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Colony 9 (weapons research lab): the 2 Homs and Stormtrooper walked in to the lab and Sigma saw the Monado, "what is this, some kind of sword?" Sigma asked and Shulk Replied: "yes it is, it's called: The Monado. here, check out these notes that I have gotten off of it so far." Shulk gave his research notes to Sigma, and he looked over them very carefully. "interesting, it's just like a weapon called a Lightsaber used by the Jedi and Sith back in my world. here, I have one that I got from Darth Vader." Sigma said as he gave Shulk's research notes back and pulled out the gifted Lightsaber given to him by Darth Vader and activated it. "that's, AWESOME! it's like a whole new Monado." Reyn said and Sigma said: "Heh Heh, that's right. Darth Vader started my training with this as soon as I got it, I also have a blaster which is an E-11 MK: 2. I made the E-11 MK: 2 myself. it comes equipped with: an extended mag, energy bayonet, recoil compensating stock, an adjustable scope, an under-barrel concussion grenade launcher that can switch to a scattergun, a flashlight, a laser sight, stun mode, a shot charger for more powerful shots, and a plasma refinement module to make the non-charged shots more accurate and powerful but the most powerful shot is when it's charged." Shulk was in awe "can I see it?" he asked and Sigma put his saber away and took his rifle off of his back and said: "impressive ain't it? it took me 4 hours to build the modifications and over twice that to put them on my rifle, it was worth the effort." with that said, Reyn asked: "how old are you Sig? if you don't mind my asking." and Sigma replied: "not at all, and I am 20 years old." and Reyn said: "well I better get back to the defense force training grounds, and thanks for showing Square Tache off Sig. I owe you one." and Sigma said: "Oh any time, I'll rip off his other arm if he hits you." with that, Reyn headed off to the training grounds. "I see your Monado research is going well. but who's your new friend?" a voice asked which caused both Sigma and Shulk to turn around and Shulk said: "Dickson! when did you get back to Colony 9?" and Dickson replied: "just now. but who's your new friend?" and Shulk said: "this is Sigma. we met him after he fell out of an Ether Portal that was linked to another world, he's also the one who owns the walker outside." and Dickson nodded before saying: "Impressive work Sigma, I know you're not a man to mess with. and Shulk you're spending too much time in the Lab and the Scrapyard, it ain't healthy for a kid your age. why don't you go out and get some fresh air?" snd Sigma said: "come on Shulk, let's go for a walk. we don't have to stay out for long. I'll also get Reyn, so we can have a chill out." and Shulk nodded before saying: "okay let's go Captain, see you around Dickson."