Tempest Novastorm herrrreeeee!

The story for Expect the Unexpected is progressing so slowly, I apologize from the bottem of my heart for that. The plot is not in my mind, and my heart is not feeling the story right now... I'm sorry everyone.

Just have to wait until inspiration strukes again... in some ways you can call ut writer's block...

Meanwhile, schoolwork is crazy. It's keeping me up at night and I have no chance to type it up. I apoligize once again (﹏)

Although this story is put on hold FOR JUST A WHILE, there are a few other stories you guy may find... nice I guess? Please check it out, it's another two of those 'inspiration strikes' times.

On Wattpad: (I go by TempestLarimar)

1) The Guillotine

A story where your sister is accused of being a witch and is beheaded. You lose all your emotion after that and wishes to seek revenge. Little did they know, its not your sister who is a witch, it's you. Its not completed yet. A story set in somewhere ariund kate 1789~ where the guillotine is invented and used as a more humane way of execution (I fail to see that)

Warning, tragic scenes

2) (On both wattpad and fanfiction net)

A Stranger and a Ghoul

A person keeps breaking into her house. Everytime he breaks in, the caramel haired girl - Hinata - would find furniture iverturned, a trail of blood, shower curtains spotted with blood and some scratches on the walls.

Strangely, she has not called the authorities.

Even more stranger, on the days after her house is broken into, when returned from work (she is a nurse, will be relevant in the future) her house would be clean and tidy. The blood gone, the scratches covered up, the furniture returned to their original positions.

As if the person never came.

She installs a security camera, but... OH GOD. HE'S A GHOUL.

One night, she sees a red, tentacle like thing dangling from the windows that is in her living room.

Curiosity wins her over.

What could it be?

This is a Shiro Kaneki story, his kakuja form i already developed, but he can control it. This is not a 'you' story, but parts in italic are Hinata's thoughts.

So yeah, please check it out, guys, I'm sorry I am not able to continue Expect the Unexpected for THE WHILE, (just a while, I'll return to it soon) but please check these stories out and tell me if its good or bad!