Captains Log Supplemental:

We are in orbit above Tranich II, an abandoned mining colony. While performing routine investigative scans of the planet's surface to determine surface level radiation, long-range scanning reported an emergence of a wormhole 4 lightyears away.

Upon the arrival, we were in time to witness the wormhole ferry something onto our side of space before vanishing. The object appears to be some form of a lifeboat, mimicking our single-man escape pod. The differences, however, are stark. Lieutenant Worf is attempting to scan the object to further ascertain its origin and whether or not it ferries a new, yet undiscovered race.

Picard sat in the Captains Chair, eyes fixed on the monitor in curiosity. "Mr Worf, what is it that we're looking at?" "Scanning shows a single occupant. Humanoid. It appears to be comatose, life signs are faint. The craft has sustained a severe hull breach and the internal oxygen supply is thinning rapidly, the internal atmospheric pressure is almost gone, Sir." Worf paused before continuing, "Sir, I recommend transporting the occupant and leaving the craft to drift. I am detecting powerful explosives onboard." "Explosives?" Picard asked, "sabotage?"

"No, Sir, their purpose appears to be offensive."

Picard found himself thinking of the Japanese Kamikaze pilots of the Second World War, such disregard for one's life was something that made him reel. Such madness had been left behind so long ago. The idea that someone would willingly do so again was beyond what he could comprehend.

"It appears that the purpose of that craft is to impact the ship and burrow into it, releasing its occupant. Sir. I believe this is meant as a boarding delivery system."

Picard didn't know what to do with that one, resigning himself to giving out orders while Riker and Worf discussed intently the merits and demerits of a boarding torpedo, especially one that could only deliver once person at a time. Riker said as much while Worf countered with it was the quality of the boarder rather than the quantity deposited. He wanted to mention the number of times the Enterprise was put in danger by single opponents but as Chief Security Officer, he refrained from pointing out his own inadequacies and hoped that Commander Riker did not share his realisation.

Picard on the other hand, was too involved in his own thoughts to listen as he gave orders. "Dr Crusher, you will have a patient incoming. Potentially life-threatening injuries. Prepare yourself. Mr Worf, Mr Data, accompany me to Medical. Number 1, you have the helm, lock that craft in a tractor beam for later study. Transporter, beam up the occupant of that…torpedo to Medical." A chorus of "Aye Captain." and "Yes, Sir." called out over both the comm system and bridge as he made way for the lift to take him and his companions to meet their new guest. Initial scans had identified the occupant as "unknown", though it was humanoid and for a brief moment was classified as human. Seeming to read his mind, Worf spoke as the doors to the elevator closed. "I do not like this, Captain. I propose we leave it to drift. Whatever comes of that pod can be no good!"

Worf was soon proven right when they entered the medical bay to find Dr Crusher preforming tricorder scans on the comatose patient, though "warrior" or "giant" would have made for a more apt description. Though the newcomer was had been beamed on top of a medical bed, he now lay on the floor with remnants of the buckled bed underneath him. As Picard was about to inquire what exactly had happened, Crusher preempted his questions with answers.

No, the stranger hadn't become violent, instead, he arrived in a coma-like state. His weight was so great that the bed had simply collapsed, tearing itself from the wall. Though her estimation was just that, an estimation, she put his weight at almost 1,000 kilos. His armour made up at least half of that. Picard stood over the kneeling Dr Crusher and the horizontal guest regarding it with equal parts curiosity and dread.

Humanoid, and apparently male, a deep scar accented his face, moving from the corner of his right eye down to his jaw. In another life, he could even be called handsome. He displayed symptoms of gigantism and his features gave the impression of a person who rarely smiled. Within several minutes Crusher had tentatively confirmed his species. Human, but with such heavy genetic and biological modification he was a class of his own.

"I can't explain is how he's alive. Not just from his apparently prolonged exposure to space, but also the work that went into his creation. Even the most sturdy surgical candidate would've been killed at least thrice over. I'm counting 19 additional organs, including an extra heart and an extra lung. His entire skeleton has been enriched with what appears to be ceramic. Whatever it is, it's stronger and more durable than any similar material that the federation has produced."

Picard couldn't believe what he was hearing. They had since retired to the conference with Dr Crusher, Data, Worf and Riker. The party had sat in silence while Dr Crusher ran through her tricorder and medical analysis of the various modifications found in their new guest. She had not dared attempt to remove his armour lest it triggered some kind of failsafe explosion. Picard had originally thought it ridiculous but had eventually agreed just in case she was right. None had said anything in the half an hour that she had explained, guessed and admitted her confusion at some of the organs.

