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Save it Amon.

These words rang in Amon's head for hours on end after their last conversation in Colchea. Eyepatch had not bothered talking with him. Amon had opened his mouth, to speak, but Eyepatch had just shot him down with three words that now gave him a pang of guilt and hurt in his heart.

"Save it Amon."


He still needed answers. Nd Amon had clearly severed the little trust that had finally blossomed between them.

He would never get his answers.

"DAMN IT!" He bellowed as he punched the wall, only to wince in pain. Punching a wall is not a good idea when the wall is… well… a wall. Made of bricks. Hard. Amon could imagine what Eyepatch would have said if he saw Amon punching a wall. Eyepatch would have laughed and said "Amon, that's a wall, it's not meant for you to punch." He seethe angrily. Eyepatch had opened up to him, a bit, just a bit, and that's all that he had needed, but the CCG had stormed in and-


The CCG came.

Why did the CCG come?

Anteiku was never suspicious. Why would the CCG send a whole squad, with Shinohara, Juuzou and Akira, into a café? Amon frowned, recounting the events that happened that day.


Shinohara knew he couldn't win against all of these ghouls, even if he had the whole squad. Eyepatch was there. Just with Eyepatch he would need a minor squad, maybe five members to deal with him.

"Amon, you're not hurt, are you?" Akira asked, still staring at the ghouls.

"I'm not, but-"

"TRAITOR! I KNEW YOU WOULD LEAD A SQUAD HERE! HOW DARE YOU, I KNEW HE SHOULDN'T HAVE TRUSTED YOU, I KNEW, UGHHHH! YOU STUPID SON OF A- GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME! LET ME AT HIM! ARGH!" Touka cried angrily at the squad of CCG members, struggling to charge at them with the restraining hands on her by 2 Anteiku staff members, both yelling "Touka-chan! Calm down!" and Touka responding with "DON'T YOU TOUKA-CHAN ME! LET ME AT THEM!"

"You came for me. I'll come willingly. Leave them alone. It's me you want." Eyepatch stepped forward, ignoring Touka's screams of "BAKA-NEKI! GET BACK HERE! BAKA! OI!"

"Eyepatch, please, it's not-"

"Save it Amon. I should have known, I should have seen it. Now are we going or what."

Shinohara tentatively stepped forwards, cuffs and RC suppressants in his hands. Eyepatch snarled a bit at the sight of RC suppressants, but allowed them to inject it into his eyes anyways, though reluctantly.

They left with Touka still screaming and ghouls staring after them, and Amon trailing behind like a guilty puppy that had just broken a vase.

The CCG had given Amon three days to rest after their 'operation to barge into Anteiku to capture Eyepatch' succeeded. Akira had nodded at him in acknoledgement, Takizawa had been excited that they managed to track down Eyepatch and discover a whole café full of ghouls, and Marude had been petting him on the back, thanking him and giving him 3 days off.

However, instead of resting, he had went to Eyepatch's cell.

"How is he?" Amon had asked the guards.

"Surprisingly docile, has not tried anything." The guard had replied in confusion. Another guard had frowned, saying "Isn't it really hostile though, I heard it pounced on Shinohara during one raid, attempting to eat him. Why is it so docile now?"



"Eyepatch's a 'he'." Amon corrected, turning away and strolling down the corridor.

Amon groaned. He needs answers and he needed to know how and why the CCG had gone into Anteiku. Tomorrow, he decided. His hand needed to heal before he does anything.