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A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…



Peace! After a long and costly civil war, the galaxy is met with an unsettling ceasefire. Following the downfall of the Galactic Empire, the New Republic took its place as the governing body of the galaxy. Yet the threat and fear of the Imperial remnants still lingers.

Six years after the destruction of the second DEATH STAR, the heroes of the rebellion have headed this reconstruction as beacons of hope. General Leia Organa aided in the founding of the New Republic, yet her caution of an Imperial resurrection has caused her fellow senators to begin seeing her in an unsavory light. Han Solo has led secret expeditions to investigate the potential scheming of Imperial sympathizers.

Luke Skywalker, the last Jedi, has left the public eye. With the aid of Lor San Tekka, Luke searched the far reaches of the galaxy in search of Jedi remnants in hopes of starting a new JEDI ORDER. Yet as the galaxy's peace reigns, Luke has foreseen something foreboding…

It was an unexpected transmission. Honestly I hoped it would never come. That is not to say I expected anything in the first place, but when it came I was left baffled. This emergency transmission network was for just that, emergency, thus it is only natural I wished it was never used.

I had given it as a safeguard, a thanks to one of the Rebellion's most trusted pilots. A secret communications channel which connected with me directly. Very few knew of the channel, only my closest allies; something I deemed necessary after I became a recluse of sorts. With the end of the Empire and the disbanding of the Rebellion following the Galactic Concordance, my so called heroism was no longer needed. Some questioned if I would be at the forefront of the New Republic, but I would laugh, claiming I was not brave enough for politics to which my sister would laugh along and agree.

As quick as I appeared, Luke Skywalker vanished from the public grandeur which came with being a savior of the galaxy to pursue my calling as the last Jedi. I trained and studied what I found, and believed it time to start a new order.

That is until I received a desperate transmission from an old friend.

"Commander Skywalker, this is Kes Dameron, and I need your help. My wife, Shara, is missing."

Little did I know, this transmission would lead me to place beyond the confines of my universe.

Third Week of Month Four, Taungsday, 10 ABY.

1300 standard hours, Yavin 4.

In the black void of space, the beautiful gas giant, Yavin, remained suspended. This planet with it's twenty-six moons was familiar to any who fought in the civil war. Particularly the jungle moon, Yavin 4. This significantly smaller celestial body arguably held an incredible amount of history compared to other planets within the system. As the comparably small moon orbited the orange giant, its atmosphere was disrupted by the arrival of a ship exiting hyperspace.

The blue painted U-wing entered the atmosphere of Yavin 4 with usual protocol. Breaking through the planet's various layers, it eventually entered into the clouded skies of the celestial body.

"Now approaching the colony. Should be landing in about 20 minutes."

The U-Wing's pilot announce to the other occupants of the ship, as few in numbers as they were.

"I'd meant to visit the Damerons, but not like this." The ship's co-pilot grumbled somberly before receiving a reassuring pat on the shoulder. The pink-skinned female had a history with Kes Dameron and Shara Bey; having fought alongside them in the Rebellion.

"Come one Sakas, we both know Shara. She probably had a bad communicator or other faulty equipment. Even she would get lost." The pilot attempted to lighten the mood.

"Oh be serious Tuck, if such was the case then why haven't scanners found her already?" Sakas quickly shut down Tuck's attempts. The Mikkian female then glanced back at the other members of their search group. Her sky blue eyes landing on the cloaked figure sitting calmly, with an astromech droid at his side, "Not to mention the sergeant sought his help first..." She finished silently for only Tuck to hear.

Tuck focused on piloting the ship, but understood what she meant, "What do you except…?" He started, "Given how much the sergeant loves his wife...seeking a Jedi's help seems tame." He stated with a tinge of humor yet with complete seriousness.

Sakas faced away from the hooded knight, and sat awkwardly after hearing Tuck's remark. Jedi were nothing but children stories to her, being born two years after the Empire's rise, the Jedi were more nightmare than fairy tale. Though when she joined the rebellion, she found out the truth from the older members. The fall of the Jedi was only thirty years ago, yet it seemed like something so far away. The Empire left no stone unturned in their denouncing and erasing of the Jedi religion.

