Just a fun little au idea I had, dealing with writer's block on Darker, Darker. A few years before the series- Varian is twelve, Vex is fourteen. Hinted Moon!Varian.

It is loud in Corona today, enough to give her a headache. Vex ignores it, nodding along as her brother cheerfully chatters about his latest experiment. They have got everything they need from the market and are now heading home. Father would've come with them, but something came up.

"And I was thinking- Vex?" A leather gloved hand rests on her shoulder. She glances down at Varian. His eyes are worried. "Are you okay? You're shaking."

Her eyes land on his hand. The hand, covered in leather for a reason-

They're cool!

"Vex? Vex? Vex!"

She snaps out of it to see his worry. Her mind would immediately snap to solutions to calm him, to keep him in a good mood. Because if he was worried, his powers would...and then...

Breathe. Just breathe. Everything will be fine if you just breathe.

"I'm fine." Vex walks past Varian, who stares after her in concern. "C'mon! I don't want to explain to Father where you are!"

The walk home is silent. Vex and Varian put away the groceries. Quirin comes in as her brother heads to his lab, seeing his daughter sitting at the table. She is trembling, jaw clenched as her headache pounds. The hand not supporting her head is furiously tugging at her skirt, her pigtails. It has become a habit.

He silently checks on Varian.

When Vex leaves, she focuses on her business.

It distracts her from the stress.