tense before I publish.

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(I skipped the part where he stabs Yomo that night in the rain~ Yomo didn't show up that night in this fanfic)

"Yes, of course. Thank you for your hard work." A CCG guard said to Amon.

Stretching, Amon walked out of the 20th Ward's CCG building. After a hard day's work of paperwork and investigating, he can finally go home.

What should I do when I get home? I can continue searching for Eyepatch... I have some paperwork left... Amon thought as he opened his bag and looked at the paperwork inside of it. He sighed.

Finding Eyepatch seem impossible. Since their battle in Kanou's lab, no one has seen any trace of Eyepatch.

Subconsciously, he had walked to the path near the river where he and Eyepatch had their first fight. Memories began to swim through his head. Clear memories of the night in the rain where he first met Eyepatch.

It was raining that night. He was pursuing Rabbit. He was going to Kasahara River, but was stopped by Eyepatch. They had fought, and Eyepatch had broke his quinque as easily as snapping a twig after it brought out his rinkaku kagune. He had jumped on Amon and had taken a chunk of flesh off of Amon's shoulder. And then he was... crying. Shedding tears. Something Amon had never seen a ghoul do.

The Eyepatch had sobbed and cried out "Please don't make me a murderer" and "Go before I eat you! Run!". When Amon refused to leave, he had used one of his rinkaku tentacles to smack him into the wall, but didn't proceed to devour him. Didn't attack him, didn't bite him, didn't do anything that was threatening.

And then he ran off, tears streaming down his face, rinkaku flailing behind him.

Leaving Amon alive.

Alive and wondering 'Why had he spared me? Why had he not eaten me when I'm disarmed?' as he looked at his broken quinque that was lying on the ground, and like Amon, soaked with rain.

Amon sighed. He needed to find Eyepatch, confront him, and ask him why, why had he spared him?

Amon looked up. It is about 6:30pm by now. The sky is getting darker, the colour of dusk beginning to fade away as darkness begins to envelop Tokyo.

Stopping by the road, he leaned on the fence, putting his quinque briefcase by his feet. He imagined what it would be like to sit in a place, maybe a park bench, and talk to him without provoking a threatening situation.

As he imagined all the scenarios that can happen, the sky gradually got darker, and soon the moonlight illuminated the streets and alleyways of Tokyo.

Amon looked at his watch. It was about 8:00pm now. My, had he lost track of time. Picking up his briefcase, he resumed his way home. As he continued down the road where he and Eyepatch had first fought, a rustling movement beneath the bridge caught the corner of his eyes. There was a figure under the bridge, hiding in the shadows. Who would be out in a place like this at this kind of time? Amon wondered. A sudden rush of thoughts struck him. It might be a child who lost his way and couldnt get back home. Or it might be a human in depressiom. It might be a mugger mugging another person. Or it might be a ghoul. There are ghouls everywhere these days, especially at night. If that's the case... Amon need to put it down.

Taking his quinque out of it's briefcase, he cautiously went down the gentle slope and towards the bridge's arch.

The figure was looking down. He wore a sort of black skin- tight suit. The figure tensed, as if sensing Amon is there. Slowly, it looked up, and met Amon in the eyes.

Well, eye. It's right eye seems to be covered.

In the dim moonlight that was illuminating the spot under the bridge, Amon can vaguely make out the figure has a mask. That mask has a toothy grin on it. the figure's right eye was covered while the left eye was exposed, but the colour of the eye was not natural, nor was it normal. The eye has a red iris and a black sclera.

The eye of a ghoul.

Glaring at the figure, Amon noticed he has white hair.


Black skin- tight suit, toothy grin mask, white hair, red iris and black sclera with red veins seeping out.

Amon was lost for words. Finally, he stuttered

"Eye- Eyepatch?"