Little did she know Tuck felt the same way, and even using the word "Jedi" to refer to the former rebel commander felt foreign.

The U-wing slowed as it neared the home of Kes Dameron, and landed a few yards away from the settlement.

"Alright, we've arrived." Tuck announced as the U-wing safely landed, and he powered down the engine as the exit hatch opened.

The Jedi occupant stood and patted his droid companion, "Come on Artoo." To which the droid replied with seemingly joyful beeps before rolling forward behind its master.

Once again the two pilots glanced back at the exit, cloaked figure which gained the attention of the fourth and final passenger.

"What's with the looks?" The annoyed, somewhat grumpy voice of their forgotten passenger asked. He was a burly and tan-skinned man with a large white beard, and wizened features.

The two faced the older man, "Come on Gramps, can you blame us? Seeing Commander Skywalker like this is weird. One moment he's an ace pilot in the Rebellion, the next he's a Jedi Knight? From the little we've seen of him, such a jump is astronomical." Tuck explained. Gramps was not the older rebel's real name obviously, but the Pathfinders got to calling him that back in the day and it stuck. Even the Pathfinder's leader Han Solo called him that. It posed the question if anyone actually knew the aged man's real name.

"The Empire's propaganda is nothing but a memory now. Jedi or not, that is still the Luke Skywalker who fought alongside you." The bearded man told them before turning to exit the U-wing.

The former pathfinders stared at each other before falling behind the older man.

Meanwhile Luke, followed closely by R2-D2, walked up to the waiting husband. He reached for his hood, and pulled it down revealing his short blond hair and youthful face, "Sergeant Dameron, its good to see you. Though I wished this reunion would be under better circumstances." The Jedi Knight stated glumly as he shook Kes' hand.

"Even so, I'm sorry for calling you out of no where. I just couldn't help but have a bad feeling." Kes said.

Luke placed his gloved hand on the worried husband's shoulder as a sign of understanding, "It's alright. You are right in having a bad feeling. I've felt something...strange lingering in the Force."

Kes merely nodded. He knew not of the Force and its mysteries, but trusted what the Jedi said. He then looked over the robed blond's head, "Is that why you sought help from the Pathfinders?"

Luke turned to look at the disembarking soldiers, of which there were three. "Well I tried to get more help, but the others refused. They send their apologies." Luke said.

Kes waved it off, "They have no reason to help me. The Pathfinders were retired when the war ended. They are all moving on with their lives, as Shara and I did. Honestly I'm surprised anyone answered the call."

"Come on, give us more credit!" Tuck shouted as he walked up to his former superior. Kes reached out his hand which Tuck gladly took, "We went through hell and back, of course we'd answer your call, Sergeant."

As Kes shook his former subordinate's hand he smiled, "I'm retired, it's just Kes now."

Tuck gave him a humorous look, "Alright Sergeant Kes." Tuck said, putting emphasis on the "sergeant." Kes merely shook his head in humored exasperation.

Sakas humorously slapped Tuck upside the head, resulting in an overreaction from the blond human, "Good to see you Dameron," She started, making sure not to refer to her former superior by his rank, "I hoped I would see you for drinks, not a search and rescue. How's Poe." The concerned Mikkian asked.

Kes shook her hand with a thanks before scratching his growing beard worriedly, "He's fine. I haven't told him about Shara. He's used to us going out weeks at a time when we go to set up more scanners to fortify our colony's defense. With the recent increase in residents throughout Massassi Valley, we've reestablished the various sensors left behind when this was a Rebel hideout."

"So she went to set one up and never came back? How long has she been gone?" Gramps walked up to the reunited squad, and gladly shook Kes' hand.

"When I called Luke, she hadn't made contact in a little under a day. Even if it was faulty equipment she would have returned by now. The alert went off around noon, and the antenna is only a few hours away." Kes explained with practiced calm.

