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Peeta's POV

In one week we decide to depart Thirteen. Katniss has already carefully tracked the cargo plane schedules, and on next Tuesday we will slip onto the midnight flight headed to Thirteen's base outside the Capital. Haymitch, of course, is aware we are leaving. I know Katniss will probably never acknowledge Haymitch's presence again, but I'm relieved he told me. He took my side this time, and allowed me to protect her, not the other way around. I've been swindled by their secret plans more than once. At least this time I know what's going on.

Katniss spends nearly every hour of the day in training, but I force her down to the dining hall for meals and outside to hunt. She's relatively gained back strength since her injuries, but I'm worried she'll cause another set back from pushing herself too hard. Yet, she's strong. I have to remind myself this.

Watching her dread leaving her mother and Prim saddens me, because I don't really know if she'll see them again. Desperately, I want to promise them I'll bring her back to them safely, but I can't control everything that happens to us once we reach the city. We both may die on this mission, but if killing Snow is Katniss's dying wish, then I will help her achieve it.

Katniss and I skip a few meetings to collect the supplies we will need when we reach the Capital. It raises some suspicion, but thankfully Haymitch smoothes it over for us when we're away. At least we have his support. Gradually, our combat suits, a small accumulation of weapons, and other gear are packed into a large duffel bag under the bed in my apartment. Katniss contemplated hunting extra game in case food becomes sparse in the city, but there's not enough room. I explain to her we can always store food from the base or from the abandoned apartment buildings.

In the darkness of the night, Katniss nudges my arm. It's time to leave. After the strict week of preparation and secret goodbyes to the people in Thirteen, our mission has arrived. As we've discussed multiple times, Katniss crawls out of bed, slips on her gray jumpsuit and leaves for the hovercraft hanger three floors above us. I will follow her shortly with the duffel bag as to not bring attention.

I walk quickly and quietly with the bag along the hallways and up the empty flights of stairs. The looming hanger comes into view, with several hovercrafts resting in rows upon rows. With the flick of a dark braid, I notice Katniss slide up the ramp of the hovercraft to my right and disappear amongst the cartons of supplies. I shortly follow her, cramming myself down between two thick containers of packaged food. Blindly, I reach out my hand to find Katniss.

My hand curls under her chin, and I pull her close to me. We huddle in silence behind the containers, the duffel bag stuffed beneath our feet.

"Hope you're not claustrophobic," I whisper slyly into her ear. Her body shakes beside me in a muted laugh, but she presses her hand to my mouth.

"Quiet," she hisses.

The trip, in truth, is terribly uncomfortable. My limbs feel tense and burn in their frozen positions. I desire to move so badly, but even one small noise could cause the aircraft crew to peek around the containers. Two of them rest in the jump seats against the wall across from us, their heavy boots resting on the plane's floor. Katniss fidgets with her fingers beside me, twisting them together in her lap. I quietly grab one of her clenched hands and make it lay flat against mine. Subconsciously, I draw circles with my thumb on her palm so to ease her tension.

There is a split second between when the aircraft will open and when the crew will step off of the ramp to notify the workers on the base of the arrival of supplies. The moment the two airmen depart from the plane, Katniss and I spring to our feet. Katniss snatches up the duffel bag before I nearly stumble on it with my prosthetic leg, and we race to the ramp and jump onto the landing platform just in time. Nearby, there are two rows of crates at least ten feet tall, and we crouch behind those until the hovercraft is safely out of sight.

There is no possible way anyone on base can spot us without reporting to Coin that we're here-so remaining in the area for long won't be smart. The only issue is, we need to steal a Holo.

Yes, the hugest flaw in our plan, which luckily Katniss realized during one of Thirteen's war briefings. A despicable resemblance to the games, Snow has purposely placed pods in the Capital similar to the one that almost killed Katniss, some even worse. Apparently, they are littered throughout the city. The only way any of the squads are invading the Capital is because they have a Holo, which detects any possible pods before a human being fatally triggers them.

Of course, after we became aware of this, I tried to convince Katniss yet again that this plan would result in only a tragic failure. Yet, she figured out a way around this. We mapped out the entire base (after sneaking glances at Beetee's strategy maps and sketching them for our own personal use). The weaponry, including about a dozen Holos, are stashed away in a large supply tent on this base.

The tent is located just across from us. Katniss is already five feet ahead of me, quietly hopping between the carts and slipping underneath the flap of the tent. Thank God it's dark. Of course, two guards are on duty, but as far as I'm aware (and Katniss has already figured out) they are just now changing shifts for the night and are preoccupied.

I duck my head into the tent, discovering Katniss quietly rummaging through a few boxes. Her hands soon find a Holo, tucking it under her shirt.

"Got it," she mouthes. I nod. We exit out the other side of the tent. In the darkness, we appear to be just two soldiers traveling to their tents after recent shifts. No one notices our faces. We slip past the commander's tent and past the final makeshift buildings marking the end of the base.

In the distance, the city gleams brightly. Colored lights of bright blue, warm yellow, and pinkish-red shine from the numerous skyscrapers. Our boots crunch along the ground, soon following the train tracks leading into the heart of the city. If we keep up the pace, we should arrive before the sun rises.

Katniss reaches out and grabs my hand for support, and I can almost feel the blood pulsing through her veins from adrenaline.

Somehow, we made it this far.

I take the duffel bag from Katniss as the station comes into view, as I can tell her arm is growing tired. Katniss and I hide behind the large pine trees leading up to the platform, but nobody's in sight. The place seems completely abandoned. Good. We expected as much with the Capital citizens moving further into the city for safety reasons.

The Capital's station seems almost larger than I remember now that it's empty. My mind flashes to the times Katniss and I greeted thousands of welcoming Capital citizens here, dressed in colorful attire and begging for our autographs. It seems so long ago now.

The building is wide, yet extremely tall with glass as the ceiling. Our footprints echo along the clean tile. We move cautiously and swiftly, terrified of being possibly discovered. At last, we take refuge under a set of marble stairs, an area hid nicely from exposure.

I lay out the duffel bag and make sure everything is in order. Katniss rests on her knees, pressing some buttons on the Holo.

"Hmm... I'm not sure how..." Katniss mutters to herself, her voice clearly thick with exhaustion.

"I think we'll be okay here. I mean, nothing's happened yet," I whisper to her. I lean against the back of the stairs.

"Get some rest, I'll take first watch," I insist. Katniss looks over at me, contemplating this. She eventually hands over the Holo.

"Only for a bit," she replies. Her dark hair rests on the duffel bag, and her gray eyes close after some restlessness. I try to crack the Holo, recalling all of the strange things I've seen Beetee do to hack commuter systems and whatever else. There are two large passcodes I have to type in in order to access authorization.

I fiddle with it in frustration, careful to only choose certain words I'm sure Thirteen would use. I only get five tries for each passcode before the Holo locks me out for an hour. My neck aches as I hunch over it, already failing to get it correctly once. Maybe I should stop and wait until Katniss wakes up. Two brains are better at solving problems than one. I tuck the Holo under my feet, sliding down closer to Katniss.

Even inside, the winter cold sweeps into the station. We haven't slipped on our suits yet, so those should give us more warmth. I wrap an arm around Katniss, trying to lend her some body heat. Above me, through the sparkling glass ceiling, the first orange rays of sunlight creep out from the dark sky. I watch the sunrise in a strangely peaceful state.