Full Summary: What if Momonga hadn't been alone in real life or in YGGDRASIL? Insert Suzuki Satoshi, his lazy younger brother who can't help but drop everything to go sightseeing! A king of procrastination and idleness! War? Battles? Momonga's unintentional harem? He'd rather not get involved, so please leave him out of it, thank you very much.

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Revised: 07 February 2019

Suzuki Satoshi stood by the Throne of Kings on the 10th Floor of the Great Tomb of Nazarick, staring despondingly and unblinkingly at the Guardian Overseer's plastic smile. It was a habit he had acquired after the years spent languidly inside the Throne Room all by his lonesome.

He thanks the All-Father that Albedo wasn't a sentient lifeform. Otherwise, the succubus NPC would've undoubted thought him an inexorable pervert. Despite his rather creepy hobby, he honestly wasn't one. He simply appreciates beautiful objects, art, and landscapes (at times too much). In order for him to relax, he would either A) go to sleep, or B) go sightseeing.

If there were still people wanting to accuse him of being a pervert, Satoshi would then explain to them in a complete monotone that he was an asexual and an aromantic person. This meant that he was someone who simply did not experience sexual and romantic attraction. He didn't feel the need to step into the world of romance since he was already sated with familial and platonic love.

As he patiently waited for his older brother, Suzuki Satoru, to finish with his final walk around Nazarick with Herohero-senpai, his game avatar lazily drummed its fingers across the armrest of this ridiculously oversized throne that tried to pass itself as one of those reverential and balance-breaking World Items (and failing, badly).

Unlike his dear brother Momonga, Satoshi - or Adalbert when inside the game - worked from home and uses the majority of his free time to play YGGDRASIL, going through suicidal one-man raids in search for Legendary Equipment, Mythical Pets, and even World Class Items.

Although he did not know why he bothered to continue to amass and hoard all those items after YGGDRASIL's shut-down was announced all those months ago. Those treasures in the treasury would all go to waste.

In fact, they have already been collecting dust even before the shitty devs announced the discontinuation of YGGDRASIL. Many of his guildmates have retired as the years progresses, with a minority of them leaving without a goodbye, simply moving onto another DMMO-RPG or quit gaming altogether. All that remained was five out of the original forty-one. And out of those five, only Adalbert and Momonga frequently visited Nazarick and its denizens.

His dear older brother Momonga would sometimes join him in raids, all the whilst bitching about how suicidal and crazy Adalbert was for diving into guilds or dungeons all on his lonesome. The hypocrite. Momonga was equally as insane as he was; if not more - the obsessive dedication and mad devotion the Overlord put into his character and the guild was beyond any other Player.

It had been fun, though. With all forty-one of them. With just the two of them. Either way, it had been fun.

When his eyes shifted to the unrelenting clock that showed the time [23:51:44], his lips twisted into a woeful smile. If his avatar was able to facially emote, it would be crying tears of grief and despair.

He made do with his physical body.

"Adalbert," his brother called upon entering the Throne Room with Sebas and the Pleiades at his heels, a smiley face emoji appearing beside his skull, "I should've expected you to be here. Am I disturbing your daily ogling of Albedo?"

Adalbert huffed, "For the very last time, anija, I do not ogle. I admire. Her beauty gives me aesthetic pleasure. Tabula-sempai really has outdone himself with this one."

"Whatever you say, otouto," Despite being an emotionless skeleton, Momonga's tone gave his teasing away.

To quickly change the topic to prevent further embarrassment, he straightened his posture from its usual slouch to appear more composed, "Did Herohero-sempai leave?"

"Aa, he did. He was... overworked," One could tell from Momonga's tone alone that the Player was upset that Herohero-sempai decided not to stay. There was, after all, only nine minutes remaining until the server went offline permanently.

"That's unfortunate... He should've at least sent me a Message before leaving."

"Let's later send him an email with all of our complaints typed inside, okay?"

"Hmm... With a lot of angry emoticons?" A laughing emoji appeared next to Adalbert's head, showing that he was only teasing. Inwardly, however, he felt bitter disappointment. It wouldn't have taken even five seconds for Herohero-sempai to send him a goodbye Message.

"Mm. I'll prepare a whole list."

"Okay, anija. Still, in the end, I'm glad he took the time to come online. But, at least the two of us brothers will stay until the very end. By the way, isn't that the guild weapon, the Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown?"

"Hm? Indeed it is. Do you think me selfish for wielding it?" At the uncertainty of the Elder Lich's tone, Adalbert immediately shook his head, a frowny emoji appearing next to his horn.

"Not at all. Anija is the guild master. It is within your rights to wield it as you wish," With a huff, he gestured at the golden staff as Momonga climbed the steps of the podium, "And it would be an absolute waste of all our efforts if the guild master did not flaunt it at least once before..." He trailed off, not wanting to finish his sentence.

Momonga nodded in understanding, and if they were both IRL, the older of the two would've thrown a strained smile at the younger for that unneeded reminder of their rather limited time left in YGGDRASIL.