"So she was setting up another relay tower for the scanner, and went missing." Gramps said to make sure he understood.

Kes shook his head slightly, "Not exactly." He said as he removed his portable scanner from his hip belt, and turned it on. The three former Pathfinders huddled to look at the green screen, "With the relay antennae our simple scanner increases in range ten-fold, and it was here..." He said as he pointed out a brighter dot on the screen. There were about six scattered in various locations around the valley and beyond.

The one Kes pointed to was northeast of their location. About fifteen klicks out, "We got automatic alerts that this antenna was malfunctioning. It disrupted with the entire colony's scanners, so we decided to go and investigate since we were the closest. We usually switch turns when going out, and now I wished I was more insistent on going."

"Then we would be in the same situation. Don't beat yourself over it kid." Gramps patted the worried husband's back.

"Yeah, we all know Shara. She's not only an ace pilot, but a crack shot. I'm telling you it's a case of fault equipment. Worst-case scenario is she got lost, and found herself somewhere the scanner cannot reach. This is precious equipment but its not perfect, even with these many relay antennae there are bound to be blackout spots." Tuck reassured once again.

"We can only hope that is the case." Sakas said grimly.

"Given the distance it should have taken her at most three hours to reach the antenna. Traversing through the dense forest increases the time, and then actually finding what's wrong with the antenna and fixing it would have extended the trip, not to mention unforeseen obstacles. Even then she should have returned with at least half the day left." Kes explained.

"Then this involves a third party." Gramps commented.

"If that were the case, the colonists would be alerted of the sudden increase in activity." Sakas added.

"Wait, why didn't she take her A-wing?" Tuck pointed out.

Kes shifted his body to view the dormant A-wing which remained parked outside his home, "Unfortunately we had an unexpected storm a few weeks back; they're aren't all that common, so we had no time to take proper precautions. The ship was struck by lightning and one of the sublight engines was damaged. She was in the process of fixing it when the scanner malfunctioned."

Tuck nodded at the explanation.

"What do you think..." Tuck turned to Luke, who he assumed was still standing with the group. He trailed off when he realized the robed blond walked to the edge of the meadow where Kes' home was located. The Jedi stood in front of a small tree which had grown some since the last time he saw it. He stood calm, and with his eyes shut.

His senses reached out, and expanded beyond the small valley. He could feel it...the Force flowed on Yavin 4 freely and plentifully, as per usual for fauna and flora. Such planets felt more alive in the Force as there were more living things binding it together. As apposed to Coruscant which felt diluted in terms of natural living force. That and the Force-sensitive tree which stood in front of him seemed to increase his connection greatly.

As he basked in the natural warmth brought about by the high Force concentration, his impromptu mediation was disrupted when a sharp image appeared in his mind. The Force led him here for a reason, and seeing the same vision again confirmed his thoughts. His eyes opened and his brow narrowed.

"That transparent structure again...what does this mean? Why has the Force brought me here, and why does it feels so...foreboding?" Luke commented to himself. His mind drifted to his sister, and he wondered if she felt the disturbance as he did. Even if she refused Jedi training, her affinity was ever present. The result of her Skywalker blood.

The concerned beeps of Artoo lifted the fierce look he wore. He gave the droid a smile, and placed his right hand on the top of its dome, "Don't worry Artoo...I'm fine, but I fear Lieutenant Bey's disappearance is part of something greater..."

The Jedi turned and calmly walked back to the group who watched him with mixed confusion and curiosity.

"Forgive me...I was distracted by the tree. It's grown some hasn't it." Luke turned to look at the Force-sensitive tree once more to emphasize his thought, but the rather off-topic remark caused even more confusion. Kes decided to break the silence.

"Uh...Yeah, but a tree like that will take decades to fully grow." Kes answered.

Luke then faced him, "Tell me Kes, what made you contact me. Not that it's a problem, I'm just curious as to why you chose me. Given the extensive colonial defenses, I'd expect a search before contacting me."

