Author's Note: Hey everyone! This is a story I've been pondering over for a while, yet I haven't actually begun to write it until now! Let me know how you guys like it! Sorry for a shorter chapter, just kind of an intro to the story. I promise that it won't be just Katniss and Peeta telling the story, I want to incorporate Finnick and Johanna too if I can! Also I forgot to mention, Everlark fluff for you all fans of KatnissPeeta. Please read and review!

Katniss's POV

"Peeta... I think we need to go." I admit to him in a quiet voice, rolling his gift, the silver pearl, between my sandy fingers. His eyes shift over to our allies, who are speaking to one another a few feet away from us. His sapphire eyes flutter back to my face.

"I don't want to be the one who fires the first shot. It's best if we just get away from them." I continue. I can sense my trust in Finnick and the others is slowly building, but at the end of this Peeta needs to walk away unharmed. I can't take any chances with staying here longer.

"But Katniss, what about Beetee's plan? I thought we'd help. Besides... where would we run off to?" Peeta asks, his hand creeping along the sand to mine. I grab hold to it tight to add affect for the cameras. I frown, my eyes tracing the cornucopia and the jungle in the distance behind it.

"If we stay out of the certain areas within the known hours, we should be okay. It's only the two of us and them who know about the clock." I side glance at our group.

"Peeta... you and I know that by the end of this they will kill us to win. We can't take any chances. After the remaining tributes get electrified on the beach, it will come down to the five of us."

Peeta lets out a small sigh, his eyes scanning our intertwined fingers as he thinks through this.

"Okay, we'll go, but it needs to be when either you or I take watch. It'll end in a bloodbath for sure if they spot us leaving." Peeta replies, his thumb tracing one of my knuckles. I nod.

"We have to also make sure we go at the high tide, otherwise they'll see-" I'm cut off by the loud voice of Johanna Mason, who spots us whispering.

"What are you two chatting about?" She scoffs, throwing her axe into the sand for the hundredth time. My breath hitches as I start to panic on how to reply, but Peeta pulls me in for a kiss. His grainy hands caress my neck as I deepen the kiss to make Johanna leave us alone. An "ew" from her satisfies the two of us. I hope that we weren't overheard.

"Otherwise they'll see what?" Peeta's lips tickle my ear as our foreheads touch.

"Our footprints." I mutter in reply.

The stars gradually appear in the sky with their twinkling glint as we all spread out on the edge of the jungle where its trees meet the white sand. Peeta and I agreed to leave just before ten o'clock as not to interfere with Beetee's still ongoing plan. When they see us gone, they will just have to continue without us. Although, I still feel a tinge if guilt in betraying them when they are counting on us to help.

You're doing this for Peeta. Nobody can live, except him.

Peeta offers to take the watch just like we had planned. Johanna gives the two of us a glare with her dark eyes, but turns over on her side to rest. Finnick seems to suspect nothing and yawns, showing off his perfect teeth.

"Wake me in two hours." He replies, stretching his tan arms over his bronze head. He rolls over and pulls his trident close to him. Though we won't be here to. The moment they fall asleep we leave them.

I lay on my back beside Peeta. He leans against one of the many mossy trees on the verge of the beach, playing his part in taking watch. I pretend to rest, yet my eyes keep shifting over at Beetee, who is sketching his plan on the sand with a spare twig. I hear him mutter a few times, twisting the tightly round coil in his hands. Finnick's quiet snores assure me, and Johanna stops squirming in her sleeping spot after a certain time. I bite my lip, squinting over at Beetee. Peeta and I wait for him painfully, hoping that he'll go to sleep before Finnick awakes for the next watch. He at last slips into his dreams, his glasses sliding off his nose.

Hoping that Peeta won't make too much noise with his loud feet as we try to escape, I slide up from my sleeping position. I slip my sheath over my right shoulder and tuck my bow under my arm. I take Peeta's outstretched hand and he pulls me to my feet. I glance over at the silver spile, laying near Johanna's axe.

"Peeta... should we let them keep it?" I breath.

"Um... do you want to die of thirst?" He replies, though I can see it in his eyes that he's not sure either. I shake my head, only one can survive. Bracing myself, I lean over and snatch it from the ground, tucking it into my waterproof suit.

"Ready?" I whisper.

"Yeah, let's get out of here."

Making our way to the very edge of the water, we carefully run along the beach. Peeta's feet slightly splash behind me and I pray that it doesn't wake the others. We reach the blood rain section of the arena and enter into the jungle, running much faster than before now. The farther we get away from that beach, the better.