(author's note: don't hate the story or the player, hate the game. with that said: on with the story, and it is the first Star Wars and Xenoblade crossover. my Stormtrooper OC will be extremely smart on mechanics and will have a powerful AT-ST that will have the arms from Otharon's mobile artillery. the faced mechon cone shaped engines. the hydraulics from the AT-DP, AT-RT, and AT-ST. the armor from the First Order AT-ST fused with the Imperial AT-ST. chin mounted Quad-Laser Cannon. a High Entia Shield Generator. Tractor Beam Generator. and the Gyroscopics from the AT-ST, First Order AT-ST, and AT-DP. his Equipment will be: the Lightsaber of Darth Vader, an E-11 MK: 2, a Buzz Droid Pet, limitless ammo, and limitless grenades. his armor will be a fusion of Clonetrooper armor, Imperial Stormtrooper armor, and First Order Stormtrooper armor. and like in destiny: the AT-FU (All Terrain Face Unit) as his AT-ST will become later can Phase in and out when he calls it in and is out of it for a certain amount of time and Vangarre will die in this story as he is unnecessarily violent, and my Stormtrooper will fall in love with a High Entia and will still love her after she turns into a Telethia that looks like the Sani Telethia which is the type of Telethia that Alvis's Telethia is.)

Disclaimer: I do not own Xenoblade or Star Wars

Imperial Star Destroyer Vader: TK 3131 Captain Sigma was in the battle in his unique MK: 2 AT-ST and his normal AT-ST which is the AT-ST that is normally seen in Galactic Empire, his achievements earned him the gift that is: Darth Vader's Lightsaber and the Teaching to use it making him a deadly Stormtrooper. but he didn't like how the Empire turned from a faction of peace and order to a churning death machine. the Rebel Alliance noticing Sigma's AT-ST shot a unique missile at it which hit and warped the walker to an unknown world.

Colony 9: Shulk and Reyn we're walking into Colony 9, when a portal opened up dropping a silver Bi-Pedal chicken looking walker out of it. "what on Bionis is that? asked Reyn and Shulk replied: "i don't know, but it's not a Mechon." the top hatch opened up revealing a human in white armor with a black visor and a black body glove. "where am I?" he asked and Shulk replied: "you're on Bionis. but if I may ask, who are you?" to which the man answered: "TK-3131 Captain Sigma of the Galactic Empire's Stormtrooper Corps, but feel free to just call me: Sigma, Sig, or Captain. are you two from a local settlement?" and Reyn answered: "Colony 9 which is right behind you and your machine." and Sigma replied: "Oh sorry, I will move out of your way." Reyn then said: "it's fine, but Square Tache is going to kill me." and Sigma then said: "i can blast him with my chicken walker if you want, if there's any abuse to a friend we are permitted to shoot them dead." Shulk then asked: "what kind of military vehicle is that? I've never seen one like it." and Sigma answered: "it's an AT-ST MK: 2 or a First Order AT-ST, I still have a single seater Imperial AT-ST which is more commonly seen in the Galactic Empire but I rarely use it as it is special to me." and Shulk said: "that's amazing, I imagine Colonel Vangarre or Square Tache will get a real kick out of seeing it." Sigma then said: "well let's head into the colony, I am going to have a long talk with your Defense Force Colonel." with that said, the three headed to the Defense Force HQ and after seeing Vangarre punch a defense force soldier: the Stormtrooper walked over to Vangarre and ripped his left arm off and beat the living hell out of him then said Stormtrooper gave the threat: "if I see another scene of abuse to your soldiers from you, I will blow your brains out. DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR AS CRYSTAL?!" said Defense Force Colonel nodded after literally shiting himself until he could shit no more. then the Stormtrooper Captain said: "THAT'S IT, MOVE OUT!" and boy did Vangarre run like a coward. "Done and I don't have to shoot anyone." Sigma said laughing causing both Shulk and Reyn to laugh as well. before the three went into the weapons development lab.

Read and Review, the first Xenoblade and Star Wars crossover of it's kind that I am aware of.