Kes took a moment to answer, "Well that was the initial plan. I was going speak with the other residents to form a search party, but I then remembered you. It was more of a fluke to contact you than anything. Just a sudden feeling I got."

Luke's kind face turned contemplative, "So this is the work of the Force. Your feeling was no mere fluke."

"What do you mean?" Kes asked. The former Pathfinders listened intently as the Jedi explained.

"Around a month before your call I felt a disturbance, nothing grand, but big enough for me to notice. Foolishly I pushed it to the back of my mind...again it was nothing grand, and given how I was busy on Lew'el at the time, I let it remain unnoticed until recently. Not a day before your transmission, I had a vision. Images of things completely foreign, but among them was something similar, this planet." Luke did not miss the increasing confusion. Honestly he couldn't blame them, even he, a Jedi Knight, knew no more about the visions than they did.

"So do you think your visions have something to do with Shara's disappearance?" Kes asked trying to make sense of what Luke said.

"It's just a feeling really...but what I do know is you contacting me was no fluke. It is clear the Force wanted me to be here..." Luke trailed off causing the others to look at each other with unsure expressions.

Luke could sense their confusion and quickly did away with his contemplative expression and placed a hand on Kes' shoulder, "That being said, whether they are connected makes no difference. I am here to help find Lieutenant Bey, so that shall be the priority." Luke gave a reassuring smile which seemed to put everyone at ease, or at least at a certain level of ease given why they were here.

"Thank you, Luke." Kes smiled back before explaining to Luke what he had explained to the others. After the rundown Luke thought for a moment.

"Did Lieutenant Bey take any weapons with her?" Luke asked.

"Just the standard blaster, a DH-17. Oh, and I'm sure she wouldn't mind you calling her Shara. The titles are bit much for retirees like us." Kes said.

Luke nodded in understanding, "Very well. Given the information we have, I think the best course of action would be investigating her last known location. It'd be quicker to take the U-Wing."

"You're not wrong, but given how dense the forest is, I doubt we'll find a solid place to land." Tuck said.

"There's bound to be an open area. Even with the dense forest, there are scattered meadows all over." Sakas added.

"There is no use in talking about it. It'd be better to get an aerial view instead of wasting time here." Gramps interjected.

Luke stepped up, "Gramps is right, we should start with an aerial overview. Additionally I can jump down over the scanner's location to investigate while you look for a landing place."

They all nodded at the plan and headed to board the U-wing once again. Luke stayed behind momentarily, "I'll go inform the other colonists about your investigation. I already told them you'd be coming, but its better to be safe than have a bunch of panicking settlers." Kes gave Luke a pat on the shoulder and a knowing nod before turning and heading into his home.

Luke watched him enter his home before turning to head to the U-wing. As he walked, Artoo followed suit, making Luke stop and kneel down.

"You stay here Artoo...I still can't shake of this feeling, so I need you safe to contact Leia and Han should it be necessary, okay." Luke explained as he patted the droid's dome fondly. The astromech beep sadly before beeping again in understanding.

Luke stood with a smile, "Don't worry, the Force is with us." He then handed Artoo a white cylinder, a comlink.

Luke turned and walked toward the U-wing, this time alone. Artoo watched him go as he held the comlink with his retractable claw.

Soon enough Luke boarded the ship, and the search team took off.

A few minutes later, the U-wing flew over the expansive jungles of Yavin 4, "We're just over the antenna." Tuck announced as he piloted the U-wing above the tree line.

Luke stood from his seat and walked over to the exit hatch, "Open the door." Luke said to the pilots as they hovered over the antenna's location.

Sakas flipped a switch, and the entrance hatch slowly opened. Wind fluttered Luke's cloak violently as he stepped forward and ducked to jump out.

"Hey, I think I see an opening for us to land." Sakas said causing Luke to hesitate. He looked over to the cockpit, "How far is it?" He asked.