"I've seen warrior cultures like the Klingon and the Romulans but I've never seen anything like this, Captain. I can only guess what kind of culture he's from. Excessive would be an understatement with this level of enhancement. His entire ribcage is a solid slab of a ceramic derivative. He has two hearts and three lungs.", her voice became increasingly exacerbated as she continued to list organs and initial findings, Worf found he couldn't blame her. Even he was surprised and confused at such a perfect warrior and what had required its creation. "Scans readings show he can breathe underwater and his biology forcibly induced some kind of healing coma while he secreted a heavy mucus to prevent against vacuum exposure as his pod vented its atmosphere into space."

Riker leaned forward in his chair, his fingers knitting together as he directed his question towards the Doctor. "Do you think there might be more like him, Doctor?"

At this, Data answered the question. "I have looked over the Doctor's data at her request. It would appear that, given the advanced nature of these modifications, this being is among an elite group. Such a group would most likely be drawn from the most sturdy and survivable sect of a population most favoured for strength and resilience. Further analysis reveals that some of these implants were most likely placed inside during human pre-pubertal stages." Data paused, as if in thought. His head jerking minutely, his eyes darting left and right while accessing data, his neural networks analysing swathes of data. "Postulation. This unknown patient would have likely been selected from a sample group of children, perhaps no older than 8 with a maximum allowable age of potentially 12 years of age. The young age would most likely have been sufficient to evaluate their suitability for implantation."

A wall of silence presented the Science Officer. Picard could not help but think of the Eugenics Wars while Worf and Riker were too busy imagining the sheer ruthlessness of collecting such a young quarry for implantation. Picard was the first to break the silence, bringing himself out from the images of children undergoing such invasive surgery. He himself had been 'under the knife' so to speak, and that had caused him more than enough anxiety to not want it repeated. The image of such a thing amplified beyond imagination was maddening. What civilisation would subject it's most vulnerable to such a procedure? The galaxy was at peace, who were these people fighting? "Data, report on both equipment and weapons carried by our guest." As Data began to speak, Worf interrupted, "Concisely, Data. We don't know when he may wake up."

"Yes, Commander. The Patient was taken aboard wearing a suit of armour. It appears to be war suit of some kind. We have not yet ascertained how to remove it from him or if this is possible. It links directly to the patients' neural system and should allow for unimpeded movement, acting in perfect unison with the patients' own movement. He was also taken aboard with 3 weapons and 1 defensive shield."

Data gestured to the 4 object arrayed on the conference table. One was a sword. Another a pistol of some description, though both were so large Picard doubted any of the Enterprise crew could wield them effectively. The third was what appeared to be another antiquated form of rifle, larger than the pistol. The fourth, almost laughably, was a shield in the shape of a cross. Not dissimilar to the symbol favoured by the ancient Teutonic Knights of Earth. Curious.

All 4 objects were menacing. Each seemed to exude a need to do violence, it was unsettling. Picard and the rest of the crew had never come across such a feeling from a weapon. They had always been tools for use when the need arose. Even Worf felt unsettled by the obvious brutality of each piece.

Equally tempered by a need for bloodshed, all were ornately detailed and individual crew members were drawn to separate pieces. Worf was drawn to the sword. Almost as long as he was tall, it was wrought in exquisite detail. The guard was moulded in the image of a soaring two-headed bird of prey, detailed in gold, its feathers were beautiful as they caught the light. Two ruby encrusted eyes regarded him as he looked at the blade itself. It was unlike anything he had ever seen. Its surface was entirely black, and inscribed along the entire flat of the blade, in perfect latin were the words "Imperator Rex."

"His suit of armour is spartan in decoration, Sir. Similar to the sword, its chest piece features a skull bordered by wings, embossed in silver. Further, numerous scrolls adorn his pauldrons, affixed with a wax-like substance. Though I cannot fully decipher them, as they are a mixture of what appears to be latin and another language, I have cleaned a rough translation. It is…troubling. Beyond this, there is no other decoration except white accented pauldrons and a badge on his knee, an eagle's head surrounded by bolts of lightning."

Data made a move to go on but was interrupted by Dianna Troii as she barged into the conference room. Her voice trembled in pain as she spoke, "Captain, he's waking up." her hands grasped at the smooth walls as she tried to steady herself, she fell to her knees, her hands rose to meet her head as if they would block out a mind so tortured. She felt so close to this one, his emotions boiling below the surface. "Captain," she gasped, "he'll doom us all."