They stood in silence for a few moments before Momonga sighed, moving their conversation to a far more pleasant topic, "You wouldn't believe the absurd things I've read while looking through the NPCs programming and lore. Majority of the lower NPCs have simple and straight to the point context... the Mid and High ones, however, were lengthy. And some might have scarred me for life."

"I'll take a guess and point at Shalltear, for one."

In a dry tone, Momonga asked, "... Do I even want to know?"

"Well, let's just say Peroroncino-sempai dragged Tabula-sempai and I along when he conducted his research on necrophilia, atypical sexual preferences, and unsettling fetishes. It would've been better for my mental health to know that Ashurbanipal, our grand library, didn't contain such books..."

"Were you involved in a lot of the NPC creations, otouto? You make it sound as if you've had a hand in most of them," Momonga asked curiously whilst he used the Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown to look through Albedo's settings.

Judging by all the swiping, it was a lengthy one. Tabula-sempai has always been a settings mania. Someone who prioritizes the delicate aspects and overlooked mechanisms of the guild, so it would not be a surprise that he did the same for his personal creations.

"Quite a number. I am mostly towed to their side to be used as a springboard to bounce ideas or find plotholes. Ulbert's especially."

"Is that so? Was that the reason you didn't create your own personal NPC?" Satoshi's lips curled into a secretive smile whilst Adalbert simply threw a grinning emoji. Before he could give a verbal response, however, Momonga suddenly choked, a comically horrified emoji popping beside his skull, "Really, Tabula-san...? 'She's a two-faced bitch' after all those respectable personality traits and meticulous backstory, really?"

Adalbert burst into cackles, "As expected of Tabula-sempai! His tastes have always been odd. Do you want to change it?"

"Well..." Momonga sounded unsure. Adalbert knew that his brother would never disrespect their guildmates' NPC on a normal day, but this was already the end of YGGDRASIL.

"'She's a two-faced bitch'," He echoed, gently patting Momonga's forearm in a pitying manner, "How pitiful."

If Momonga could glare, he would be glaring right now. After a few moments of deliberation, Momonga's phalanges moved to input a few things into Albedo's lore.

"Uwaa..." Momonga suddenly facepalmed, sounding beyond scandalized and embarrassed, "This is embarrassing and definitely your fault, otouto. I shouldn't have added anything! Let me just erase-"

"Aa, it's okay, it's okay. Just leave it, anija. I'm sure Tabula-sempai would not mind. You can tell me what you wrote afterwards. For now, the time..."


At that, they both sobered instantly.

Momonga swatted away the configuration screen and strode to the throne, staring at it for a few seconds longer as if to appreciate it before he took a seat at his rightful place. Adalbert sat on the armrest to his brother's left, leaving Albedo to stand at Momonga's right.

"Bow down," The Overlord commanded in a slightly resigned tone. Adalbert looked away from the kneeling NPCs to take in the sights of all the banners in the Throne Room, feeling tears roll down his physical body's cheeks. He would miss this. All of this. So, so badly.


"It's been fun, hasn't it, anija?"

"Mm, it has, otouto."


"I'll miss them."

"I too will miss them."


"Especially the Great Tomb of Nazarick and all the NPCs inside."

"... Indeed. We can e-mail our friends anytime. But for all of our creations... It's sad. I wonder if they will all disappear just like that?"


"I'll disappear with them. You too, anija. It's the least we could do to ease their departure."

"Heh. Of course. Did you expect any less of me, otouto? The All-Father might abandon YGGDRASIL, but we'll remain with our precious creations until the very end."


"Long Live Nazarick!"

"Long Live Ainz Ooal Gown!"









I've always wanted to write an Overlord fanfic. And now, I finally have a reason to! The key motivation is straightforward. I couldn't find many Gen fics to read. So this, my dear readers, is a strictly GEN FIC with little to no romance! "If you can't find them, write them!" MUAHAHAHHAA! v('∇'*)⌒ That's my motto when concerning fanfics!

Hmmm... As for the OC, he's Suzuki Satoshi, the younger brother of Suzuki Satoru. We'll learn more of his human life as we progress.

Now, onto Adalbert's Character Sheet!

[Adalbert Cross | Heteromorphic Race | "THE UNMOVING KING"]


=One of the Almighty 41 Supreme Beings

=Right hand of the Ruler of the Great Tomb of Nazarick


=Great Tomb of Nazarick

=Room in Level 9


=Extreme Evil

Sense of Justice:


Total Level: 100

Racial Level: 35

=Sloth Demon (15)

=Demon Lord (10)

=Sin of Sloth (5)

=One True Devil (5)

Job Level: 65

=Gunner (10)

=High Tamer (10)

=Beast Tamer (5)

=Conqueror of Shadows (5)

=Deadeye (5)

=Shapeshifter (5)

=Etc (25)


=HP (72)

=MP (61)

=Phy. Atk (95)

=Phy. Def (41)

=Agility (Exceeds Limit)

=Mag. Atk (60)

=Mag. Def (37)

=Resistance (100)

=Special Ability (100)

=Total (666+)