Sakas looked through the cockpit's windows, "I'd say about a klick southeast from the antenna, maybe less."

"Alright. Once you land, equip yourselves, and get a layout of the land before heading to me. If anything happens contact me." Luke finished by raising his arm to show the wrist mounted comlink. The occupants nodded.

Luke then turned back to the opened hatch and jumped down to the forest below. The hatch closed soon after before the U-wing flew to the open area.

Although he was above the tree line, Luke landed without struggle, and proceeded toward the antenna. He glanced up momentarily to watch the U-wing fly away before focusing on his objective. The forest was dense with flora, but Luke easily jumped over fallen logs and passed through the variety of trees standing sentinel. He could hear the sounds of nature as he calmly yet briskly made his way to the antenna. He kept himself from stopping and taking in all the noises and smells of the beautiful location. Having grown up on the desert planet Tatooine, he lived twenty years without so much as seeing a tree, so being surrounded by so much life and green still stirred the adventurous bug within him. But he forced his inner child to the back of his mind, as he arrived at a small waterfall. Atop the rocks he could see the antenna.

Although they called it an antenna, it was more of a cylinder with a metal rod sticking up from its top. That rod would be the antenna while the cylindrical base was the rest of the components which ran the scanner.

The waterfall was not incredibly tall, maybe a little over five meters. The creek which the waterfall fed into was at most a meter in width.

Luke stepped up to the small cliff, and observed it before jumping up with inhuman capability granted to him by the Force. He jumped once onto an exposed edge then again, and quickly made it over.

The cylindrical antenna was nearer to the tree line than the creek. He walked over to observe the antenna. Nothing was out of the ordinary with the device itself so he looked around the ground to spot any sign that Shara was there. Kes had told them that her last transmission was a confirmation that she managed to fix the antenna, and was heading back. The question is where did she go?

Meanwhile the crew of the U-Wing managed to land in a large meadow with vibrantly green grass. The meadow itself was oval shaped, with slight fluctuations in the tree line towards the middle. At the point where the two opposing tree lines were closest, there was a seventy five meter distance, and the greatest distance between the two tree lines, where the U-wing landed, was around ninety meters.

Tuck was in front of the U-wing's two S-foils. He scanned the area with a pair of thermal binoculars, looking for any sign of life, "Well other than local wildlife, there doesn't seem to be any humanoids around." He announced before lowering the binoculars and letting them hang loosely from his neck. Additionally he also had an A280-CFE rifle hanging via shoulder strap.

"Well then, we should start heading toward Skywalker." Sakas walked up beside him with an A280 in her hand, also supported with a shoulder strap. At her hip she had a holstered DH-17.

"Alright lets get moving." Gramps' voice caused them to turn to him.

The bearded man held a TL-50 in both hands, a prize from surviving Endor. He strapped a bandolier around his torso with three thermal detonators hanging on it.

They all had backpacks carrying some rations, basic medical supplies, and in Gramps' case two additional thermal imploders. Although they were no longer Pathfinders, they still carried themselves as such. Yet their supplies were far less from when they were part of the Rebellion.

Gramps passed the two younger members signaling for the two to follow behind him. They broke into a brisk pace; not exactly running, but more like a fast jog.

They were to cross the meadow, which was about two-hundred meters end to end, and head northwest toward Luke's location, but they made it about half-way when Sakas suddenly stopped, "Wait!" She shout alarmed.

Gramps and Tuck stopped and held their blaster tightly, "What is it? Did you spot something?"

They glanced at her, before scanning the area. They were quite literally sitting pelikki in the center of the meadow. As the two scanned, their eyes landed on what alarmed the Mikkian noticed. It was a wall...a transparent wall to be specific.

"What the kriff? How didn't we see that before?" Gramps cursed as he held his blaster at the ready. He crept forward, and Tuck and Sakas did the same. They neared it and were slowly stepping around it. They kept a safe distance from the wall as they went around. Once they reach a different viewpoint, they realize it was not a wall, but some sort of entrance.

