The Arming of Sun Hill

Chapter 001

Sun Hill Police Station

A Car pulled up into the Car Park of the Station. a suited man with Short dark hair got out a passenger getting out as well.

"Is this the Place Guv, I thought it'd be bigger" the dark haired man asked

"Now now Bryan all nicks can't be like Snow Hill, better get used to it lad this is your base for the time being, have you got the firearms?"

"In the boot Guv, 4 Glocks and the User kits I've also got my Walther in my hip holster"

"I wish you'd stop using that Walther but I understand why it was Frank's Gun wasn't it?"

"Your old Partner and my Father DC Frank Carter, this was all they found after Sol Vita"

Picking up a couple of boxes from the boot they Walked into the front office

Behind the Desk was PC Taylor

"Can I help you Gents?"

"DCI Fielding and DI Moore Firearms Division We've got a meeting with Inspector Smith and Superintendent Meadows" Joe replied As He and Bryan showed their Warrant Cards

Before Leon could call it in Jack Meadows walked into the reception

"Ah Joe Thanks for coming in person this must be DI Moore the Man you're leaving with us? Follow me we'll meet with DI Manson and Inspector Smith"

The Three officers walked into the station to a meeting room Where DI Neil Manson and Inspector Dale Smith Sat

"Neil, Dale this is DCI Joe Fielding and DI Bryan Moore from Snow Hills Firearms Division DI Moore will be stationed here to Help with the firearms preparations"

Neil and Smithy shook hands with the two Firearms officers before everyone sat down

"as you already know with the rise of firearm related incidents the Government has decided to arm the police, giving every officer training would be utter carnage so the way they've decided to do it is to have a firearms officer or two in each shift" Joe explained

"What firearms will be issued" Smithy asked

Joe nodded to Bryan who opened a box and revealed a Glock 17 sliding the box to the senior officers who looked it over

"Glock 17, 9mm 17 round clip Same as the sidearm used by CO19"

"Isn't 17 rounds a bit Excessive?" Smithy asked

"17 rounds means short of a massive firefight officers never need to reload"

"Well I've got no issues with starting the programme Keep us informed DI Moore" Jack replied Standing up and shaking the Firearms experts hand.

As the officers left the room a group of Uniformed officers passed on their way to parade Bryan couldn't help but notice a brunette amongst their number short in stature with a pretty face. Bryan shook it out of his mind As DCI Fielding was talking

"I'll be off back to The Squad then Bryan are you alright, Bryan?"

"What… yeah Sorry Joe Just planning my words"

"Alright Bryan Well I'll see you later" Joe shook Bryan's Hand pulling him in close speaking in the younger officers ear "I'm proud of you lad you remind me of Frank every day"

Joe left As Inspector Smith approached

"You and your DCI close friends?"

"He's been like an adoptive Father to me he was my Dad's partner Dad was killed in the St Saviour's Dock Incident"

"Blimey I heard all about that Well if you are ready The Relief are gathered to hear from you about the new Firearms System"

"Absolutely Sir" Bryan replied before realising "Sorry Force of Habit i only got promoted recently"

"Call me Smithy everyone else does" The inspector smiled leading Bryan to the room full of Uniformed officers

"Good Morning" Smithy Said

"Morning" the officers replied

"Today is the first day of the biggest change in british policing since the 1960's And joining us this morning Is DI Bryan Moore Being stationed here from The Firearms Division to Break down the changes"

Bryan stepped forward

"Morning guys As Inspector Smith just said it's come into practice that we the police are armed And this is what with" Bryan said picking up one of the Glocks "I'm aware Our good inspector Smith is ex military would you take a look at this?"

Smithy stepped forward taking the offered gun

"Glock 17, 9mm 17 round clip Same as the sidearm used by CO19"

"Spot on, As you guys can see a semi automatic Handgun, the higher ups are saying there should be a few firearms officers on each shift, Sun Hill has three with recent experience and a handful with the old style Pink Cards. Sergeant Smith, DS Carter and Me with PC Stamp holding a pink card. so we're looking for volunteers to take the course to be firearms officers The Superintendent has given me an office where I'll be of you have any questions or wish to sign up"

"Thanks Bryan, Well that's it for briefing remember if you've anything to discuss with DI Moore he's in the other briefing room" Smithy said as the Uniform officers filed out he himself staying

"Since you are already trained come along with me to the office and i'll give you your Gun"

Bryan said leading Smithy out into the corridor towards the office.

" dad who was he?"

"my Dad was DC Frank Carter, To avoid being linked to him and getting by on nepotism I use my mums name"

Smithys Eyes Widened "Frank Carter I've heard of him, We're in good hands then if he's your Dad"

"I appreciate that Smithy" Bryan said opening the door leading the inspector inside

Indicating the boxes of Guns on the desk Bryan nodded to Smithy

"Take your pick find one that Speaks to you"

Smithy laughed picking up a box and Opening it

He took out the Glock and Examined it

"Cleanest Gun I've ever seen"

"tested personally, here's a box of Bullets and some holsters Smithy, oh look we have a Queue outside" Bryan said handing the kit to Smithy Looking up as A knock at the door sounded

"I'll let you deal with these Bryan" Smithy said shaking the DI's hand

As Smithy Left PC Tony Stamp Entered

"Inspector" Tony greeted

"PC Tony Stamp, I was wondering when I'd see you"

"You know me Sir?"

"Best Advanced Driver in the Met, absolutely I've heard of you, are you here with questions or?" Bryan replied offering the veteran PC a seat which tony took

"Well You see guv, I'm not against Extra protections for us on the Beat, I just don't want to regularly be armed I didn't like it the few times i had to in the past" Tony said

"That's Fine Tony as an Advanced Driver you are needed to drive as long as you don't object to your partner being a carrier then everything is Fine" Bryan explained

The Relief showing instantly on the veteran PC's Face.

"Thanks Guv I appreciate that"

Tony left the office Bryan continuing with the Weapon preparations as the shift came to a close he caught up with Smithy the inspector offering to Show him the local pub that the officers drank at the Two Firearms officers walking the short distance to the public house.

The two men drank together discussing The roles they now had as station firearms officers

Smithy left heading off into the night after about an hour Bryan staying on Still nursing a drink.

A group entered the pub Several of the Sun Hill Relief they were talking and took a corner of the room

"Hey Isn't That The new DI?" Emma noticed pointing out Bryan

The group looking over

"Y'know I think it is Who's going over to talk to him?" Sally replied

"I'll do it I mean he's our boss right we need to get to know him" Beth offered

"Ha Beth that excuse was so obvious" Emma laughed

"Whatever" the brunette said walking away in the direction of the DI


So this is different to my usual works

I'm playing fast and loose with my Sun Hill Cast Those who i need will appear those i don't Won't

Hope you Enjoyed a bit of feedback would be nice