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"Eye- Eyepatch?" Amon stuttered

The Eyepatch stood still and looked Amon with it's one red eye. It's gaze fell upon the lance- like quinque in Amon's hand.

Snarling upon the sight of the quinque, Eyepatch released it's rinkaku, thinking Amon had tracked it here and meant to cause it harm. The four rinkaku tentacles behind him was crimson red, snapping from side to side, ready to strike the moment the investigator made a move with his quinque.

Startled by the sudden appearance of the kagune, Amon took a step back. Actually, Amon thought, why am I even surprised, he's a ghoul and I'm an investigator. Him bringing out his kagune is completely normal... I AM holding a quinque... that must scare him a bit...

To not scare the ghoul any further, he slowly put down his bikaku quinque, all the time maintaining eye contact with Eyepatch. When Eyepatch still seemed tensed, even after he had put down his quinque, Amon gently kicked the quinque away with his feet, away and out of reach from him.

Seeing this, Eyepatch's kagune stopped snapping from side to side, but swayed behind it. Amon could tell Eyepatch has not lowered all its guards. While it was visibly more relaxed, it was still looking at, stoic, not saying anything.

Tentatively, Amon took a step towards Eyepatch. When Eyepatch made no move to devour him, Amon took a few more steps towards it until he was within talking and listening range, but enough distance away from it if it ever decides to have a change of heart and rip his flesh apart.

"Eyepatch... you're that one ghoul I can never seem to understand. Why didn't you kill me that night in the rain when we first met?" Amon asked.

Eyepatch didn't answer, but instead cocked it's head. It sniffed the air, kagune behind it swaying faster. It let out a deep, low growl.

Everything next happened so fast.