"It's...like a hanger. A small hanger." Tuck remarked.

"Or an entrance...kinda like the base on Endor." Gramps remarked as he remained defensive around the object.

"It's like some type of cloaking device." Tuck said as he walked to the back, and could see straight through.

"No, it seems completely intangible." Sakas said as she neared. If it was a cloaking mechanism than up close they would be able to take notice. Yet they could see through, and peering through what seemed like the entrance, she only saw Tuck looking back at her. There was not any hatch on the ground implying it was an entrance to a base. Sakas walked passed the "entrance" threshold, and stepped on the ground just to be sure that there was not a hidden hatch. She could still see Tuck on the other side of the structure's back wall. Gramps maintained a safe distance a few feet from the "entrance."

"Intangible huh..." Tuck muttered before deciding to place his hand on the clear wall. The instant his hand touched the wall, a ripple went through the structure, and before the three realized what happened, the once see-through structure became solid.

At the same time Luke had long since left the antenna after finding a foot print near the creek. It seemed the river had overflowed, causing its banks to be extra muddy. Thus when someone stepped in the mud it left a visible imprint. Since the creek returned to it usual water levels, the mud eventually dried up, leaving a solidified boot print. Given the direction the print was facing, Luke deduced whoever caused the print went across the creek and further into the forest. So he hopped over the small creek and found even more dried prints leading into the forest.

He walked almost casually with his cloak covering him, and it only parted when he took steps. Yet even with his arms handing lazily at his sides underneath the black cloak, he was an instant away from taking his weapon and igniting it. All that was needed was a sign of danger.

He walked further away from the creek, and in doing so the trees grew denser and denser, but as he continued walking he found a parting within the trees. Eventually he came to a clearing. Nothing big, just a parting of the trees. A perfect place for a small camp.

At the center of the opening he saw bundled bricks and wood. Clearly someone had stayed here and made a fire. Luke remained still at the parting of the trees, and allowed his senses to reach out in search for any sign of danger. He found none.

"They must have stayed here...was it Shara? No..." Luke slowly stepped around the former campsite looking around for any clue. Whoever stayed here was long gone, Luke concluded.

After scanning the ground and trees, he found nothing. That was until his eyes landed on a circular scorch mark. It was on a tree opposite the parting which led into the small clearing. It was nearly unnoticed due to the tree's bark being a darker shade. His left hand brushed over the scorch mark, noting how it hadn't dug far into the bark.

"If Shara came the same way I did, and stumbled upon whoever was camping here, she had a reason to fire. Given the dent in the bark isn't deep, the blaster bolt went through something before stopping. Knowing Shara she wouldn't have missed." Luke reasoned as he viewed the empty area.

He walked over to the opening's entrance, "If she came from here, she would have a perfect view of that tree." He looked around for anymore scorch marks, and found none. As far as he could tell she didn't fire anymore than the single shot. That must mean they got to her after she hit whoever was up against that tree. But did they kill her? Something told Luke a definite no.

"I'm missing something...something important." Luke thought to himself. He shifted his feet and went to look around once more when something reflected the sun's light into his eye. He instinctively placed his hand up to stop the redirected light from blinding him. Curious as to what was causing the deflection, he walked over to where the reflective object was. He knelt down and picked up the shiny object.

It was metal shaped into a point. The tip was covered in dried, red pigment, the remnant of blood. "An arrow?" He inspected the primitive projectile. Along with the tip, what remained of the shaft had dried blood as well. The few centimeters of wood still attached to the metal tip had a splintered end, indicating that someone snapped it.

As he went to look around more, his investigation was halted. Not by something physical, although it felt physical to a Force-sensitive being like him. It was a disturbance...not just a small one, but a ripple which merely grew until it hit Luke's psyche. He nearly dropped the broken arrow in his hands, and his body instantly turned toward the direction of the meadow. It was like a beacon telling him where to face, and he found himself momentarily frozen, "What...what was that." He had never felt something this potent. Almost as if the Force was screaming at him.

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